The Pope and End Times

Richard Salbato February 12, 2013

The sudden announcement that our Holy Father is going to resign on the last day of this month has caused me to have hundreds of emails and a phone that does not stop ringing. What angers or saddens me is the opinions and comments by people who call themselves Catholics. Many home schoolers believe that the next Pope will bring in very anti-Catholic liberal ideas of morals, such as birth control or abortion. First of all this is not possible since the doctrine (and this is doctrine) cannot change and never has even with bad popes. I cannot believe this people are teaching this garbage.

I am also saddened by the fact that this surprised so many Catholics. The best reason this should not have surprised anyone is what Scott Hahn wrote yesterday:

 Back on April 29, 2009, Pope Benedict XVI did something rather striking, but which went largely unnoticed.

He stopped off in Aquila, Italy, and visited the tomb of an obscure medieval Pope named St. Celestine V (1215-1296). After a brief prayer, he left his pallium, the symbol of his own episcopal authority as Bishop of Rome, on top of Celestine's tomb!

Fifteen months later, on July 4, 2010, Benedict went out of his way again, this time to visit and pray in the cathedral of Sulmona, near Rome, before the relics of this same saint, Celestine V.

Few people, however, noticed at the time.

Only now, we may be gaining a better understanding of what it meant. These actions were probably more than pious acts. More likely, they were profound and symbolic gestures of a very personal nature, which conveyed a message that a Pope can hardly deliver any other way.

In the year 1294, this man (Fr. Pietro Angelerio), known by all as a devout and holy priest, was elected Pope, somewhat against his will, shortly before his 80th birthday (Ratzinger was 78 when he was elected Pope in 2005). Just five months later, after issuing a formal decree allowing popes to resign (or abdicate, like other rulers), Pope Celestine V exercised that right. And now Pope Benedict XVI has chosen to follow in the footsteps of this venerable model.”

Scott Hahn

Just to get this out of the way since so many want to know who I would want to be Pope, the six who are mentioned are all fine with me and since all the Cardinals were appointed by John Paul 11 or Benedict, any one would be Conservative. So I would look at geography. The North and South American Catholic Churches are dying and mostly lukewarm Catholics. But the Indian and African continents are expanding in leaps and bounds. It is from Africa I would choose a pope.

The thing that angers me the most is the Catholics who think the next pope will be the Antichrist, a Protestant idea that comes from the Chapter 17 of Apocalypse and the seven mountains, which they take as Rome. The truth is that the harlot is leaders of Jerusalem at the time of Christ and the beast is the Roman Empire. Because of the agreement made between the Empire and Jerusalem, the Rabbis could not persecute the Christians without the Romans authority. So they (the harlot) rode the back of the beast (the Empire). Now in that light read again Chapter 17.

Not only that but the Antichrist is not coming to be a pope but Christ(God). The bible and all other prophets say that the Antichrist will re-build the Temple of Jerusalem and sit on the altar of the Holy of Holies proclaiming himself as God – and not in Rome. In fact when the Emperor Justin tried to re-build the temple and fire came up killing the workers, Athanasius told him,

“You will never re-build the temple because only the true Antichrist will rebuild the Temple in the end times, and you are only a type of Antichrist.”   

The Complete Life the Antichrist  By St. Hippolytus of Rome

The Antichrist by the Early Church Fathers

Now the next error that Catholics are making on end times is that we will have a Pope right up to the end of the world. It would take a small book to explain this but I already have in my book “The Ark of Apocalypse”. In the second part of this book I give the proof of the story. For now I will just give a small part of this that proves what Christ said” I will be with you all days even to the consummation of the world.”

On the 45th day after the death of the Antichrist the sky was blue with scattered white clouds drifting slowly around.  It was calm and beautiful.  But slowly the sky parted like a zipper and a pure white light came forth from a line in the sky from the Eastern horizon to directly above everyone’s head.  

Everyone on earth turned their eyes to the sky and calmly looked at the strange sight.  As the opening spread their appeared a large cross of pure white light and on the cross was Christ Crucified also in pure white light.  For over an hour everyone on the face of the earth could see him but no one said a word.  They just looked at Him with wonder at what they were seeing.  After the hour Christ came off the cross and changed into a robed and glorified Christ.  

He lifted up His hand towards the earth.  Suddenly in the twinkling of an eye half the people on the earth disappeared.  People who were standing together suddenly were standing alone.  One disappeared and the other remained standing.  All over the world over a hundred million people disappeared and a hundred million remained.  All who had the mark of the beast disappeared.

Fear and wonder attacked those remained on earth and they looked up to the sky again.  Christ again raised his right hand with His palm up and motioned to come.  Suddenly the people on earth could see hundreds of millions of bodies come up out of the ground ascending to the sky.  In the sky they could see the bodies and souls meet and fuse together continuing past Christ into the heavens.  

Again Christ pointed towards the earth and bodies and souls came up out from the centre of the earth and past Christ into the heavens.  The people on earth wondered at this site but were not afraid.

Christ looked down at all the people left on earth.  He held out both arms towards them and they started lifting off the ground.  Slowly everyone left on earth rose towards Christ body and soul.  Peter II was the first to reach Christ and gathered the rest with him and they all floated past Christ into the upper heavens.  As they lifted up they gradually changed into transparent many colored bright and beautiful light.

When all were gone into the Heavens Christ waved His hand and arm in a sweeping motion and the earth burst into a ball of fire just like the sun.  He waved His hand again across the sky and every star in the heavens disappeared including the earth, moon and sun. 


The next thing everyone wonders about is the prophecy of Saint Malachy and the 112 popes to the end of the world.
 The medieval prophecy of Saint Malachy says that the 112th pope, Petrus Romanus ("Peter the Roman"), will be THE LAST POPE.
Benedict XVI is the 111th  pope... The next one is the 112th .
According to Saint Malachy, the last pope, Petrus Romanus, will now be elected:   

“112th  Pope,  Peter the Roman, "In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations: and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people.”
The End."

Other references:   (interesting quote)