ARM Knights Templar

Association for the Return of the Military Branch of the Knights Templar 

By Richard P. Salbato 

ARM Knights Templar (coming soon)

Restoration of the Knights Templar

Knights Templar - True Peacemakers

Return of the Knights Templar

The True Story of the Holy Grail 

Fighting the World's Greatest Cult 

World War III - When, How

The Great War is in God's Family

The Instrument of God's Chastisement = Oil

Sarah Palin for (Independent) President

The Truth about Honduras


Why People do not Think

Core Values and Principles

Common Sense & The Rule of Law

The Information Age and Lack of Knowledge

I am Mad as Hell, and not going to take it anymore

Boston Tea Parties 2009

Fourth of July Tea Parties

Stop Federal Growth Now, Not Later

Time to Dump the Dollar

The Truth about Modern Unions

What Does "Freedom" Mean?


America's Hitler

Don't Blame Me, I Voted For McCain

Why I Believe In Our Lady Of America

Does Our Lady Love America?

20th Century Catholic Nation, Ecuador

Catholic Teaching - A Just War

True Islam in Pictures

War Now or War Later

Nothing Worth Dying For

Promoting an International Private Army

True Story of Our Lady of America

Our Lady - America will lead world to Peace

God Bless America, The Greatest Nation in History

Our Lady of America

Europe is Dying

Child Terrorists

      The Next 9-11 Bombing   

               Last Will and Testament of Ayatollah Khomeini

            The Antichrist is Jewish, Moslem and Christian

   Lebanon, I Do Not Believe It

Keep it Simple, Stupid    

Barak Hussein Muhammad Obama

Major Issue is NOT the Economy

Dear Fred Thomson

What Political Issue?

What Do Democrats Stand For?

$5.00 Gas or World War III

              Is Russia Communist?              

            Unity Publishing Is Wrong Again

                 Chastisement and the Great Monarch

          War With Iran Has To Happen

              Another Oil War Within Weeks

              Who Wants World War III?

               World War III with Islam

                   Christian Moslem Debate 12th Century

         The Jew First

               The Final Battle - Christians vs. Pharisees               

             The Roots of Soviet Socialist European Union

       World Wide Economic Collapse

              Cardinal Sin - An Instrument of Fatima

             "No" To Godless European Constitution

           Corruption In Fatima

              `Why Did Peter Go To Rome? by Richard Salbato

                 Blessed are the Peacemakers by Dietrich von Hildebrand 

            Why I Love Violence  by Richard P. Salbato

               Peace - Only On The Other Side Of War by Richard P. Salbato

                  China - One Billion Slaves

                 It Is Time For War - The Catholic Church vs. All Governments

             Separation of Church and State - The Truth

                The Myth of Separation of Church and State

                Voting And Major Sin

               Portugal is in Trouble

                 War of Two Kingdoms     

               The Bilderburg  Secret Meeting of 2004

                   Nietzsche - The Root the Culture War  by Richard Salbato

        Condoning Sin by your Vote

              The Tragic Results of Gun Control

             Free Speech for Churches

False Peace False Love by Richard P. Salbato

The DaVinci Code - Modern New Age Gnosticism

Peace - Only On The Other Side of War by Richard P. Salbato

Catholic Nation  The Constitution of a Catholic Nation 

Why I Love Violence by Richard P. Salbato.


Blessed Are The Peacemakers by Dietrich von Hildebrand

Hidden Axis of Evil - a new book by Fred Martinez


The Real Enemy - Political Humanism  Richard P. Salbato


Real Axis of Evil   by Fred Martinez

Separation of Church and State?  Portugal?  

New Government Saint


Culture Wars  Commentary on Catholic Nation

National Holiday of Portugal - Angel of Fatima