Bio of the author

Catherine Moran, Ph.D.


Resides in: Niles, OH

Family: Husband David + 5 Children

Education: Bachelor of Science in General Studies (Major:

Biology, Chemistry, and Speech) Degree from Kent State University

Master of Science in Education from Breyer State University (ended 20011)

Doctor of Philosophy in Education from University St. John of the Cross –

Certified Irlen Screener – Irlen Institute, Long Beach, CA

Certificate in Teaching - Ohio

Career/Work Experience:

* 20 + years of Home Schooling her five children.

* Teaches undergraduate and graduate online courses.

* Registrar for Breyer State University 2001-2011

* Private Tutor since 1997

* Speaker at conferences in U.S.

* Home Schooling Consultant since 1996

* Board member – Breyer State University since 2001

* Chief Academic Officer – Breyer State University since 2001

* Board member – Northern Ohio Adoption Services 1999-2005

* Guest speaker on the History Channel – November 2009.

* Secretary/Treasurer of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima- Byzantine


Associations and Memberships:

President of the Catholic Homes School Network of America (CHSNA)

Member of the Round Table, a national organization of Catholic Home Schooling


Founder and past leader of the Ohio Educators' Catholic Home Schooling Network

Secretary/ Treasurer for the Byzantine Blue Army Chapter for Warren, OH

Secular Franciscan since 1978 and served as prefect of her fraternity for three years.


Author of the following books: “Doorway to Heaven” , “The Unique Learner –

Homeschooling Children with Learning Disabilities” and “Philip’s Fast – 40 Days

of Advent Meditations According to the Byzantine Rite”.

Instrumental in founding and organizing a national homeschooling organization.

Founded and organized a state wide networking homeschooling organization.

Founded and organized a nationwide networking homeschooling organization.

Co-chaired from 1984-1987 and 1991-1995 local conferences for the World Apostolate of Fatima.

Co-chaired in 1983 and 1986 local month long visitation program for the World

Apostolate of Fatima.

Member of CHSNA delegation that went to Rome, Italy to dialogue with Pope John Paul II, congregations and curias in 1995, 1997 and Pope Benedict in 2006.

National Speaker at homeschooling conferences in the U.S.

Five children – 2 adopted from Ukraine 1998-99.


Home schooling in general with emphasis on teaching those with learning disabilities.

Catherine home schooled her second son, who is dyslexic and had ADHD. He

graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor psychology and computer

science August of 2003. Her daughter has auditory processing disorder, dyslexia and ADD.

Boredom – Trivial nuisance or the Mother of all Problems.

How many times have we heard our children say to us: “Mom! I’m Bored!” This very statement by our children is telling us something. What we do not want is this problem to carry over into the educational aspect of our children’s day –to-day lives. This presentation will cover the problem along with along with motivational helps in teaching our children whose major complaint is boredom.

The 21stCcentury Syndrome – Stress! Understanding & Coping with Stress in Our Daily Lives.

Stress is a major part of everyday lives. How do we recognize it much less deal with it? This presentation covers the causes of stress and how to handle it. With a little bit of knowledge and God on your side, you should be able to alleviate much of the stress in your daily life.

Heaven’s Weapons for the Spiritually Disabled

Whether we realize it or not we are all spiritually disabled. This presentation discusses these heavenly weapons and how we are to use them to defeat the world, the flesh and the devil. In the 13th century, Our Lady told St. Dominic that one day she would use these weapons to save the world.

Help! My Child is not Learning: Developing Learning Skills

This presentation will identify and explain vital learning skills needed for your child to be a successful student. Areas discussed will be memorization, task completion, essay/report writing, math skills and time management – to name a few.

"Tips on Teaching the Academics" gives many helpful suggestions on not only recognizing the many problems that can surface while teaching your children, but includes tips and suggestions from the many years of home schooling her children.

Homeschooling 101: The Basics of Getting Started. Excellent talk on the “how to’s” of starting to home school your children. This is a must for beginning parents and parents considering home schooling their children.

Discovering and Implementing Your Child’s Learning Style. How does your child learn? What is the best method of teaching your children? Tips on how to teach your children.

Controlling and Eliminating Stress in Home Schooling. There are many factors that cause unnecessary stress in home schooling. Some stress can be avoided, others minimized by pre-planning and making arrangements beforehand, while others require simple planning on a day- to-day basis. Excellent talk on this important subject for home schooling families.

Overcoming Obstacles to Your Child’s Learning Style Using Different Methods of Teaching. What do you do when your child just can’t seem to continue with his lessons? Dr. Moran will address the different approaches available that may work for you and your child. Once the parent recognizes the child’s learning style, Dr. Moran will present alternative teaching methods and techniques to help motivate your child in the 4 R's (Reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic and religion).

Motivating the High School Student. Are you having trouble keeping your teenager motivated and in your home school? This talk gives helpful ideas and suggestions on keeping your high school student motivated and staying focused.

Marian Modesty for your Sons and Daughters: This presentation covers the lost virtues of Chastity and Modesty. Included in the presentation are the teachings of the Church, quotes from Pope Pius XII on Modesty, and examples from the lives of the saints. All parents and teens need to hear this presentation. Jacinta, the little seer of Fatima, said before she died, “More souls go to hell for sins of flesh.”

Myths and Solutions for ADD/ADHD - This presentation covers the many myths we hear about ADD/ADHD along with natural solutions to help home schooling parents of children with ADD/ADHD. It also covers some of the "causes" of this problem. With so much talk about ADD/ADHD today, it is very important to have this information

Teaching the Unique Learner: This talk covers how to recognize learning disabilities, resources to help the home schooling parents and tips and ways to teach a child with learning disabilities.

The 3 Last Things: Parties, Prom and Football - Mrs. Moran not only has successfully home schooled two of 5 children through high school, but knows first hand how to survive the pressures of the high school years. This talk was given at a home schooling conference. She covers how to survive the pressure parents are put through by their teens to go to High School with their friends.

Saintly Virtues for Saintly Children, This presentation explains why it so important for our children to have the many virtues instilled in them while they are young, so that they grow up to be saintly men and women. Examples are taken from the lives of the saints and the teaching of the Church.

Teaching and Living the Beatitudes in the 21st Century. The Emphasis in the presentation is how to live the beatitudes today. Examples taken from the saints and the period of time they lived and then it is applied to our times is emphasized. Mrs. Moran has given this talk to many High School students and youth groups.

St. Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus and Role Model for Today's Fathers, This particular presentation delves into the origin of the devotion to St. Joseph as it is taken from scripture, Church Fathers, Church teaching, the saints and oral tradition. It shows how St. Joseph is the role model for home schooling families. Mrs. Moran encourages devotion to St. Joseph for all spiritual and temporal needs.

Spiritual and Educational Priorities for Large and not so Large Home Schooling Families. This talk stresses the spiritual aspect of home schooling and why it so important and how to make it number the #1 priority in your home schooling family. A definite must for all home schooling parents to hear and know.

“Am I Not Here?” This wonderful talk is centered on fostering Marian devotion in our children and of course adults too. This covers Our Lady's most famous apparitions starting with Saragossa, Spain when she bilocated to St. James and his disciples up to Fatima in1917. You cannot foster love and devotion to Our Heavenly Mother if you do not know her! This talk was originally requested by 10th grade students in a Catholic high school. Those who know Our Heavenly Mother will appreciate this talk, those who don’t know her, need to here this presentation.

Our Lady of Sorrows Refuge for the Overworked and under- appreciated Home Schooling Mom. The core of this presentation is the 7 sorrows of Our Lady and how they apply to home schooling families, especially the mother. It is in her sorrows that we draw the strength we need to home school our children in this world today. The seven sorrows are presented as a guide for home schooling mothers. The many points presented make excellent material to meditate and think upon. Mrs. Moran’s material is taken from the writings of the saints and also from the writings of the late Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Mary’s Power: Help for the Home Schooling Family – Mrs. Moran in this talk addresses the power of Our Heavenly Mother. The following points are presented: Her power in general; utilizing the writings of the saints and the Church, her power through her holy name, MARY, again utilizing the writings of the saints and the Church, and her power through her prayer: the Hail Mary. Finally her power through her Holy Rosary, her weapon for the family and the answer to the problems facing home schooling families today is covered. It is the evil one, the devil, who does not want parents to home school their children. In this talk, the weapons needed to defeat him are explained. Mary is our refuge, our hope and our mother.

Avoiding the Wide Road: The Church’s Teaching on Hell This presentation was originally given to a teenage youth group. They requested this topic. It covers the Church's teaching on Hell, using the Church's teachings on hell, the saints’ writings and examples on the existence and reality of hell, along with the Fatima vision to the three children on hell. It is a topic today that is sadly neglected.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray. This presentation delves into prayer, its importance, the types of prayer, especially mental prayer and the sacraments in our daily lives. It has often been called the Royal Road to Heaven. This very title stresses why we not only should pray but why we need to pray everyday if we want to go to heaven. The material is taken from Church teaching and the writing of the saints.

The 4 Dimensions of Sin - Deceive, Defile, Desensitize and Deaden - This presentation covers what sin does to a person's whole being. How sin desensitizes one's reaction to the sins of today. This goes hand in hand with the impact sin has had on the virtues of Chastity and Modesty, along with other virtues. Mrs. Moran covers how to protect yourself from having this devastating effect happen to you and your family.

The Culture of Death and the Loss of the Sense of the Sacred. This presentation was given several years ago. It basically covers how the loss of the sense of the sacred has established in our culture today a culture of death. This is because when society loses the sense of the sacred, there is nothing left but this culture of death. This loss did not happen overnight. Mrs. Moran explains its inception and progression and how it has affected all of society today.

The Holy Angels: Our Forgotten Companions. This presentation if desired has slides that can be given with or without the talk. It addresses Angels in Church teaching, Scripture, oral and written tradition and in the writings and lives of the saints. Mrs. Moran stresses the importance of loving your guardian angels and knowing what they can do for you. An excellent talk to instill devotion to the Holy Angels in family.

The Two Hearts are One: This presentation was give at the IHM conference in 2004. This talk covers the origins and Church teachings on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It includes private revelations from the saints and their writings. Through her research, Mrs. Moran shows that the Two Hearts are indeed one and a great gift of grace from God to this sinful generation. A must for lovers of the two hearts of Jesus and Mary to hear.

Heaven's Weapon: This talk is on the holy rosary, the origin of the rosary, the power of the rosary, along with many examples in history showing how the praying of the rosary has saved the world during various times in history. Mrs. Moran has given this talk many times in the past and at conferences. It is a very important talk, because people can become lukewarm and negligent about praying the rosary. The devil attacks the hardest here. He does not want the rosary prayed. Everyone needs to realize the importance and the power of this pray. Mrs. Moran includes the apparitions of Our Lady on the Rosary and what Our Heavenly Mother has asked of her children concerning this very powerful prayer.

Our Lady's Mantle: This presentation is on the Brown Scapular. Along with the rosary, these are the two weapons Our Heavenly Mother gave us to defeat the world, the flesh and the devil. She told this to St. Dominic in the 13th century. Mrs. Moran includes how this great gift from heaven was given to us along with the many examples from the lives of the saints on the power of this great sacramental. These two talks, Heaven's Weapon and Our Lady's Mantle cover what Our Lady has given to us to defeat the evil one. The rosary and the brown scapular are the two greatest sacramentals of our time, given to us by Our Heavenly Mother, who wants to protect and save her children.

All of Mrs. Moran’s spiritual talks are taken from her book, "The Doorway to Heaven". The book has approval from her bishop that the contents are free from doctrinal error. The "Holy Angels" presentation also has a nihil obstat and imprimatur.

Additional topics by request

Her book, "The Doorway to Heaven" contains the many lectures she has given over the

past 20 years on the various aspects of our rich and beautiful Catholic Faith.

Her latest book, “The Unique Learner – Home Schooling Children with Learning

Disabilities” is now available.

Just finished is “Philip’s Fast – 40 days of Advent Meditations According to the Byzantine

Catholic Rite.

Many of her lectures on home schooling are taken from her latest book still in the editing

and writing stage: “Home Schooling for Heaven, not Harvard.”

Additional Information:

She has been homeschooling her 5 children for the past 20+ years and speaking at

homeschooling conferences around the country. She is president of the Catholic Homes School

Network of America. She is a member of the delegation that went to Rome, Italy in 1995, 1997

and 2007 that spoke about Catholic Home Schooling in America with the various congregations

and curia in Rome. The delegation was privileged to have an audience with the Holy Father

and to receive Holy Communion from Pope John Paul II. She is the founder and past leader of

the Ohio Educators' Catholic Home Schooling Network. She has spoken about Catholic

Homeschooling to many groups and at many conferences with the emphasis on the challenge

of teaching a child with learning disabilities. She has successfully home schooled her second

son who is a dyslexic and had ADHD. He is a graduate of YSU: majoring in Criminal Justice

with a minor psychology and computer science. Her "Tips on Teaching the Academics" gives

many helpful suggestions on not only recognizing the many problems that can surface while

teaching your children, but includes tips and suggestions from the many years of

homeschooling her children.

Other topics include: Marian Modesty in dress and deportment, Saintly Virtues for saintly

children, Teaching and living the Beatitudes in Modern Times (emphasis on examples from the

saints and their times and how to apply it to today), St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus and role

model for today's fathers, Spiritual and Educational Priorities for (large) homeschooling families.

Other topics by request.

She became a Secular Franciscan in 1978 and served as prefect of her fraternity for three years. She is presently Secretary-Treasurer of the Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima - Byzantine Chapter of Warren, OH and also the speaker for the chapter. She has presented the Fatima message to over 20,000 + children and adults in the Northeastern Ohio and tri-state area. She has been the keynote speaker in many conferences and retreats. She is a past board member of the Northeastern Ohio Adoption Services (NOAS). Catherine and her husband adopted a sibling group, a brother and a sister from Ukraine. She also co-produced and developed a slide/video presentation on the Holy Angels. She is a parishioner of Sts. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church, and member of the Altar and Rosary Society and St. Benedict's Guild. Through the Blue Army of Lady of Fatima, she helped start and establish:

1. First Friday Eucharist Vigils

2. The International Rosary March on the first Sundays of May and October in her


3. She has twice co-chaired the visit of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady o Fatima to her diocese.

Her book, "The Doorway to Heaven" contains the many lectures she has given over the past 20 years on the various aspects of our rich and beautiful Catholic Faith. Excellent resource book for Homeschooling moms.

Contact information:

Catherine Moran, Ph.D.

174 Morningside Rd

Niles, OH 44446

330-652-4923 home

330-647-3833 cell