The definition of violence in the 1937 publication of the Winston dictionary says: 1. great strength of energy, physical or emotional, forcibly exerted or expressed; fury; vehemence; 2, profanation; outrage; desecration; 3, ravishment; Law, unlawful exercise of physical force; specifically, an act calculated to intimidate by causing fear of personal injury.

Is it always wrong to act in a violent way? Is it always wrong, as society claims, to act in a way that causes someone to feel intimidated by causing fear of injury? Yes, if violence is done to innocent people; to rob them, rape them or harm them in any way. What about forciblly expressing fury to protect the innocent? What about exhibiting outrage to protect our property? Our society has become confused about the difference between unrighteous violence - crime and righteous violence - justice.

When I was young, in the 1950s, movies had a great deal of violence. There was Pinnochio and this movie contained a great deal of violence. There was Bambi, and it had violence. Robin Hood, The Knights, Have Gun Will Travel (a great TV series), High Noon (a lot of violence), Quo Vatus (violent and bloody) The Robe, The Ten Commandments (thousands died), Samson and Delia (Samson killed thousands with his bear hands), the Riffle Man - someone died everyday. The public wanted to see men who were real men portrayed on the big screen. Actors like John Wayne, Gregory Peck and of course, Charleton Heston.

Even in the past 20 years there have been men in the movies that were men, but all of them had to form their own companies in order to bring these movies to the public. One of these was Clint Eastwood. After his first success, he was not able not get any company to produce another movie. So, he formed his own production company and made a fortune producing movies that we call today - violent.
Another was "Rocky" by Sylvester Stallone. After the great success of this movie, Hollywood wanted nothing to do with another movie, so Stallone himself produced four more with great success. He then produced the phenomenal movie, "First Blood" and it too was a great success, so he produced several more about the man, a real man, "Rambo".

Yes! These are very violent men, but they all have one thing in common. The hero’s in the story are men, real men. Men who are willing to suffer and even die for what is right. Men who are not afraid of losing their job or financial freedom if it means giving up his integrity. One of these is "Sergeant York", a very average man who became one of the greatest war heroes in history. A great love story, something also lost today.

Star Wars and movies like them have similar appeal, however, they employ New Age morality and therefore do not have the same draw for me. Nonetheless, they do contain the central ingredient that the others do, and that is what the New World order wants to get rid of.

                                         THE WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL

All these old movies had one thing in common: The war between good and evil. These movies taught audiences the difference between good and evil. In order to present good and evil in any context there must be conflict. Where there is conflict, there is violence. In order to have a movie without violence, you must have no conflict between good and evil. If you have no conflict between good and evil, you have no moral message. If there is no moral message, you have acceptance of all immorality. That is the message of the New Hollywood.

                                                            FEMINIZE MEN

The real reason for this change in movies can be seen in all of this Culture War. It can be seen in the clothing industry, in the advertisements, even in he cartoons for children. In can be seen in the reasons for changing the text books in schools, in substituting History (full of violence and honor and chivalry and courage and bravery) for Sociology (full of Culture lies). It can be seen in the reason for substituting Philosophy (how one should lead his live) for Psychology (how to make excuses for your faults). Just look at the use of Psychiatry instead of confession, Catholic or not. These changes to our culture are not accidental. There is a plan going back to Tom Dewey, to change not only our education system, but also our entire culture. But why feminize men? Those who want a one-world government are experts on history and they know that a single honorable man with the courage of his convictions can stop their plans. A Russian Communist General once said that Russia would never try to invade America because "You have 2,500,000 privately owned guns in the hands of people who are not afraid to use them."

In the first half of this Century, the New World Order could not take over this country even if they took over the Government. The people were manly, the police were manly and honorable, and the military was full of loyal men who were men. First they must feminize the men and teach women to like it that way.

                                                 REAL MEN ARE DISAPPEARING

Real men are disappearing along with the words that describe him. When is the last time you heard the word "honor"? It seems to have been taken out of the dictionary. Ask your children to explain "chivalry: I have asked some public school children and they think it means to fight with swords.

What makes a real man is described in words that you never hear anymore, words like honor, uncompromising love of truth, leadership, a logical mind, honesty, quietness, chivalry, courage, bravery, heroic, mature, noble, responsible, loyal, chaste, dependable, protector, strong, clean of heart, fearless, gentle, clean, organized, ambitious, industrious, a holy obstinacy, virile, dynamic, energy, generosity, cheerfulness, and temperance.

A real man does not have an unmanly sentimentality. He does not confuse Christian charity with lack of character, or stupidity for poverty of spirit. He does not act like a woman in order to appear holy. He does not confuse prudence with cowardice. He does not have a superficial pietism, nor a feminine affection. He does not confuse humility with compromise. He does not give up his manliness and his responsibilities to get along with this satanic culture.

A true man is the protector of woman and children because he knows that the woman is sacred to God, she is the Tabernacle of Creation, she is God's last and best Creation, she is gentle, soft spoken, modest, clean, reserved, organized, holy, civilized, quiet, beautiful, brave, thoughtful, emotional, honest, noble, responsible, loyal, chaste, dependable, clean of heart, generous, cheerful, prayerful, temperate, sensual, tender, loving, long suffering, and mild.

A woman does not have a manly gait, does not dress like a man, is proud to be a woman, is not a servant as the man is, is always proud to be a mother, which never ends, never leaves her duty for any reason, makes a man civilized, makes children civilized, makes the world civilized, calms the world with a smile. And the greatest of all creation - Mary.

As you can see, there are some words that describe both man and woman, but there are some words that describe only man, and some only woman. What you men have not noticed is that those words that are different in man and woman are no longer seen in the news media, schools, books, movies, and even in Churches.

When is the last time you heard the words: honor, chivalry, courage, bravery, heroic, mature, noble, loyal, chaste, dependable, protector, strong, clean of heart, fearless, gentle, clean, holy obstinacy, virile, dynamic, generosity, cheerfulness, and temperance when it comes to a man?

When is the last time you heard the words: sacred, gentle, soft spoken, modest, reserved, holy, civilized, quiet, brave, thoughtful, emotional, honest, noble, chaste, cheerful, prayerful, sensual, tender, long suffering, and mild when it comes to women?

These words, once used to describe real women and real men, are now what the new culture considers threatening. There has been a deliberate attempt by powers to be and powers that are, to turn men into women. To demonize a man who can stand up to their authority. They do not want to turn women into men, but to make women without men. Why would anyone want this and want it with a cause?

Why is there an attempt by the news media to get rid of Dr. Laura Schlessinger? What does she say that upsets those in control of the news media and their puppets, the government? She preaches responsibility of men and women to their children over their own selfish wants and lusts. She preaches to do the right thing not the selfish, feeling thing. Manly responsibility is not what the New World Order want us to act on. They want us to be selfish cowards, who will not look after our wives and children, but only after ourselves. Check out Dr. Laura Schlessinger's web site at the end of this newsletter and a book that can be bought at the site called "The War Against Parents". Discipline

                                                  DISCIPLINE IS VIOLENCE

Not only do the New World Order people want to get rid of men, but they want to train little boys to be undisciplined cowards. To do this they have defined any discipline as child abuse. Of course there is child abuse by both men and women, but these are not real men or real women, because real men would not harm someone who could not fight back. Real men would never hit a woman or hurt a child. But in order to raise boys to be boys and then to be men, they must be taught right and wrong. Sometimes this requires a swat in the butt. I never had to do that because my children have a healthy fear of me. Today, however, if a parent disciplines his child, they can be arrested. In public school and even some Catholic schools, children are actually taught to turn in their parents for even speaking harsh at them. How can you raise a boy to be a real man if you have to kiss their ------?

                                                  IN THE OLD DAYS

In the old days men were the protectors of their families. Today it belongs to the state and the police. In the old days men were the final authority in the family. Today it is the state. In the old days, men were the providers of the family. Today it is the state, and they can make you pay them back for doing what you do not want them to do. Everything that made a man a man has been taken away from him by the state, except what is in his heart. To stay a man in the old days you had to be willing to give up your life for your family and even your honor. Today in order to stay a man you must be willing to give up your life to protect your family and your honor from the state.

                                         SHOULD WE OWN GUNS?

Throughout history no one went anywhere without being armed to protect himself, his goods and his family. Even Saint Joseph kept himself armed to protect the holy family (Anna Catherine Emmerich). When traveling to Egypt, he had to cross country that was full of lions and reptiles and robbers. Until this century, every man was armed for protection because that was his responsibility - to protect himself and his family. If the New World Order can get us men to give up these arms as they did in Germany, Russia, China, and now Australia, they will win. They have already feminized the Military and diminished it to the point they are no longer afraid of it. There is only one thing left for them to do before they take over - disarm all men.

I have not owned a gun since I was a child. From 13 to 18 I owned a gun and carried it often, as I was in wild country where you needed protection just to walk around. I have not owned one since, but this newsletter is my way of talking myself into it. I am getting old now and I know that if someone came up to me and said to give them my wallet, I would not do it even if I had no money in it. That is honor. And if he were able to take it from me by force, I would hunt him down to get my one-dollar back. That is honor. If we all had honor, we would have no crime. Crime comes as a result of men who will not stand up against the criminals. We have children being raped in public schools and not only does the state do nothing to the rapists (as young as 12 years old) but the fathers do nothing also. Yes! I would do something and I would go to jail for doing it. What would you have me do? Leave it to the state and cower, talk it over and cower. Cower to powers that don’t love my family the way I do. Cower to powers that don’t care about my families welfare the way I do. I would go to jail, but my daughter would know that I loved and protected her.

                                      VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYS THE LORD

A man never seeks vengeance, he only seeks justice and protection. Once a crime is stopped and the criminal is repentant, a man forgives. I would even forgive a man, who tried to kill me, once I had him stopped. Some things, however, I could never forgive and may God forgive me for it, and those things are child molesting - pedophilia, Satanic Worship, when a child is killed as an offering, and an aggressive homosexual who tries to recruit children. Believe me, as men become feminine, these things will be accepted as normal and will be protected by the new state.

                                                                                                        Rick Salbato

                                                                                                        Honor and chivalry


Dr. Laura Schlessinger



"The War Against Parents"

by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Cornel West

A white woman and a black man come together to address the burning social issue of our time: The virtual abandonment of parents – poor and middle class – by our business, political, and cultural elites. Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Cornel West call for a Parents’ Bill of Rights that gives new value and dignity to the parental role and restores our nation’s commitment to the well being of children.

Hewlett and West show how for thirty years big business, government, and the wider culture have aged a silent war against parents. Moms and dads have been hurt by managerial greed, pounded by tax and housing policy, and invaded and degraded by the media. As a result, children have been left home alone to raise themselves on a thin and cruel diet of junk food, gangster rap, and trash talk shows. We live in a nation where market works, centered on profits and greed, increasingly crowds our nonmarket work, centered on commitment and care.

In calling for a Parent’s Bill of Rights, the authors seek to unite America’s 62 million parents behind an agenda that spans the divides of race, gender, and class. The War Against Parents is both a visionary and an intimate book.

Hewlett and West explore their childhoods – strangely similar stories of growing up in family-centered blue-collar communities in Wales and California – and with striking candor tell of their struggles to be a good mother and a good father in our parent-hurting society. Lending moral heft to the work parents do, Hewlett and West provide comfort and hope. There is not a parent among us who is not hungry for such healing.