John Paul The Great is dead - Here Come The Crazy People

By Richard Salbato


It is only a few days after the beautiful death of Pope John Paul II.I was in the Cova da Iria, the site of the apparitions of Fatima waiting word of his death on Friday, what will be the feast day of Blessed Charles von Hapsburg and what is now April fools day.Crowds were gathering to pray for him and to wait word as it seemed eminent.TV cameras were everywhere hoping to announce it from the Shrine he loved so much.Then my daughter called from California to say that he had died. I went over to tell the TV announcer, "Papa morta" but he was getting the same call from his TV station and announced it on TV.The Bishop was saying the Mass for the Holy Father and was not interrupted but at the end of the Mass he announced that the Holy Father had died and people began to cry and to pray, but as that was happening another call came from my daughter that the Vatican was saying that it was not true and that he still lives."Papa no morta" I told the reporter who did not believe me.I went home and found the bishop of Fatima on TV apologizing for the mistake.I was in Mass again at the Shrine when he finally died late Saturday night.

The Holy Father canonized Faustina, and beatified the Children of Fatima and Charles von Hapsburg.He was declared dead on Hapsburg's feast, and died on Fatima's First Saturday and Divine Mercy Sunday.These three will play a big role in the future of the Church, as the Monarchy is not dead, the peace of Fatima is not here yet, and the Mercy of God will be needed more than ever in the next years to come.†††

He went straight to Heaven

It you believe in Faustina's apparitions and the Divine Mercy promises he went straight to Heaven at death.By Church teaching and the apparitions of Divine Mercy Sunday starts at 4:00 PM on Saturday night, as is tradition from the old Jewish law.Our Lord promised Faustina that if we went to confession, communion and Mass on the First Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday, He would forgive all our sins and take away all the punishment due to them.Since the Holy Father went to confession, had last rites, celebrated the Mass of Divine Mercy, and received Communion all within the last hours of his death, I can assume that he went straight to Heaven because I do believe in the Divine Mercy promises.

The message the Holy Father was not able to give for Divine Mercy Sunday was read in the Vatican:

"To humanity, which at times seems to be lost and dominated by the power of evil, egoism and fear, the risen Lord offers as a gift his love that forgives, reconciles and reopens the spirit to hope. It is love that converts hearts and gives peace. How much need the world has to understand and accept Divine Mercy!

John Paul II proclaimed the feast of Divine Mercy for the universal Church when canonizing Polish nun and mystic Faustina Kowalska on April 30, 2000.

In his message for the recitation of the Regina Caeli, the Holy Father wrote: "Lord, who with your death and resurrection reveal the love of the Father, we believe in you and with confidence repeat to you today: Jesus, I trust in you, have mercy on us and on the whole world."

His last words:

"I am happy and you should be happy too," he said. "Do not weep. Let us pray together with joy."The Holy Father died looking towards the window as he prayed, a short while before dying, the Pope raised his right hand in a clear, although simply hinted at, gesture of blessing, as if he became aware of the crowd of faithful present in St Peter's Square, who in those moments were following the reciting of the Rosary. Just after the prayer ended, the Pope made a huge effort and pronounced the word 'Amen'. A moment later, he died.

The great door at St Peter's Basilica has closed and will remain so until white smoke issues from the Sistine Chapel to signify the election of a successor. Three days of national mourning were declared by the Italian government and Vatican flags flew at half-mast. John Paul had led the church for 26 years.

I converted to the faith under Pope Paul VI, but was heavily involved in false apparitions and was getting no real grace, so it was not until I quit these false apparition that I was able to be consistent in grace and be a relatively good Catholic and that has only been in the last 26 years, the years of this Holy Father.He has been my love, but throughout that time I have disagreed with him on only one point, which has already been expressed by James Hitchcock of St. Louis University:

"I think the pope has been a relatively permissive pope. He has an image of a hardheaded conservative, which is probably based mostly on his words, but he has not been a disciplinarian."

That being said, let us let him lie in peace in the arms of Our Lady.

I wonder if Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco came for him as Jacinta and Francisco came for Lucia.I guess we will never know.

What More Can I Say

During his pontificate, Pope John Paul:travelled a total of 775,231 miles, or 3.24 times the distance from earth to the moon, in papal trips inside and outside Italy, made 104 trips outside Italy, visited 129 different countries and territories, made 146 trips in Italy, made 301 visits to parishes in Rome, spent 822 days, or over two years and three months, on trips outside the Vatican, read more than 20,000 addresses, read nearly 100,000 pages of addresses, held 1,161 general audiences at the Vatican that have been attended by about 17.8 million people, issued 114 major documents, including 14 encyclicals, 45 apostolic letters, 14 apostolic exhortations and 11 apostolic constitutions, beatified 1,338 people, more than all of his predecessors in the last four centuries combined, canonized 482 saints, more than all of his predecessors in the last four centuries combined, appointed 231 cardinals, of whom 183 are still alive and 117 under the age of 80 and eligible to enter the conclave to elect a new Pope; of the 117, 115 were appointed by John Paul and only two by Paul VI, who reigned from 1963 to 1978, held meetings with more than 1,600 political leaders, including 776 with heads of state and 246 with prime ministers, the largest crowd at a papal Mass was some four million in Manila in 1995

It is expected that more than 2,000,000 people and almost every head of state will attend his funeral.Who in history has done these things?"You will do greater things than this." Christ said, and he did.

Now Comes The Crazy People

As predicted in my booklet "Testing The Spirit" and later on my web site under the same title I predicted 20 years ago what is about to happen when this pope dies.I also wrote about it in a book called "The Ark of Apocalypse", a book that starts with the death of this pope and takes us to the birth of the antichrist.No mater who gets elected Pope 15 to 30 days from now, the nut cases throughout the world will not accept him as a true pope.

The Church is Catholic because it is the universal truth and its unity is the sign of its authority.The Holy Father is the pin to that unity.It is God's Kingdom of Heaven on Earth or the Church Militant. The Church's unity has been attacked from within in the last 40 years by liberal theologians, who give to themselves the charisma of infallibility; by traditionalists, who claim to be holier than God's Kingdom; and by seers, who claim to be the voice of God on earth instead of the Holy Father.

All of these things have the same goal-- dividing the unity of Christ's Body. But there is an even greater plan coming to lift its head by Satan in the next few weeks or months. There are hundreds of false seers all over the world about to get together into one so-called voice from Heaven. They are about to declare all together that the next Pope is not the Pope. You will see a good man being declared the Antichrist or a tool of the Antichrist by these false mystics.

It all started with the mother of 20th Century false apparitions, Garabandal, and that is why I call Garabandal the most dangerous apparition in the world.See††

The insistence over and over again by the seers of Garabandal in the early years of the investigation that Pope John Paul II would be the last Pope on earth is what makes Garabandal the most dangerous of all false apparitions. This belief by its followers and that fact that most false apparitions today are mimics of Garabandal  (examples are: Medjugorje mentions a warning - a sign - a chastisement, Bayside says the same, Conyors the same, the Pebble in Australia says he will be the next pope, check all false apparitions since Garabandal and you will see the same pattern).  What I fear I have stated in my book (The Ark of Apocalypse). 

When this pope dies, he will be replaced by a very holy pope according to Don Bosco and Saint Malachi, maybe one of the holiest popes in history.  St. Malachi calls the next pope the Glory of the Olive (or pope of peace).†† Promoters of Garabandal are not going to believe this is a true pope.  Some will say he is a false pope.  Some will say he is the Antichrist.   Some will believe in Sedevacanti, that we have no pope. 

There have been false popes in the past but never without a true pope living.  There are false popes now - one living in Canada.  But if the College of Cardinals elects a pope, he is the true pope.  Can a pope ever be the Antichrist?  No! First of all if the Antichrist became pope the gates of Hell would prevail and the Bible would be wrong.  Second the Antichrist will come claiming to be Christ, not a simple pope.  Third the real popes must last until the end of the world or there would be no Catholic Church, for where the pope is there is the Catholic Church and where the pope is not, there is no Catholic Church.

Lucia of Fatima said, "He who is with the pope is with God, and he who is not with the pope is not with God."   Why did she make such a statement unless she knows something that I suspect?   Medjugorje is already preparing for a split in the Church by building a great Cathedral in Bosnia right in site of the true bishop.  The have already picked a bishop to be their pope.  In their stupidity they first picked a fake bishop who is not even an ordained priest, but nonetheless they are making plans for a spit in the Church.  In one voice hundreds of false mystics are going to declare the next pope false, and we will have another great split in the Church.   Satan is willing to convert many people to gain this one end.


 Sedevacanti is Latin for "vacant chair", meaning that the chair of Peter is empty. They imply that the possibility exists that there could be a long period of time in the history of the Church where there is no Pope at all. This does happen during the time between popes, but can never happen during a time when the people believe there is a pope but there is not. This is what they are implying. If God could allow this, then that would make it possible for one to question the legitimacy of every pope. The truth is that there can only be an anti-pope when there are two popes. There cannot be an anti-pope when there is only one pope. Nor will God allow the Church to exist without a pope because where the pope is there is the Church, where the pope is not there is not the Church.

It is not possible that the antichrist is alive right now. Disregarding prophesy for now (since no private revelation has to be believed), the Doctrine of the Faith (what we have to believe) states, that the antichrist will be a real person who Christ will kill in his coming. (Page 487 Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma). Therefore the antichrist will control the entire world only 3-1/2 years before the end of the world. Corresponding to the coming of the antichrist then is the coming of Christ, and on page 486 our Doctrine states those things that must happen before the end. Many of these things have not happened yet, the preaching of the Gospel to the whole world (my conjecture is that this will be accomplished by the next pope and a monarch), the conversion of the Jews (also by the same two people), a period of peace, a great falling away from the faith (by almost all Catholics - leaving a remnant), the appearance of the Antichrist.

Now, St. Hippolytus of Rome, (referenced in our Doctrine) tells the entire story of the antichrist, who will imitate Christ in everything including his age. See states that the antichrist will start his worldwide control as Emperor of the world at the age of 30. That means that if the antichrist was born now all these other things must happen in only 30 years. I donít think so. The prophets (which we do not have to believe) give 4 to 7-1/2 years just for the chastisement, 30-50 years after that for a period of peace, then a falling away, and the 3-1/2 years of the antichrist, and 45 days after that for the end of the world. This gives a time line between 34 and 57-1/2 years for the appearance of the antichrist, and it could be hundreds of years. But less than 34 is quite improbable.

God knows all the future, therefore His prophecies are always 100%. He has never changed His mind. People will site Jonah and the city of Ninive which Jonah said would be destroyed in 40 days and was not because of the prayers of the people. However, the city was totally destroyed in 40 years without a second warning. We do not read that God said 40 days anyway. It could have been Jonahís speculation or interpretation of God's words "this generation".

Now watch for a new head rise up in Satan's plan, the  Sedevicantists.

Richard Salbato