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 Vol. 2, No. 21
The Newsletter of Discernment
July 16, 1999
Loving those in error, loving the truth more, and never letting the truth become the enemy of Love  

The Unforgivable SIN, The Moment of Death, Judgment

Nothing I have ever written has caused me more problems than the following report, even my best friends have told me not to publish this; and yet, nothing is more important to understand the harm of false apparitions than this document. The one thing that apparition enthusiasts say over and over is that they have become holier (Even the Moonies became holier). They say that even if it turns out wrong, God will judge the intentions of their heart. God will judge their clear conscience rather than the facts that the apparitions were false or demonic. If I believed that, I would not only leave these people alone; I would be glad that there were frauds and demonic apparitions out there, because all the believers are sincere and all have clear consciences. I do not believe that, and so no matter how much abuse I am going to get from this newsletter, I believe it must be published. I expect more e-mail from this than anything I have ever published; and in fact, if someone can show me that this is wrong, I will publish their proof. Not even my spiritual director wants me to publish this, but he does not say that there is anything wrong with it. In fact, no one has said they agree with it. So on this, I am all alone, but willing to hear sound arguments against it. Anyway here goes.

Defending the Honor and reputation of the Mother of God

Rick Salbato "The Publican"

Managing Editor & Director

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