Would Catholics Sell Their Soul For Money?

Up in the Panhandle of Texas between two mountains sets a small Western town of ranchers. Their primary income comes from beef cattle and horses. As one of the most Western towns in Texas the people still carry sidearms and Winchester riffles. In the surrounding mountains, hidden in the thick brush, roams thousands of wild pigs. Over time these wild boar have wounded and killed many cattle, and even some of the people themselves. Finally the town put up a $20,000.00 reward for anyone who could rid the mountain of these wild boar. Sitting in one of the local pubs, the gun carrying cowboys discussed who and how this could be done. In walked a small, thin man warring a black three-peace suit. He introduced himself as having come to collect the $20,000.00 reward. The cowboys laughed at him, asking what he knew about wild boar.

"Nothing!" he said. "I am an advisor to the IMF/World Bank and I used to be advisor to the Communist Party."

"You know nothing about wild boar? You carry no gun? You do not even know how to ride a horse?"

"No! I know nothing about wild anything, but I know animal nature." He answered. They just laughed.

The next day the city-slicker, still wearing a three-peace suit, rented a pick-up truck. He drove over to the feed store and bought a truckload of corn-on-the-cob. He drove up the mountain and found a big open field in the middle of the thick brush. He dumped all the corn in the middle of this field and went back down to the town to drink beer in the pub.

The next day he repeated this, dumping a truckload of corn in the open field. Each day he would do the same thing for over two weeks and each day he would sit in the pub listening to the local cowboys laugh at him. But after only a few days of doing this the wild boar began to come out of the bush even before he left with his truck. After a week they stood out in the open waiting for him to leave. Eventually he would move his truck a few yards away and watch them eat up the corn.

After two weeks he brought up a large load of corn and barb-wire fencing material. He dumped the corn in the middle of the field, drove a few yards away, watched the wild boar run after the corn, and started building a fence around all the wild boar. When he was finished he went down to the town and collected his $20,000.00.


Which nature are you - animal or human? Throughout the entire history of mankind, man has been able to capture and tame wild animals for pets and/or beasts of burden to do the work of man. These are our slaves and we enslaved them by feeding them and caring for them. In time they no longer make it on their own in the wild. They lost their knowledge of hunting for their own food. We may or may not love them but they are totally dependent on us, and in the case of some of them we use them to help our wealth and in return we only feed them.

We humans have two natures, the animal and the human. The human nature is his ability to think out the ramifications of what we do, called deductive reasoning or logic. We also have supernatural thinking, that allows us to go beyond logic into knowing what cannot be proven sometimes with supernatural help or divine revelation. The more the human nature controls the passions of our animal nature, the more human we are. The more our animal nature controls our human nature, the more animal we are. In extreme cases we man even look and act like animals as in the case of drunks, a drug-addicts, a rapists, or a habitual killers. The more our logic controls our passions (feelings - gluttony, sex, power, pride) the more human we become and therefor the more loving and the more social.


Have you let people take care of you so long and so completely (catering to your feelings - animal nature) that you can no longer do without their help? This happens to children whose parents give them so much they do not know how to get for themselves, and end up dependent on the parents for the rest of their lives. They do not develop the discipline of controlling their feelings, or animal nature. Without knowing it, they have become slaves of their own parents and lack any freedom or independence from their passions. In fact, they do not even want freedom and independence.

This was the lot of the black slaves by the second generation in America, who were not allowed to hunt, received no education, and could not make a living on their own even after they were freed. Kings have done this to their subjects by owning all the land and (letting) their subjects live on the land providing they gave most of what they labored for to the King.

Communists did the same by owning everything, and letting the citizens work on the state owned land, and never letting anyone have more than anyone else no matter who worked more or less. The state owned everyone. In time, when they were free of communism, they did not know how to make a living without the state's help. This concept of slavery by dependence has been developed into a fine science by the internationalists starting back at the French Revolution.

Society (a good society) is interdependence in some ways, but this interdependence is by choice and not forced. When we accept something that we did not earn ourselves, we had better know that no strings are attached, and even if there are not, we had better not become used to help that we did not earn ourselves. If we do, we loose.

A good example is the Catholic Schools in America that accepted free aid from the government with no stings attached. After five years of this, the government told them that the aid could no longer come because they were not teaching this or that; that they were not complying with this or that. The school system realized that they had expanded to the point (because of the additional money) that they could not do without it. Because of complying with government regulations, millions of Catholics pulled their children out of Catholic schools.


Without a check, like a irrevocable constitution, governments always expand their power over time. Each politician running for office promises the people something as a reason for you electing him: old age care, free medical, rent protection, job security, etc. But each government handout takes taxes and the taxes come from the people. As the government takes from the people to give back to the people, the government takes its cut and expands its power.

At the same time the people become accustomed to these new government handouts, and in time can no longer do without them. The Egyptians did not conquer the Jews to make them slaves. They drew them into a trap with the offer of food at a time of famine. In time the Jews knew of no other life but the life of a slave. When Moses freed them, they rebelled against Moses 12 times, claming they were better of as slaves. This same method used by the Egyptians is today called Socialism.


Using the same method the city-slicker used to capture the wild boar, the internationalists are using to capture entire nations. The internationalists have captured the governments of some of the major industrialized counties of the world by buying the politicians one at a time, and by buying up the major newsmedia outlets one at a time. Once in control of the money of these countries, they are now offering hundreds of billions of dollars to the smaller nations with huge strings attached that will allow them to totally control these nations. From these lesser nations they have cheap labor to help them make even more money. It is the same method used by the Egyptians to become one of the greatest powers of the world. It is the same method used by the Romans to control most of the world, by offering peace through the protection of their great army. The Romans did not conquer Israel. Israel asked the Romans to become their protector and you see what happened in time. The Romans did keep their promise. The Jews lived in peace from outside attacks. Their jailers protected them. They were captured pigs without a fight.


I had a friend for a long time whose favorite saying was, "He who has the money makes the rules." He had a lot of money. He believed that made him better than anyone else. He also believed that he could make the rules, even if those rules were against the laws of God. Although often offered, I never accepted his money. I knew what it meant to loose your independence and your freedom. In time, as he became more and more convinced that whatever he decided should be done. Anyone doing these things with him sinned against God's laws. I have warned people not to accept his money because he would capture them like pigs. In time they would not be able to do without this money and they would have to do whatsoever he asked them to do.

The reputations of Aristocrats, Foundations, Convents, priests, and families have been damaged simply because they accepted money from a man who does not care what methods he uses to get his way. I have seen people lie in court in order to protect this new found money. People who would never have lied before. I have seen otherwise great men turn a blind eye to corruption for the financial aid it would bring to otherwise good causes. Thinking that the good results are all that matters, they have condoned sin.

I, on the other hand, made the decision to refuse his offer of money in order to have the freedom to obey God's commandments and to protect my reputation. I chose to leave a country where I was gradually loosing this same freedom to practice my faith without being called a fanatic for being religious.

In time, however, all countries will be captured by the same method used to capture the pigs, and I will have no freedom anyway. In order to not even condone this corruption, I have left all these people and live a simple but free life, I am obeying the laws of my Lord even if it means having no earthly friends. As Pope Leo XIII warned, I also warn you: "Do not accept money from people you cannot trust or you will be fenced in and the fence is made of money."

May Day or the Feast of Saint Joseph, the Worker?

As I write this it is both the Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker for Catholics, and May Day for Communists and Socialists. The Holy Father made this feast day to counteract the hold Socialists and Communists had on the working class and to show that these philosophies would in time fail. The Church would never fail to support the working class with help that would support their dignity and their eternity. The remnants of Communism still remains in many governments. It is called Socialism and in time they will fence you in like slaves, but they will not call you slaves. They will call you free, and the Bible prophecies will be fulfilled as people will call good evil and evil good.

Rick - First Week of May 2002