The Miracles of Fatima Continue

Through Lucia, Alexandrina and Rosalina extraordinary miracles continue to this day.

The miracles of Fatima continued after 1917 and last Sunday I made a trip to the north of Portugal and just across the border to Spain to visit the places where these miracles happened and continue to happen.  A few days later I went to the Convent in Coimbra where the last of the seers of Fatima, Lucia, still carries the cross of these miracles at 97 years old.   

My first stop was at Cesar in the Diocese of Braga in the North of Portugal inland from Porto.  There in this small town of only a few hundred people we met Maria Rosalina Viera  Rosalina is 40 years old but has such smooth and soft skin that she could pass for 25 years.  She is somewhat plump with a round face soft eyes.  It is a great experience to see, talk and touch Rosalina because this is another of the many miracles of Fatima and someone who has seen the Virgin Mary of Fatima. 

In 1974 and ten years after the death of Alexandrina, at the age of 10 Rosalina saw Our Lady of Fatima. On that day Rosalina, like Alexandrina and Maria Emilia Santos, became a Victim Soul of Fatima.  And just like Alexandrina and Emilia, Rosalina became paralyzed and bed ridden for the rest of her life.  Rosalina has never made it public what Our Lady said to her but in 1977 Rosalina stopped eating anything and has lived on nothing except the Holy Eucharist from that time till now.  She is under the direction of her bishop and he has given her permission to see people two hours on Saturday and two hours on Sunday.  All her messages and secrets are in the bishop's hands.  Every Friday she suffers more but I cannot say more than this. 

Two years ago and just before her death I had the grace to see and talk with Maria Emilia Santos, who was the main miracle for the cause of Jacinta and Francisco, since there intersession cured her.  She had been completely paralyzed but through the intersession of these saints was completely cured.  In her meeting with Pope Pius XII she asked him what she should do now.  He said that she should offer herself as a sacrifice for sinners and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This she did and a few years later she became paralyzed again without visible cause and remained so to her death.  Her prayers for others became very powerful. 

Both Maria Santos and Rosalina however are just the continuation of Alexandrina, who was Beatified on the same Sunday that I went to pray at her grave side and to visit her home and bedroom where she suffered the stigmata 180 times.  So the next stop was the shrine of Alexandrina, however, because Rome was Beatifying her on that same Sunday we could not get within miles of the place.  We decided to go to Spain first and then return to Alexandrina in the afternoon when maybe the crowds would be less.

We first went to the Convent of Pontevedra in Spain.  Her was Lucia first experience as a nun and where she was educated and served as a novice.  It was here that she say a child in the Convent garden and thought He was just a boy.  She told Him to go inside and pray the Rosary.  But he asked her to pray with Him.  Later in 1925 She Saw Our Lady and the same Child and again in 1926 the Christ Child.  It was here that the Five First Saturday devotion began.  (Story below)  For the first time I was able to see the spot where my favorite devotion was given from Heaven.  During Lucia's stay in Pontevedra no one knew who she was except the Mother Superior and the Bishop. 

After a few stops at great Portuguese Churches we went to the Convent in Tuy, Spain, just over the river from Portugal.  It was here that the greatest vision since the Baptism of Christ at the Jordan took place.  It was here in the upper room chapel that Lucia saw the symbols of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It was here that Lucia was showed the relationship of Mary to the Crucifixion and Her participation in our salvation.  For me this vision tells the entire story of my salvation.  John Haffert and the Blue Army had bought from the Convent the altar, tabernacle and two statues that were there, but the room is the same.  I knelt were Lucia knelt and looked at the room.  In this room, with windows on one side, doors on the other, a wood floor and wood raised altar, a white washed wood ceiling, Mary, Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father visited all together at one time.

It was in this room, I pondered as a knelt there, that Our Lady asked for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.  Because of this room, I thought, a world wide atomic catastrophe was averted.   Because of the apparition in that room someday we will have a period of world wide peace.  I will be going back to this upper room many times in the future.  In fact, I will go every time I have the opportunity. 

Finally we crossed the border back to Portugal and went to the Church and home of Alexandrina.  See her complete story on   We first went to her house and through all the rooms including the bedroom where she suffered 180 stigmata.  We saw the room where she jumped out and became paralyzed to protect her virginity.  We then went to the Church were she was baptized and where her tomb is.  When she was close to death, she told her friends that she would not be uncorrupt but would not corrupt.  She asked that she would be placed where she could see the Tabernacle in the Church.  A few years after her death she was taken from the cemetery to the side of the altar in the Church where she could see the Tabernacle from her new place on the left side of the altar.  When they opened the coffin they found nothing but ashes, not even a bone.  Even though the living miracle of Alexandrina, except for the cures through her, is over, the Cross in the ground in front of the Church is still a miracle beyond explanation.  Almost exactly 100 years before Alexandrina, a very wealthy farmer used to work on Sunday and just to make fun of the people who went to church he would drive his two oxen close to the Church and sit there drinking wine and making fun of those in Church.  This time the two oxen stopped and would not move but bowed to the ground in front of them.  The man beat them but they would not move.  He got down and went around to pull them and found a perfect cross about 8 feet tall made in blood in the sandy ground.  He was converted and made a chapel over the cross with his own hands, donated large amounts of money to the Church and became a good Catholic.  In time the Church cemented the ground around the cross, and people have taken tons of sand from this cross over the years.  Now here is the continuing miracle.  The sand in the cross is about an inch below the concrete around it and no mater how much sand is removed over the years (100 years) the sand level remains the same.

The Miracles of Fatima after 1917

Between 1917 and 1921 there were many miracles regarding Jacinta, the statue of Fatima, the war with the Masons and more, but these have been written about a great deal by many others and by myself.  So in the interest of showing that these things never stop I will bypass them to the things that you may not know or consider as part of Fatima.  Let us start the year after Fatima.

 1918 - Alexandrina’s spine was irreparably injured and she had to remain in bed for the rest of her life.  The slightest movement caused her intense pain.

1918 -1921 Lucia's father, Francisco and Jacinta died

Lucia went to Lisbon to escape the crowds of people, then back to Fatima, then back to Lisbon to stay with Donna Avelar, then to stay with Dr. Formigao in Santarem.  

1921 In June Lucia went to the College of the Dorothean Sisters in Vilar near Porto by order of Bishop Jose de Silva  She took the name,  Maria das Dores, Mary of the Sorrows.  She then entered the Dorothean Congregation as a novice at Pontevedra in Spain but without anyone knowing who she was except the Mother Superior and the Bishop. 

 In 1925 on Dec 10th Lucia saw a vision of Our Lady and the Christ Child elevated on a luminous cloud. She put her hand on Lucia’s shoulder and showed her Heart of thorns which She held in the other hand. The Child Jesus said,

"Have compassion on the Heart of your Most Holy Mother, surrounded with thorns with which ungrateful men pierce Her at every moment, without there being anyone to make an act of reparation in order to take them away."

Then Mary said,

"See, My daughter, My Heart surrounded by thorns which ungrateful men pierce at every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude. You, at least, try to console Me and say to all those who, for five months, on the first Saturday, confess, receive Holy Communion, recite the Rosary, and keep Me company during fifteen minutes while meditating on the 15 mysteries of the Rosary, with the intention of making reparation to Me.  I promise to assist them at the hour of death with all the graces necessary for the salvation of their souls."

On Feb 15, 1926 the Child Jesus appeared again in the garden of the convent at Pontevedra, Spain when she was still a novice and asked -

"Have you spread devotion to the five 1st Saturdays? It is true, my daughter, that many souls begin the First Saturdays, but few finish them, and those who do complete them do so in order to receive the graces that are promised thereby.  It would please me more if they did Fire with fervor and with the intention of making reparation to the Heart of your heavenly Mother, then it they did Fifteen in a tepid and indifferent manner."

1926 Lucia was moved to the Convent in Tuy, Spain

In 1927 Lucia had two visions of Christ and Our Lady.

1928, October 3, Lucia made her first profession of religious vows

1929 - And on June 13, 1929, 11 PM To 12 Midnight, Lucia had a vision of the Trinity and Christ Crucified with His Blood pouring from His face and side over the host and into a suspended chalise  and Mary holding Her Immaculate Heart with swords piercing it.  This may be the first vision of the entire trinity since the Baptism of Our Lord.  Lucia said, "I received enlightenment upon this mystery which is not permitted to me to reveal."   Then Our Lady said to her:

"The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father in union with all the Bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, promising to same it by this means.  There are so many souls who the justice of God condemns for sins committed against me, that I have come to ask reparation, sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray."

She wrote to Pope Pius XI after this vision.

1930 - Jesus appeared again to Lucia. He said that:

"The reason for five - 1st Saturdays is the five blasphemies against Her Immaculate Heart , against Her perpetual virginity, Her divine maternity of God and mankind, indifference to Her and to Her Holy Images.

1931 -  Our Lord complained,

"They have not chosen to heed my request. ...  Like the King of France, they will regret it and then will do it, but it will be too late, Russia will already have spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church.  The Holy Father will have much to suffer."

1931 - Almost 100 years after the miraculous Cross appeared in the ground in front of her Parish Church, Alexandria heard Jesus say to her,

“Love, suffer and make reparation."

1934 - On October 3, 1934 Lucia made her final vows.

1935 - On Sep 12th, 1935 the Bodies of Francisco and Jacinta opened - Jacinta’s body was uncorrupted in spite of being buried in lime.

1936 - Our Lord asked Alexandria to spread the message of Fatima and to urge the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart and she offered herself as a victim soul for this.  Jesus also said to Alexandrina:


“Keep me company in the Blessed Sacrament.  I remain in the tabernacle night and day, waiting to give my love and grace to all who would visit me.  But so few come.  I am so abandoned, so lonely, so offended…. Many…do not believe in my existence; they do not believe that I live in the tabernacle.  They curse me.  Others believe, but do not love me and do not visit me; they live as if I were not there… You have chosen to love me in the tabernacles where you can contemplate me, not with the eyes of the body, but those of the soul.  I am truly present there as in Heaven, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.”

1937 - Lucia wrote her 2ed letter in 1937. This was the first time she mentioned the Angel of 1915 and 1916. She wrote the complete history by order of her Bishop

1938 - Jan 25th the promised Light appeared throughout all of Europe and World War II started on Sept 1st. The 1st Saturdays had not yet been revealed to the world.

1938 - In October Alexandrina began to suffer the passion of Jesus every Friday.  She suffered the passion 180 times. 

1939 - Mary appeared again to Lucia. Lucia sent the Secret letter to the Pope to be opened in 1960.

1941 - Lucia wrote her 4th letter

1942 - During Holy Week Jesus said to Alexandrina:


“You will not take food again on earth.  Your food will be my Flesh; your drink will be my Divine Blood …”


So on Good Friday 1942 she began an absolute fast which lasted for the more than thirteen years until her death.  Jesus had said to Alexandrina,


“You are living by the Eucharist alone because I want to prove to the world the power of the Eucharist and the power of my life in souls.”

On Oct 31, 1942, Pius XII personally consecrated the world to IM Heart of Mary and created the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the Saturday after the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Lucia said this helped end the war.

1943 - Christ appeared to Lucia:

"I want all my children to recognize that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the   reason for the conversion of Russia."

1946 - Lucia was posted at the College of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Sardao in Vila Nova de Gaia near Porto.

In 1946 Lucia returned to Fatima on May 13 as Pius XII crowns image of Our Lady and proclaims her "Queen of the World"

1946 - June 13 - Pius XII encyclical "Deiparae Virginis Mariae" to all bishops, priests and laity:

"And even as Our predecessor of immortal memory, Leo XIII, at the dawn of the 20th century saw fit to consecrate the whole human race to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, so we have likewise in the guise of representative of the whole human family, which He redeemed, the desire to dedicate it in turn to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary. It is our wish, consequently, that whenever the opportunity suggests itself, this consecration be made in the various dioceses as well as in each of the parishes and families. And we are confident that abundant blessings and favors from Heaven will surge forth from this private and public consecration."

1952 - June 7 - Pius XII Consecrated the World to IHM

1954 - Oct 11 - Encyclical "Ad Caeli Reginam (feast of Queenship of Mary)

1954 - Nov 12 - Fatima was made a Basilica

1955 - Alexandrina  died on 13th October, the feast of the Miracle of Fatima, after more than thirteen years of living only on the Eucharist.

1960 - After reading the secrete letter of Fatima, Paul VI stated:

"All Christians should be content in the knowledge that the oceans will inundate whole continents, and millions of people will die from one moment to the next. Hearing this, people should not long for the rest of the secret."

1964- On Nov 21 Paul VI Consecrated the world to IHM

1964 Rosalina was born.

1965 - Pope Paul VI sent a Golden Rose to Fatima and confided the entire Church to Her protection

1967 - On May 13 The Holy Father went to Fatima.  He used Fatima and the feast day as his reason for his Encyclical "Sig-nu-ma Ma-gu-ma," (THE GREAT SIGN) of May 13, 1967 by stating ". . .the religious ceremonies which are taking place at this time, are in honor of the Virgin Mother of God in Fatima, Portugal. "

1974 Rosalina saw the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Fatima and became paralyzed and bed ridden for the rest of her life.  She has never said what Our Lady told her.

1977 Rosalina stopped eating and has lived on the Eucharist only for the past 27 years. 

1981 - May 13, 1981 Pope John Paul II was shot.

1982 - May 13, 1982 Pope John Paul II went to Fatima, presented the bullet to the Shine and consecrated the world to the IHM.

1984- March 25, 19984 Pope John Paul II in front of the Statue from the Cove (brought to Rome) and in union with all the bishops throughout the world consecrated the world to the IHM.

2004 Lucia still lives and maintains a contact with Heaven for all of us and Rosalina bears witness to the power of God and testimony of Fatima by living on the Eucharist only and seeing people two hours on Saturday and Sunday of each week.

I am here in Fatima, the greatest miracle since the Resurrection and the miracle that saved, changed and will continue to change the world, wondering why everyone does not come here each and every year to at least say "thanks" to Our Lady of saving the world from communism, atom catastrophe, and who will bring us to a period of peace.   Such ingratitude.  Maybe the same people have not made the First Saturdays or have made them only once, just for the promises in them and not for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

Richard P. Salbato