The Logic of Good Health

By Richard Salbato


I am fast approaching 70 years of age and it is time to think about health and death.  I have had a lot of experience with death and health over the last few years.  I watched as my grandchild was born with brain damage and with no chance of survival.  All my daughter could do is love him until he died.  I was with my mother during all her cancer and was holding her when she died.  I watched and reflected on my sister's obsession with health and her massive attempts at survival, including all her mistakes. 


My father was on the verge of death for 45 years and in fact he was not alive those 45 years.  He was just breathing and consuming 20 or 30 doctor prescribed pills a day.  When he also died that made four in my family who died in just a few years and all at the hands of doctors in one way or the other.


Logical Thinking on Health and Death



If we are going to live healthy lives and face death with calm and dignity we must live our lives according to logical thinking and not according to our emotions and lusts.   First let us understand what logic is.  Logic is not going along with whatsoever the majority thinks is good today because the majority will think differently tomorrow and moved from one extreme to another depending on what so-called expert influences them at the time.  Logic is not democratic, it is not the majority, it is not what is accepted, it is not what was historically accepted, it is not going along for expediency.  Logic seeks truth, facts, cause and effect, and most important, "why". 


Logic requires clear thinking.  It asks hard questions, if breaks with historic stubbornness, rejects pat answers and lazy solutions, it penetrates into causes and effects.  Logic is humbled by nature and is never self serving.  Logic is analytical and unthreatened by discovery.  It is open to truth.  Logic today may seem out of step with social engineering. 


Today what is accepted as truth is whatsoever the majority thinks is truth and facts do not enter into it.  For me society today is stupid and science today is stupid. 


The History of information, data, facts, truth

How do we, as humans, get facts?   One of the many things that makes us human is our ability to learn from history. Animals cannot do this.  There is social history, science history, medical history and moral history.  We can look back at what people did, thought, and believed and then look at the cause and affect of their times.  We then accept what is good and get rid of what was bad.  We take what is true and correct what was false. 


This is how humans have evolved into such superior beings on this planet.  History teaches is that most people are followers.  They follow power, intelligence, beauty and even good rhetoric.  Therefore we can see that what the majority thinks in any age does not matter.  But we can learn from the great thinkers and accept what they taught and reject some of it.  The great thinkers of the past did not have access to all the information we have today and therefore could not be as accurate as we can today.  Knowing their thinking and improving on it is good logical thinking.  


Meaning of Life


The question everyone should ask themselves is what meaning does their life have.  What is life?  Is it breathing?  Is it getting the most?  Is it beating others at something?  A famous bull fighter once said that he wanted to fight a bull, plant a tree, and write a book before he died.  Sounded stupid at the time, but when I read his book I understood what he meant.  Fighting a bull proved to himself that he was brave.  Planting a tree meant to him that he left something behind that would live on.  And writing a book meant that he would live on because what he was is what he thought and what he thought would be left for others to ponder so that his thinking could be used in future generations to improve the lives of others.  He would live on in his writings.   


My observations are that we are consumers or producers.  Of course everyone consumes but what I mean is that some people take so much and give so little that in the end they have drained the world, whereas others produce more than they consume and leave the world better off.  This can be in physical things, emotional things, social things or moral things.  There are people who treat every relationship like a leech, parasite or vampire, sucking the life out of everyone to satisfy their own needs, lusts or whims.


Close observation will show that these people never find peace or happiness.  But the producers, those who contribute more than they take out, have a self satisfaction of accomplishment and contribution to others that brings on a peaceful disposition and a true happiness.  These producers of goods or deeds live long and die in peace. 


Smiling At Death


In the end all we are is what we have done for others and not what we have done for ourselves.  The man who invented Penicillin may never have seen the good he did for others but what he did will live on till the end of the world.  The man who pleased himself with all his wealth but never helped others is forgotten and no one knows his name.


We all want to survive but why?  If it is to do more good, that is good.  If it is just fear of death, that is stupid.  Everyone dies.  When we get to a health situation where we are no longer useful to ourselves or the world, why do we want to cling to this life.  Modern science can keep us alive forever with artificial machines and things, but is that living.  The modern definition of life is brain waves and I agree with that, because if we can think we are.  The heart beating or breathing is not life, but thinking is life.  For me, I believe that after my heart stops beating and my lungs stop breathing I will still be thinking so I believe that I cannot die.  If I cannot die and will still be thinking, feeling, loving, knowing, why cling to a body that no longer is useful to myself or others.  I hope, with the help of God, to smile at death.


The Logic of Good Health


That being said, what if we are useful and want to live a long life.  I have often thought about why I am so healthy at such an old age.  I have all my hair.  I am only now starting to get a little gray hair. Accept for injuries in sports and things, I have never been sick in my life.  At almost 67 years of age I am in better physical and mental shape than I was at 30 years of age.  I have been to a doctor twice in the last 5 years for a check ups (MRI) and they find nothing wrong with me. I have never taken any medication, not even aspirin.  Let me tell you why I think this is so.


Environmental Mutation

I do not believe in evolution but I do believe in environmental mutation or the ability of plants, animals and humans to adapt to the environment they live it.  Some of this adaptation is fast and some takes generations.  You see this everywhere in nature but if we just take humans, we can see it both quickly and slowly over generations.  But unlike evolutionists, I believe it works both forward and backward and does not evolve but vacillates to adapt to each situation. 


Italians are blond and blue eyed in Northern Italy but dark with kinky hair in the South.  There is some inter-marriage but the major reason is climate.  The North is cold and the south is dry and hot.  The body adapts to its environment.  Some quick changes happen just by a change in the food we eat and others slowly by the overall environment. The quick can be seen in the Chinese who come to America and in the first generation get taller.  In Africa, where people are in the hot sun constantly, they evolved a thick, very black, skin that protects them from the sun.  These same black people in America will be white after only 600 years.  Already after only 200 years there are no black Americans.  They are brown and getting lighter each year.


The Body's Defense System

If you study the human body (animals are the same) you will see that it has ways of protecting itself in almost every situation if you let it.  In Europe in the 15th Century people lived in cities and it was the worse kind of health situation that you could have.  Sanitation was at an all time low. 


The best example of good sanitation before plumbing were the nomads.  Nomads parked somewhere until the water and ground was polluted and then they moved on to a cleaner place, letting nature clean up what they left behind.  These people lived long lives, 100 to 150 years.  When people started staying on one place, cities, and yet had not developed good sanitation systems, their life span dropped to under 50 years.  And yet they did develop immunes systems to protect themselves from the viruses and bacteria of these cities. However, when a new virus came quickly into Europe and the world, one that the body had not yet developed an immunity to, it almost wiped out Europe - the Black Plague.  


Understanding this immunity is how we have developed vaccines, which are nothing but small amounts of the same virus.  Immunity takes a little time so when Europeans went to America with their immune but bacteria infected bodies they wiped out large amounts of Indians who did not have immunity to these viruses and bacteria.


Skin Cancer - A good example

I am a sun freak, however, this is not something I worry about.  Using the same thinking as above, that the body adapts to its environment, let us think about skin cancer.  The truth is that we need the sun as much as we need food.  The sun is one of our major sources of the vitamin B complexes.  Of course people who are not used to the sun, people who come from Ireland, Scotland and even England must go slowly until their bodies develop its protection system to the change. 


This is what my logic has observed.  People who tan in the water, boats or swimming or floating on rafts do not burn and do not get wrinkled skins.  People who slowly get in the sun depending on their skin's immunity, do not burn and do not develop skin cancer.  People, like farmers, who do not use some oil on their skin get very wrinkled even at a young age.  Any oil will do, even baby oil.  The best oil is coco oil or coco butter but hard to find these days.  When I was young they sold coco butter in bars like bar soap and it not only smelled good but gave a great tan and protected from skin wrinkles.  I found some in Brazil and it was $1.00 whereas the Sun Screens were $7.00.  My companions used Sun Screens and not only got no tan but burned whereas I got a great tan and did not burn. 


Sun Screens are stupid.  First of all it was a false science that showed that the sun causes skin cancer.  Skin cancer is caused by exposing the skin to things it is not used to.  This can be many things.  The sun can burn you in two ways, by heat and by rays the body is not used to.  Most sun burns are caused by hot bodies, the same as if you touched a hot stove.  The heat will burn you more than the UV rays.  When the beach is very hot I find that if I just keep wet I will not burn.  Heat burns more people than UV rays. 


The rays are different in different parts of the world.  At the Equator, the atmosphere is very thin because the sun is directly at the Equator.  In places like San Francisco, the sun goes through the atmosphere at an angle using almost double the atmosphere to get through.  This atmosphere blocks out harmful rays of the sun and lets in the good rays.  However, people who live on the Equator, and have developed immunity, do not get skin cancer.  I spent 4 years on an Island right on the Equator and spent 14 hours a day in the sun and never burnt.  However, two people I knew were medi-vaced off the Island for severe burns, one in only 30 minutes.


Just like plants, we need the sun but if we make a major effort to stay out of it, we loose our natural defense system.  Consider that bats, rodents and insects who live in caves over long periods of time loose their eye sight entirely. 


We have hair on our heads for protection but if we wear hats all the time we will loose our hair.  I have never used hats and have all my hair, but everyone I know who consistently used hats is now bald. This was very true in the 1920s when hats on men was the thing.  Almost everyone went bald.  This is explained by adaptability of the body.



I have already explained immunity above but I would like to give a good example.  My sister was obsessed with health.  She read all kinds of books even at a young age.  She did not smoke, or drink.  She washed all her food and vegetables with bleach.  She only ate health foods. She ripped out all her rugs because she read that rugs hold dirt.  She had air purifiers and Ozone making machines in her home.  If she could even smell tobacco on someone even if they were not smoking she would leave the room. She had a fear of cancer and drank gallons of carrot juice everyday.  She died of cancer at a very young age.  She had no immunity. 


Stupid Science

I love true science because science deals in facts.  It takes facts and marries them to other facts and comes up with more facts.  The history of electricity, of electromagnetism, of physics, of mechanics, of airplanes and space flight are inspirations to me.  These have evolved into great sciences as each generation corrected the missing facts of the past generation and moved in a great positive direction.  


There are, however, some problems with science in the 20th Century that are related to how scientists are financed.  In the old days, people like Newton or Pasteur had to finance themselves or were from wealthy families and sought truth for truth's sake.  They were not pressured by outside investors to come up with money making inventions. 


Today most science is money motivated.  A scientist has an idea but needs money to finance the lab and research so he goes to people who would benefit financially from it and signs a contract that will give them the large financial percentage of whatsoever he comes up with.  What happens if at the end of his first year the scientist honestly says that his theory was incorrect and his experiments were a failure?  His financial support will be cancelled.  Maybe he finds good results but there are some bad side effects.  He will either tell his supporters the truth or hide the bad side effects.  In either way those who put up the money are not interested in pure science but in money.  They may take the truth but hide the side effects and place it on the market.  Often in a total failure they will find a way to make money and get their investment back without any consideration for the consumer. 


Let us take polio or flue shots, which were great inventions and have saved millions of lives.  In the Western World polio shots have almost wiped out polio.  But as time has gone on the Pharmaceutical companies have found a new way to make money.  These shots have a short shelf life so they needed to add preservatives to them so they could store large quantities of them and even ship them to other countries without worrying about them going bad.  Problem is that these preservatives (mostly lead) have been slowly killing millions without the people knowing why. 


Stupid Doctors

Work in the medical industry is wonderful to behold in some areas like the emergency room.  Surgery, broken bones, blood transfusion, heart bypasses and shock treatments for heart stoppages, all these are to be admired today.  What bothers me about most of the medical industry is that they prefer to treat illness and not cure illness.  When they treat it they have a life long flow of money but if they cure illness the money flow stops.  This may not be the motive of individual doctors but it is the motive of the industry as a whole because of the way research is financed and promoted.  Doctors learn of new methods from the pharmaceutical industry, who sell their new product in the same way as Ford Motors, showing all the good but not the bad. A product that will be consumed for 20 years is better than on that is only needed for a week.  This is why it is better for the pharmaceutical people to sell treatment than to sell cures.


History will show that scurvy was caused by a lack of vitamin C, beri-beri a lack of vitamin B, anemia a lack of iron, rickets a lack of vitamin D, etc.  But doctors are not seeking the cause but treating the symptoms.  Headaches have a reason, but what does the doctor do, he gives pain killers.  Find the cause and you find the cure.  Treat the symptom and you will be a life long money source for the medical industry.   


Ozone and Long Life

Thirty years ago I started investigating why plants, animals and people got so big six or seven thousand years ago and do not now.  The explanations by Discovery or Science books only dealt with how they might of disappeared but not how they got so big.  After studying Ozone and how it protects us from the harmful rays of the sun and how Carbon 12 and 14 come into plants through osmosis and into animals and people through eating these plants, I saw a parallel.  This also explained why Carbon 14 dating only worked back 6000 years and after that it fell apart.  I realized that a thick Ozone layer in the atmosphere would prevent any Carbon from developing and without Carbon everything would continue to grow and grow and not age.


To test this I built a hot house with two layers of glass and pumped Ozone between them.  Sure enough the plants grew huge.  This also partly explains why the largest vegetables in the world grow near the North Pole where the Sun has a great deal more of atmosphere to travel through.  Of course there is also the almost 24 hour a day sunlight in the growing season. 


If Ozone was thicker by at lease 6 times it would reflect some sunlight to the dark side of the world most of the night time giving at least some light up to 20 hours a day.  A combination of think Ozone and long days of sunlight would produce longer life and larger living things.  


I remember buying a plant light (UV)by mistake thinking I was buying a neon light and put it over a wall picture.  I left it on 24 hours a day.  The ivy plant on the coffee table in front of the light went crazy, growing so fast it covered the entire coffee table in a few weeks.  This is because the UV light was on 24 hours a day.  Something to think about!


I have developed a theory as to how the Ozone was almost destroyed but that is another subject.  However, knowing the value of Ozone and UV would be very helpful to doctors. 



The body was meant to do work.  It is built that way.  My brother and I kept fit by playing sports for at least 40 years but we also live in the modern age of computers, office jobs and sitting on our behinds most of the time.  If you look at the body,  it is built for work - physical work.  At the peak of my life, in college, when I was in the best shape, I was up to 207 lbs.  At the worse shape I was at 195 lbs but mostly fat.  I did not pay much attention to this at the time because I was always in suits and ties and never bothered too much to look at myself.  The results were bad.  At 62 years of age I was forced to retire from back and prostrate problems.  I could not work at all. 


After retirement I was on crutches four times in one year and could not go longer than 30 minutes without going to the bathroom.  The doctor here in Portugal said that I would have to have back surgery and eventually might be in a wheelchair.  Same with prostrate problems that would eventually turn to cancer and have to be cut out. 


I opted out of medical solutions and did what is my nature.  I looked deeper into the problem than what was commonly accepted.  I studied the body on the Internet and started going to a gym. Within a few months both the prostrate and the back started improving and after 3 years I have no back problems and my prostrate is almost normal.  This was done by observation of my own body and some logical thinking. 


Movement is done with bone, muscle and tendons. When our muscle is week our bones have to do most of the work.  What doctors do not see is how to build back up the cartilage that separates the bones and holds them together for movement.  That they assume is that age degenerates because movement grinds the cartilage, but the opposite is true, the more we move the bones with proper body needs (see below) the cartilage builds itself back up.


What I observed regarding the prostrate is that it was the worst right after eating.  This made me realize that a reduced stomach would reduce the prostrate problems.  In three years I took off 5 inches in the stomach and dropped down to 180 lbs.  I am now smaller and lighter than I was as a teenager - but stronger.


I no longer go to a gym because only year memberships are financially reasonable and I will not stay in Fatima that long.  I work out at home 3 hours a day but if I was young I would only have to work out 1 hour a day.  When you are as old as I am you must work out slowly.  I do 500 sit-ups a day (actually crunches) but rest enough between each set that it takes one hour.  I do this in the sun to get a tan, to sweat off water weight and because it gets me outside a little each day.  I then do 100 leg exercises in each leg for the upper leg and 100 each for the lower leg and this takes another hour. Lots of rest in between each set.  I then do something like the twist for love handles for another 15 minutes.  And finish off with arm work for 45 minutes.  Without heavy weights at home, I do a lot of sets and get good tightness but no size.  My body fat is down to 6% and I do not want it lower. 


Interesting observation about love handles.  If you go to the beach and look at men you will see that most men, even young ones, have love handles just above the place where they use a belt or the top of their levis. It then hit me that if jeans were designed with 3 inch belt loops and 3 inch belts were sold, men would not have love handles.  I bring this up to show how to think and how we should think.  Observation and sound thinking!


Along with what is written below in "What Does The Body Need?" this exercise gives tightness to the body, makes you feel young, makes the skin shinny, takes away wrinkles and pumps blood and oxygen to the brain helping you think better.  What exercise does not do is loose weight.  One hour of running does not equal one hamburger.     



The best way to loose weight is to eat more often.  Eat more often?  Yes!  That is what I said, more often.  The best way to loose weight is to eat 6 times a day, almost every three hours.  Why does this loose weight?  Because the body has all these marvelous systems to take care of whatever we do.  When we eat something the entire body goes to work to digest the food, convert it into the blood stream and move what is good throughout the body and move what is bad out of the body.  This work uses up a lot of energy (calories).  Problem is that the body always expects a substantial amount of food and works the same for a small amount of food as it would for a large amount of food.  So when we eat a peace of toast and a cup of coffee, the body goes to work the same as if it ate a 7 course meal, using much more calories to do the work than what stimulated it to do it, the bread.  If you eat small amounts 6 times a day the body never stops burning calories and you loose weight.    


What Does The Body Need?

          Immunity - We should not be like the Indians who had no immunity to anything but we should live just careless enough to develop immunities to our environment.  This means to get into it and not to worry too much about it, but it also means that any change in your life should be done in small steps so that the body adjusts to it. 

          Attitude - Our mind can make us sick.  A fun and healthy outlook on life and a good I-do-not-care attitude about health will keep us more healthy.  Too much concern (hypochondria) about health can make us really sick. 

          Movement - As said above the body was meant to work.  What you do not use you will loose.  In studying the oldest people in the world, all from 100 to 132 they all were very active all the way to their death.  Even if it is just walking twice a day, this will stimulate fat burning enzymes and open up blocked arteries and clear away lipid deposits in the arteries. 

          Essential elements - The essential daily needs of the body should be obvious but it has not been. They are Oxygen, Water, Salt and Potassium.  Without a daily supply of these we will die quickly.  With a short supply of any of these we will die slowly.  A less than minimum supply of any of these will cause many ailments.  Of course we need all the other vitamins, minerals, etc. but we get those in a normal diet.  We cannot do much about Oxygen, Potassium is stored well and in many foods but Water and Salt we can do something about. 



As far as is known we are the only planet in the universe with water.  Without water there is no life.  Water creates life  and generates Oxygen and without it nothing will live.  Our bodies are 75% water and our brains are 85% water.  Water is the most important thing that we must feed our body each and everyday.  For my weight, 180 lbs, I must consume 8 large glasses of water per day.  The strange thing is that other liquids do not replace water and some actually deplete water.  Coffee, alcohol and soft drinks actually dry up the water out of the body. 


None of the rest of the 25% of the body works without the water that acts as a solvent, transporter, adhesive, and generator.  Even our nerve cells get stimulation from the Neurotransmitters that turn like generators with the flow of water. 


A water shortage in the body can cause heartburn, rheumatoid pain, back pain, heart pain, headaches and leg pain.  Water shortage is the main cause of Alzheimer's disease.  Lower back pain, neck pain, stress, depression, MS multiple sclerosis, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, high blood pressure, all can be attributed to a water shortage in the body.


When I started drinking 8 glasses of water per day my back pain went away, energy went up, my skin became smoother and shinny and my hair got some shine to it.  The biggest outward sign of age for us is the neck but that is building up also thanks to water and exercise.  Water has also made me sleep better and sounder. 



At almost 67 years I have no Arthritis. Some arthritis is a result of a shortage of salt.  Some from the lack of movement.  Most from the lack of water.  "A salt free diet is utterly stupid."  Salt is the third most essential ingredient in the body.  Salt helps us retain water and excessive heat or exercise depletes salt quickly.  I take about two teaspoons of sea salt a day.



High Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks.  The body needs Cholesterol because it is the repair glue of the cell membrane.  High blood pressure is a sign that the cells have developed a defense against the blood that draws water out through the cell membranes or not enough water to go though the cell membrane.  Higher water intake will make the Cholesterol defense system less required and walking can brake down the Cholesterol.  But Cholesterol is needed as a defense against cell problems.


How To Test The Body?

There are nutrition doctors under the catch all word, Homeopathic.  Some of these test the body for its balance of body nutrients. They will compare this with healthy bodies and tell you what you are deficient in. 


Not counting water others nutrients are: Vitamins A, B, B1 TO B12, Biotin, Choline, Inositol, C,D,E,K Paba, Bioflavonoids and Minerals - Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Fluoride, Germanium, Iodine, Iron, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Silicon, Sodium, Sulfur, Vanadium, and Zinc.  Then we have essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6.  You can go on the internet and see that deficiencies of any of these vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids can cause sicknesses that can be cured simply by bringing your body back to normal. 

Why Have I Stayed Young?

If and when I get sick I will have a test to see what my body needs.  But until now I have never been tested.  My test is how I feel and I am feeling better each and everyday, with good diet, exercise, useful work, and stimulating education.


As to why I have stayed young, I do not know.  Health is not on my mind but usefulness is.  As long as I am on the earth I feel that I should contribute to it and not be a burden on it.  When my usefulness stops and I start to be a drag on civilization I will want to go home and get out of this temporary state.


Richard Salbato


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