How hard for non-Catholics?

Richard Salbato 2-27-2012

I used to teach Evangelization to adults who were going to teach methods in their individual churches. My idea of evangelization was to convert people to the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ and the sole source of sanctifying grace. On the first day of my lessons I would say: “There are three things you have to know about converting people to the faith: The Mass, The Mass and The Mass.” The entire reason for Christ establishing an organized Church was to start the eternal sacrifice of the Crucifixion in the Mass, the source of all saving grace in the world. I then explained that because God is love and wants all to be saved, we cannot deny that because of God’s love we have to admit that non-Catholics can be saved but we are not sure how.

The subject matter of this Newsletter is not the individual non-Catholics, whom I have great sympathy and love for, but the founders of non-Catholic religions who I think of as demonic or at least deliberately frauds. As most of my readers know I am a strong supporter of Our Lady of Soufanieh and wrote the first book about this apparition, The Miracle of Damascus. In this apparition She sums up the entire problem when She says”

“The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is the Church. Those who divided it have sinned. Those who are still happy with these divisions are still sinning.”

This statement is a great condemnation of those Catholics who have accepted “Pluralism”, the concept that there are many roads to Heaven and Catholics are only one of many.

To understand these historical divisions and those who sinned in dividing the Kingdom, we must go back to the Bible where Saint Paul condemned six Christians by name for teaching a gospel different than the Apostles. For the Apostles Doctrine was most important because of what Saint John said in the first chapter of his Gospel explaining that Christ is the Word of God. We Catholics believe that faith in Christ means we have faith in what He said and commanded. We believe that even the Old Testament was inspired by Christ. The divisions in the first centuries were resolved because all believed that the final interpretation of what Christ taught was the Pope of Rome. I prove this in Proof of the Pope's Authority

The real and first division of the Church came with Mohamed in the seventh Century and lasts to this day. I could write a thousand pages on the life of Mohamed but briefly he was an orphan who was adopted by a rich woman, 40 years older than him, who eventually married him and in inherited her wealth. He was spiritual and studied the Catholic faith with a priest and the Jewish faith with a Rabbi. He then combined the two faiths to create his own and wrote the Koran. He had many wives and even sexual relations with boys. He was forced into believing that it was right to force his faith on others by war and death. As a result his followers forced Christians and Jews out of the holy lands by the force of arms, and spread his faith by force up through Eastern Europe and Spain and Portugal. This force goes on today.

The next great split in the Church can with the Greek Orthodox at the turn of the Century, which could be properly caused by their fear of Mohamed and his Iconoclasm and hatred of Rome. To get along with Moslems they used doctrine excuses to split from Rome. What The Orthodox and Moslems have in common is that both began to spit again and again right after leaving the pin of unity, Rome. Today the Orthodox has no true doctrine even though they used that as a reason to spit the Kingdom. (This is too simplistic so read note one below)

The split most people think about is the Protestant Reformation started by Marten Luther. A priest who had the false idea he could earn sanctity by his own efforts he despaired and went to the other extreme pinning up his Fundamental Principles, which came to be known as Fundamentalism. Most Catholics have a false idea of what that means and think it is Bible Only. But that is no where near the truth. Luther believed there were basic fundamental truths we must believe and the rest of the bible does not matter. This has evolved into Faith Alone without doctrine. I have many articles on how wrong and even demonic this is but let me confine my argument with just what God has done.

While Luther was still living and bringing a million people out of the Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe was bringing six million Indians into the Church.

See Martin Luther & Guadalupe

Later King Henry the IIX split from the Kingdom and destroy 23,000 Churches and buildings, killing all who would not treat him as Pope.  Today the Protestant Reformation has split into hundreds of different Churches.

 Maybe Catholics have neglected the apparitions of Tre Fontane in Rome and the Virgin of the Revelation because it does not have a false ecumenism. The seer, brought up in a very anti-Catholic Protestant family and later influences by Masons and Socialists was about to kill the pope when Our Lady appeared to him. As a result of his conversion, the miracles and his preaching from the Shrine in Rome, tens of thousands of Protestants were converted to the faith. And yet you never see pilgrimages to Tre Fontane even when he was alive because Our Lady rejects Pluralism. Oh well, four popes have been there. Tre Fontane would not go well with Pluralist Charismatics or those with a false idea of salvation outside the Church.  To learn more click: TRE FONTANE, ROME

There are other Churches we do not call Christian but they do, like the Mormons, founded by Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith followed the business of his father, which was selling false treasure maps. I used to have a book written by Joseph Smith just before he died, where he admits that all he did was a fraud and laughed at the stupidity of those who followed him. After his death the Mormons went around buying up all these books and burning them. I make the mistake of telling some of my relatives that this book might be worth a million and someone stole it.

The next great split in the Church has come from a new faith called False Science. I will not expand on this because I have many articles on it in my web site.    

Now we have new splits in The Mystical Body of Christ which I call the Radical Liberals and the Radical Traditionalists. The Radical Liberals stay inside the Church pretending to be Catholic while spreading their radical satanic doctrines and corruption.  The Radical Traditionalists have left the Church claiming they are the interpreters of Doctrine and not the Holy Father.

I have showed that none of these other faiths are God’s faiths and they are not roads to Salvation in any way but in fact inhibit non-Catholics chances of having God’s love because they follow founders who were demonically inspired.

This is about the founders and not the people who may be innocent of these crimes. However, there are some absolutes that I cannot compromise on because these are Christ and his Church’s teaching.

The key is this:

“God is the teacher of right and wrong, we are not. When we decide what is right and wrong, we are claiming to be God and this angers God more than anything else.”

 Using the key as a guide, 1. No one who has left the Body of Christ for any reason will be saved unless he returns to the faith. 2. No one who slanders the reputation of the Church will be saved. 3. No one who picks and chooses the doctrine he will obey will be saved. No one who consistently violates the ten commandments written in his heart when born (all people) will be saved. 4. No one who blasphemes the Mother of God, Christ, his teachings, or his ministers will be saved.

Who then can be saved? Without God’s grace no one. If we educate ourselves on what God teaches and obey these teaching we can be reasonably sure God’s grace will come to us. If we make no attempt to learn what God wants of us, how can we have any trust in salvation?

If we have no way of knowing what God teaches but use the truth of right and wrong written on our hearts when we are born - to love others and treat all with love = God will not reject us. I have pointed out how hard this is without the help God wants to give us, however it is possible because God wants all to be saved and loves all.

Since there is only Heaven and Hell no one can tell me that those who had no chance of knowing Christ and his Church cannot be saved. Christ said there are many mansions in Heaven and He was going to prepare a place for them, He taught us that there are different degrees of Heaven and different degrees of Hell.

Although I do not deny the love of God for all people and His desire that all be saved, I have pointed out in the following Newsletters published before of how hard this is for those who do not have the heavenly help I get by being a member of God’s Church.

Although I have no way of knowing if God enlightens people with inspiration or apparitions or moment of death conversions or simply judging them by the grace they have and accepted, I know this much; it is very hard to get to heaven without the helps God gives to Catholics. Those whom God can save outside the Church must be very small, even though He wants to save all.

Consider that even those who are saved and never knew the faith are saved through the faith. They are made Catholics in some way we do not know, even though they never heard of it.

How else can we justify that only Peter has the keys to Heaven?

Note One: Orthodox

We know how malefic was the  influence of the Ottomans, and in general the Muslims, had on the Orthodox Church. Egypt suffered a great deal. The Middle East suffered a lot at the hand of Islam. The crusaders did more harm than good to the Byzantine Empire, which protected the Orthodox Church. Only God and the history know how much endurance our Christians brethren from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon had to go through. And that for centuries.

We know what lead to the Great Schism. That act was never sanctioned by any of the Popes of Rome. In spite of this great division, motivated by personal ambition and vanity of the Patriarchs of Constantinople, the Orthodox Church continued to have the true sound Theological doctrine basec on the Fathers of the "One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church".

The fall of Constantinople in May 29, 1453, under the Turks' sword had deepened the rift and the Muslims exploited this division to their own interest. The story of Lepanto (August 14, 1480) it proved the destructive intention of Islam. Thank God for John of Austria, who stopped at Lepanto the Turks not to attack Rome.

The Orthodox Church is a true Church as the Catholic Church is. Sometimes I see how some Catholic clergy are much closer to the Protestants, who divided themselves from the True Church, than to the Orthodox. The Blessed Pope John Paul II wrote and said clearly that the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church are the two lungs of the Universal Church. These two Churches have the same Holy Sacraments, the same basic theology, but our hierarchs need more courage to proceed to the Unity of the Churches, which in truth are not divided. They are reluctant to understand the Pope's infallibility, what the primacy teaching consists of, some are still confused about the 'filioque' and the imposed clergy celibacy.

Our forefathers have divided the Church and we pay the price of their sin. The Orthodox Churches must learn how to love and how to respect the Catholics and not disrespect them.

I hope you understand what I wrote you. I hold you in high esteem, just to ignore this paragraph.

With blessing,

Fr. George

a friend of Soufanieh



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