Will Our Lady Come Back To Fatima Again?

By Richard Salbato

One should re-study the story and messages of Fatima over and over again.Fatima is something like the Bible.No matter how many times you read it, you always get something new out of it.If you pray at the Cova and look at the spot where Our Lady appeared to the children, you should reflect on how much She changed the world already from this very spot.She predicted the rise of Hitler and Communism and She predicted that She would defeat them.Almost all the predictions She made at Fatima have come to pass.She promised that sometime after all these problems She would grant to the world a "period of peace".

This "peace' has not happened yet.

Lucia, before her death, said, "Our Lady will keep Her promise".Of this we can be sure,but what we cannot be sure of is how this can possibly come to pass considering the state of the world today.Peace seems impossible!

When you compare Fatima with other (approved) prophesies it is always the same, a promised period of peace in the world and unity of all Christian Churches and nations.The difference with these other prophesies compared to Fatima is that this period of peace always seems to come about like the birth of a new child, a lot of pain before a great joy.

Do the messages of Fatima give any hint as to how this peace will happen?

Some things that hint as to how a peace might happen are in the story, the messages and the history around it.†† The first is the fact of Pope Benedict XV.

In May of 1917, during World War I,Pope Benedict XVmade a direct appeal to Mary to intercede for peace in the world. The response was Mary's first appearance at Fatima just over a week later.Now we have the next Pope Benedict, who sent a friend to Fatima on the day he was elected to offer some prayers to Her for him. We do not yet know what that prayer is.

"I shall return Here a Seventh Time"

The most striking thing is this.†† On 13 May 1917 when Our Lady appeared, Lucia asked Her what She wanted and Our Lady said.

"I have come to ask you to come here for six months on the 13th day of the month, at this same hour. Later I shall say who I am and what I desire. And ...........I shall return here yet a seventh time............."

On page 175 of "Fatima in Lucia's own words" the same statement is made: "I shall return HERE yet a seventh time."

One book says that Our Lady did appear to Lucia on June 16, 1921 when she was leaving for Oporto, but in her memoirs on page 116 she said she went to the Cova to pray a rosary and then left.No mention of an apparition.† Father John De Marchi's famous book, "Fatima from the beginning" had this statement in the first printing but it was left out of the second printing.  After Lucia's memoirs "Fatima In Lucia's own words" was published it was put back in Father De Marchi's book for the third printing and every printing after that.

The six apparitions of Mary to the children had very important meanings for the entire world.If you study them like you would the bible, you will see that every single word had great meaning.Even the personal things, like them going to heaven soon, proved to be universal in its meaning.This statement,"I shall return here yet a seventh time" could not have been a simple thing of wishing Lucia well in going to Oporto even if that were true and there is no evidence of it.It could not have been referring to later apparitions to Jacinta at the Parish Church because that was twice and it was not "aqui" ---here (in this place), meaning at the Cova da Iria.It could not have meant the apparitions in Spain, because this was not "aqui" and it was several apparitions, not a Seventh Time.This statement is very important and you will see it plainly if you read all the message in context.

You will have to conclude that Our Lady is coming back to Fatima again someday because this has not happened yet.People may think you as crazy as the Garabandal people if you say this.But maybe, if Garabandal was demonic and it could have been, maybe the devil saw in Fatima what many are not seeing, and wanted to draw attention away from that fact, the fact of another apparition in Fatima some day in the future.

This might be a little crazy but in Fatima there are a lot of experts. The four people here that are both holy and wise when it comes to the messages of Fatima have been asked about the seventh apparition. Of course, Lucia could answer this but she is now dead.The other four have answered the question. (names not useful for this Newsletter for now)

The first said without a second thought, "Of course She is coming here again."

The second said, "She has not come a seventh time yet."

The third said, "Heaven does not make mistakes in semantics. She said 'here' at the Cova and She has not done that yet."

The fourth said, "You are only now figuring that out.I have known that for many years."

In every case they said that they have not said anything about this because they did not want to seem fanatical like Gruner or other doomsday prophets.No one, absolutely no one objected to Her coming back to Fatima again someday.

Do not expect many others to agree with this conclusion.But, if true, now let us speculate as to how, why and when.How would She appear?Why would She return a seventh time?When would She return a seventh time?Would it have to do with spreading devotion to Her Immaculate Heart?Would it have to do with "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph"?Would it have to do with "and there will be a period of peace"?To be honest no one knows and no one should pretend to know for sure.What you might be convinced of after careful study is that She will return a seventh time to Fatima. Anything beyond that is speculation and it is worth nothing more than that.

Anyone trying to out guess God is going to have egg in his face but if it makes people think it might be a good exercise in logical thinking.Let us look at facts and try to come up with some logic about the seventh apparition from them.

On October 13, 1917 where Our Lady said to Lucia, "... The war is going to end, and the soldiers will soon return to their homes." And in October the war ended.It may be that Our Lady will return during some form of war.

Our Lady also said, "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world. In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved; etc...Do not tell this to anybody. Francisco, yes, you may tell him."Maybe peace will come from Portugal or Our Lady will come when Portugal is about to loose the faith or to preserve the faith at the last moment.

From Leo Madigan's new and great book, "Armchair Fatima" on page 92:"After the victory of King Henriques which started the Christian country of Portugal, the King built the great monastery of Alcobaca as a reward for the prayers of the Cistercian monks there.The head of the order, St. Bernard of Clarvaux, wrote the following.

'There will always be Portuguese kings to reign over Portugal unless, by the gravity of faults, God may punish it.But the length of that punishment will not go beyond 60 years.'

From 1136 to 1910 that has been true.But in 1910 with the takeover of the Masons, there has not been an official king now going on 95 years.We might speculate that in 1646 King Joao IV gave his crown to Our Lady and said that from now on The Immaculate Conception is the monarch of Portugal."

Or maybe there must be another revolution in Portugal to bring back a Catholic nation and its moral values.

In the apparitions of Nicaragua 25 years ago there is some hints.The seer became a priest and died some years ago.This year is the 25th anniversary of the apparition.On May 8, 2005 all the bishops of Nicaragua went to the place of the apparitions, Cuapa, with 25,000 faithful to honor Our Lady and the apparitions.This apparition saved Nicaragua from communism.And now Nicaragua is one of the best countries in South America to live in, attracting thousands of retired people from all over the world. Although the messages were mostly about the Rosary and the Five First Saturdays (the Fatima message) one message seems important to the facts of this Newsletter.

"Pray, my son, the Rosary for all the world. Tell believers and non-believers that the world is threatened by grave dangers. I ask the Lord to appease His Justice, but if you donít change, you will hasten the arrival of a Third World War."

And yet this great apparition and its 25th Anniversary go almost unnoticed in the world Catholic press.But the unapproved apparitions can be found everywhere.Anyway, let us not digress.

Before her death Lucia said that the story of Fatima is only half done and you can be sure of that.The graces that have poured out to the world from this apparition have not stopped and will continue until we have a kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.The world has not changed and people have not changed, and we are in a war, a war for souls.

When people think of peace they think of the wars around the world, Africa, middle east, etc.But the real war is going on in America and Europe and we are not seeing it in the news, a war for the hearts and souls of people.Did you know that the errors of the French Revolution carried over to the 20th Century.My French friend just reminded me that in 1901 a law in France was issued to control all religious congregations and authorities. Each religion group and its members would be controlled by the State.And in1902 France evicted all religious congregations toughening the application of Law Ferry. 2500 catholic schools were closed! All crucifixes are evicted from public buildings and schools

In 1905 France became the first country to declare Separation of Church and State. The State stopped financial subventions to the churches and places of worship. The assets of the Catholic Church were confiscated. Inventories were made by the police inside all churches, even opening Corpus Christi tabernacles to see what was inside.All priests, nuns, monks who did not want to be subjected to Republican Laws were killed or deported to French Guyana.†† Then Freud, Marx and a lot of French writers spread their heretic humanist philosophies from the Latin Quarter of Paris throughout the world.†††

We now have the errors of communism put in the anti-god European Constitution and that would be the ruin of Europe.But a funny thing happened -the very country that was responsible for writing it, voted no to its ratification.Maybe now (with more pressure from Catholics throughout Europe) a proper constitution can be written.If not, expect the justice of God before any peace.

Most likely possible reasons and ways of a seventh apparition of Our Lady Of Fatima

Expect a seventh appearance of Our Lady of Fatima as part of the method of bringing about a worldwide peace

Expect the world (because of this) to understand that the peace came from Her Immaculate Heart.

Expect this to happen when all seems lost, at least spiritually.

Expect no seer but just Our Lady appearing to a large multitude of people on one of Her feast days.

Expect no verbal message but just Her appearance at a time when the reason will be self-evident.

Expect this to come under the reign of Benedict XVI.

Expect Her to come in answer to the Holy Father's prayers although we may not know this until later.

Expect Her appearance to convert most the Christian world to the Catholic Faith.

Expect unity of all Christians sometime after this event.

Richard Salbato