"World Government by September, 2000?"

If The News Media Does Not Report It? It Did Not Happen?

I did not hear the tree fall, therefore it did not.

Commentary from Eagle Forum of California's National Security Chairman:



There is a feeding frenzy in the media concerning the Republican and Democrat conventions that will take place the beginning of August. The pretence that events will be exciting is a manufactured reaction because the candidates for both parties have previously been chosen. It is the partying, drinks and lots of food that typify the real motivations for celebrating something that has already happened. Many of the delegates to these conventions are millionaires or government officials so the high cost of hotel and transportation are of no consequence. Exceptions are the calculated inclusion of Latinos, Afro-Americans, homosexuals, lesbians, disabled persons, and the correct number of women.

While all this political public relations is going on in Philadelphia and Los Angeles the meeting of real consequence is taking place in NEW YORK on SEPTEMBER 6. So far there has been no mention by government officials or the media about this important meeting of the United Nations. The purpose of this gathering is to replace the 50 year old United Nation’s Charter with the new Charter for Global Democracy. A Millennium Assembly will present the restructuring of the UN from a "debating society" into a world governance body. There will be representatives from 160 different countries, the largest gathering of world leaders ever to meet together at one time. Will the newspapers or TV devote any time to this?

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s top aide, Canadian socialist Maurice Strong, was given the assignment of "reforming" the UN. Annan admitted the UN had picked up some bad habits (squandering millions of dollars and causing disasters in foreign countries) which required new remedies. Under the guise of reforming the financial and logistic aspects of the UN, Strong was actually turning the ternational body into a global dictatorship. Using the buzz word "democracy" the US and UN set about creating democracies through out the third world. Russia’s corrupt political and economic system suddenly was declared to be a democracy. We were assured our $60 billion trade deficit with China would turn this communist country into a democracy also.

Although the minority Islamic nations don’t consider themselves to be democracies, this is of no consequence. All global systems will be integrated under one global control regardless.

What are some of the points in this Charter? The following is provided by the American Policy Center

  1. All international agencies will be under UN control
  2. Abolishes US veto power on the Security Council and allows the UN to interfere in internal American conflicts.
  3. Cancels all 3rd world debt and calls for reduction of poverty through massive social welfare programs to provide housing, education, health care and family planning.
  4. Establishes a permanent UN standing army.
  5. Makes registration of all arms mandatory, and allows the UN to reduce US military forces.
  6. Forces US to comply with "Human Rights" treaties the Senate hasn’t ratified.
  7. Establishes a global EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and creates an international EPA court to enforce treaties on the environment.
  8. Creates a commission to set limits on economic activity and allocate carbon emissions based on equal per -capita rights.
  9. Strengthens the International Court and makes its jurisdiction compulsory.

In addition the UN will oversee all financial institutions, commerce, trade and labor relations, education and private property. The United Nations will have dominion over land, sea and air. Even the radio waves would be under their control. A suggestion for an international tax presented in 1996 was rejected by the US. John Sweeney, President of the AFL/CIO published a study on using the global "Tobin Tax" which would funnel billions of our taxpayer funds into the United Nations. This labor leader is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) member of the UN.

If adapted this tax would have a direct effect on pension funds, Ira’s and personal investment transactions. Regardless of the media’s attempt to portray the UN as ineffective, THIS IS FOR REAL! Waste no time. Contact your politicians, write letters to the editor, call talk shows, and mail the information to friends and relatives. The country we save is our own.

Nancy Culver Thomson, reporter for UROC


"World government by September?"