Vol. 2, No. 6

The Newsletter of Discernment

 February 7, 1999

Loving those in error, loving the truth more, and never letting the truth become the enemy of Love  

Ralph Martin

Brings a False Spirit into the Catholic Church

True fidelity to the Church requires a firm faith in the Holy Bible and perfect obedience to the Magisterium, in particular the teaching that no one who willfully avoids the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, i.e. the One, True, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus' Most Precious Blood, can be saved.

True fidelity implies that any Catholic professing GOD's All Holy Spirit exists outside Christ's Church is a liar... to be avoided. As proven in Jesus' Crucifixion and Death on Calvary and manifest in His Most Glorious Resurrection, His Holy Spirit of Redemption proceeds through His Foundation, His Blood, His Church. Christ alone died for our sins and opened the gates of Hell. To preach another gospel is heresy. While our Omnipresent and Omnipotent God's Grace and Mercy flows abundantly, our Father's Beneficence -- by His Divine and Almighty Will, and Christ's unforgettable Sacrifice and commanding words to St. Peter, "You are Peter and upon this rock I will build MY CHURCH." -- proceed into time through the hallowed sanctity of His Church, and His Church alone (not Luther, Wyatt or any other man's words or deeds). Why? Because these false prophets did not die to us free. "Unless you eat My Body and drink My Blood you will not enter My Father's House". Christ freely gave us His Most Precious Blood that all men might come to the knowledge of GOD and be saved. He exists in the Most Holy Eucharist and sacramental lifeblood of His Church evennd of time. This is the Good News, our light to the world that should be proclaimed to all the world in everything we think, say and do. Deo gratias for the Blood Christ that founded GOD's Church on earth. Deo gratias for our Unifying Faith.

The greatest contradiction to Scripture and the Teaching Authority of the Church is that of "pluralism". The Catholic Charismatic Movement started with the "Spirit" of Protestantism. Canon Law 1258 forbids Catholics from actively participating in any way whatsoever in non-Catholic worship or ceremonies. It is a formal act of apostasy for a Catholic to make an act of total adherence to a heretical sect. Why? Because "how you pray is how you believe" (lex orandi, lex credendi).

Nonetheless, that is how it all started in 1967 at Duquesne University. Four professors had read and studied the books of the Protestant Pentecostals. They decided that they wanted this power of the spirit, so they prayed and prayed, put they could not get it inside the Catholic Church. They decided to go OUTSIDE to the heretical sect. They called on a Protestant Minister and within a few days had a group of Pentecostals praying over them. They were BAPTIZED IN THE SPIRIT. Later that year two Michigan State graduates, Ralph Martin and Stephen Clark, were baptized in the Spirit at a Notre Dame University gathering. From there the movement spread into the Catholic Church. To this day Catholics and Protestants of the movement still pray together in violation of Canon 1258.

A year ago we attended a Woman's Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group. Some of the members were from Calvary Chapel, some from Evangelical Churches, some from Fundamentalist Churches. Father Michael Barry of Riverside led the prayers. This was not in the Church but in a classroom. No one made the sign of the cross, but tongues and prophesy were common. Father Barry is the same priest who passes out Communion to non-Catholics. When confronted about it, he replies, "Why not? They are Christians."

In order to accommodate the non-Catholics and Satan, himself, Catholic Charismatics do not make the sign of the cross before praying, after praying, or at anytime. They do not use Holy Water. They do not kneel when praying. They do not use blessed Crucifixes or relics. They do not conduct their prayer sessions inside a Church where the Blessed Sacrament exists, except when forced by circumstances.

Since, the sign of the cross, blessed articles, Holy Water, and the Blessed Sacrament are instruments against the demonic, one would have to wonder whose spirit this is anyway.

[Note: In recent years some groups have taken up these practices; the Rosary, sign of the Cross, etc. However, this is not the norm, and those who are doing so will find themselves leaving the Charismatic movement.]

Unity is the constant work of the members of the Body of Christ, the communion of Saints, the Church. It is the duty of all Christians to work towards the common community of God's people. To say that it is all right to belong to any Christian Church is disunity. It is PLURALISM. It has been condemned by the Church hundreds of times over the centuries. Unity is the last will and testament of Christ at the Last Supper (John 17). It is the prayer and work of the Church in the Twentieth Century. It was the dream of Pope John XXIII, Pope Paul VI, Vatican II, and Our Holy Father today. But unity is not accepting all Christians as they are, anymore than love is accepting what our children do no matter what it is. Love is a study of truth and morals; and then the correction of sin and false belief. This kind of love brings unity.

Catholic Charismatics are filled with the kind of love that hugs each other, holds hands, and speaks nicely of each other. They even speak nicely of sinners. Almost never do they practice any of the Spiritual or Corporal Works of Mercy. Love is a verb, an action, and therefore is something that we must DO, not something that we FEEL. To feed the hungry, to admonish the sinner, to forgive, to bear wrongs patiently, this is love. There is no love in the basic core of the Charismatic Movement.

This is a great trick of the Demonic, to make man his own authority as to what is right or wrong; true or false. To do this, man must think he is getting his inspiration direct from Heaven. It is the same heresy as the Gnostics of the first century. It is the same method Satan used to trick Adam and Eve. "You will be like God, knowing good and evil."

A few year back, locutions [messages from Heaven] were being sent by the "spirit" all over the world to the effect that the next Pope would be a Charismatic. His name was given. At the time we didn't know this man, so we had no way of testing the locutions. He was a Cardinal. Later we had the misfortune to meet him. The best way to introduce this future Charismatic pope is the Mass he conducted in Rome.

This Cardinal was the late Belgian Cardinal Leo Suenens, the so-called next pope, or so said hundreds of Charismatic prophets. This is the same Cardinal we personally heard say that no Catholic need obey the Holy Father's encyclical, Humane Vitae.

This may, in fact, be the master plan of the Charismatics. We know from St. Malachy's and Don Bosco's prophesies that the next pope will be one of the holiest popes in history. Another thing that bothers us is the prophecy of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. She saw a dark and sinister church growing inside the Catholic Church. This sinister church grew so big that it was almost impossible to stop. Nothing in the past 150 years has been that threatening within except the Charismatics, not even "Call To Action".

Ask a Charismatic what he would prefer, a prayer meeting or the Mass. Ask what he would do if the Church condemned the movement. We have asked. They prefer Spiritualism to the Teaching Authority of the Church, and even to the Sacraments. Does this mean all Charismatics are bad? Yes! As we stated above, just because good people are in amongst them, does not make it from God.

How then is Ralph Martin the one who brought this false spirit of prophesy into the Catholic Church and can we prove that he is not Catholic? Ralph Martin, Steve Clark and Kevin Ranaghan worked in the Newman Center of Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan and in the Cursillo Movement. After Ralph Martin, Kevin Ranaghan and Steve Clark were baptized in the spirit in 1967 they were fired from the Newman Center when it was found out that they also were involved with the fundamentalist Protestant Campus Crusade for Christ. They then formed a prayer group of 12 men called, the "Word of God" charismatic group. It grew to more than 100 people in only 4 months. They tied in with a Protestant group called, The Sword of the Spirit. By 1970 they created a real organization with a corporate structure of leaders and sub-leaders. They became a "Covenant Christian Community". By 1972 these people had total control of thousands of members using what they called, "shepherding" but what is essentially a doctrine of control. The top pope was Clark and today it is Ralph Martin. Other groups affiliated with Ralph Martin are: "People of Praise" in South Bend, Ind. headed by Kevin Ranaghan; "The Lamb of God" community in Baltimore, Md.; "People of Hope" community in Berkeley Heights, NJ, "Mother of God" community in England, "Servants of Christ the King" community in Steubenville, Ohio, etc. But the national headquarters for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is located in South Bend, Ind. and the international headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium. The top authority of the groups is called "Unio Crucis" [Union of the Cross]. Their meetings are secrete and there are never more than 60 members. Their income comes from tithing and from their magazine, "The Word Among Us". The very title of this magazine is what they are all about. They get the "Word" directly from God and not from the teaching authority of the Church. The magazine alone generates from 3 to 5 million a year.

Interesting to note that Father Michael Scanlan, president of Steubenville University was a founding member of "Servants of Christ the King" community and has supported the Protestant group "The Sword of the Spirit". When Bishop Albert H. Ottenweller of Steubenville saw the cult controls that the leadership had over the members he ordered Catholics to separate themselves from the controversial nondenominational evangelical organization, "The Sword of the Spirit". Bishop Ottenweller then went about trying to clean up the University and forced Father Michael Scanlan into separating from the Protestant groups. In order to save face the charismatic group's spin doctors painted the picture that Michael Scanlan cleaned up the University. Keep in mind that it is Father Michael Scanlan that promotes and protects the first marriage of the Marian Movement and the Charismatic Movement - Medjugorje. Keep in mind also that Ralph Martin (a pluralist) and Tom Monaghan (an innocent victim) are both on the board of Steubenville University and both on the board of Fessio's new radio stations.

Now I am going to make a bold statement. "Call To Action" (the left) and the Marian Movement both came out of the Charismatic Movement and both have the same agenda - to lead people away from the Mass and the Sacraments. "Call To Action" makes no secrete that they do not believe in the True Presence. What about the Charismatics and the Marian Movement? First the Charismatics: The following account of the Mass prayed at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome was printed in the "International Catholic Priests Association" published in England by Simon Keegan.

"Pentecostals' or 'Charismatics' led by the Belgian Cardinal Leo Suenans, came for a Eucharistic celebration. In the vast crowd that filled the Basilica, it was not an uncommon thing to see, what one first thought of as 'white petals' being scattered among the congregation. Only when I could push my way nearer, did I realize that they were handfuls of consecrated Hosts that the Cardinal's 'hench-priests' were scattering among the crowd, to speed up Communion. They fell on the shoulders of men, on the dyed and coverless heads of women, and as was inevitable, not a few on the ground, and were trampled upon by the crowd.

I spoke to a lady standing near me, who was gobbling a number of them together (the consecrated Hosts). I asked her where she came from and was she a Catholic? She came from Egypt, she replied, and in fact had no religious persuasion, but her feelings are in favor of Mohamedism, to which her family belonged, but her fiancée was an Anglican, and she found Pentecostalism Quite exciting."

At this Mass in Rome was Ralph Martin who prophesied the Second Coming of Christ in his lifetime speaking from the altar of Peter. In his books "Is Jesus Coming Soon?" and "The Catholic Church at the End of an Age" you can read the same heresies.

Ralph Martin brought into the Church a spirit from outside the Church. This spirit is real. I was a Charismatic (Read my book "The Tongues of Satan"). But this spirit is not from God. As the Charismatic movement began to fade they needed a boost, a Marian boost. Sister Briege McKenna, a leading member of these charismatic cults prayed with "Father' Tomislav Vlasic, who at the time was without faculties for conducting another charismatic charism - "sensitivity training" with young boys and girls. Sister McKenna prophesies to Vlasic that Mary was going to come into his life. When he returned to Medjugorje he found out what she meant. Medjugorje has the same spirit, a spirit that leads people into pluralism and away from the sacraments. I have four witnesses who lived in Medjugorje that not one of the seers attends Mass, even on Sunday unless a crowd of pilgrims are there, and even then they do not go to daily Mass.

The biggest promoter of Medjugorje in America is Denis Nolan from Notre Dame University. Denis Nolan has Ralph Martin on his board of advisors, because Denis Nolan started out in the Charismatic Movement. It was to Ralph Martin that Denis Nolan complained about Unity Publishing and threatened to sue us for telling the truth about Medjugorje. He also promotes Gobbi who prophesied that the real person of the Antichrist would appear in the year 1998, and that Christ would come on this earth in the year 2000 to establish his Kingdom on Earth and walk among us.

Now these people are prophesying the chastisement as though it was Christ's Second Coming and they are turning every true prophesy up side down. No greater example of that is there than Garabandal. There are many who write, fax, call, or e-mail us because of our Testing The Spirit newsletter and web page www.unitypublishing.com. Even those who do not believe in any of the other false mystics have a tough time believing that Garabandal is false because of the signs and wonders around it. And so rather than getting into Medjugorje or Gobbi or Gino or any of the other false mystics, its better to just show proof that the main one, Garabandal, is false.

We could show how the "Virgin" told the children to not bring to Her blessed rosaries and crosses but only un-blessed ones so that She could bless them. And then show that even the Virgin Mother of God cannot bless with a priestly blessing because the priest is in "persona christi", in the place of Christ, and Mary can never be in the place of Christ or a priest. We could show that not even an angel from Heaven can give a priestly blessing but this might take to much theological explanation. We could also show documented proof that Conchita stole a Eucharistic Host from the tabernacle of the Church during the apparitions. We could show proof that the children went up the mountain to steal apples when the apparitions started. We could show proof that Padre Pio did not support the apparitions and never made any statement to Conchita and never sent an clothe to them. We could show proof that Padre Pio never told Joey Lomangino to go there. We could show proof that Garabandal has been condemned by sex local bishops and by Rome four times. We could show how the poor children have no memory of the apparitions, whatsoever, and only know what they read about, proving that they were under a hypnotic demonic trance during that apparitions, and then removed from it, so that an exorcism could not take place. We could show that the idea of a "warning" is like the idea of "rapture" and is designed by Satan to capture people at the moment of death into thinking they are going to be saved at the last minute in order to keep them from last minute confessions and repentance. We could prove that Conchita has married a man with children who was married before and not annulled. All of these we could prove but all we need to do is give one prophesy of Garabandal that will prove it false. This prophesy, however, did fool Malachi Martin.

Quoting from "Marian Apparitions Today - Why So Many?" by Fr. Edward D. O'Connor, C.S.C., pages 19-20 "In 1962, when Pope John XXII died, Mary told Conchita that after Paul VI, there would be only three more popes. When Paul VI died, Mary reiterated that there would be only two more. After the short reign of John Paul I, Mary confirmed that John Paul II is the last. She made it plain, however, that this did not mean that the end of the world was at hand, but only the end of 'an era."

What we ask is this, "Can the world exist without the Catholic Church? If the world continued on without the Catholic Church then the gates of hell have prevailed against her. Can there be a Catholic Church without a pope? Can this be the last pope? The answer is "NO!" We are living in the last age on earth, the sixth generation, and the last generation, the generation of Christ and His Church, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, which is the Catholic Church. Christ said to Peter and not to the apostles, "I will be with you all days until the end of the world." The Church teaches two things that destroy both Sedevacanti and Charismatics, and that is, "Where the pope is there is the Catholic Church and where the pope is not there is no Catholic Church." It also teaches that "Where the Holy Spirit is there is the Catholic Church and where the Holy Spirit is not there is not the Catholic Church." Sedevacanti can never happen or the gates of Hell will have prevailed against the Church. "The Broken Chain"??? Never!

This Sedevacanti leads people to believe in an underground Church "operating outside the control of the canonical structure of the church", what we call today "Traditionalists" (not that they are traditional since the greatest of all traditions is that "where the bishop is there is the Church, and where the bishop is not, there is not the church --- whatsoever is done without the bishop is from the devil." -St. Ignatius - Epistle to the Ephesians.)

So you see, we can't bring ourselves to accept even those charismatic prayer groups that have orthodox practices. It has been argued that there are many abuses, but there are also many Charismatics who pray rosaries, have devotion to the Eucharist, to Mary, and to the Teaching Authority of the Church. This may be true, although we have not seen it. Amongst the Arian heretics there were many who did not know they were not in the Body of Christ, the Church. There were many Arians who truly did not know they were praying with heretics. All they knew is that the Bishop and the priests in their town had changed. There are many Charismatics who are very innocent of the main thrust of the movement. This does not make the movement OK or even tolerable in our eyes, anymore than it made the Arians or Masons tolerable just because the rank and file members are innocent. It must be tested like any other movement that claims direct contact with Heaven.

This spirit of Ralph Martin came into the Church in 1967 and has spread throughout the entire world so that every formerly humble and innocent Catholic now thinks he or she has had a direct message from Heaven to do this or that. They do not read orthodox books anymore, only the messages from this or that seer. They are being educated in doctrine directly from Heaven, they say. They are being divided from their priests and bishops, and someday from the next pope, and then they will be true Gnostics, as they will be outside the Ark of Salvation, the Catholic Church.

I have spent over 30 years studying prophecy regarding eschatology (the end times - from now to the end of the world). It is from the teaching of the Church, the Apostolic Fathers, the saints of the Church, and Church approved prophets that I have come to recognize the very false prophets that Queenship promotes.

When I read books like "THE LAST WORLD WAR & THE END OF TIME", THE FINAL HOUR", "THE DAY WILL COME". "THE COMING PERSECUTION", "CALL OF THE AGES", "THE AGE OF ONE FOLD AND ONE SHEPHERD". and the like, I know from thirty years study that they do not know what they are talking about, and lack fundamental knowledge about the future.

Finally, however, I picked up a book, "TRAIL, TRIBULATION & TRIUMPH" by Desmond A. Birch, only to prove that it also was as wrong as these other authors. I could not put it down. I read it over and over. Desmond A. Birch put together a masterpiece. Utilizing Scripture, Tradition, the Saints, the Fathers of the Church, and Church approved Prophets, Desmond systematically proved with heavy documentation what I have been saying for 20 years, that the Antichrist and the Second Coming of Christ cannot happen in my lifetime or my children's lifetime. Trial, Tribulation & Triumph is my 30 years knowledge packed into one book.

The errors of the new (so-called) prophets fit into a common theme ( whether knowingly or not) that will prepare uncausious Catholics into accepting the Antichrist as the real Christ, and into thinking that the mystics hold a higher place in authority than the bishops, scripture, tradition, and the fathers of the Church. We want you to know if you do not already know why false mystics like the seers of Medjugorje or Garabandal are so dangerous to the Church and to souls. The fact we know what the future holds for us. We just do not know when and where. If we know, Satan knows. In the last chapter of a book I wrote called "Apparitions - True or False" I said:

We know that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is not coming soon. Why? Because we know that some things have to happen first. We know that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, will not set up a Kingdom on Earth. Why? Because we know that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is the Church. And we know from the Bible that when He comes He will not set His foot on this earth.
What has to happen first? First there must be a "Chastisement of the Earth" in order to bring about one Christian Kingdom and one Church on Earth. We know that this chastisement will last from four to seven years. We know that during the chastisement there will be two very important people, a very holy king, called the "Monarch" and a very holy Pope, a Pope who will be elected outside of Rome in a very fast way, almost certainly the next Pope, "The Glory of the Olive".
We know that after the chastisement there will be only twenty-five percent of the world left, and it will take seven years to bury the dead. We know that the good and the bad will survive. But we also know that the bad will be converted by the Monarch and the Holy Pope.

We know that those who survive the chastisement will have a period of peace that will be without work or needs. We also know that in the first part of this peace everyone will be holy. But we also know that in the second half of this peace faith will fade and become lax.

After this period of peace on earth (we think it will not last more than forty or fifty years) the Antichrist will come. Henoch and Elias will come (maybe even Saint John, the Apostle). The Antichrist will be born in the ruins of Babylon between the two great rivers. He will be born of a Jewish prostitute and a Catholic Bishop. She will pretend to be a virgin. The Child will be able to talk the minute he comes out of the womb. He will appear to be holy, gentle, kind, mild, and charismatic. He will look like Christ, act like Christ, and talk like Christ. He will perform many miracles (or at least what appear to be miracles), and many will follow him. He will convert the Jews first, then the Moslems, and then many Catholics. There will be no other Christian religions on earth at that time.

After converting the Jews and Moslems into one religion, he will rebuild the Temple of Solomon. There he will place himself on a seat in the Holy of Holies and proclaim himself the Son of God. He will cause a great famine over the whole earth, so that no one will have the food he needs. But then he will promise that whosoever comes to the Temple and has his or her hand and forehead marked with his mark will receive all the food he needs for the rest of his life. He will have to go to war against Egypt, Libya, and Africa, but after that all the secular world will come to his side, and he will rule the world. He will outlaw the Continual Sacrifice, the Mass. (Daniel 8:11)

The Pope (whose name will be Peter the Second) and those who refuse to be marked with his mark will go into hiding. Those who cannot hide will be martyred. More Catholics will be martyred during this time than all the two-thousand-year history of the Kingdom put together.

In the last year of his three-and-one-half-year control of the world, he will kill Henoch and Elias and place their bodies in public display in front of the Temple. After the third day, they will come to life and ascend into heaven body and soul by the Power of God.

This will so anger the Antichrist that he will promise the whole world that he, too, will ascend into heaven and bring them back to earth. And on the prescribed day he will ascend up into the sky. However, Christ will strike him dead (as He did to Simon Magus) and he will fall to the earth.

All the people will be very happy because the Antichrist is dead. They will be so happy that they will have parties and celebrations. They will have marriages and will give their children in marriages. And then forty-five days after the death of the Antichrist, there will be a great sign in the sky-The Cross with Christ crucified. All the Jews, who have survived, will see and know that they crucified Him, but it will be too late.

Christ will appear in all his glory with all His Heavenly Hosts, and in the twinkling of an eye, half the people of the world will disappear into Hell. Those remaining will be lifted up body and soul towards Christ, who will remain in the sky. All those in Purgatory will ascend first. All the bodies of those who died from Adam to the time of the Antichrist will come up out of the earth and join their souls in the heavens. All this will take place as those remaining at the end ascend body and soul towards Christ.

Then Christ will wipe away the earth, purgatory, the heavens, and the stars with the movement of his hand. Amen!
How do we know all this? We know it from the Bible: regarding the chastisement, Isaias 24, Ezechiel 39, Daniel 7, Joel 3, and Zachariea 13 and 14; regarding the Antichrist, Dan. 7,8 and 10, Matt. 24, Rev. 20, John 5; regarding the Second Coming of Christ, Matt. 24 and 25, Mark 13, Luke 12 and 21, 1 Cor. 15, 1 Thess. 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2 Peter 3, Rev. 1 and 3, Dan. 12, and Joel 2. We know it from the disciples of the Apostles, like Justin Martyr, Ignatius, Iranaeus, and Clement of Rome who learned from the Apostles Peter, Paul, and John. We know it from the disciples of the disciples of the Apostles like Hippolytus, Cyprian, Augustine and Jerome. We know it from the prophets who have been approved by the Church and by the miracles and prophesies that have already come to pass as listed in the section on prophets.

Now, this is very, very important what we are about to say. If we know this, Satan knows this. Let us repeat that, if we know this, Satan knows this. Let us repeat that again, if we know this, Satan knows this."

Remember, the demons recognized Christ before His followers did. Why? The demons are masters of Scripture. They used Scripture to tempt Christ. They used Scripture to crucify Christ. Simon Magus used scripture to crucify Peter and Paul. Demons know what is going to happen better than we do. In order to counteract the Will of God, they have to make their own plans.

If God is going to chastise the world, the demons know they cannot stop it, but they can confuse people in such a way as to think they will escape it by such stupid things as "rapture" or prophets who say that if you go to this or that hill you will escape, or by claiming that God will give signs before the chastisement, or whatever.

Demons know that a very holy Monarch will come into the world to save the world in the last days of the chastisement. What is their plan? To claim him as the Beast of Revelation! The demons know that a very, very holy Pope will come to save the Church. What is their plan? To claim him to be the Antichrist!

Why would demons have apparitions, locutions, ecstasies, visions, etc., that cause people to be converted, to be more holy, to pray more, to give up sin, to even give up drugs and alcohol? More than just winning souls, Satan wants to mock and stop God. He can mock God by having very holy people worship a false God or a false Mary. He can stop God (or at least slow Him down) by confusing the prophesies that truly come from God.

Some apparitions we have followed for years and years without seeing anything that we could attribute to the demons. Everything seemed so holy to us. Then suddenly a message would come through that would say that the next Pope would be the Antichrist, and we would know that it was not of God. Or one message would say that the Antichrist was already alive, and we would know that it was not of God. Or even that Christ was already on the earth!

All false apparitions of this Century have the same thing in common: They all want to divide the faithful from their bishops. Once they are successful in dividing the faithful from their bishops (by telling them to trust only in the Pope of Rome or the message of the seer), then suddenly a message will come "FROM HEAVEN" that the Pope of Rome is the Antichrist. Who will these faithful, being led astray, be able to turn to then? Only the seers.

We are running out of time and they (the false mystics) are winning. I communicate with a man, Carlos Evaristo, who lives across the street from Lucia of Fatima and audio tapes all her public conversations. I communicate with Mr. Francis Fukushima, the translator to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa of Akita, Japan. We are running out of time. My best estimate is that everything will start happening on April 1, 1999.

We have been shut off from all Catholic Newsmedia for attacking the likes of Medjugorje, Gobbi, Gino, and Garabandal. The supporters of these mystics have gotten to all the major news outlets of the country and have blackballed us so that we cannot get the message out. The traditional Catholic outlets we can get into, like the Wanderer, where we have an ad almost every week. But the National Catholic Register has gone over to Medjugorje. EWTN has gone Med. Fessio and Terry Barber were just afraid to say anything against Med since 80% of the American Catholics believe in it or one of the other false apparitions. Now to make matters worse, Fessio has had to compromise in order to get the money he needed to buy the radio stations across the country. We are very much in favor of these stations and what Fessio is doing, and we are especially glad that it is Fessio doing it instead of the far right or the far left. But Fessio does not know that he brought into his camp the very man who brought into the Church this false spirit that has spread throughout the Church since 1967.

Fessio is a very good man, but because we cannot compromise on matters of faith, we have alienated my relationship from him. Fessio promotes all the writings of von Balthasar and 90% of these are good; however, Balthasar fell into two heresies, an ignorant Christ and that all men might be saved including Satan. Because we could not leave that rest we have lost a good friend. The second thing that Fessio did was allow Ralph Martin into his operation - meaning his radio stations. Fessio was probably forced to take in Ralph Martin because Ralph Martin has a strong relationship with Tom Monaghan - Domino Pizza. Fessio needed hundreds of millions of dollars to get these radio stations. Tom Monaghan's group "Legatus" an international organization of CEO's, was the only group that could come up with that much money. Even this group and Tom Monaghan are innocent victims of this infiltration. Ralph Martin stands for everything that we are against, and in fact, it was he who brought into the Catholic Church the spirit of false prophecy. This spirit has gone from outside the Church through the laying on of hands to inside the Church and has spread like a cancer throughout the Body of Christ making almost every innocent Catholic think they have a Gnostic direct revelation from God that is infallible. If anyone except a bishop tries to lay hands on you or "slay" you in the spirit, run like hell away from him. This spirit is not from God.

Protecting the Honor and Reputation of Our Lady

Rick Salbato
Managing Editor and President
Unity Publishing, Inc.

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