By Richard Salbato


In order to understand this section of the web site, you must first read the book, The Miracle of Damascus, about a true and approved apparition of Our Lady and Our Lord to Mirna Nazzour of Damascus, Syria. This apparition came to help the dream of the last four Popes to unify all Christians and the reason for this web site, Unity Publishing. Et Unum Sint - That they may be one. John - Chapter 17


I spent a year in Damascus studying the apparitions of Mirna. I then spent three months traveling with her in America promoting the message of unity. Vatche Hovsepian, his brother Armon, Nabil and myself produced three videos on the apparitions and miracles. I wrote the book "The Miracle of Damascus". I believe I was called by God to spread these messages to the English Speaking World, and I believe that I totally failed to do so. One thing I insisted on is that the messages would not be mixed up with un-approved apparitions, and nothing would be done without the bishop's approval. The Book and Videos are the only English version of the apparitions with a proper canonical Imprimatur. Where I failed in America, maybe I will not fail in Portugal. See below.

Last Message

On the last day before printing of the book, Mirna received her last message from Our Lord, November 26, 1989, who said that He would not see her again until the two Easters would be celebrated again together, meaning the Orthodox and the Catholics would celebrate Easter on the same day. We use two different calendars. I was able to get this message into the book as a supplement, and it has been twelve years since Mirna has had a message.

Pope Visits Damascus

Because of the two calendars the two Easters would not fall on the same day until 2001 and everyone, including me, knew that she would again receive the stigmata and have a message from Our Lord. It just so happened that Pope John Paul II planed to visit Damascus almost at the same time. His reason for going to Damascus was the unity of all Christians. I cannot say that the Pope visited Mirna or even talked to her, but I do know that they were side by side during the Mass. I also know that he used the chalice my friend Vatche gave to Mirna and it was returned to her after the Mass. There are two other indications that he talked with her, which can be understood below in the news of Father Fox and Archbishop Luigi Accogli. These things make me believe that he is taking direct control of this apparition.

Stigmata of 2001

As predicted Mirna received the stigmata of Our Lord on Good Friday of Easter Week, 2001. She suffered in the presence of her two children, her husband, priests, and many friends. There is nothing I can say about this that the pictures and videos will not reveal except "Why?" The best answer to that comes from Father Mariani, who once witnessed the same stigmata but with another woman. In his heart, but not with words he said, "Why would God do this to this woman?" The woman lifted her head and said to him, "So that you will never forget what happens when you say the Mass."


Message of Our Lord

At predicted Our Lord visited Mirna at 14:50, Holy Saturday of 2001. See pictures of her ecstasy. The following is that message. I will comment below.

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

To Myrna at Soufanieh

(Damascus, Syria)

Holy Saturday April 2001 at 14:50.

My children,

I have given you a sign for My glorification.

Continue on your way and I am with you, or I will shut the gates of heaven before you.

But here there is a Mother who suffers, who prays and who says to Me: "Lord, Thou art all love."

And I say: "Do not despair, O Gate of heaven, because I love them
and I want them to return to Me, by their gift, love for love."

My children, apply yourselves to knowing yourselves as you are and to measuring the degree of your fidelity in the accomplishment of unity of hearts among you. Adorn yourselves with patience and wisdom and do not be afraid if you fail.

Persevere in hope.

Have confidence in Me, for I will not abandon those who accomplish My will.

As for you My daughter, be circumspect and arm yourself with My grace. Be patient, wise and humble.

Offer your sufferings with joy, for I have already told you: "Your trials will not be prolonged."

Direct your regard toward Me, you will find peace and rest. For it is I who strengthen you. It is I who throw you into the melee and it is I who remove you from it to lead you to the joy of heaven.

Apply yourself to prayer and that your fast be accompanied with meditation and recollection; then you will hear My voice in your inmost interior.

Have confidence in Me, for I will abandon neither you nor your family, nor any of those who have collaborated with you in My honor and only for Me.

My comments on this message are for two groups: one group is those Catholics and Orthodox who do not want any ecumenical movement at all and do not want to even dialogue let alone compromise; the other group is those who want all Christians to be one without any change whatsoever in doctrine, canons, or moral practice, this is called "pluralism" and is a heresy.

The primary message of Damascus is: "The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is the Church. Those who have divided it have sinned. Those who are happy with these divisions are still sinning."

"I have given you a sign for My glorification." The sign is the stigmata of Mirna.

"Continue on your way and I am with you, or I will shut the gates of heaven before you." Our way is the way to unity and if we stand in the way of this, the gates of heaven will be closed to us.

"But here there is a Mother who suffers, who prays and who says to Me: 'Lord, Thou art all love.' And I say: "Do not despair, O Gate of heaven, because I love them and I want them to return to Me, by their gift, love for love." The Gate of heaven is Mary, Our Mother, who suffers because of our sins, but never stops praying for us night and day in Heaven.

"My children, apply yourselves to knowing yourselves as you are and to measuring the degree of your fidelity in the accomplishment of unity of hearts among you. Adorn yourselves with patience and wisdom and do not be afraid if you fail."
Knowing ourselves is to not justify our sins or to rationalize our lack of good works towards the unity of Christians and the unity of hearts.

"Persevere in hope." The word here means "Trust", or "Confidence" that God will not leave us if we do His will.

"Have confidence in Me, for I will not abandon those who accomplish My will." The trick here takes wisdom to know what God's will is for us. The rest of the message is for Mirna personally and need no comment.

Father Robert Fox

After the message of April, 2001 Nichol Nazzour (Mirna's husband) called Father Robert Fox in America and invited him to Damascus. Father Fox is the founder of a youth Apostolate of Fatima, publishes a magazine on the family, writes many good books on religion, and conducts yearly conferences for the family. Ten years ago he was attacked bitterly by Medjugorje and Vassula promoters for publishing a front-page book review on my book, "The Miracle of Damascus".

What is strange about this call by Nichol to Father Fox is that Nichol almost never calls anyone as he has very little money and cannot afford phone calls to America. Father Fox was recently asked by the Holy Father to concentrate his Apostolate towards saving the family unit. It is my theory that the Pope, himself, asked Mirna to get Father Fox's help is spreading the message of unity. Anyway Father Fox went to Damascus.

He had a very good time in Damascus, he celebrated Mass in Mirna's home every day, and on the last day oil exuded while he was telling people the origin of his Apostolate of going to Fatima, and being called by Our Lady to start a youth Apostolate.

Archbishop Luigi Accogli

Archbishop Luigi Accogli was Papal Nuncio to the Vatican in Damascus when I was there. He helped me a great deal in my investigation and later reported to the Holy Father all the happenings regarding Mirna. He was helpful to me in getting the Imprimatur for my book. He personally presented a copy of the Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh to the Holy Father. Archbishop Luigi Accogli is the advocate for the beatification of Padre Pio. He has been assigned to travel with Mirna no mater where she goes and is opening an ecumenical center in Rome that will focus on the Eucharist. Again I see the hand of the Holy Father taking control of these messages and their promotion. At least now, they will not be mixed up with un-approved apparitions.

Pope Orders Unified Easter for Syria

Right after Pope John Paul's visit to Damascus he ordered that all Catholics in Syria could celebrate Holy Week, and therefor Easter on the same day as the Orthodox, no mater what year it was.  Christ said to Mirna in 1989: "You will not hear my voice again, unitl the feast has been unified."  God knows the future and therefor He appeared to her, but unifying Easter is only symbolic of unitying the two Churches.  Can we possibly say that the Pope does not know and believe the messages of Our Lady of Soufanieh?

Mirna and Fatima

I have contacted Mirna and told her of my plans here in Portugal, and have received help from the sisters at the convent of Lucia in Coimbra. I was unable to promote the message of unity in the United States because of the false apparitions; however, I do not have that problem in Portugal. The Portuguese people do not fall for apparitions that have no Bishop's approval. I am having my book translated into Portuguese and making a small video also in Portuguese. With the help of Roberto Leal, one of the most famous singers in this country, and His Royal Highness, Dom Duarte, we hope to get this message all over the country. When we have had sufficient success, I will bring Archbishop Luigi Accogli, Mirna and her family to Portugal. The King, the singer, and Mirna will travel from one end of the country to the other spreading the message of unity of all Christians. Pray that this time I will not fail to do God's will.

Message of Our Lord to Mirna in Damascus

Feast Day of Our Lady of Soufanieh, November 26, 2001

My children,

I offer Myself to you.

The act of adoration, meditation, thanksgiving and spiritual companionship makes Me happy, but you will only find perfection by your union around the altar.

I offer you My Body and Blood as proof of My fidelity and My love. Accept from Me this Sacrament with trust and faith. This Sacrament consoles you and gives you strength and wisdom and makes you grow in grace.

Difficult days await you: disturbances in the interior of the Church. Division constitutes a danger for he who does not have true peace.

Don't let yourself be defeated. Don't pay attention to the judgment against you by others. Do not defend yourself and do not ask what I have prepared for you. It is I who look after your problems because you are the work of My hands.

Show Me your love because through love I walk by your side, and through the Sacrament I unite Myself to you.

Do not forget that I am the cause of your existence on earth and the reason for your happiness in heaven.


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