Unity Publishing Leaves Fatima

By Richard Salbato

If some of you want to know where I have been in the past month, I have been traveling from Fatima to Blue Jay, California, and from there to Panama, and from Panama to Blue Jay, California and soon back to Panama. Normally there would be no reason not to continue to post new documents but some problems occurred in the travel, mainly the destruction of not only my computer but of my hard drive.

After dealing with a new computer, learning new programs, and recovering my hard drive, I may be ready to explain why I left Fatima and why I am going to end up in Panama. To be blunt, I will not return to Fatima even though I consider it the greatest private revelation in History and when the final story is told, you will see that today it is only half told and done. Our Lady of Fatima is still at war, but most of us have abandoned Her making Her job harder and longer.

I loved the Fatima Shrine, the Convent of Coimbra, Lucia, the living relatives of Francisco, Jacinta, and Lucia and all the priests and nuns directly involved with the apparitions like the nuns at Coimbra, Father Kondor, and Monsignor Guerra, the Rector of Fatima. But after 6 years in Fatima, I must admit that I did not like the city of Fatima, the Socialist Government of Portugal, the legal system, and the constantly expanding cost of living.

When I went to Fatima, I could live very well on American Social Security Retirement, but that was before the change to the Euro currency. Little by little the cost of living in Portugal became harder and harder on a fixed income. Because of the constantly increasing cost of living, and constantly being in court with ex-partners, I found myself away from my children and grandchildren for a straight six years.

Being at the Shrine of Fatima is great but not at the expense of being a father, grandfather and great grandfather. Doing this web site is great, and I am sure God is pleased with it, but my first responsibility is being a father, and a grandfather, something I was forced to neglect.

Determined to correct this problem, I finished all court cases in Portugal and researched ways that I could continue with Unity Publishing and at the same time be a father and grandfather.


I have spent over a year searching all over the world for the cheapest and easiest place to live, where I can do both my web site and spend time with my children. I found this place in Panama. In the future I will write a great deal about Panama, so that my readers (especially those who have retired) will become aware of the great benefits of retiring or even investing in Panama.

To be brief here, Panama has been voted five years in a row as the best place to retire in the world. It has a government patterned after America, a very stable and growing economy, great infrastructure (roads, electric, gas, sewage and water). It has the best banking system in the world, even better than Switzerland and Hong Kong. It has free import - export tax, very low property tax and no tax at all for imported income or money. Anyone retired, even from other countries gets massive discounts on almost everything - medical, dental, restaurants, taxis, entertainment, property closing costs, property tax (sometimes free for 20 years)

As for me personally, I grew up on the beach in Del Mar, California and I miss it. God willing, I intend to work on my computer and my web site looking at the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Panama. God willing, I will be walking and swimming in the Pacific each and everyday. God willing, I will be fishing every week and sometimes for five and six hundred pound sail or sward fish, which is a major sport in Panama. God willing, I will be diving for lobster in 10 to 15 foot waters and cutting loose abalone, which is my favorite.

That being said and my dream, one must also consider that property investment in Panama right now is the best in the world. It is projected that one can make a greater profit in property over the next 10 years in Panama than any other country in the world. People in England, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain and Australia, are finding that they can sell a $400,000 dollar home in these countries and buy an even better home in Panama for $150,000 dollars. Some are doing this just for a winter home and others are retiring there. You can live by the beach, or on one of the many islands or in the very modern Panama city with everything that Paris, Hong Kong or even Los Vegas has. As for me, I have found the people more Catholic than even the people of Portugal.

As said above I have been in Panama to set things up with realtors and lawyers, and I am now back in California to take care of legal maters that I am involved with. I will be back in Panama a few days after Easter.

Portugal and the European Union

Panama is doing all the things that Portugal should be doing. But thanks to the pressure from the European Union, which is just a form of Communism, Portugal is doomed to another overthrow of the government within the next few years.

Socialism has so infected Europe that there is a great loss of patriotism and community and now only a self serving gluttony for governments to give them something even at the cost of any future and at the expense of others. Going back to the French Revolution, Europeans brushed off their Christian baced governments and tried to replace them with secular ethics like Nazism, Communism, Socialism, etc. All of these have failed and everyone knows it, but instead of going back to the only government philosophy that worked - Christian, there is now a vacuum of any philosophy and this has brought about a kind of despair that breads immoral thinking.

The resent riots in France demonstrate this. The new law that would allow companies to hire or fire people in the first few months without reason, has prompted these riots. Posters saying, “We want the right to argue and disagree with our bosses”, demonstrate the reasons for the riots. If you think about his logically it is absurd and totally destructive of business and growth. But this is the fruits of socialism.

What is the long term results of this socialist thinking? Very simple, the businesses are leaving Europe and setting up in other more business friendly counties. When businesses leave, jobs are lost, and when jobs are lost, there is less tax and more government expense until government debt goes up and up and then collapses.

This is happening in all the countries of Western Europe but I watched it happen first hand for six years in Portugal. Little by little people (even with jobs) are finding it impossible to pay their bills and bankruptcies are increasing each year. The jobless rate is also increasing from year to year. The overall vacancies in apartments, unsold houses, empty office buildings is climbing year to year. The overall population of Portugal is going from 10,000,000 to 8,000,000 in the next 10 years. This is because of a low birth rate and because young people are moving to Canada, America, Australia and England to get jobs and they are not returning.

Over the past 30 years I watched two American cities and one European country go from extreme poverty to great prosperity overnight. They all did this by making it very easy for business to prosper and hire people. All three of these governments invited business to re-locate with them and then gave great incentives for them to make the move - cheap or free land, low water, gas and electric rates for many years, very limited government regulations and red tap and low business tax.

This works and works well because “nothing, absolutely nothing ever happens until someone does something or makes something.” Wealth is only the result of work, so create the work and you create the wealth. Hong Kong grew to one of the most prosperous countries in the world with a flat 6% tax bass. 6% of trillions of dollars is a lot of money. But Socialists want 70% of less and less and this results in less and less actual tax to run governments because there is less and less work and products generated.

As these Socialist countries in Europe and elsewhere decline, one country sees the value of bringing in investment, creating jobs, increasing the population, stimulating growth and upping the standard of living - Panama.

Future of Fatima

As for Fatima, I am confident that things will get better and better. A lot of talk has gone around about the Vatican taking over Fatima. In a few months a Portuguese Bishop will take over. Everything I know about this man leaves me to believe that the Vatican will be running Fatima, even if it is secretly and through this new bishop. I am sure the Rector, Father Guerra, will remain as I do not think anyone could do as good a job as he does.

Lucia went back home and is now buried next to Jacinta on the left side of the altar of the Basilica. During the move from Coimbra to Fatima, four of the Carmelites accompanied the body, and all the VIP’s of Portugal including all the TV stations reported the event. All of this was wonderful, if not at time confusing.

But now there is something happening that is not wonderful. Tourists, who for the most part are charitable and polite, are now so exited to see the tomb of Lucia, that they are disrupting the scheduled Masses, even when the guards post signs and tell them not to visit during Mass. This is getting so bad that it is being considered to have a separate building for the three bodies outside the Basilica so that this disrespect to Our Lord in the Mass will not continue.

I will no longer live in Fatima, but I have my contacts there and will keep up with inside information of the city and the Shrine, both good and bad.

Richard Salbato