Catholics everywhere are analyzing the bombing of the United States on the 11th of September. Some believe this to be the start of a chastisement. Self proclaimed mystics everywhere are saying that they had predicted it (after the fact). But let us look at these events in light of reason and history. There are, of course, prophecies that talk of a chastisement by true and approved mystics. I have personally collected 104 of these and have tried to draw some conclusions from it myself.

There is no question that the bombing of New York was an open declaration of
war against the western world by a small group of Moslem extremists. Or is this extremist position the main thinking of Moslems everywhere?


An extremist is one who takes an extreme position against the prevailing thinking of a certain time in history. Some extreme positions of one time in history have become the prevailing thinking of another time in history. It was extreme to believe that the world was round at one time. Homophobia was the prevailing thinking in the 50s and now it is extreme. As a traditional Catholic in the 60s I was the norm, but today I am an extremist. If I say that I believe and follow every single word of the Bible and the Church I am labeled an extremist today, but this was not the case for over 1900 years.

Osama bin Laden would not have been an extremist fifty years ago, and probably is not one today. Bin Laden simply follows the bible of Islam, The Koran, and he follows it to the letter.


At a time in history when the Catholic Church was fighting to stay united, Mahomet was born in Arabia as an orphan child. He was adopted by a very wealthy woman, who traveled buying and selling goods in a caravan of guards and servants. When he grew older she married him. His interest was religions and he was educated in Judaism, Christianity, and paganism, which still flourished in Arabia. Mohammed watched with amusement as Christians fought with each other over iconoclasm and Latin or Greek customs. He saw how Jews and Christian fought against each other and yet had the same root bible. Pagan gods and witchcraft surrounded him. After years of study and observations, Mohammed claimed to have had a visit by the angel Gabriel. This angel told him to write down the Koran. It teaches that there is one god, Allah, and that Mohammed is the last and the greatest of the prophets who include Adam, Noeh, Abraham, Moses and Christ.

Quotations from the Koran

"They are surely infidels, who say, Verily God is Christ the son of Mary: since Christ said, O children of Israel, serve God, my Lord and your Lord, whoever shall give a companion unto God, God shall exclude him from paradise, and his habitation shall be hell fire: and the ungodly shall have none to help him. They are certainly infidels, who say, God is the third of three. ... Christ the son of Mary is no more than an apostle."

" . . . then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them, in every stratagem (of war)." (Surah 9, verse 5) The commentary in the Koran states , "when war becomes inevitable it must be pursued with vigor . . . The fighting may take the form of slaughter, or capture, or siege, or ambush and other stratagems."

"He has sent his apostles wit the rule of the true religion to make it triumph over all other religions." (48, 28) "Fight in God's way until all cults will be the one of the unique God".

(The Holy War, the well-known Islamic Jihad that commands: "to fight until they
embrace Islam."

"The enemy combatants will, as well, be conquered: they will be captured and killed according to the custom that God held previously toward their precursors, for you will not find any change in God's custom." (33, 61)

"Believers, fight the unbelievers who are in your neighborhood and may they find you harsh." (9, 123)

"God bought for the believers their persons and their wealth to give them paradise in exchange. They kill or they are killed. Promise of God in the Tora, in the Gospel and in the Koran." (9, 111)

"But, how many cities did we destroy, which were living in luxury? . . . your Lord would not have destroyed these cities without having sent in their metropolis, an apostle to recite our verses" (28, 58-59)

"They did not believe . . . God grab them . . . and they were severely chastised . . . they were proud . . .They lost" (40, 20-83).

"We are going to destroy the guilty and to install you at their place on this earth." (14, 14)

"Islam is always at war, even when it tries smiling. His war is the extinction of Christianity. That is what a careful reading of the Koran revealed to me. It is this combat to death that I am proposing to unveil to the French families who have not yet suffered the Moslem hostility and who cannot suspect the pretension of their Imams for a world imperialism". Father Vincent Serralda.

                                         WHAT DO MOSLEMS SAY TODAY?

" . . . there is an incompatibility between Islam and the non-Islamic systems; there is no peace nor coexistence between the 'Islamic faith' and the social and political institutions which are non-Islamic . . . The Islamic renewal cannot begin without the religious revolution, but it cannot go ahead and succeed without the political revolution. Our way does not begin with the conquest of the political power, but with the conquest of the people. . . Thus, we must be, first of all, preachers and then soldiers . . . The Islamic movement must and can take power as soon as it will be naturally and numerically strong enough for not only to destroy the existing power, but also to build the new Islamic power . . ."

Mr. Alija Izetbegovic, the President of Bosnia

Literature of the Sikhs contain references to forewarn the sleeping democratic countries: " . . . they aim to make France an Islamic Republic by the year 2015, and Britain by 2025, through conversions, immigration and high Muslim birth rates."

The former President of Algeria adds strength to this statement when he said during a UN tribune: "We will overcome you by the wombs of our women!" Birth control will be the downfall of Western societies.


BIN LADEN by Robert Fisk

"Osama bin Laden is a tall, slim man, and when he walks towards me surrounded by his Arab mujahideen guerillas in the mountains of Afghanistan, he towers over his companions. Huge insects fly through the night air, settling like burrs on his Saudi robes and on the clothes of his men.

Bin Laden's narrow eyes and long beard were familiar amid the battlefields of Afghanistan where he and his guerillas fought the Soviet invasion army of the '80s. His appearance is little changed, the beard a trifle grayer, perhaps, but the fierceness unquenched. Then he fought the Russians. Now, determined to overthrow the monarchy in Saudi Arabia and oust the Americans from that kingdom, he is describing the bombings that slaughtered 24 Americans in Riyadh [in 1995] and Khobar-Dhahran [in 1996] as a symbol of Saudi anger, the presence of US forces as an "insult" to the Saudi people.

For bin Laden, the betrayal of the Saudi people began 24 years before his birth, when Abdul Aziz al-Saud proclaimed his kingdom in 1932.

"The regime started under the flag of applying Islamic law, and under this banner all the people of Saudi Arabia came to help the Saudi family take power," he says as the night wind moves through the darkened trees, ruffling the robes of the Arab Afghan fighters around us. "Abdul Aziz did not apply Islamic law; the country was set up for his family. Then, after the discovery of petroleum, the Saudi regime found another support - the money to make people rich and give them the services and life they wanted and to make them satisfied." He is picking his teeth with a piece of miswak wood, a habit that accompanies many of his conversations.

History - or his version of it - is the basis of almost all his remarks. And the pivotal date is 1990, the year Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

"When the American troops entered Saudi Arabia, the land of the two holy places [Mecca and Medina], there was a strong protest from the ulema [religious authorities] and from students of the sharia law all over the country against the interference of American troops. This big mistake by the Saudi regime of inviting the American troops revealed their deception. They had given their support to nations that were fighting against Muslims. They helped the Yemeni communists against the southern Yemeni Muslims and helping [Yasser] Arafat's regime fight Hamas [who opposed the peace process in the Middle East]. After it insulted and jailed the ulema 18 months ago, the Saudi regime lost its legitimacy ...

"The Saudi people have remembered now what the ulema told them and they realize America is the main reason for their problems. The ordinary man knows that his country is the largest oil producer in the world, yet at the same time he is suffering from taxes and bad services. Now the people understand the speeches of the ulemas in the mosques - that our country has become an American colony. They act decisively with every action to kick the Americans out of Saudi Arabia. What happened in Riyadh and Khobar [when 24 Americans were killed in two bombings] is clear evidence of the huge anger of Saudi people against America. The Saudis now know their real enemy is America."

IT was a construction company that made bin Laden's family into millionaires, but it was its convoys of earth-moving trucks, bulldozers and quarrying equipment that took him to war. The Afghan conflict against the Russians molded bin Laden, taught him the meaning of his religion, made him think.

Anyone who wants to understand the man whom Bill Clinton dubbed "America's Public Enemy No.1" should study this moment in his life. The West regarded him as a hero. In those days the young Arabs whom he brought to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet occupation army were treated as heroes; in Britain, The Times used to call them "freedom fighters". Few noticed, or bothered to study, the theological implications of the West's support for the mujahideen.

One of the reasons Leonid Brezhnev was persuaded to send his troops into Afghanistan was the reports that large areas of the country had fallen under the sway of Muslim fundamentalists. Schoolteachers, installed by the communist regime in Kabul, were being assassinated. Even when the mujahideen were shooting at civil airliners with British-made Blowpipe missiles, they were not called "terrorists".

Bin Laden saw his comrades die in their hundreds, while he survived Russian kidnap attempts. Eventually, he was sickened by the factional fighting among the Afghans that followed the departure of the Russians and he moved to Sudan, using his wealth to finance road construction projects north of Khartoum. It was while he was here, in the years after the Afghan war, that reports came from Egypt and Algeria of Arabs returning home in Afghan clothes, many of them deeply religious, contemptuous of the corruption of secular governments, doctrinal to the point of self-righteousness.

When I first met bin Laden, in 1993, he was building a highway to connect the village of Almatig to Khartoum for the first time, shaking hands with the grateful villagers, worshipped by the local sheikh. Bin Laden shook hands with each man, watched by the young Arab fighters and clearly enjoying the adoration.

There is something of the evangelist about bin Laden; not the friendly apostle but the fire-breathing preacher, a hermit of such conviction that argument is out of the question. For the Americans, his epic certainties constitute his greatest danger. Bin Laden is not a man who does deals.

He embarked on another construction; a new motorway between Khartoum and Port Sudan. By now, Egyptian newspapers were claiming that bin Laden was helping to organise an Islamist resistance to President Hosni Mubarak's rule from "training camps" in Sudan. "The rubbish of the media and the embassies," bin Laden retorted. He kept a home in Khartoum, only a small apartment in his native Jeddah. His four wives lived with him in Sudan. Three of them were later to follow him back to Afghanistan, along with his two sons.

He had watched his beloved Afghanistan torn apart by greedy men who had forgotten their religion. Now he saw corruption in Egypt, in all the Arab nations that had adopted a facade of Western life; above all, in Saudi Arabia. Under pressure from the Americans, the Sudanese told bin Laden to leave and so he returned to the land where he had been a hero. Some say he traveled back to Afghanistan via Saudi Arabia; certainly, he has many sympathizers there, including some members of the royal family. In those initial months back in Afghanistan, he must have decided that if he could defeat the Russians he could also defeat America.

Saudi Arabia, he concluded, had become "an American colony". Ordinary Saudis realized the imprisoned ulemas were right: US troops had stayed on in the kingdom, despite their promise to leave. "The Saudis now know their real enemy is America." Did not the Europeans resist German occupation in World War II? Bin Laden suddenly asked. I told him this parallel was morally wrong, that no European would accept the argument because the Nazis killed millions of Europeans; the Americans had never murdered a single Saudi.

"We as Muslims have a strong feeling that binds us together," he replied. "We feel for our brothers in Palestine and Lebanon. The explosion at Khobar did not come as a direct result of American occupation but as a result of American behavior against Muslims ... When 60 Jews are killed inside Palestine [in suicide bombings earlier this year] all the world gathers within seven days to criticize this action, while the deaths of 600,000 Iraqi children [after UN sanctions were placed on Iraq] did not receive the same reaction. Killing those Iraqi children is a crusade against Islam. We, as Muslims, do not like the Iraqi regime but we think that the Iraqi people and their children are our brothers and we care about their future."

Ultimately, all Muslims will unite in the fight against America, says bin Laden. "I believe that sooner or later the Americans will leave Saudi Arabia and that the war declared by America against the Saudi people means war against all Muslims everywhere. Resistance against America will spread in many, many places in Muslim countries. Our trusted leaders, the ulema, have given us a fatwa that we must drive out the Americans. The solution to this crisis is the withdrawal of American troops ... their military presence is an insult for the Saudi people."

Yet did not the Americans support the mujahideens' war against the Soviets? "We were never at any time friends of the Americans. We knew that the Americans support the Jews in Palestine and that they are our enemies. Most of the weapons that came to Afghanistan were paid for by the Saudis on the orders of the Americans because Turki al-Faisal [the head of Saudi external intelligence] and the CIA were working together."

So what kind of Arabian Islamic State does he wish to see? Would thieves and murderers still have their heads cut off, for example, in a sharia-governed state? Bin Laden's answer is unsatisfactory. All Muslims would love to live under true sharia, he said. A guilty man would only be happy if he was justly punished.

Dissident bin Laden may be. But moderate, never.

                                   DID BIN LADEN BOMB NEW YORK?

Israel’s military intelligence service, Aman, suspects that Iraq is the state that sponsored the suicide attacks on the New York Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington. Directing the mission, Aman officers believe, were two of the world’s foremost terrorist masterminds: the Lebanese Imad Mughniyeh, head of the special overseas operations for Hizbullah, and the Egyptian Dr Ayman Al Zawahiri, senior member of Al-Qaeda and possible successor of the ailing Osama Bin Laden.

The two men have not been seen for some time. Mughniyeh is probably the world’s most wanted outlaw. Unconfirmed reports in Beirut say he has undergone plastic surgery and is unrecognizable. Zawahiri is thought to be based in Egypt. He could be Bin Laden’s chief representative outside Afghanistan.

The Iraqis, who for several years paid smaller groups to do their dirty work, were quick to discover the advantages of Al-Qaeda. The Israeli sources claim that for the past two years Iraqi intelligence officers were shuttling between Baghdad and Afghanistan, meeting with Ayman Al Zawahiri. According to the sources, one of the Iraqi intelligence officers, Salah Suleiman, was captured last October by the Pakistanis near the border with Afghanistan. The Iraqis are also reported to have established strong ties with Imad Mughniyeh.

"We’ve only got scraps of information, not the full picture," admits one intelligence source, "but it was good enough for us to send a warning six weeks ago to our allies that an unprecedented massive terror attack was expected. One of our indications suggested that Imad Mughniyeh met with some of his dormant agents on secret trips to Germany. We believe that the operational brains behind the New-York attack were Mughniyeh and Zawahiri, who were probably financed and got some logistical support from the Iraqi Intelligence Service (SSO)."

Mughniyeh was the only one believed to have tried it before. On April 12th 1997, he was reported to be only two hours away from achieving the highest goal of any terrorist organization (until last week): blowing up an Israeli El-Al airliner above Tel Aviv. A man carrying a forged British passport with the name Andrew Jonathan Neumann was in a Jerusalem hotel preparing a bomb he was supposed to take on board an El-Al flight leaving Israel, when it accidentally went off. Andrew Jonathan Neumann was very badly injured but strong enough to reveal later to the Israelis that he was not British but Lebanese, and that his operation was supposed to be a special "gift" to Israel from Imad Mughniyeh.

Mughniyeh ‘A psychopath’

"Bin Laden is a schoolboy in comparison with Mughniyeh," says an Israeli who knows Mughniyeh . "The guy is a genius, someone who refined the art of terrorism to its utmost level. We studied him and reached the conclusion that he is a clinical psychopath motivated by uncontrollable psychological reasons, which we have given up trying to understand. The killing of his two brothers by the Americans only inflamed his strong motivation."

Experts on Iraq and Saddam Hussein also believe that Iraq was the state behind the two terror masterminds. "In recent months, there was a change, and Iraq decided to get into the terror business. On July 7th, they tried for the first time to send a suicide bomber, trained in Baghdad, to blow up Tel Aviv airport (Foreign Report No. 2651)."

Our sources believe that it will be very difficult to get to the bottom of this unprecedented terror operation. However, they believe the chief of the Iraqi SSO is Qusai Hussein, the dictator’s son, and his organization is the most likely to have been involved.

Mughniyeh, 48, is a "sick man", says an intelligence officer who was in charge of his file. He is considered by Western intelligence agencies as the most dangerous active terrorist today. Several governments want him and the Americans have put a $2m reward on his head.

It was the assassination of one man in March 1984 that is said to have made Mughniyeh the CIA’s most wanted terrorist. Mughniyeh allegedly kidnapped the head of the CIA station in Beirut, William Buckley. The kidnapping triggered what later became known as ‘Irangate’, when the Americans tried to exchange Buckley (and others) with arms for Iran. However, the attempt ended in a fiasco. By one unconfirmed account, Mughniyeh tortured and killed Buckley with his own hands.

A year later, in a combined CIA/Mossad operation, a powerful car bomb went off at the entrance to the house of Hizbullah’s spiritual leader, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah. Seventy-five people were killed. One of them was his brother. Hunted by the CIA and the Mossad, Mughniyeh hid in Iran.

In February 1992, Israeli helicopter gunships attacked the convoy of the then head of Hizbullah, Sheikh Abas Musawi, in South Lebanon. Musawi, his wife and children were killed and the revenge attack followed a month later. According to press reports, Mughniyeh was called back into action and, in a well-planned and devastating attack, his people blew up the Israeli embassy in Argentina. The building was demolished and 92 were killed. Only last year, after a long investigation, did Argentina issue a warrant for Mughniyeh’s arrest.

The reprisal for the attack in Argentina came in December 1994, when a car bomb went off in a southern Shi’ite suburb of Beirut. Four people were killed. One of them was called Mughniyeh, but to the deep disappointment of those Israelis who planted the bomb it was the wrong one. Mughniyeh’s life was saved, but his other brother Fuad was killed. Mughniyeh waited for his opportunity for revenge.

Our Israeli sources claim to see Mughniyeh’s signature on the wreckage in New York and Washington. How to counter this kind of terrorism? "To fight these bastards you don’t need a military attack," said an experienced Israeli commando officer. "You only need to adopt Israel’s assassination policy."


Egypt, 1999: At, Al-kosseh, police arrest all the Christians after the murder of a Muslim. They were dragged outside the town, beaten and tortured with electricity, the women and girls were raped and finally several men were crucified.

Nigeria, 1999: Charia (Islamic law as the constitution of the country) was proclaimed in June in the State of Zamfara. Five hundred Christians were killed in one month. The Governors granted three days to the Christians to demolish all the churches. Stoning of people and amputation of hands are multifold. Christians are burnt alive in their houses. In Kaduna alone,
Moslems killed between 400 - 1000 Christians. In the south where Muslims are the minority, they practice terrorism: on the eve of Christmas, 4 churches were burnt and 1000 - 2000 Christians slaughtered.

Senegal, 1999: Interdiction to build any Christian schools and the transformation of churches into mosques.

Indonesia, 2000: In Ambon, 800 Christians were killed and more than 20 churches destroyed. In Jabok, government troops massacred 22 faithful refugees in a church. Four hundred and seventy thousand refugees have been obliged to flee from the Muslim militia to arrive at Jung Probing, an island of the Archipelago. The village of Way, one of the last Christian villages of Mollusks, was completely burnt. At Christmas, in Jakarta and its suburbs, 18 bomb attacks on churches killing 14 people and wounding 119.

Saudi-Arabia, 2000: 10 Christians, including 5 children, were imprisoned for meeting in a private place to pray.

Sudan, 2000: With an estimated 2 million deaths, the civil war in Sudan is by far the bloodiest in Africa's recent history. In spite of repeated condemnations by other nations and human rights groups, the Islamic government in Khartoum shows no sign of lessening its brutal conduct. The Arab-dominated Islamic fundamentalist government in Sudan's north has
declared a jihad against the south, which is dominated by animists and Christians. In one day, 122 women and children were deported to the North, all the men having been killed and their villages razed to the ground. Yei, the most important city in the South was bombed: 14 dead and 50 wounded. A Christian school was bombed: 20 children were killed with their teachers.

Philippines, 2000: The Muslim group, Abu Sayyaf abducted 22 children and 8 Christian adults. The body of Father Gallardo was found with traces of torture. Twenty one Christians were kidnapped by the Muslim group of Milf, led to a mosque, tortured and killed. Sept 19, 2001 - Fear of Muslim guerrillas has compelled a community of Carmelite nuns in Marawi, southern
Philippines, to abandon their convent. The Carmelite nuns arrived in the area in 1981. In 1986, some of them were kidnapped by Muslim extremists. Last month, a Columbian missionary from Ireland was killed in Marawi.

Algeria, 1996-2001: Police in Algeria recently arrested 16 young people for possessing Bibles and other Christian documents. Proselytism by Christians is considered a crime in predominantly Muslim Algeria. Muslims who convert to another religion risk a death sentence. In May 1996, an armed Islamic group murdered seven Trappist monks at the monastery in Thibirine. The following August the same group used a bomb to kill Bishop Pierre Claverie
of Oran.

U.S.A., 11th September 01: More than 6000 people dead and thousands still missing in the attack against the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, with high jacked planes used as suicide bombs.

-Australia 2001: 70 teenage virgins, singled out because they are Caucasian (White) and Christian, are raped by illegal immigrant middle eastern youth.


From the time of Mohammed, 7th Century, the new religion of Islam united the Arabs and within 50 years the whole of the Mediterranean world was overrun, including Persia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Roman Africa, the islands, Spain, and southern France.

The Mohammedans were stopped in the East at Constantinople in 717 by Emperor Leo II and in the west by Charles Martel at Poitiers in 737. But the Mohammedan siege of Christendom continued off and on for 900 years.

In 1571, Pope St. Pius V organized a great Rosary Crusade throughout all of Christendom. The graces obtained through this Rosary Crusade enabled the famous victory of the battle of Lepanto against the Turks. This great victory, attributed to the intercession of Our Lady, is commemorated on the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, the 7th of October. It is because of this victory against Islam that St. Pius V gave to Our Lady the glorious title of Our Lady of Victory.

A century later, the Turks threatened again to invade Europe. This time it was Pope Innocent XI who organized another great Rosary Crusade. The victory of Vienna was the fruit of this Rosary Crusade, we celebrate it on the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, the 12th of September.

Again, a century later, Islam, like an aggressive ram, was pounding on the doors of Europe. Pope Clement XI in 1717, faithful to the example of his predecessors, organized another great Rosary Crusade for all Christians and obtained yet another great victory over Islam. The pope decided in gratitude to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to extend the feast of 7 October to the Universal Church, and to change its name to The feast of the Holy Rosary in order to remind mankind that it was truly thanks to this powerful prayer that victory was won.


I have lived under the best government system ever invented by man in the world. A system called a "Constitutional Republic". The founding fathers wanted out from under the yoke of a King but did not trust democracies. In fact when asked why they wrote the constitution the way they did, they said, "To prevent it from ever becoming a democracy." The King they could not live with was both pope and king of England and there was no one above him. He did whatsoever he wanted without any higher authority.

In the Catholic system of "church - state" relationships, a King could not be King unless the Pope crowned him. If the King did not treat his people with love, the Pope could remove him and place the crown on another person. This right of the Pope goes back to Saul and David. If the Catholic Kings would have obeyed the laws of the Church and the Pope, the world today would be entirely Catholic. But this is not the case. From the very first Catholic King of the Christian world, Constantine the Great, there have been clashes. Constantine wanted (and did) to outlaw all other religions and the Pope was against it. The Pope wanted conversions of the heart and not the sword. Throughout history there have been very few Catholic Kings who bowed to the authority of the Pope. Those Kings that did, accomplished great things: Charlamaine, Pepin, Henry.

The Democratic system invented in 1789 by the French Revolution was a system 'to make man free', free to sin. To free himself from the sweet yoke of God, man replaced the Divine Rights of God with the 'rights of man', so-called, and he is now the chained slave ensnared by his proud and deceptive motto: Liberty-Equality-Fraternity.

The problem with the Democratic systems is that they must get a majority vote to get in power and once in power they must pass laws that are promised to these people who elected them. In most case they must get in bed with people they do not even like. Often they must make deals with parties who have other views on things. Always they must get a lot of money to get elected, and this money comes from those who have the power. Thus in the long run minor groups end up with a lot of power because their votes can swing an election: the rich, the homos, the Moslems, the atheists. Money from outside the county plays a big role in any election, as countries want friendly people in power in other countries. The Chinese played a great role in the election of Clinton with millions of dollars. The American have always played financial roles in the elections of other countries.

"All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to abolish and do away with every religious principle to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds." (Prophesy of La Salette)

On a natural level, the fate of democratic nations is inevitable because governments should not be natural, but divine, by Divine Right. These nations, having betrayed in 1789 their Christian heritage, will pay under the Islamic yoke for their perversities and revolt against the One, True God. Their laws of abortion, divorce, contraception, homosexuality and their licentiousness and immoral behavior against Christian modesty? This immorality which is now spread everywhere like a filthy wind by sexual education in the schools, television, movies, books, magazines, immoral dress, etc., is leading so many souls to hell. Alas, we know that this corruption has been propagated by the enemies of the Church to de-Christianize our countries and to annihilate Christian Civilization, and all under the banner of 'liberty and democracy'.

The democratic system is, indeed, so absurd that in the name of its principles, acquired through the French Revolution, the democratic countries grant to their enemies protection and liberty to establish and to develop within their own nations.

In an Islamic country, like Saudi Arabia or North Sudan, if you wanted to build a Catholic Church, a Protestant Temple or a Synagogue you would be shot.

Thus, we are, in fact, witnessing two forces radically opposed to each other: on one side, democracy, which under the banner of the UN and the Charter for the Rights of Man, works to establish a One World Government and to provide people with a corrupt and luxurious materialistic paradise on earth; on the other side, Islam, which under the banner of the Koran, works to establish a One World Islamic Government and to provide its believers with the same kind of paradise.

A confrontation is inevitable and it is not dialogue that will prevent it, but it is only the conversion of both parties to the true God and to His Church, which will save the world from disaster.

Let us not forget the still, very relevant warning of Our Lady at Fatima: "Wars are God's chastisement because of sin".


In American there is no such thing as a separation of Church and State. There is a clause that says that the state cannot create and support a religion and favor it over others. However, over the years the courts have changed the meaning of that to mean that the state cannot get involved in any king of religion whatsoever, not even the mention of God. A country without God will not stand. The enemy of Christianity is and always has been Islam. In Islam there is a Church-State government and all other religions are illegal. Under Communist Russia only one Church was legal, the Russian Orthodox, and it only because the government handpicked the leaders. This idea of a separation of God from Government is the sin of the Twentieth Century where from 1914 to 1922 all the monarchs of Europe fell and were replaced by democracies. From that time to this more people have died in war and by their own governments than all the rest of the history of the world put together.


The best government in the world is the Catholic Church. It has written law and that law cannot change. This is a constitutional government. It has written law that cannot change and instead of a King or a Supreme Court, it has a Pope to interpret that law. Like a King or a Supreme Court, he is the last word on what the constitution means. This system has lasted longer than any other government in the history of the world. This is the best system on earth and one that should be copied by governments. A government with a constitution that is written by the experts, approved by the people, and protected by the King, who cannot be corrupted because he has nothing to gain or loose. A king who only answers to God though the Pope is the type of government that God chose. Read your bibles.

We are in war with Islam and the only way we can win this war is to admit it, return to God's choice of government and go to war. This will be with God, King, and Rosary. "Give me an army which prays the Rosary", says Saint Pius X, "and I will conquer the world."

"It is not by force, nor by arms, nor by any human power, but only by the divine assistance, obtained through the prayer of the Rosary, that the Church, strong like David with his sling, will be able to stand up without trembling against the infernal enemy.

"It is especially in the home that we wish to see the widespread recitation of the Rosary, for we will seek in vain to consolidate the crumbling bases of civil society, if domestic society, the principle and foundation of the Human Community, does not rest on the laws of the Gospel. To attain such a difficult end, we affirm that there is no more fitting means than the recitation of the Family Rosary." (S.S. Pope Pius XII, 1951)

                                                                           The Publican