Heaven is all that Matters

Richard Salbato - February 2013

Over the last four weeks I have published four Newsletters that all lead up to this very important Newsletter, important because it is the only thing in your life that matters at all. In fact it is the only thing that can really bring you true happiness. Are you sure that when you die you will go to Heaven and live for ever and ever in happiness with God.

In these Newsletters, slightly interrupted to correct people’s errors on the end of the world, we first introduced the essential messages of Our Lady of America, who explains how God has picked America to save the world. And America has saved the world from Communism, Hitler, Radical Islam and many other things. She warns of a great new war that will also hit America unless we correct our immoral actions and acceptance of sins like homosexual and deviant sexual acts. This Newsletter is long but a great outline of Her messages.


I then published a Newsletter that shows the major reason why so many people go to Hell.

Greatest Sin of our Time

This sin is when we decide what is good or bad instead of just accepting what God teaches. I will explain this in detail below.  In order to give a good example of this I published the life and death of Gloria Polo, who believe she was being a good Catholic but died and was at the gates of Hell. Her sin was that she believed she was doing god’s will because so many good people treated her as if she was a holy person.

Death - Resurrection of Gloria Polo

And finally:

How to made a good Confession

And now I want to explain how you can be sure you are going Heaven even though most people do not.

How to be sure you are going to Heaven?

If you believe in Heaven, you believe in the Bible even if you do not know it because that is the only place you can eve know about Heaven. But one of the great sins in the bible is “SLOTH” and the major sin of sloth is mental sloth and the greatest of this sloth is failure to study the word of God.

Let me explain why this is so sinful. In the first chapter of the bible we learn that all Heaven was closed when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve wanted to be like God by deciding what was good or evil.

Then we read the first chapter of John’s Gospel were we learn that Christ is the Word of God and the Word created all that was created in the entire universe and everything that is written in the bible.

When asked “How can we go to Heaven”, Christ answered: ”Keep the commandments.” Simple as that! But do you think you are keeping the commandments when all you know is the Ten Commandments of Moses. If you read all the bible you would see that in Leviticus how God teaches us how to Love God and how to worship Him in the details and ceremonies of the priests and sacrifices. Then in Deuteronomy how the rest of us must Love God.

I wanted to know what the Word of God said and what he wanted of me so I read the bible over and over and never have stopped. In the beginning I learned that the main lesson of the bible is that he was little by little creating a sacrifice and an earthly kingdom to perpetuate this sacrifice. He put and earthly man at the head of this kingdom and promised that he would not error in Faith and Morals.

I found this hard to believe so I studied all the popes in history and never found one error even from bad popes. This required me to also read Catholic Doctrine and loved the way it was written because in each law it gave the errors, the law and the reference in the Bible.

If you know the laws of Christ (the Word of God) and know that you keep them, you can know you are going to Heaven.

“The Church is not keeping up with the Times – God would not want me to do this”

When I was a teenager Catholics were Catholics, no more because they now do not want to be out of touch with the modern world- Modernism.

I wrote in Greatest Sin of our Time  showing that one of causes of Modernism is the book written by Saul Alinski. Salinski, a friend and teacher of Obama,


Everyone should read this book.

In this book he outlined how to take over schools, the news media, the government, and even the history books. He planed to little by little to infiltrate the Churches and degrade the constitution of the USA. Most important is that he dedicated his book to Lucifer, the first radical.

Morality was Alinski’ greatest enemy and to overcome this he had to get moral teaching out of the schools, Churches and even government laws.

His idea was to replace moral laws with

Lucifer laws of tolerance, non-judgmentalism, and acceptance of all point of views.

He even wanted laws against speaking out against any kind of sin.  These people infiltrated the schools and churches and led the progressive movement in politics. Progressives believe that the constitution is old fashioned and needs to be re-interpreted to fit the modern world. This plan was so successful that it produced the greatest sin of our age, ‘That our conscience is the God of good or evil.’ This is what Lucifer wanted Eve to believe and this is a sure way to hell.



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