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 October 8, 1998

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A Dance on the Volcano

A Bomb Will Burst

by Mark Waterinckx

Mark gave talks in favor of Medjugorje and went there 24 times.

Translated from the Dutch by H.E. Alles


The undersigned just returned from Medjugorje for the 24th time. Since 1984 I gave, free of charge, numerous lectures on Medjugorje, even in Protestant churches in Holland. I wrote numerous articles for magazines and newspapers at home and abroad, in plus or minus 15 languages.

In 1986, however, I experienced negative aspects in Medjugorje. Since 1989, this became so severe that I tried in my articles to warn people about many things to prevent them from too much disillusionment in matters of faith. Yet, in true Goebbels-style, this was boycotted by the leaders of these papers. "Only positive news was allowed." The longer it went on, the more it began to worry me. I had many discussions with René Laurentin, who both orally and in writing, and over the phone kept on defending Medjugorje, although he should have known better.

This summer I stayed three weeks in Medjugorje. I went there for the 24th time, as a pilgrim (there are solemn High Masses there), and as a tourist (nature is magnificent there), and as a journalist. Again I made many audio tapes: I spoke for three hours privately with the bishop of Mostar, Msgr. Ratko Peric. I spoke one hour with Father Slavko Barbaric. I spoke one hour with the interim parish priest of the officially acknowledged shrine - Queen of Peace (Krljica Mira) in HRASNO about 40 km south-east of Medjugorje. I spoke one hour privately with a rebel Franciscan Father from Capljina, who by the end of September 1997 will be dismissed from the Order of St. Francis by the General Superior in Rome. I spoke for many hours with another Franciscan Father from Medjugorje, who just like me, exposed the demonic deceit, Father Philip Pavic.

Indeed, just as has been made public in many books, Medjugorje probably is the biggest deception of the 20th century in the Roman Catholic Church. Read (2 Kor. 11, 14-15). Everything is based on power, money, and sex and the result of it is disobedience, lying and rebellion against Rome.

Everything is based on power, money, and sex and the result of it is disobedience, lying and rebellion against Rome.


Since 1997, the acting General Superior of the Franciscans in Rome, Giacomo Bini will limit the open rebellion against Rome by certain Franciscans in the world (that is those of the district of Mostar, who refuse to carry out the Decree "Romanis Pontificibus" of Paul VI 6-6-75). This lays down which parishes the Franciscans, being the sole masters in this region for centuries, have to give over to the secular priests of the Mostar diocese. Beginning in August of 1997, each Franciscan separately received an utterly precise and explicitly clear admonishment from the General Superior from Rome. This means: bending or breaking. The problem is that these rebels have always been supported by Medjugorje.

In September 22-23-1997, Rome will dot the I's. The two rebels of Caplijina, 15 km from Medjugorje, who are illegally on duty in the bricked up church of St. Francis of Assisi (AR. Page 1 in 'De Standard' van 10/4/97) (ref. 28) will be cast out of the Franciscan Order and be brought back to the state of laity. Both have very strong connections with Medjugorje. On the bricked up entrance of their church glitters a propaganda-poster of Medjugorje, photo in my possession. In August 1997, I saw Father Bonifacio Barbaric, the illegal priest, in conversation with the Fathers of Medjugorje. The other rebel, the illegal chaplain Bozo Rados, told me on tape that in Medjugorje he is on duty hearing confession. Bozo told me on tape that he does not need any pope or bishop, that he himself personally is led by the Holy Spirit. He was disgustingly bold towards the entire Church hierarchy. Father Slavko Barbaric, who acts as "parish priest" in Medjugorje, explained in the periodical "Medjugorje" from Vienna and Maastricht - number 43 page 9: "We, the Franciscans, want to stay". To them Rome's will is of no importance, and to the contrary, the Franciscans refuse point-blank to bow to the orders of the decree given by the Pope. This is nothing new. When in the Seventies and Eighties the conflict between Rome and the Franciscans escalated to the suspense of the two rebels Ivica Vego and Ivan Prusina, these two disobedient Franciscans were defended by the Gospa of Medjugorje. According to Vicka (see recording tapes in the bishop's office and in Vicka's diary), the Virgin Mary said that the two Franciscans do not have to submit to the too strict bishop of Mostar. One of these rebels, Ivica Vego, made his beloved Sister Leopolda pregnant, resigned, and is now father of five children. (Ref. 24 no. 66 of 91) His prayer book is on sale in Medjugorje. Vicka now dares to say the impertinent lie that the "Gospa never said a thing about the conflict between the Franciscans and the bishop (see periodical 'Med.' Vienna no 43 page 21).

All the obstinate defenders of Medjugorje (Father Slavko, René Laurentin...) swear by all that is holy that this conflict has nothing to do with the apparitions in Medjugorje. Why then these pent-up reactions? The two former suspended rebels, Father Vego and Father Prusina, were strongly committed to the "Franciscan Gospa" of Medjugorje. The other two present day rebels, Father Barbaric and Father Rados, are very much committed to Medjugorje. Father Jozo Zovko, a "Saint" according to the "Gospa" (message 21/10/84), was suspended on 8-23-1989 as parish priest of Tihaljina by Bishop Zanic of Mostar because of numerous sexual assaults, and for the second time on 6-14-1994 by Bishop Peric because of continuing disobedience. (Rene Laurentin "Derniero Nouvelles - June 96 page 34). He, in fact, is by no means allowed to administer any sacrament any longer. Well, Well, this man was invited by Father Slavko to the International Youth Festival beginning August 1997. This is outright rebellion against the bishop and against Rome. What a shame!

Father Jozo Zovko, a "Saint" according to the "Gospa" (message 21/10/84), was suspended on 8-23-1989 as parish priest of Tihaljina by Bishop Zanic of Mostar because of numerous sexual assaults, and for the second time on 6-14-1994 by Bishop Peric because of continuing disobedience.


The very first manipulator of Medjugorje, without a doubt, is Father Tomislav Vlasic. Before, in 1976, as Superior, he had made a Franciscan nun from Zagreb, Sister Rufina, now Manda, pregnant (all documents at the bishop of Mostar's office). Young Toni was born 1-25-1977 in Germany (ref.: "Geheimnis von Medjugorje" by Michael Jones pg. 113).

'Father' Tomislav held before 1981 (the year the apparitions started) a strange sort of "Sensitivity Training" sessions with adolescents in Capljina where he, as well as Father Slavko, had been chaplain before. These young ones came to the bishop telling bewildering stories of unheard actions during these "therapeutic sessions". This modern time Rasputin, I mean Tomislav Vlasic, later had a relationship with Agnes Heupel form Muenster, Germany (according to R. Lauentin's statement page 10 at the intern. Conf. Notre Dame, USA from 14-16 June 1991, ref. 25). According to Bishop Zanic he is the creator of Medjugorje. Back in 3-16-1983, he committed perjury before the bishop when he denied to have any knowledge of the existence of Vicka's diary (ref. 1 "Medjugorje: A Closer Look by V. Guerrera page 28)

One of the "seers", Maria Pavlovic, on 7-11-1988 declared before God and His Church that Tomislav Vlasic had incited her to lying in connection with the assignment Vlasic and Agnes Heupel should have received from the Gospa to set up a new community "Kraljica Mira" in Italy (ref. 7 Med: Untold Story" by Michael Jones, page. 139-140). Because of this Maria Pavlovic even lost her religious vocation (ref. 25 R. Laurentin page 11).


Capljina is somewhere halfway between HRASNO and Medjugorje. In HRASNO (northeast of Neum) there is a great official diocesan shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary, "Kraljica Mira" (QUEEN OF PEACE). On 5-10-87 at the occasion of the 10th anniversary (ref. 29 booklet "Kraljica Mira" - Hrasno page 80-86), Cardinal Kubaric of Zagrab held the sermon. On 5-11-1997, at the 20th anniversary, Bishop Peric of Mostar, together with the apostolic delegate Nuncio Mgr. Monterisi concelebrated a High Mass in HRASCO (photos in my possession). Bishop Peric showed me a telegram from Pope John Paul II (copy in my possession) that was sent on 5-09-1997 with felicitations for the 20th anniversary of this acknowledged sanctuary "Kraljica Mira" in Herzegovina. He sent his special apostolic blessings for this "Vero centro di devozione Mariana".

Bishop Peric showed me a telegram from Pope John Paul II (copy in my possession) that was sent on 5-09-1997 with felicitations for the 20th anniversary of this acknowledged sanctuary "Kraljica Mira" [the true Queen of Peace] in Herzegovina.

It cannot be more explicit! The whole Goebbels-propaganda-machinery of Medjugorje had written that it was the intention of the Pope at the occasion of his visit in April to Sarajevo to visit also Medjugorje. Even the clever political fox, President Tuydman (his photo glitters on huge posters all over Medjugorje), the former Communist general in the army of Tito, speculated openly on this visit. As you should know, Croatia wants annexation of all Herzegovina (Anschluss), and what did the Pope do? In April 1997, he let the false sanctuary wait in vain and in May of 1997 sent an official telegram to the authentic and recognized sanctuary HRASNO and in Medjugorje the Franciscan fathers turned green with envy. They maintained a stony silence about that telegram to the apostolic delegate in HRASNO. Obviously this Franciscan Gospa exchanges no "glad tidings" with the real sanctuary in HRASNO. Is it possible that Tomislav Vlasic, with devilish pleasure, copied this authentic sanctuary in HRASNO and "transferred" it to Medjugorje. According to Bishop Zanic, Vlasic manipulated the "seers". Marija Pavlovic already confirmed this in an official writing to the Bishop (ref.7).


Vicka, as well as Marija, Ivan, Mirjana, was caught in impertinent lies in connection with the "messages". Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth and the life" (John 14,6). On 6-30-1981 Mirjana said on audio tape: "The Virgin Mary will appear for three more days" (ref. 1 of page 9). Vicka is lying in connection with the two suspended fathers (see above).

Marija is lying in connection with Father Tomislav (above and ref. 7) and "oracle" Agnes, who now also claims to receive messages from Jesus. Ivan is lying when he writes down in a sealed envelop for the bishops committee that the "SIGN" shall be in June. Later he said that he had nothing written down. In this very letter from 5-09-1982 he had written down the following

"The sign shall come in June. (1982)"


In the meantime, the undersigned observed other signs. The poor as a church mouse and shy peasant's son, Ivan Dragicevie, is now driving in Medjugorje in a BMW can (5 series) $150,000. This is a very clear sign. On the number plate are even printed his initials, just like all great film stars.

Ivan, Jakov and Marija lost their spiritual vocations. Still, the "Virgin Mary" leads them daily, as they say. I rather think it is the evil spirit, the Father of Lies, who leads them to material wealth. All the seers (They are not working. They have no occupations.) built fine houses and earn lots of money by letting rooms to the pilgrims.


In 1991 Don Angelo, the founder and director of the "Echo of Medjugorje" (approx. one million copies in 15 languages) put the question to me: "Do the seers and their families ever still go to Mass?" They are not seen any longer in the numerous daily Masses in Medjugorje.

Indeed, I saw Jelena's and Marijana's disrespectful behavior during Mass, standing upright at the back of the church and giggling throughout the entire Sunday Mass (I took a photo of them). When the priest came with the Holy Communion, they simply turned away. I did see Ivan immediately after having received Holy Communion chattering with the other Ivan Ivankovic, who attended one apparition the very first days in 1981 and later on kept at a distance. Same with Milka, the sister of Marija.

Should it perhaps be possible that Tomislav Vlasic was not able to "manipulate" these two onetime seers? Once I came to the presbytery of Vishnu, where since 1984 Tomislav was installed as chaplain. It was on a Friday, fasting day on water and bread. There I met Father Rupcic, enjoying a delicious pint of beer, and the parish priest of Vitina (with a Slivovitz in his hand) being wildly angry with his irresponsible chaplain Tomislav Vlasic, who had vanished without giving a sound. I suspect that in this period (Laurentin calls it "a year in the desert") he was on the spree with the (satanically?) miraculously healed Agnes Heupel. Didn't she now too get "messages" from Jesus? (A.O.Re. 1 page 68)

You see, dear reader, POWER: ("j" y suis j y reste" the stubborn and rebellious Franciscans say against the decree of the Roman Pope), MONEY: very much money (millions of US dollars are invested in Medjugorje) and SEX: (Father Tomislav Vlasic, Father Jozo Zovko, ex Father Ivica, etc.) are reigning in Medjugorje.

The 'seers' enrich themselves and see their spiritual life going down the drains. They travel around the world like film stars. In the meantime, many are being misled, even church people in high positions. I too fell for it. For me, .. I will be consistent.


When I only had positive information at my disposal (many through René Laurentin) I passed it on. René Laurentin and myself published each other's information. Now, however, everyone who still propagandized Medjugorje (against the prohibition of the Church hierarchy) must take full responsibility for his actions. The "fruits" of Medjugorje are the following:

Fanaticism and opposition to the official Church by the Franciscans. When the Bishop of Mostar releases a negative judgment over Medjugorje, then he is a "bad" bishop (Laurentin has totally ridiculed him.). Similar is the attitude of the Medjugorje fans ("fan" comes from fanatic) towards the Cardinal of Zagreb and his bishops.

Conference. Of 20 bishops, 19 voted against the authenticity of Medjugorje. One abstained because he feared the removal by Rome of all the Franciscans in the province of Mostar (Deceased bishop of Sibenic, Msgr. Srecko Badurina). This fear is by no means unfounded, considering the attitude of the new Superior in Rome, Giacorno Bini. The latter is totally disgusted with the unwillingness of his own Franciscans.

Here are some examples of reactions of fanatical Medjugorje fans:

1. In Medjugorje beginning in August of 1997, I told the whole shocking truth to Father K. from A. in NL. He turned furious and said: "When God allows that all these pilgrims are being misled and cheated, well such a God I do not need any longer. Such a God I hate." I told him quietly, "You loathe God, just as Satan did. Didn't God let Auschwitz and Hiroshima happen too?"

2. Priest O. from G. in B. refused to listen to my "slobber" when I spoke to him about the telegram the Pope had sent to the authentic sanctuary "Queen of Peace" in HRASNO. You see, honest reader, how Satan fantasizes honest people through pride? One defends oneself's conceitedness instead of objectively searching for the truth. These are the "fruits" of Medjugorje in the long run.

If in the near future you want to be a follower of a schismatic sect, then keep putting your faith in a "Gospa" who brings about disobedience, rebellion, lies, deceit, committing perjury and making money. When your faith is based on Medjugorje, then you are in great danger. If your faith, however, is based on the rules of the Roman Catholic Church, the Bible, the Catechism, the Mass, the Sacraments, then everything is fine.

When your faith is based on Medjugorje,

then you are in great danger.

Out of pastoral concern since 1989, I tried to inform the public about the negative aspects in Medjugorje. All those, who refused to publicize any notices of the objections, can make it good. Concerning these matters Cardinal Kuharic of Zagreb writes: "Group interests have to make place for the interests of the Church. Unconditional obedience to Rome is the warranty for peace and unity." ("Medjugorje" Vienna No. 43 page 13) Besides, the Gospa came as "Queen of Peace", and what peace came in reality? A terribly vicious war.


The Gospa gave 10 so-called "secrets" to each 'seer'. Was none of these secrets important enough to warn us of the cruel war right in the heart of Europe? (Or are there 45 or 60 secrets?) The Fall of the Berlin Wall was evidently not of enough importance for the "Gospa" to be mentioned. But she did at great length defend the disobedient rebel Franciscans like Ivica Vego, Tomislav Vlasic and Jozo Zovko, three Fathers who are involved in sexual affairs. Quid Prodest? The humble Virgin Mother of Nazareth is being misused here in a disgusting and sacrilegious manner by the Franciscans for their own means, that is for defending their parishes in their proud opposition against Rome.


For many, Medjugorje turned out to be a dangerous drug, to which they got addicted and which turns them against the Church Hierarchy. Satan, the Father of the Lies (Jn *:44), with great pleasure allows many to convert to Medjugorje if only he can dissociate them from the Church of Rome. Blessed Acarie said, "The devil knows the art of winning a lot by loosing a little." It's like in the casino or the pyramid game. First, one is on the winning side, or better the organizer (that is Satan) lets you win (here conversion, prayer, penance, Mass) but at the end you loose everything, that is your faith in the Roman Church. In Albania this led to bloodshed. In Medjugorje this can happen as well. When the real truth over Medjugorje will fully come to light (read LK 8:17) and all the pensions, hotels, restaurants, shops go bankrupt, then the people of the region will take revenge on those who practiced this deceit, namely, the Franciscan instigators.


Did you know, that like Miloscvic in Serbia, and like Goebbels in the Hitler time, the Fathers of Medjugorje do claim a monopoly on the information out of Medjugorje. They control all reports and news through their own (according to the bishop of Mostar) illegal publications, like "Glas Mira" and "Press Bulletin". The name "Svetiste" means "sanctuary" and it is shamelessly applied by the Franciscans, though this was strictly prohibited by the Bishop. The first of the Fathers who did do so was the former parish priest Leonardo Orec, who was suspended by Msgr. Zanic because he authorized the illegal building of the rotunda altar at the back of the church in Medjugorje.

You are being brainwashed by the Franciscans, totally one-sided misled without having any notion of it. Did you know, that the money offered in Medjugorje by the pilgrims for Masses was used for war purposes? This was indirectly confirmed by the director, Fr, Miljenko Stojic, of the press center of Medjugorje in an article in "De Standard" of June 28-29, 1997. The Franciscans of Medjugorje themselves don't know any longer how to bring the "apparitions" to an end without stopping the flow of pilgrims and money to Medjugorje. They cause a lot of damage to their own Order and to the whole Roman Catholic Church. (ref. 2 page 32)

Dearest Medjugorje fan, should you personally have seen or felt miracles in Medjugorje, read what our Doctor of the Church, St. John of the Cross, wrote in his book: "Climbing Mount Carmel".

"The devil is alert when he notices a soul longing for revelations and entertaining great pleasure in it. Because under these conditions he finds the best of all chances to beguile her with all sorts of illusions and hallucinations. The devil lures the senses. To the eyes he displays 'images' of Saints in glorious halos of lights, he makes the ears listen to 'flattering words'. Furthermore he causes sweet 'fragrances' and feelings of 'heavenly joy'. All this is solely aimed to lure the souls and to send them down the path of perdition."

Medjugorje thrives on sensation and personality cults. Married Marija Pavlovic writes in the "Medjugorje Star" from Ireland (March 1994, page 1-2) "We must not cling on to persons as Father Jozo or the seers, themselves, since they can become a disillusion to you. They are not Saints." But that is not what the Gospa said, "Jozo Zovko is a saint."


Here's another ugly anecdotal story. Father Rene Laurentin still defends the fantastic Loepold Baijot, the commercial painter from Verviers, who fantasizes miracles without stop. Against the orders of Bishop Zanic of 3-25-85, Father Slavko Barbaric in June of 1985 gave orders to this divorced man to make the official painting of the Gospa. Baijot, who lives together with the likewise divorced Mireille Ory (born Lallemant), received the confirmation of his sublime task through a "vision" of Sister Briege McKenna (Irish charismatic nun). And "seer" Mirjana told him that his mistress "wife" would be a beautiful model for the Gospa. Baijot dressed his mistress like Our Lady Mary. According to Baijot, Our Lady Mary "personally" set her handwriting upon this "miraculous" piece of art. (RTF telecast "Faits Divers" from 3-22-86) All this Laurentin confirmed publicly at a conference in UK in the presence of Baijot and his mistress "wife".

And now, best reader, do you know where this, otherwise ugly, "official" painting of the Gospa is now? The painting that received the personal blessing of "Our Virgin Mary", the blessings of Father Slavko, of Mirjana, and of René Laurenin,... well, this official miraculous painting you will find thrown into a corner of the basement of an outbuilding of the Fathers in Medjugorje. So much interest do the Fathers themselves attach to it.

Concerning Sister Briege McKenna, she personally promised me to answer my letter which I had handed over to her in the basilica of Koekelberg in 1988. I asked her to tell the truth about this "vision" of hers about Baijot. She did not keep her explicit promise. When after six years, I sent a second letter with the same question she again was silent as the grave.


What else then can we still believe of her other "vision" in Rome, May 81, of Father Tomislav Vlasic? What else of the prophecy of Father Tardif, in Rome, May of 1981 regarding Father Vlasic? "Fear not, I shall send you My Mother." Indeed, one month later the "apparitions" of the "Gospa" began in Medjugorje. Later, both Tardif and McKenna repeatedly came to Medjugorje. Are they still reliable? When Father Tomislav Vlasic began preaching in Medjugorje in spite of Bishop Zanic's orders not to do so, Sister Briege exalted: "Father Tomislav spoke with great strength and great enthusiasms." When Father Philip Pavic doubted weather he should settle down in Medjugorje, he then lived in Palestine, Sister Breige had in Rome the very same and identical "vision" for him as formerly for Father Vlasic.

This Franciscan, Father Philip, one of the only four Fathers being legally present in Medjugorje now says that the apparitions are of demonic origin. He must know it. Right there at the spot, he did reveal the whole deception and now is courageous enough to act against the organized sacrilegious crime in Medjugorje. The Man of Nazareth asks you. "How much longer will you howl with the wolves and Pharisees?"


Medjugorje is ruled by a false pseudo-mysticism. Father Slavko becomes paranoid if he stands face to face with someone who has background information. But Jesus says: "All that is hidden shall come to the light." (Lk *:17) Then you will see that big promoters of Medjugorje, that is Father Tomislav Vlasic, Father Jozo Zovko, Father Slavko Barbaric, Rene Laurentin, Bishop Hnilica, Bishop Franic and many others play a false game. They took part in the biggest deception of the 20th Century inside the Roman Catholic Church.

Father Tomislav Vlasic, Father Jozo Zovko, Father Slavko Barbaric, Rene Laurentin, Bishop Hnilica, Bishop Franic and many others play a false game. They took part in the biggest deception of the 20th Century inside the Roman Catholic Church.

This happened long ago in our Church history. Sister Magdalena of the Cross was a Franciscan nun born in 1487 in Spain. She made a pact with the Devil and had ecstasies, visions, stigmata, levitations, prophecies, and she lived without nourishment. Because of her reputation of holiness, she received many dignitaries from Church and world. After all, on her deathbed she confessed that all had been demonic. Many were disillusioned.

You will be also, dear Medjugorje fan, through your disillusionment over Medjugorje sooner or later Satan wants to make you loose all your faith. Don't grant him this success and pray daily to St. Michael to drive away Satan and his evil spirits who rule this world and Medjugorje.


In this time of confusion, apostasy, corruption, willful liturgy, disloyalty to Rome, Satan, via his masterpiece - Medjugorje, wants the last devout church-goers to loose faith. Pray daily the Credo. Then you stand better up to your faith. You can instead direct your devotion to the Mother of God through the Church acknowledged places of pilgrimage like Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette, Banneux, etc., where up to our days many graces are being dealt out.

Why then risk our faith through Medjugorje that never will be acknowledged, except by the schismatic sect. Medjugorje threatens to become in the years ahead, a separated church. As resolute as I ever spread the news about Medjugorje, just as resolute am I now fighting this deception. Getting deceived is human. Nobody is perfect, but wanting to remain deceived, is a pity. The Congregation of the Faith writes in a communiqué of 11-29-96 (a/o. against Vassula Ryden) that all so-called extraordinary messages remain subjected to the judgment of the Diocesan Bishop, eventually of the Bishops-conference or the Congregation of the Faith. For Medjugorje (as well as for Vassula Ryden) it was always negative. I stay a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Will you perhaps become a member of a sect?

The Congregation of the Faith writes in a communiqué of 11-29-96 (a/o. against Vassula Ryden) that all so-called extraordinary messages remain subjected to the judgment of the Diocesan Bishop, eventually of the Bishops-conference or the Congregation of the Faith.

May God guide and bless you.

Mark Waterinckx

Weinebruggelaan 49
8200 Brugge (Sint-Michiels)
Phone: 011-050-38-5029

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