A lot has been made by Traditional Catholics about the statement of Our Lady that Portugal would never loose the dogma of Faith and placing a great deal of importance on it as being part of the secret and/or the introduction to the secret. Then when the secret itself was revealed no apparent connection could be found. To understand Fatima at all, its mission, its spirituality, its relationship to God's master plan for us and the Church, we must see Fatima in light of history. We have looked at the history of the evolution of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary in Newsletter One and Two. We will look into the Triumph of The Immaculate Heart in our last Newsletter. But this Newsletter is placed here because it is, I believe connected to the final Triumph of Our Lady in our final report.


On February 1, 1908, a republican (Mason) killed the king of Portugal and his youngest son. In May 1911 a Constituent Assembly abolished the monarchy and inaugurated Portugal's first republican government, which secularized the state by disestablishing the church, forbidding religious instruction in the public schools, and prohibiting the military from taking part in religious observances. The blue and white flag of the monarchy was replaced with one of red and green.

In fifteen years and eight months there were forty-five governments. No stable majority could be organized. This political turmoil led to several periods of military rule during the First Republic and eventually to its overthrow. By 1925 the republic had become the butt of ridicule and cynicism. Official anti-clericalism made it impossible for many to accept a republic. The apparitions at Fátima in 1917 occurred at the height of Prime Minister Costa's anticlerical campaign.


Portugal became a country by the constant help of Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel. In 711 the Moslems had taken all of the Iberian Peninsula all the way to the northern sea. In 737, a noble named Pelayo with an apparition of Mary and the help of angels defeated the Muslims at Covadonga, for which he was proclaimed king of Astúrias and later León.

Afonso Henriques then defeated a Muslim army at Ourique with the help of Saint Michael, a place in the Alentejo, and became king. Afonso III in 1249 defeated the last of the Muslims in the Algarve. This last battle, which extended Portuguese territory to the sea, established the approximate territorial limits Portugal has had ever since. These wars against the Muslims from 711 to 1249 were won with the help of religious orders of knights, the Knights Templar, Hospitallers, Calatravans (later Avis), the Knights of Saint James and the Knights of Saint Michael of the Wing. Afonso Henriques and subsequent Portuguese kings ruled by divine right.

In 1312, as the result of an investigation into the activities of the Templars, Pope Clement V suppressed this order and transferred their vast properties in Portugal to the Hospitallers. Dinis was able to prevail upon the pope to give this wealth to a newly founded Portuguese military-religious order called the Order of Christ in Tomar near Fatima.

By the close of the 18th Century Portugal's Kings had an empire, which included Africa, Asia, America, and the islands that made its monarchy the richest in Europe and made Lisbon the commercial capital of the world.

Freemasonry was introduced into Portugal in 1801 and five Masonic temples were established in Lisbon. The first Portuguese grand master was elected in 1804. In 1812 Freemasons founded the Sinédrio, a secret society that propagated revolutionary ideas and began to agitate for a constitutional monarchy. General Gomes Freire Andrade, the grand master of Portuguese Masons, helped establish the first constitutional monarchy in Portugal in 1817. This was the first step towards republicanism, with its appeals to nationalism, universal suffrage, separation of church and state, the abolition of weapons, and the abolition of the monarchy.

In 1908 the King was killed and in May of 1911 the army abolished the monarchy and inaugurated Portugal's first republican government. The constitution secularized the state by the abolition of firearms, disestablishing the church, forbidding religious instruction in the public schools, and prohibiting the military from taking part in religious observances.

This was a master plan of the Illuminati all over Europe and between 1910 and 1922 twenty-three monarchs fell to republics. At the same time, the Illuminati (controlling the worldwide banks) financed Leon Trotsky and Lenin to overthrow the King of Russia in 1917. By the end of World War I most of the monarchs were gone in Europe, and yet historians cannot tell you why the war started. The main result obtained by the Illuminati was the abolition of firearms and the Separation of Church and State, in some cases, like Russia and other Communist countries, the outright abolition of Religion, especially the Catholic Church.

The new Republic in Portugal, in its fifteen years of existence had forty-five governments. This political turmoil led to several periods of military rule and eventually to its overthrow. By 1925 the republic had become the butt of ridicule and cynicism. The apparitions at Fátima in 1917 occurred at the height of Prime Minister Costa's anticlerical campaign.


On May 26, 1926, General Manuel Gomes da Costa entered Lisbon and took power. The First Republic ended. The military government was now in the hands of monarchists and authoritarian officers, and it seemed as if a restoration of the monarchy would follow. This was not to be, however, because Carmona, who was both a republican and a devout Catholic, preserved a balance between pro- and anti-monarchists and pro- and anti-clerical officers in order to ensure that the military regime would survive. On March 25, 1928, General Carmona was elected to the presidency.

Carmona named António de Oliveira Salazar, a professor of political economy at the University of Coimbra, as minister of finance. Salazar easily overshadowed military Prime ministers and gradually gained the allegiance of Portugal's young intellectuals and military officers, who identified with his authoritarian, anti-liberal, anti-Communist view of the world. Moreover, Salazar's ascendancy was welcomed by the church, which saw in him a savior from the anti-clericalism of the republicans. Salazar came from a peasant background. He had studied for the priesthood before turning to economics at the University of Coimbra, where he received his doctorate in 1918 and afterward taught. Salazar never married and lived ascetically. Salazar's philosophy was said to be authoritarian government, patriotic unity, Christian morality, the work ethic, fado, Fátima, football, music, religion, and sports.

A devout Roman Catholic, Salazar sought a rapprochement with the church in Portugal. A concordat with the Vatican in 1940 reintroduced state aid to Roman Catholic education, but Salazar resisted involving the church--which he called "the great source of our national life"--in political questions. For nearly forty years, he completely dominated Portuguese government and politics. His departure was prosaic: he suffered an incapacitating stroke in June 1968 after a freak accident and died, still in a coma, more than a year later. He would have prepared for his death by a proper replacement, the restoration of the Monarchy, but he died suddenly.

On April 25, 1974, the officers and men of the Armed Forces Movement (Movimento das Forças Armadas--MFA) created a junta under General António de Spínola and took control of the Portuguese Government.

Today, December of 2001, Portugal has (thanks to Salazar) a thriving Catholic Church, which has more liberties than any other country in Europe and the constitution that Salazar wrote still governs the country for the most part.


In 1917 the secret societies of Portugal vowed openly the wipe out the Catholic Church in one generation. Church property was confiscated. Catholic Schools were closed. Catholic teachers were fired. Priests and Nuns were kicked out of the country or jailed. Propaganda spread everywhere that all the problems of Portugal were caused by the Catholic Church. The vast empire abroad was gone. The King and his family were exiled out to the country and all his and his family's possessions taken over by the state. The Great Castles of the Knights were taken over and made into government jails, or administrative offices.

Though out Europe a new thing happened in every country - separation of Church and State and by the abolition of firearms. The clergy were afraid to take any political stand at all. History books were changed so that the Catholic Church and monarchies were eliminated. The Holy Roman Emperor, Charles Von Hapsburg was exiled on the Island of Madera, part of Portugal, where he died of hunger. He is now blessed and is up for Canonization. He died on April Fools day 1922.


In Guadalupe in 1531 Bishop Zumarrago was worried about an uprising of the Indians against the Spanish, who were not treating them well. He appealed to the king for help but needed time for the reply. At the same time Martin Luther (whose real name was "Luder", which means "Beast") had split from the Church in 1531 and brought two million Catholics with him including some leaders of countries. Our Lady's appearance in Guadalupe solved two problems at the same time. She stopped the uprising of the Indians by converting them and the Spanish military; and answered the Luther rebellion by bringing ten million Indians into the faith as he took out two million that same year.

In 1774 the problem with the Church was Modernism. Philosophers all over Germany and France were denying even the existence of being, let alone supernatural beings. Darwin would come in 1845 to put great doubt in the Bible. Signs in the Sky would appear everywhere in the Twentieth Century making people believe in men from outer space. In the war with Satan and God, He always sends someone at the right place and the right time. In this case it was Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, who put new light on Creation, the Bible, and the entire plan of God.

In 1793 the French revolution killed the King and Queen of France, and in that year Catherine Laboure's parents were married. On June 6, 1830 Christ appeared to her prophesying the end of King Charles X's throne. The French Monarchy was a holy thing, the prototype of all the monarchies of Europe with its roots in Rome from the crowing of Charlemagne by the Pope in 800 AD. Jeanne d'Arc tried to protect this Monarchy. Charles was the last of the royal Bourbons. Our Lady appeared in the center of Paris at rue du Bac. "The times are very evil. Sorrows will come upon France; the throne will be overturned. The whole world will be upset by miseries of every kind. ... The moment will come when danger will be enormous; it will seem that all is lost; at that moment, I will be with you; have confidence. ...There will be victims among the clergy of Paris. Monsignor, the Archbishop ... My child, the cross will be treated with contempt; they will hurl it to the ground. Blood will flow; they will open up again the side of Our Lord. The streets will stream with blood. The monsignor Archbishop will be stripped of his garments." One week later on July 27, 1830 the revolution erupted in fury. Charles X was toppled; Bishops and priests, members of religious orders, guilty and innocent alike, were imprisoned and beaten and killed. Godlessness ran wild, desecrating churches, pulling down statues, trampling the cross under foot."

In 1917 the Mystical War with Satan was reaching its peak and the Illuminati was making an all out claim to world domination by toppling 23 monarchs in Europe and setting up Socialist Republics. The Socialists in Portugal were bragging that they could wipe out the Church in one generation. Our Lady appeared to say; Do not be afraid. I will be with you. I am the Queen of Portugal. They cannot topple Me. Portugal is protected by Saint Michael and by Me. Do not be afraid.

For the first time in the history of the world, something new was happening. On exactly October 13, 1917 Lenin and Leon Trotsky left Switzerland for Russia and overthrew the Monarchy there. This would be the first officially atheistic government in the history of the world. It would spread its errors throughout the world until in 1984 70% of the world would be communist.

Why did Our Lady appear in Fatima? To establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart and in so doing win the Mystical War with Satan throughout Portugal and the world.