How to make a good Confession

Richard SalbatoDecember 28, 2012

Above shows how Christians and Catholics pick and choose which of Godís laws we want to obey and feel justified in doing so. I also showed how that angers God more than anything else. Hoping on hope that I could convince you I pointed out that this was the master plan of Saul Alinski, who dedicated his book to Satan.

Greatest Sin of our Time

One of my favorite stories is the true story of Gloria Polo in Brazil. She was a very successful Dentist and very active in her church, giving large amounts of money to charities. She was so sure that she was in the grace of God that when she suddenly died and faced God she found herself at the gates of Hell.

A very poor man who had read about her death prayed very hard for her and offered many sacrifices for her. Suddenly she was snatched from the gates of Hell and Christ faced her again. He said He had heard the prayers of the poor man and was going to give her a second chance.Gloria Polo came back to life.Because she had faced Christ she knew what she had done wrong. Now she is reaching all over Brazil the true faith.

Death - Resurrection of Gloria Polo

How every sin affects the entire World

Lets think of artificial birth control or abortion. We think it only affects us and no one else. What we do not see is Christ coming down and taking that baby to Heaven, not to the Kingdom of Heaven, but Heaven nonetheless.

At the same time Europe and America and South Americaís populations are falling so fast that we will soon no longer be able to take care of our elders and Godís chastisement will come, which will be a world wide economic crash and civil wars.

Let see how a simple sin affects the entire world, that sin is mental SLOTH.

I have a great granddaughter named Madeline, who is three years old. Last week her school at an academic awards ceremony for the top ten percent of the school. At first they awarded some children who had read ten books and were tested on them in the three months of school. Then they awarded those who had read twenty books.

Then they awarded one child, my great granddaughter, who had read 110 books. The closest to that was 20 books. Her mother, Amanda, taught her at home and taught her to set aside a time to study and then to play after.

In America some children are so SLOTHFUL that they do not care if they learn or not. Some teachers do not care if they teach or not and many fall out of school.

They cannot read or write. They are not able to find a job. The government finds a way to give welfare to take care of thesepeople who cannot take care of themselves. A great many people end up in crime, jail or death because they did not learn to do the right things.

Some Protestants say that if you accept Christ as your personal savior it does not matter that you sin or even know Godís laws.

I accept Christ as my savior but I know who Christ is Ė 1 John ďChrist is the word of God made fleshĒ and therefore I accept the word, all the word and I read it everyday.

Even among Christians we find many who do not understand that Christ came into the world as the word of God and does not compromise Godís law. I want all to study the bible from face to face. In the mean time you should understand how to make a good confession. The best book on this subject was been written by a long time friend of many years and it case save your soul. I am convinced if you read and study this book you will save your soul.

How to make a good confession According to the Teaching of the Catholic Church.

By Gabrielle Burrke Vienneau

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