Proof of the Revelations of Bl. Anne Katherine Emmerich
The need for an Investigative Film Documentary

Prof. Fred Nazar Reynolds, has proposed a film documentary on Bl.Anne Katherine Emmerich.
The documentary may cover the places where she lived and Santa Maria Maggiore where she was providentially beatified, I mean providentially, because in this Basilica she DESCRIBES THE EXACT LOCATION OF A TREASURE in the walls - relics, writings from the first Christians, and the original painting of the Virgin by Saint Luke, miraculously finished, which have not been discovered yet as far as he researched. This isn't surprising considering that until The Passion very few people read her complete visions and that wall scanning technology has only recently been developed.

If you find Luke's painting and writings of the first Christians you will make major news even before publishing the documentary.  The documentary may also cover her visions and the research may result in additional spectacular findings.

Consider that because of her detailed revelations, Heinrich Schliemann (the archaeologist who found Troy by following Homer's hints) discovered Ur from Chaldea (Abraham's home town) by following Emmerich/Brentano writings.

The house of Blessed Virgin Mary in Ephesus (Turkey) was also discovered through her visions noted down by Brentano.

Emmerich also describes a treasure in a Judean city in Ethiopia which, as far as he researched, has not yet been discovered.

Consider that Emmerich describes in detail the story of hundreds of relics and/or the exact locations of religious treasures such as:

        The Holy Grail

        Lignum Crucis

        Crown of thorns and nails used in the Crucifixion

        The sacred spear

        Hair of Blessed Virgin Mary

        Hand of Blessed Virgin Mary stamped in the rock

        Stone miraculously engraved in Saint Peter's

        Nuptial ring of Blessed Virgin Mary

        House of the Sacred Family

        House of Saint John and Mary in Ephesus

        Miraculous spring/fountain asked by our Mother in Egypt

        Miraculous paintings and images of our Lord and our Mother

        House of Saint Peter

        House of Saint Paul

        Body and head of John the Baptist

        Body of Saint Catherine stamped in the rock

        Arc of the Covenant

        And hundreds of etc.

Each relic and place can be directly linked to a Bible passage and will raise more trust in the scriptures as well as Emmerich/Brentano writings.

Why is this important to faith?

Resurrecting Emmerich's theological message will have a great impact on:

   Converting people, especially lukewarm Catholics and Protestants (n.b. Lutherans)

  The canonization process of Emmerich

  The appreciation of the Catholic Church's tradition in interpreting the Bible

   The appreciation of relics as channels of especial blessings

   The answers to questions such as:

o  Why is it fair that God chose the Jews, while discriminating the rest?

o Why did Mary deserved to be chosen among all women?

o If God loves us, why did he wait thousands of years to incarnate?

o Why is Latin so important to the Church?

o Why is prayer, penance and mercy, for the love of God, essential to salvation?

o What is the limbo?

o  Why should we trust the Gospels? Emmerich determines the location, date, author and circumstances related to their writing.

o Why the Da Vinci Code is wrong on issues like Trinity, priesthood, Mary Magdalene, celibacy, etc.? Emmerich gives a detailed account of unknown facts about the life of Jesus (including childhood), our Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, the apostles, the first martyrs and saints, Mary Magdalene, Lazarus, etc., which could also integrate a documentary series.

o What are the real dates of Immaculate Conception, Incarnation, Nativity, etc.?

Emmerich predicted that she would be forgotten but after a "time" the writings will come back from the other side of the ocean. This may have been accomplished by The Passion but maybe, it was just the beginning of the fulfillment and this project will complete the prophecy.

Why is this important to biblical archaeology?

Emmerich gives a detailed map of Jerusalem and places where Jesus had traveled. She also gives hints to the exact location of important places and relics.