Rome City, Indiana a “Ring of Evil”

Richard Salbato - 7-18-2009


For the last six months I have been contemplating the war going on between two camps of people claiming to be the true and approved promoters of Our Lady of America. In spite of the Last Will and Testament of Sister Mildred leaving the devotion to Sister Joseph Therese, many have asked me why it is  so important that one center be in charge, and why not have many people promote the devotion, even if in different ways. 

I have answered that in order to protect the purity of the messages and story, there has to be one source of the truth as a pin that all may trust.  This is true of Fatima, where many have distorted the messages and the meaning of the third secret, and led many astray with misleading claims.  This also happened with Padre Pio, where the main center had to condemn some books that were not careful about the truth.  In fact, Faustina was temporarily suppressed because two authors published books without Church approval.  Knowing these things and many other examples, when I published THE MIRACLE OF DAMASCUS, I first waited for Myrna and then the local bishop to edit each and every page, adding his Imprimatur, before I would publish it.  This took 18 months, but to this day it is the only book in the world on the apparitions with this proper Imprimatur. 

I wanted also to show some real examples of how these false promoters of Our Lady of America have distorted the messages and harmed the cause Our Lady asked of us.  I went over again the stacks of documents I have collected over the past three years, and re-read the “True Story of Our Lady of America.”  I read over and over the false web site.  Then like a light from heaven came the answer; it came from a friend who directed me to a statement of Sister Mildred herself.

Rome City, a ring of evil

Before I reveal what I learned, let me set up why this is so important.  I believe Satan is using men whose hearts are not pure enough to discern his trickery to manipulate bishops into a catch 22. 

There is a group of powerful men in the Rome City, IN area who also have influence in high places in the church, and who have been twisting the truth and manipulating information in order to deceive the public and the bishops.  This is an attempt to destroy the remaining sister and to get Bishops to give the public apostolate for the devotion to Our Lady of America to them. 

They want to shift the devotion to Rome City, IN where the first apparition took place and build a huge shrine there.  There would be a great deal of personal gain, as there is a large facility of bedrooms there, restaurant, a former mineral spring, a soccer field, etc., and the present owner has been on the verge of bankruptcy.  One of them also has a huge warehouse and would take over the distribution of materials.   It behooves the owner, Larry Young, to create a lot of publicity about the place in the public so he can find big money to buy the place.

Mr. Young has numerous You Tubes out claiming Our Lady made a prophesy that the place, once sold by the Precious Blood Sisters, would fall into a period of darkness (cult), but before the turn of the century a Catholic would buy it and restore it to a religious purpose. He bought it before the turn of the century and claims seeing 2 women who said “You are the one!”

No doubt some day that chapel might be important for a religious purpose, but, according to the remaining sister and confidante of the visionary, no such prophesy was ever made.  Nor another falsehood that Our Lady told Sr. Mildred to tell people to come to this site, Rome City, IN. 

What Our Lady did say is documented on the correct official web site, under the True Story,  and I can provide the actual letter of Sr. Mildred to Archbishop Leibold in which she describes her dread of going back to Rome City the second time and how she felt she was in a “ring of evil” and she wanted to “jump out the window” to get away.  She asked her superiors to let her leave but since she couldn’t find a replacement for her work, she stayed. .  It was at this time Sr. Mildred also describes in a letter an encounter with Satan.  Then Our Lady appeared. 

Later she commissioned her remaining Sister, Sr. Joseph Therese, to guard the integrity and purity of the message with her life and warns her “they will be coming after you.” She also made it clear to Sr. Joseph Therese nothing was to take precedence over the statue in the National Shrine.  

These men have violated Sr. Joseph Therese’s copyrights and trademarks and seduced others to do the same.  That copyright is proving to be vital to protecting the integrity of the message as these men have deliberately removed the later messages directly related to the false teachings and crisis within the Church today, printed at the behest of Sr. Mildred’s second spiritual director; hence, Arch. Leibold could NOT have approved them. 

These men also, without Sister’s permission and knowledge, deleted the vital prayer to the Most Holy Trinity given the imprimatur by Arch. Leibold in 1963 and which is part of the central doctrine at the heart of the message. 

Now I ask you, how can people using such impure methods of promotion and illegal activity and violating copyright and trademark law be given the apostolate of a devotion about purity, especially purity of heart that stands against the heresy that the end justifies any means and speaks to doing the right thing for the right reason?  Would Our Lady bless such evil?

The role of the National Shrine and the purity and integrity of the message must be protected.  God has made His choice and He has chosen the little ones, as in previous apparitions, for His work. 

Who could know the mind of Sr. Mildred and the devotion better than her companion who shared her passion and suffering for this cause?  How can anyone who has been so little involved in the long term be chosen over the one the visionary herself commissioned to finish her work? 

Sister Joseph Therese may not like me exposing this truth right now, just before liability court trials, but I just cannot wait any longer while these people harm this devotion.  I have been through this before with Our Lady of Soufanieh, but this time I am going to fight harder because I love this nation, and I am going down fighting.

Richard Salbato

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