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Embrace Purity - Save the World

Satan says: "Never Judge!"

The Virtue of Intolerance

God's War with Sodomites

True Devotion or Idol Worship

Hanukkah, The War Against Homosexuals

Wickedest Man In The World

Fake Priest Ryan Patrick Scott

Fake Priest, Fake Miracles in Texas

Seeds of Hope

Life Teen Catholic Youth Ministry?

Lying to protect False Apparition

Irrational Apparition Followers

Spirituality & Cultism - A case study of the MMM Movement



Sarah Palin for (Independent) President

The Truth about Honduras


GMOs - Genetically Modified Organisms

Fourth of July Tea Parties

Boston Tea Parties 2009

Time for Joseph of Egypt's Plan

Purification Has Started

I am II am Mad as Hell, and not going to take it anymore

Time to Dump the Dollar

The Truth about Modern Unions

World War III - When, How

America's Hitler

Don't Blame Me, I Voted For McCain

Does Our Lady Love America?

Are You Catholic? Are You Sure?

The Instrument of God's Chastisement = Oil


God Bless America, the Greatest Nation in History

20th Century Catholic Nation - Ecuador

Major issue is NOT the Economy

Barak Hussein Muhammad Obama

Voting And Major Sin  

Europe Dying

What Political Issue?

What Do Democrats Stand For?

War Now or War Later

True Islam In Pictures

Opinions Supported By Facts

Nothing Worth Dying For

Catholic Teaching - A Just War

Dear Fred Thomson

Child Terrorists

Last Will and Testament of Ayatollah Khomeini

The Antichrist is Jewish, Moslem and Christian

Lebanon, I Do Not Believe It

You Can Fool Some People All The Time

$5.00 Gas or World War III

Ranting and Raving about Fire and Things

War With Iran Has To Happen

Another Oil War Within Weeks

Is Russia Communist?

Who Wants World War III?

Christian Moslem Debate 12th Century

World War III with Islam

World Wide Economic Collapse


True Apparitions and Movements

The Mystery of Statues and Icons

God picks Place, Time, Seer and Bishop

Secret of Secrets

Our Lady of America and Our Lady of Guadalupe

The True Story of Our Lady of America

Why I Believe In Our Lady of America

We Lived With A True Saint

The Immaculate Conception

Medjugorje and the Vatican 2008

Stop! Our Lady of America not yet Approved

True Apparitions Neglected and Corrupted

Our Lady of America


Sins Against Purity Cause Wars

How To Teach Purity

End Times Mistakes

Prophesies of Akita, Japan

St. Dominic's Prophesy of the Scapular

Greatest Mystic of Our Times, Anne Catherine Emmerich

Great Direction For Our Times

Opus Dei - Myths & Reality

Abortion is not the Problem

Museum for Lucia of Fatima

Help - Lucia's 100th Birthday - 3-28-07

The Miracle of Damascus Video

The Hand of John of Damascus

Our Lady said, "America will lead world to Peace"

The New Miracle of Our Lady of Lebanon  

Our Lady of Siluva, Lithuania 1608


False Apparitions and Movements

The True Queen of Peace Shrine

Pope to crack down on Alleged Apparitions

Tell the Truth about Medjugorje

Vatican on Father Tomislav Vlasic

Medjugorje Evaluated In New Study

Opus Angelorum, an Old Satanic Heresy

Did Rome Stop Opus Angelorum?

God Bless Bishops with Courage

Great Weekly Web Site

Reliable Medjugorje Websites

In Defense of Medjugorje & My Response

Vassula Ryden Promoters Creating Disunity

False Mystics Destroy Faith and Lives

The Army of Mary and Our Lady of All Nations

Vassula Again Condemned By Vatican

Charismatics by Fr. John Hardon

Vatican Condemns Community of Divine Innocence 

Unity Publishing Is Dangerous

Unity is Dangerous - Part Two

"Anne, the Lay Apostle" Is "Kathryn Ann Clarke"

Opus Angelorum - Satanic and Disobedient

Vassula Ryden's Evil Spirit

"Anne" Another Divorced Medjugorje Lay Apostle

Dear Bishop Leo O'Reilly - Anne's Bishop

Divine Will Conversation

The False Imprimatur

Statement of Bishop of Medjugorje on 7-15-2006

Holy Father Removes Founder of Legionaries of Christ

Pope Benedict on Medjugorje 2-26-2006

Little Pebble Arrested on Sex Charges of Minors


The Mass and Apologetics

     La Misa - Del Genisis  Apolalipsis       

Understanding the Trinity of God

"Cafeteria Catholic" is an Oxymoron 

Lord, I Did It My Way

The Few Number Who Are Saved

Keep It Simple, Stupid

The Old Latin Mass

What Happened to the Old Mass?

The Return of the Tridentine Mass

The Problem in Selling Our Faith

Restoration of the Knights Templar

True Story of the Holy Grail

The Heresy of Pluralism

I Can't Evangelize

Get Ready for the Tridentine Mass

Learn the Tridentine Mass

Is Your Parish Dying?

Roman Catholic Church's Teaching On Apparitions

Miracles Bear Witness To The Truth

Leave the Church - No Salvation

Salvation outside the Church?

Psychology Destroying Seminaries


Science and Morals


How Do We Know Something?

Unscientific Science

Do Not Treat Sex Commonly

Justice is Love

Etiquette - The Art of Love

Abortion is not the problem

Fighting Internet Porn

Right Thinking Develops Right Conscience

Are You Who You Want To Be?

The Art of Being A Single Mother

The Art of Being Father or Mother

Apparitions True And False

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

False Virtue

Narcissists Do Not Love Themselves

The Art of Being Enchanting With Words

What The World Needs Now

The Concept "Church"

Knights Templar

Return of the Knights Templar

Fighting the World's Greatest Cult - Promoting an International Private Army

Unity Publishing Is Wrong Again

Chastisement and the Great Monarch

Evidence We Are Near End Times


Other Newsletters


Unity Publishing Leaves Fatima

Panama - The World's Top Retirement Haven

Fatima Rejects Papal Control

Rome On Apparitions

Remember Elian Gonzalez

Old Newsletter

I Love My Phobias

The Logic of Good Health

Pope Benedict XVI, The Most Powerful Man In The World?
"No" To Godless European Constitution
Mel Gibson - Do Not Make A Movie On Fatima
Pope Benedict XVI - The Most Powerful Man In The World??

Vatican Investigates Legion of Christ Founder

France, The Most Perfect Godless Society In The World

John Paul The Great is Dead - Here Come The Crazy People
Who Will Be The Next Most Powerful Man In the World
What Does The Death of Lucia Mean?
Lucia's Last Words
Corruption In Fatima
Mel Gibson Meets Lucia of Fatima by Richard Salbato


Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich and Charles von Hapsburg  

The Incredible Life and Prophesies of St. Hildegard

Fake Relics and Father Francis LeBlanc

The Great King - a Habsburg   by John R. Fohne
The Chastisement And The Great Monarch
Life of the Antichrist by the Early Church Fathers
Trip to Holy Lands and Places of interest
To Walk Where Christ Walked - Jordan  By Richard Salbato
Trip to Lebanon and Jordan  by Richard Salbato
The New Miracle of Our Lady of Lebanon by Richard Salbato
Living In Brazil
The Fatima Shine and Related Items

Will Our Lady Come Back To Fatima Again?

Fatima Prophesy in 1454 AD

Cardinal Sin - An Instrument of Fatima

Portugal is in Trouble
Will Rome Take Over Fatima? By Richard Salbato
Rome Should Take Over Fatima by Richard Salbato
The Hindus in Fatima and the Misrepresentations of John Vennari  by Tim Robertson
The Truth about Hindus at Fatima Sanctuary
Fatima's New Church of the Holy Trinity  a long hard reflection
A Sermon Every Priest Should Make
The Fatima Rector
Fatima Will Remain Catholic  Richard P. Salbato
First Miracle of Fatima - 1385 AD
Secrets of Fatima
Miracles of the Fatima Statues 
Fatima - Curing Mind and Body Richard P. Salbato's 65th Birthday
The Icon of Kazan to Russia - A Strange Theory
New Book By Lucia
Icon of Kazan and the Conversion of Russia
The Incredible Brown Scapular - Unknown in Portugal! 
Lucia's Birthday and a New Consecration by Richard P. Salbato
The Miracles of Fatima Continue
Portugal Football - Astounding   An American Outlook
Blessed Alexandrina - Victim Soul of Fatima
August, Month of Sacrifice in Fatima
Other Apparitions On The Mountain of Fatima
The Fatima Season of 2003
Lucia's 96th Birthday, The War and Hapsburg
The Wanderer on Gruner's Suspension
August: Portugal's Favorite Fatima Apparition! 
Fatima in June 
May in Fatima 2002
Towards Unity
Pretending To Work Towards Unity

The Splendor of Truth Creates Unity

Our Lady Defends Truth

The Concept "Church"

Justice is Love

Understanding Orthodox - Catholic Relations by Father Chrysostom Frank  Best web site on Unity - That all may be one
Fatima, Unity & Moslems
Icon of Kazan The Icon of Soufanieh The Conversion of Russia
World Politics

The Final Battle - Christians vs. Pharisees

The Roots of Soviet Socialist European Union

Should Bulgarian Injustice Enter European Community?
The Jew First
It Is Time For War - The Catholic Church vs. All Governments  by Richard Salbato
Why Did Peter Go To Rome? by Richard Salbato
Separation of Church and State - The Truth
Voting And Major Sin  by Richard Salbato
Roe v. Wade - The Truth
China - One Billion Slaves
How Was Killing Sold To American With Deliberate Lies
Abortion, Fast Cash Money and No Taxes
The Myth of Separation of Church and State
Stopping Abortions Worldwide and How
National Sanctity of Human Life Day  by President George W. Bush
War of Two Kingdoms
The Bilderburg  Secret Meeting of 2004
 Nietzsche - The Root the Culture War  by Richard Salbato
Condoning Sin by your Vote
The Tragic Results of Gun Control
The DaVinci Code - Modern New Age Gnosticism
Peace - Only On The Other Side of War by Richard P. Salbato
Blessed Are The Peacemakers by Dietrich von Hildebrand
Hidden Axis of Evil - a new book by Fred Martinez
False Peace False Love by Richard P. Salbato
The Real Enemy - Political Humanism  Richard P. Salbato
Why I Love Violence by Richard P. Salbato.
Real Axis of Evil   by Fred Martinez
Separation of Church and State?  Portugal?  
New Government Saint
Catholic Nation  The Constitution of a Catholic Nation 
Culture Wars  Commentary on Catholic Nation
National Holiday of Portugal - Angel of Fatima 
The Liturgy
Do Not Treat God Commonly
Redemptionis Sacramentum and Clergy Obedience
The Tridentine in the Church Today
Latest Declaration on Medjugorje - 2004
The Old Latin Mass by Richard P. Salbato
What Happened to the Old Mass? by Richard P. Salbato
The Holy Eucharist and Evangelization by Father Gordon
Traditionalists Crucify The Church
Mel Gibson's Passion
Church Approved Stigmatist writes to Mel Gibson
Inside the Vatican names Mel Gibson "Man of the Year"
The War On Mel Gibson by Gary North
The Passion in Damascus
Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of the Christ" by Richard P. Salbato
Comments on the movie, "The Passion of the Christ"  by Richard P. Salbato
Mel Gibson and Anna Catherine Emmerich
The Money Power of Religious Films
Apparitions and Theology

Vatican Rejects Our Lady of All Nations' Prayer

Gino Case Reveals Vatican Corruption

Benedict XVI Starts With Father Gino

Discovering the Secrets of Demons

Only One Church is the Road to Salvation
The Church Calls Father Ryan Scott a Fake Priest
Our Lady of Siluva, Lithuania 1608
Apparitions True or False by Father Peter Joseph
Free Speech for Churches
Vatican  on Apparition Guidelines  
Magnificat Meal Movement
To Believe in Medjugorje is like ... Being in Love  By Mark Waterinckx
Medjugorje Dialogue  See end of this Newsletter for Fatima Court Document
Bishop on Medjugorje May 2004
Little Pebble Arrested on Sex Charges of Minors  Richard P. Salbato
History Outline of Medjugorje 
Sins Against Mary
The "Saint" Jozo Zovko and His May Sex Affairs
Full of Sound and Furry Signifying Nothing 
From the Spirit of Satan to the Spirit of God 
The Regnum Christi Experience
Exposed: Problematic 'Lady of All Nations' 
101 "Victorious" Queen Peace Fright
Other Newsletters
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.  by Matt Abbott
Mystery Cloaks Father Malachi Martin's Death
Does God Suffer? Christ Suffered Once for all.  Does He still suffer?   Richard Salbato
Four Year Old Saint of the Eucharist
The Assumption From Ephesus  
Saint Antony of the Desert  In honor of my godson
The Complete Story of Saint Antony
She Will Crush Your Head
 The Rosary Year & New Mysteries
 Saint Padre Pio - The Saint of Obedience 
Did I Cause Ron Barno's Death?
Would Catholics Sell Their Soul For Money? 
John M Haffert Dies
World's Greatest Icon - Nazare
St. Ambrose Cures Father of Catholic Singer
No New Visions by Lucia
The Man who wrote this does not know God.


In the memories of the deaths of my godson, Elias, and my grandson, Taylor James; and in thanks to Our Lady for the miracle birth of my grandson, Max, Unity Publishing is going to buy and give away free Communion Plates to all those Churches who no longer use them.  Our First Communion Plates will be bought in Fatima.
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Aug 12 World Government by September 2000?
Sep 20 The Church is Alive and Well - Carmel in Alexandria, South Dakota

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 Jan 8
 The Great Luciferian Religion -- Adoration of Satan
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 Restraint of Trade & Rico Conspiracy
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 Ralph Martin -- Brings A False Spirit into the Catholic Church
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The Final Hour by Michael Brown
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 Catholic Women's Network of Sunnyvale, California.
Not Catholic. Not Women. 
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 Our Lady of Nicaragua
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 Catholic Cults - Dividing God's Kingdom on Earth 
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 A Letter to the Editor - Re: "Sword of Truth"
  June 15
Seton's Exclusion From NACHE Conference
Highlights Tensions Among Home-Schoolers
  July 1
Fallacies and Theological Errors of "The Lady of All Nations"
  July 7
On False Messages And Apparitions
  July 16 The Unforgivable SIN, The Moment of Death, Judgment
  July 22
Mystery Cloaks Father Malachi Martin's Death

Newsletter Archives - 1998
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 HAPSBURG and God's Revenge?
 Aug 30
Investigation of Mrs. Christina Gallagher, Ireland's "Seer"
  Oct 24
 Who do you believe... and follow?
  Dec 12
 Where Have All The Communists Gone? "RENEW"

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