The Ark of Apocalypse




The Cause of the War  

Simon lifted Philip and Merlin off the patio deck, flew down the mountain, and set the chopper down gently on the oil tanker. As the chopper again descended, the ship was already moving. Simon climbed out. Philip helped Father Merlin and the threesome entered Merlin's cabin for Mass. After Mass, food was served. Merlin and Philip sat down to eat while Simon stood watch.

"What happened to this world, Father? How did this all start? Has the whole world gone mad?" Philip seemed sad and confused, looking for answers, but not expecting any. Philip was about forty years old. In Germany, he had worked as a teacher until the schools were closed. Later, he worked in the Polish government until the civil war. For his safety, he and his family were kidnapped and taken to Madeira.

Just as it was before World War I, there was no easy answer to this question. There were many reasons. Merlin believed that the war was planned by a secret group of men, but that it backfired on them and now was out of control.

"Petrogold!" the good father said.

"Petrogold?" questioned Philip. "What is Petrogold, oil?"

"Yes, but it is more than that!  It is power, a greater power than armies or even money. At one time the world's wealth depended upon the slave trade. The slave traders of yesterday were in fact the Illuminati and the KKK. But, when the slave trade ended, they moved quickly to gain control of the new thing that would produce the industrial wealth of the world: fuel. The three major oil companies of the world were all owned by members of the Illuminati."

Philip objected, "It was not the oil companies that started this war, but the Moslems. Why would the Oil Companies, the Illuminati, want a world-wide economic crash and civil wars? Islam wants to take over the world." 

The entire world was in a massive economic crash except the United States of America.  Other than America, most governments had failed completely and anarchy ruled most of the world. It was known by everyone that Islam started the war and caused the economic crash.

"They didn't!" snapped Merlin. "They owned and printed the American Dollar and the Euro. They profited from every note they printed by lending it out at interest, mostly to governments. But they lost control of the very governments they set up and controlled, and those governments turned against them. The Illuminati created their own enemy and ours."

"You mean the Moslem countries," offered Philip.

"Yes, but Big Oil should have known better. They set up Hitler to stop the oil pipeline to Europe and he turned against them. They set up Communism in Russia to get Russia's oil and Russia turned against them. They set up the Shah in Iran and he turned against them. They did not care if it took wars to get rid of these people because they controlled those governments that had the power to fight successfully on their behalf."

"Why couldn't they just get rid of the Radical Moslems as well? What happened?"

"Miscalculation!" Merlin pondered all he knew about the Illuminati and drifted off into deep thought. Should he give Philip a complete history of the Illuminati and their recent meetings that caused World War III, in spite of their carefully contrived plan?  “Let us go for a walk on the upper deck.  The night is warm and the stars should be bright out here in the Atlantic.” 

Philip and Father Merlin got up and went out to walk along the upper deck of the tanker ship.  It was the size of a football field not counting the captain’s deck and crew cabins. Neither Philip nor Merlin knew that below their feet in the huge oil compartment were thousands of specially developed weapons from hand held 9 mm to 50 caliber riffles to rocket and missal launchers.

They walked down one side of the tanker and back the other side. Simon followed closely behind so that he could hear and learn what was being said. They were far off the coast of Africa heading north and too early to sleep.  Merlin was not in any hurry to explain all he knew about the present situation of the world.  From a religious point of view it was God’s anger, but how could that be explained and what would be gained.  More important for the Ark would be to know who the real enemy was. Like the Jews riding the back of Rome to persecute the new Christians in the first two centuries (Apocalypse 17)  The Jews were the harlot that road the back of Rome.  Now we have the Moslem harlots who road the back of Big Oil, and the oil companies.  Rome turned on the Jews in 70 AD (Apocalypse 17:16) but this time the harlot turned on the beast, the Moslems turned on those who made them rich.

The good Father knew about the Illuminati meetings early in 1984 and the later meetings at the Russian Politburo in March that same year. Merlin thought about explaining this to Philip but concluded it would be too hard to understand at this time so he just made it simple.

"It started in France." Merlin began. Philip lit a pipe and listened carefully. "French Moslems started the riots but then for some reason communists and unions joined in. I don't know why. Anyway, it started as a simple riot in the streets one day about three years ago. But the riot never stopped! It spread out from Paris to all of France. Eventually the police and the army could not stop it. No one was sure who the enemy was! There were many factions. I'm sure Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Syria had a lot of influence in all the destruction after it got started, but I don't think they started it. It seemed to have been a simple union strike against one of the garment industries in Paris. A riot broke out. Other factions took the opportunity to create their own destruction. They included Moslems, Socialists, and Communists, and it spread out into all of France.”

Philip interrupted, “I thought the bombing of the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Iraqi, and Kuwait started the war?  Maybe the fighting in the Straights of Hormuz was the first thing?  I do not remember what came first.” 

“Yes! But all these things all happened at the same time: riots, bombings of utility plants and in almost every country in the world at the same time.  The fall of the French government and the nation's inability to form a new one is typical of what happened everywhere else.  The French and Italians suffered massive unemployment as a result, and, as you well know, the Moslems are very strong in Italy. It has been estimated that there are a million throughout Italy and 14% of the French population."

Merlin went on and on, trying as well as he could to explain why people throughout the world were engaged in civil wars while at the same time many other countries were fighting international wars. War infected every corner of the earth. Philip leaned against the railing looking down at the water. They were turning into the Mediterranean now and moving away from the African continent towards the European continent. Within an hour they would see the Rock of Gibraltar.

What everyone knew was that the Moslem world stopped the flow of gas to the world and sparked bombings and riots everywhere in the world where Moslems lived.  But what Merlin wanted Philip to know was the history.  Philip needed to know how the Western Democracies deliberately let Radical Islam come back into power after breaking them up in World War I.

Merlin carefully considered what Philip needed to know versus what was just too much information. Merlin himself had been informed of the first meetings through the Order's spy system. He had read the minutes of meetings held over the past 30 years and he pondered over them.

The first meeting was in early 1984 in London City, a fictitious section of London. In this meeting it was decided to end Communist Russia. Rothschild, himself, spoke:

"Gentlemen, because of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul, Russia is no longer an effective counter-balance to America. It is a paper tiger. We cannot let America become too strong and that is what is happening. We need a new direction, a new strategy.

"In counties where we control the government, communism or socialism works best because we simultaneously control the natural resources. When we eventually control the basic source of production, we will control the world. In the past, all the way back to the Egyptian Empire, slavery was this source of production. Today, in the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, energy is the source of production.

"With governments currently in control of oil, gas, water and electrical power, we only have to deal with a few people who we can control. This works best in socialism and its child, communism. If you remember back to 1914, there was a split between those who believed that the communist method of power was necessary and those who believed that the democratic method of socialism would work better because people could be easily bribed. So, we established Commuism in the East, and Socialism in the West. Then we watched to see what worked best for us.

"Today, for us and our purposes, Democratic Socialism is working best. However, we need a broader, more centralized government. We have relied until now upon the United Nations, but that institution has grown into a mutated octopus with too many tentacles to control! It is not serving our needs as it should."

At the end of that meeting, it was decided to end the Cold War and support the European Union instead of Russia. So, in March 1984, a member of the Illuminati attended the Politburo Meeting in the old Senate building in the Kremlin. The meeting had ostensibly been called by the General Secretary of
the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and the Supreme Ideologists! However, the real power behind the Politburo was the Illuminati, the meeting was in fact instigated by them.

No one noticed anything out of the ordinary, because these meetings were held every Tuesday.  In Russia, the Politburo was the real ruling body. The Minister of Defense, the Chairman of the KGB, the Internal Ministries, and everyone who had any leadership role in running the country was at these Politburo Meetings. The so-called Parliament and Presidency had no real power, and they automatically ratified every decision that came from the Politburo Meetings! In the August 1985 meeting the General Secretary set the agenda:

"Gentlemen, we can no longer sustain a Cold War with the West. Our economy has suffered substantial deterioration over the last seventy years. In fact, the pace of our economic decline has quickened over the most recent few years and our situation is critical. At the same time, the capitalist
economy of the West has enjoyed spectacular growth since 1914, despite its setbacks in the 1930's and periodic recessions thereafter. Except for our own nuclear deterrent, we have no conventional defense against the West.

"Although we split from the European Socialists in 1914, it seems that we should now consider rejoining them. I believe it is only in this way that we will be able to gain the international influence and power that we have been seeking. To accomplish this, we must be perceived by the West, and in
particular the United States, to be giving up communism in favor of both democratic socialism and some form of capitalism."

The General Secretary paused for a minute, looked at his notes, and then continued: 

"We must support and help the European Union and, in time, join with it. It has become self-evident that we cannot defeat America and Europe by force. However, what we can do is appear to reject communism, offer the West the olive branch of peace (which they will unduly hasten to grasp!), and by joining Europe eventually take over their governments by slowly indoctrinating them into the ways of central planning and control.

"I would like the Politburo to consider that we have not taken over a country in the last six years by infiltration. The U.S. is now using the same tactics, and, in fact, since Ronald Reagan we have been losing the battle. Our food supplies are growing scarce. It is becoming more difficult to restrain our own countrymen. Our control over our allies is now in question. We can no longer wait or our nation will collapse and we will fade into history as just another system that did not work!"

Finally, a perplexed Major General Borg spoke, "How do we manage to bring to an end a seventy year-old system of government?"

Molotish, the hard-nosed head of the KGB, slowly rose out of his chair to get everyone's attention. When at last silence descended over the table, he sat down imperially, leaned forward with an authoritative air, and spoke slowly and decisively into his microphone, "Will we not look like we just lost the war?"

Kolomonish, the head of GRU responded, "Not if we plan it very carefully."

Molotish persisted: "Though appearances are important, and our global standing cannot be ignored, I really do not care if we call it communism, socialism, or democracy so long as we continue to hold absolute power."

With that, the meeting ended surprisingly early. It had been easier than anticipated to generate the consensus the Illuminati needed to carry off this daring scheme.  Later in London, at the Illuminati meeting, a report of the Politburo meeting was presented to 18 of the 20 leading members.

"We have the communist leaders believing that ending communism is in their best interest. They have 20% of the world's oil reserves. We can take control of that, modernize their technology, pump it into Europe and once Europe becomes dependant on Russian oil, use that to control European
countries. Our goal is to put an end to the United Nations. In its place, we will construct three geopolitical entities. We will build a United Europe, United America, and United Asia. Each region will have its own currency: the Euro, the Amero, and the Asian. The Dollar will continue to be the international currency, but it will not be controlled by America or even used by the Americans.

“Nationalism will prevent us from calling these entities governments, so we will have to call them Economic or Defense Treaties, Congresses, or Co-operatives. Any name will do, but we must not favor any one nation or existing name. At length, there will be only three world-wide governments
and only four currencies.  In the meantime, we must solve the escalating Moslem problem, especially as it has a profound impact on our oil supply."

Philip looked at Father Merlin, who started walking again.  Merlin was quiet for a long time and Philip wondered what he was thinking about.  There was still no land in sight, only stars and ocean.  Everything was calm.  What Merlin wanted the Ark to know (and never forget) is who the real enemy was.  The connection between communism and the Illuminati was important but somewhat past history.  The European Union was important history but maybe for another time, after all the war now was different and Communism and even the European Union were over and finished.   

"Philip, as you know, in the last 100 years we have fought two world wars, given birth to the first atheistic governments in the history of the world, warped individual morality by popularizing and spreading all manner of birth control, legalized abortion and homosexuality, and then even went so far as
to try to force homosexuality and abortion on the rest of the world. In some countries, we have even outlawed religion! Have you considered whether or not all of this was random, or carefully planned?

“Notice that all of these events have one common denominator that distinguishes them: they all attack humanity by first attacking the living principles that God has laid down for us. This commonality suggests not randomness, but active planning. In our world, who hates God, and therefore his children, with such intensity while at the same time possessing both the global reach and the financial wherewithal to execute such a plan? Yes! The Illuminati!

"These elites (those invisible, fabulously wealthy people lurking behind and controlling national leaders) consider the earth's natural resources their private possessions and they do not want to share them with any emerging, developing Third World Countries. They also consider anything but "Aryans' their slaves and just another natural resource that they can exploit for their own gain, as they did with the North and South American slave trade.

"The Real Power (the Illuminati) wanted to keep developing countries as backward countries so that they could take their natural resources - oil, gold, food, minerals, and gems and use them for themselves. They especially wanted this cheap labor to be used to steal these things and ship them to the leading nations of the world. The Illuminati controlled these nations, so they would naturally assume control of these plundered resources. As you know, whoever controls natural resources has immense power. The pursuit of this power via control of the world's most valuable resources (especially human resources) is the reason for all the wars throughout the history of the world.” 

Merlin was on a role now and did not want to stop but Philip interrupted. 

“Father, are you trying to tell me that a small group of people in London and Europe caused the Moslem’s to declare a Jihad against the world? Masons believe in two gods but they are not bad people. The Illuminati is just a small part of the Masons.” 

Philip could not accept any Western peoples supporting Jihad. Philip knew that Jihad was prophesied by Mohammed followers since the eighth century and the 12 caliphs.  Philip knew that traditional Moslems would never accept a world of many faiths, not even the Mason’s two gods.

But Merlin would not let Philip change the flow of thought. 

“Philip, understand first how we came to this point.  Then you will see that Our Lady used a satanic force to destroy another satanic force.  But to end this war we must know the cause and the enemy.  Follow my thinking!

“After the industrial revolution, money and power derives from oil. John David Rockefeller was one of the first to see this and although not in the oil business himself, founded Shell oil, now Standard Oil. What he did was develop oil tankers for the railroad and lease them cheaply to wildcat oil riggers and oil refineries, causing a great expansion of oil exploration, production, and refining. At the moment of greatest advantage, he withdrew his leases from them. No longer having the means to get their oil to market, they were forced to choose between bankruptcy or selling out to Rockefeller. That was really no decision at all. In this way, he captured all the oil in America.

"On the other side of the world, another member of the Illuminati, Rothschild, developed the British-Persian Petroleum Company to seize Persian (Iranian) oil. It was then left to Royal Dutch Shell, also controlled by the Illuminati, to develop the oil of the East Indies, Indonesia, and Asia. These three companies controlled the oil resources of the world. This gave these few elite individuals immense power over the world. They controlled the development and growth of industry, and most importantly, the growing and distribution of food. In fact, they created the first oil cartel to control the price of oil. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before they could do that, they needed to get rid of the colonial ownership of all oil fields. That meant "liberating" the colonies developed by France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

"Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the Germans enjoyed an astonishing economic explosion. In 1889, they signed an agreement to build a railway to ship oil from Constantinople into Berlin. The British made sure that this rail link was never completed. World War I was fomented by the British to stop that railway, so that they could control oil, which by then had become the world's most important resource. During World War I, the British negotiated an agreement with France, Italy, and Russia that was known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement. This agreement was designed for a post-war world wherein the soon-to-be former Ottoman Empire would be divided into Western-controlled colonies.

"It was this secret agreement that created Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Kuwait. Britain would control the oil-rich Persian Gulf: Iran, Iraq and Kuwait. She would also dominate Palestine and Jordan. France would exploit Syria and Lebanon while Italy was promised parts of Anatolia and some Mediterranean islands. Russia was to get parts of Armenia and Kurdistan. At this time, Lawrence of Arabia was directing the Arab revolt against the Ottomans on behalf of the British. He assured his Arab allies that Britain would honor their desires for independence. However, predictably, after the war these promises were ignored.

"During this deliberately instigated war, the famous Balfour Declaration was also delivered. It was a letter sent by Lord Balfour to Lord Rothschild that promised official British endorsement of a Jewish state in Palestine. The plain fact is that the Arabs were cheated, betrayed, and used in a British drive to gain control of the region that possessed the world's largest known oil reserves. The British created Saudi Arabia and its puppet kings have ruled ever since. However, the British did not believe that there was oil there, and Standard Oil of California purchased the rights to oil for $250,000 in 1933.

"Prince Faisal, who had worked with Lawrence of Arabia, was given Iraq to govern as king. Prince Abdallah was given the land of Trans-Jordan. The Arab leaders had been cheated and betrayed, but they were still dependant upon British military power to allow them any type of rule over the Arab masses. The religion of Islam became a tool of the British to legitimize the rule, tyranny, and corruption of Arab leaders. To the Illuminati, Islam was an acceptable tool since it could be and was used just like communism.”

It was getting cold on the deck of the ship so Simon got three wool robes for them to rape up in.  Simon did not want the good Father to stop talking but he knew that soon they would have to get some sleep.  Philip did not react to what Merlin was saying.  He either knew it already or just did not care.  He probably knew everything that was being said since his father, Otto, was a very well educated and political figure in Europe.  One of the Knights brought them some hot soup and recommended that they get sleep soon, but Merlin preferred to educate a little more before ending the evening.  They could now see some land on the coast of Portugal in the Algarve.  Stars were bright and the Moon full.  While looking up at the Moon, Merlin went on talking:

"The reason for the Second World War was to get the last of the huge oil fields, the large (maybe largest) oil field of Russia. As I hinted at earlier, both Communism and Nazism were created to get these oil fields for the big three. They used Fascism to attack Russia and eliminate her control over that oil. Both Hitler and Mussolini were funded and brought into power in the 1920's and '30s by international bankers, including the twelve Rockefeller banks which now make up the American Federal Reserve System, which is perhaps the most important Illuminati controlled System in the world.

"But the Germans did not attack Russia as the Big Three had expected. Instead, Rommel went rushing across North Africa to grab the Suez Canal and gain control of all oil shipping through the canal. Then, he planned to continue on to Persia and toss out the British from the British-Persian oil fields. Meanwhile Germany's ally, the Japanese, swept through Southeast Asia and gobbled up all the oil holdings of Royal Dutch Shell. Things were not going very well for the Allies. Then, there was Pearl Harbor. With America's entry into the war, the Alliance, Germany, Italy and Japan was doomed.

"Following World War II, the British-Persian Oil Company still controlled the vast oil fields in Iran. The Persians had aligned themselves with Adolf Hitler's "Aryan Race" and they changed their name to "Aryan," or in Farsi, "Iran". But the Germans failed to free them from the British.

"After the war, an American CIA coup placed in power Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and thus America stole the oil from England. Standard Oil now had control of the British-Persian petroleum fields. They took over British Petroleum and modified the name to British Petroleum America. All that was left were the Russian oil fields. They were still free of the big three. During the war, the Communists had managed to turn the tables on the American industrialists, frustrating the Illuminati’s plan.

"This remained the status quo for the duration of the Cold War. Then came the two wars in Iraq. The entire Iraq fiasco began as an attempt to secure the transportation of Russian oil. The plan was to create a secure pipeline from the Russian oil fields that would cross the length of Iraq and empty into terminals on the Persian Gulf. This oil could then be loaded year round onto tankers and shipped to England and America. The wars in Kosovo and Afghanistan were also contrived to provide pipeline routes for oil.”

Philip did not say a word but he could not believe that all these wars were planed to control oil and planed by the very people he knew well.  Merlin, however, did not stop talking and Philip was not yet sleepy.  A chill came over him but he just watched the sea and the long line of light the Moon made against the water. Merlin made sure that Philip was listening and then went on.  He was obsessed with Philip knowing these truths before they reached Rome and the Holy Father.

"Even the attacks on nuclear power plants by environmentalists were financed and orchestrated by the Big Three Oil Companies. These attacks stimulated widespread public opposition to nuclear power, driving developed nations to become even more intractably dependant on oil. In turn, this further entrenched the power of Big Oil. The most famous of these was Chernobyl. This disaster was used to discredit nuclear power. But, it was built in a very big hurry by the Russians to process nuclear fuel for bombs, not to generate electricity as most people think. Nuclear Power, done correctly, is safer than oil." Merlin looked at Philip to see if this was too much all at once, and for signs of skepticism. Instead, Philip was fully engaged.

"What did the Illuminati want?" Philip seemed to understand the history but not the motivation.

"Financial security at first! They became powerful in the early 17th century by buying cheap goods from India, diamonds from Africa, gold from South America, spice and silk from Asia, drugs from China, and rugs from the Middle East. All of this they sold throughout Europe and England. They had found the true motherlode: cheap labor plus inexpensive natural resources from Third World countries sold in First World countries at enormous profits. They created greatest concentration of wealth in the hands of a few people in the history of the world.”

Philip interrupted,

“There is nothing wrong with this. That is just good business. You are implying that they are the real enemy and created this war and the problems we are having in the world today.  I see it as strictly a Moslem or religious war.  I see it as Radical Islam trying to take over the world.  I do not see what the Illuminati has to do with all this.”

“You have to understand why they became organized into a group of the world’s most wealthy people and then how they created the hatred that breaded the Radical Islamic branch of what was becoming a moderate religion.  But you must go back to why they organized in the first place.

"They soon began to fear the loss of their wealth to governments, either through taxation or outright confiscation. They had the money alright, but governments had armies. At the whim of a despot or two, all could be lost. So, to protect their wealth, they met and decided to devise and execute the most sophisticated plans in human history for one objective only - to protect themselves against all governments.”

“That seems logical,” interrupted Philip, “I would have done the same thing.  This is still not a condemnation of these people.”

“That is true,” Merlin offered, “but to do this they had to find ways to control governments. At first, they bribed government officials, kings, prime ministers, and presidents. Soon, they realized that this was futile. They would never exhaust the number of extended hands, and as those hands grew stronger as they fed off their growing wealth, they could be turned against the Illuminati. These captains of capitalism understood that there was indeed no honor among thieves. They had to find a different way. So, they advanced their thinking and realized that they had to become more powerful than governments. The bribes that they would pay in the future would be the very titles of king, prime minister, and president.

“They would place their own hand-picked favorites in the state houses of their choice, but retained the power to remove any independent rebel. The Illuminati knew that they had to become so powerful, and so wealthy, that they would either control a nation's armed forces themselves, or maintain their own secret, hidden army. As profitable as their current businesses were, they needed additional, large sources of revenue. The answer was the African slave trade. They were the first to get into the slave trade and in fact instigated the Civil War in America to keep this trade going.

"Eventually, the slave trade was outlawed almost world wide. Fortunately for the Illuminati, this happened virtually at the same time as the next, greatest source of wealth in the modern economy surfaced: OIL. America had its own oil and therefore became the greatest industrial power in the history of the world in just 40 years, from 1914 to 1954. England and Europe had to solve the problem of getting this black gold from Third World nations. This was entirely manageable, but time was critical. If these Third World countries started using this oil for themselves, they all could become great industrial powers like America and shut off the supply of Black Gold that Europe and England needed. This was the greatest threat to the wealth and power of the Illuminati, so they had to keep these nations backward and poor.”

Philip was getting impatient with Merlin but said nothing.  This was not getting to the point of what was obviously a war of religion, Moslems against the rest of the world.  He knew Mason’s believe in two gods, Lucifer and God, and he knew the Illuminati’s satanic rituals were sinful but he did not consider their wealth sinful.  In fact, Philip thought their business practices were rather smart.

But Merlin was about to show how a few rich people and their greed caused all the wars then and even now. 

"Suddenly across the globe in Third World countries we find civil wars, rebellions, the emergence of dictators out of nowhere, easily manipulated democracies, drug cartels, and Moslems making jihad against everyone. The result in many of these places was mass starvation, famine, and the destruction of what little infrastructure they had. Even the former colonies of Europe regressed to a primitive state. All of this was planned, and all of it was designed to destabilize entire regions so the Big Oil could either gain control of oil, or guarantee existing control of oil. Tragically, the tracks for this rampaging locomotive were greased with the blood of millions, but that mattered not all to these evil men.

"Funny thing about all this was that none of these countries made weapons and yet these rebels, dictators, drug lords, and Islamic radicals had all the most modern weapons at their disposal without limits. Toward the end of the twentieth century, the industrialized countries suddenly began to support China. No other regime in history killed more of its own people, killed more people per se than all other countries combined. This regime suppressed religion, woman's rights, the press, and mercilessly put down all dissent and dissenters. Why did the West suddenly support this regime? Once again the answer is cheap labor and low cost products. However, like Germany, Russia, and the Middle East, China turned on its hidden benefactors, but you know that so let's continue.

"Cheap labor was the one constant in the plans of the Illuminati. As the 1970's dawned, many third world nations were eagerly anticipating the benefits of their emerging modern economies. This could not be tolerated because it would free them from the iron grip of the Illuminati. So, a simple plan was devised. Israel would be drawn into what came to be known as the Yom Kippur war in 1973. America would support the Israelis and in retaliation, OPEC would raise oil prices 1500%. Economies cannot develop without an abundance of affordable energy, and the massive increase in the price of oil was a major setback to emerging nations like India, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia and Mexico.

"Unable to continue the development they had started, poor counties were forced to borrow massive amounts of money from the World Bank just to keep their economies functioning. In an unholy homage to J.D. Rockefeller, the World Bank was controlled by the same big three oil companies. In time, they foreclosed on these loans and exchanged them for control of the natural resources of these countries. The people had no idea their patrimony had been auctioned off to the lowest bidder, or that soon they would become enslaved in an altogether new way: buying the water, power, and fuels they needed to survive would consume their modest incomes. In short, they were working just to pay for what had been stolen from them."

Merlin and Philip walked back and forth on the deck of the oil tanker and both men were struck by the stark contrast of what they saw: toward God's heaven was a night sky punctuated with an endless array of luminous stars while here on Man's Earth guards stood watch on all four sides of the ship.

Merlin wondered how Man had managed to stray so far from the majesty of the Almighty. Meanwhile, Philip was struggling with a natural skepticism, but Merlin's knowledge of history, and his telling of it, was strangely persuasive. Nevertheless, Philip was unnerved. Some of the very people Merlin was calling enemies of God were his friends. He decided to remain silent for now. Later, he would demand answers.

"With the rise in energy prices, the development of the Third World was checked. But that created a new problem. The Arab Middle East had accumulated great riches. That wealth had to be dissipated. So, the Globalists again turned to their secret allies from the manufactured oil crisis: the Radical Islamists.

"Radical Islam did not believe in modernization, education, or materialism. This theology gave the Illuminati the cover they needed to keep the Arab Middle East backward. They used Radical Islam to attack industrialization and modernization with the lie that human progress was un-Islamic and a Western plot against the servants of Allah.

"The real goal was actually aimed at the brown-skinned masses of the Middle East who were briefly experiencing a positive change in their quality of life in terms of education, employment, shelter, sanitation, and nutrition. They had to be kept poor and disenfranchised. So, the religious and Intellectual advocates of ignorance, filth, and violence joined forces to throw the prosperous Middle East back into the dark ages.

"In England, the Islamic Foundation was established by Professor Kurshid Ahmad in Leicester in 1973 as a branch of the Jamaat-e Islami.  When General Zia came to power in Pakistan, he appointed Ahmad to serve as his Minister of Economics. Also in 1973, the Islamic Council of Europe was created with headquarters in London. The Council's long-time Secretary-General was a prominent Muslim Brother, Salem Azzam.

"Another project was "Islam and the West," begun at Cambridge in 1977 with Muslim Brother and former Syrian prime minister Maarouf Dawalibi, in collaboration with the Club of Rome's Peccei and Britain's Lord Caradon, along with Dr. Alexander King's International Federation of Advanced Study.

"What exactly is the Club of Rome, anyway?" Philip interrupted. "I've heard of them, but I'm not altogether sure what they are or what they do."

"Well, officially, it was a non-governmental organization made up of scientists, economists, businessmen, and former heads of state who publicly espoused the belief that humanity was in control of its future and that all that was required to create a prosperous and peaceful world was careful planning by men of good will from all over the world. However, in truth, it was a subversive organization dedicated to giving birth to the New World Order via the birth pangs of global conflict. These wars would strip humanity of the civil rights and freedoms that they inherited from Christianity and indeed, place the blame on religion itself. At last, the people themselves would cry out in desperation for autocracy and an end to religious differentiation. The result, to be given to them upon request, was to be a one-world government and a one-world religion, fashioned in the image and likeness of the Club of Rome and those who controlled it. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

"Islam and the West assembled a policy outline effectively defining Islam as a backwards religion in a struggle with science and technology. The Globalists of the Club of Rome were determined to promote only the repressive anti-Western minority elements of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood was the key to selling this view to the world.

"The Muslim Brotherhood was founded by Hasan al-Banna as a religious secret society. British Intelligence cultivated ties with the Brotherhood through agent Freya Stark. These covert connections were used to keep track of the growing German presence in North Africa. The Muslim Brotherhood spread throughout the Muslim world and evolved into something like a Muslim equivalent of the West's Masonic brotherhood. It bred the first Islamic Fundamentalist terror organizations."

Philip had had enough. This was too incredible. "Are you trying to convince me that the West created its own worst enemy, Radical Islam? No way! That's just too hard to believe. It is way beyond belief!"

Merlin thought for a moment, rubbing his chin and hanging his head down to his chest. "OK!" Merlin eyes lit up as he thought of something that would convince anyone. 

"Remember when Egypt's Gamal Nasser banned both the Wafd Party and the Muslim Brotherhood to create a secular government, like the west? The western democracies should have seized the opportunity to support Nasser in the hope that his actions would be imitated throughout the Middle East."

Merlin paused to reflect on this sad moment in history because Nasser was a great man who could have been the father of peace throughout the Middle East. He was determined to keep Islam and its radical adherents out of government while at the same time bringing the Middle East into line with the modern notions of justice and peaceful co-existence.

"However, in the eyes of the oil-besotted magnates of the West, Nasser had the gall to presume to own the Suez Canal, totally within Egypt and totally under his jurisdiction according to every applicable international treaty extant. They refused to deal with him, so on July 26, 1956 he evicted from the Suez Canal Zone the British who had controlled it since 1882. This was very serious because there was no way the oil cartel could give up control of the oil gateway to the west.

"Three months later, the Suez Canal War began. Israel took over Gaza in five days and British and French troops took over the Canal Zone. The United Nations condemned the action and a ceasefire was agreed to on November 6. With safe passage guaranteed, the Canal was then returned to Egypt. After this bitter experience, Nasser sought to free the Middle East from Western domination while simultaneously being cynical of the type of Islam that had been used so successfully in the past to prop up and justify elitist rule.

"This required a response. Egypt was one of the largest, most strategically important nations in the Middle East, and now it was alienated from the West. An even greater danger was that Nasser's success in overcoming the powerful West would become contagious. So, the West decided to turn to a hidden dragon, Islamic Fundamentalism, to destabilize or topple the regimes that refused to be dominated by them, the Illuminati.

"Their first chance was not long in coming. In 1951, Mohammed Mossadegh was elected as Iran's Prime Minister. One of his first acts was to nationalize the Iranian oil industry on May 1, taking it over from the British. To recover their interests in Iran, the British gave a group led by Radical Islamist Ayatollah Qanatabadi $100,000 to stir up unrest. Two years later, Mossadegh was forced from power. This single act may be the very root or start of World War III.   This is what I am trying to explain to you, that a group of people in London created Radical Islam for their own benefit.  But you will see that it backfired on them and was their downfall."

Merlin thought how sad this moment in history was. Philip still found all this hard to believe. He knew that the Ayatollah had hid out in England, but he did not know he was supported by the British. Merlin continued his 20th Century history lesson so that Philip would truly understand who the real enemy was. Radical Islam started World War III but the London bankers created Radical Islam.  Merlin went on.

"The Pro-West Shah was now in total control of the country and for a long time, all went well. But 25 years later, the Shah began to alienate the three oil giants by starting to modernize Iran, and his nationalist policies worried the Anglo-American Establishment. First, he signed petroleum agreements with ENI, the Italian oil company. Then, in 1963, he implemented a series of popular reforms that became known as the White Revolution: he bought land from the upper classes and, along with the crown's own land, sold it back cheaply to tenant farmers, allowing over one and a half million people to become land owners. This ended the old feudal system. Then, he allowed women the right to vote, and ended the mandatory wearing of the veil. These attempts to "Westernize" Iran earned him the enmity of the religious leaders. He didn't seem to realize he was isolating himself with no strong allies in sight. He then began a $90 billion nuclear power program at the same time he acted aggressively to shut down the lucrative opium industry which had been created by the British over a hundred years earlier. These initiatives succeeded in growing Iran's economy by 7-8% each year from 1965-1973 and it seemed the Shah was setting the example for the developing nations of the world to follow. 

"Meanwhile, the West should have loved what Iran was doing. But as far as the selfish Anglo-American Establishment was concerned, this could not be allowed to continue. The Establishment goals were focused on world de-population and de-industrialization, ideas formulated by policy makers like Lord Bertrand Russell and advocated by Establishment "stalwarts" such as Henry Kissinger, Zibigniew Brzezinski, and Robert McNamara (the head of the World Bank). They were also supported by the British elites who controlled the World Wildlife Fund and other environmental front groups.

“Iranian policies, especially if imitated in the Third World, would advance prosperity. In turn, that would entail the rapid growth of a vibrant health care industry servicing billions of people. That would mean billions of people would live longer, and that was no way to depopulate the world. Worse still to the Establishment deep thinkers, greater wealth, healthier lives, and enhanced longevity would make it virtually impossible to foment the necessary wars, civil and international, that were absolutely necessary to achieve their goals. The Iranian regime had to be destroyed.

"The attack on the Shah's government came through the Muslim Brotherhood and the mullahs and ayatollahs of Iran, supported and manipulated by British Intelligence. Radical Islam was the tool used by the British to get rid of both the Shah and Nasser for their crimes of wanting to modernize their countries and control their own natural resources.

"It was England's own Prime Minister who decreed that the "Muslim Mussolini" was not to be allowed to have his hand on England's windpipe and therefore must be destroyed, and damned be the consequences. Nasser's murder was thereby commissioned. The great irony in all this is that Nasser's secular (non religious) Egyptian government had traditionally been one of the toughest enemies of Islamic terrorism, whereas the single most important backer of Egyptian terror groups had been Britain, Herself!"

Philip interrupted, "By Britain, you mean the Illuminati?"


Merlin was glad to see that Philip was beginning to understand who the enemy was. 

"Britain used Islam to help legitimize the puppet dictators that they had installed in their Arab colonies after World War I. Later, Britain (and America) used militant Islam as a force to help topple governments such as Mossadegh's and Nasser's that were trying to fight Western domination.

"This explosion of violence throughout the Middle East in the late '70s and early '80s was referred to by Zbigniew Brzezinski as the "Arc of Crisis." It was not something that occurred by chance, but was in fact the result of the deliberate plan developed by the Globalist strategists. The Middle Eastern "Arc of Crisis" was not a spontaneous internal conflagration; it was something that came about as a result of Western policy in league with the Muslim Brotherhood. Without help from the west in the form of financing, strategy, and tactics, Radical Islam would have remained illegitimate in the eyes of Arab Moslems and utterly impotent."

Philip was getting a good part of this, but there was so much detail. It would have helped had he enjoyed a better knowledge of 20th century history. Also, he didn't like appearing to be so dense! He had a lot of questions, but he feared the answers would only provoke more uncertainty so he chose to be silent.

Merlin continued,

"At first, Western support for Islam was provided openly and accepted by the leadership of the Islamic movements without reservation. Islam had a good image in the West up to this time. The Islamic movement was noted most for its anti-communist stance and there was little to suggest that, soon, conservative Islam would turn against the West.

"After the Six Day War in 1967, the power of the Islamic movements greatly increased. Islamic theology overtook secularism, and a more virulent form of Arab nationalism emerged. The Arab community saw the West stand idle as Israel attacked without reason her Arab neighbors, capturing the Sinai, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. It suddenly dawned on the Muslims that the West favored Israel over the Arabs and resentment towards the West increased dramatically.

"Eventually, this led to the events of October 6, 1973 when Egypt and Syria launched a supposed surprise attack on Israel. Ten days later, OPEC raised the price of oil by a whopping 70%, and then the following day announced that they would enforce a progressive embargo against Europe and the United States until Israel was forced to withdraw to their pre-1967 borders.

"Britain remained neutral throughout the entire episode and was one of the few Western countries not placed under the Arab oil embargo because it had backed Radical Islamic Fundamentalists. What came to be known as the Yom Kippur War ended on October 26, but the effects were geopolitically
profound. Arab nations suddenly became the benefactors of a huge increase in oil revenues, from $3.01 a barrel in early 1973, to $11.65 a barrel in early 1974. Globally, they were now a powerful force.

"But while this seemed like a dramatic anti-West posture, the rise in oil prices was actually something that had been planned previously by the Anglo-American Establishment and mentioned at the Bilderberg conference in May, 1973 in Saltsjoebaden, Sweden.

"The what?" Philip couldn't stop himself. The question popped out too quickly.

"The Bilderberg group was very small, about 130 of the most powerful people in the world, and it was very secretive. Their meetings were closed, but most of the Bilderbergers were also members of the Club of Rome, and both groups shared the same Globalists ambitions.

"Anyhow, Kissinger was the point man in engineering the Arab-Israeli conflict that created the excuse for the oil price hike. This in turn helped to rescue Britain's North Sea oil projects that had previously been seen as risky investments. The most catastrophic effect, however, was that the rise in energy prices put a quick halt to Third World industrialization, forcing many countries to borrow a great deal of money over the next several years to pay for energy, thus setting the stage for the long-term indebtedness of
the Third World to Anglo-American banks. Eventually, this led to the takeover of their natural resources as a trade in-kind for some of the debt."

Merlin could see that Philip was having trouble following all of this, so he decided to offer a grand generalization.

"Look Philip, consider that all the wars of the last hundred years have been for oil and to keep Third World Countries backward. Also consider that often these plans came back to bite the people who planned them. All you have to do is follow the money. Iran wanted to keep control of its own oil. Russia needed the cooperation of Iran to pump their oil over Iranian territory and to the open market via the Persian Gulf.  Saudi Arabia was forced to embrace Radical Islam. China was making oil deals outside the Big Three Cartel.

“Africa was attempting to break loose from World Bank control at the same time South America was electing people who wanted to break ties with the World Bank as well.

"While all this was happening the Big Three wanted to keep oil prices high and stop the development of all alternative energy sources. But high oil prices were weakening global currencies and pushing the world very close to a worldwide economic crash. The United Nations failed. The European Union was not working. World Government seemed far off, since only America could do it and she was too conservative to take the lead.

"As in the 1700s when the Illuminati first got together to protect themselves from governments, the global situation had come back to the place where it had started. America was becoming impossible to control and at the same time less and less Internationalist. The collaboration with Islam had backfired on the West and put it into massive debt. Although oil prices were making the Big Three richer, the future did not look good for them as events began to spiral out of their control.

"But the goal of this Satanic secret society had not changed over the centuries: they wanted control of the world. To do that they needed to have a One World Government controlled by themselves and, despite all their planning and all their secret meetings, it was getting out of reach. They needed a new and drastic strategy to regain control of the process and then ultimately, the world.

"The proper thing to do, the moral thing, would have been to let the Middle East industrialize with the revenue from its own natural resources. If Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon were brought into the 20th Century through modernization, Radical Islam would die. The front lines of revolutions are not populated by the overweight middle class!

"If Brazil and other Latin American Countries would have gained control of their economies and used their resources to improve the lives of the masses like Costa Rica and Panama did, they would have avoided repetitive, destructive civil conflicts and instead contributed significantly to global wealth and prosperity. If Western Governments would have helped nascent democracies in Africa instead of turning a blind eye to them, Africa, with some of the world's greatest natural resources, would have developed into a powerful economic engine, spreading prosperity among all her peoples, and also contributing to a rapidly advancing world economy.

"But these things would not make the richest people in the world richer; they would take away their source of power: cheap labor and cheap natural resources. And besides, they did not want the world better off; they wanted to control it!

"Think! Why did they try so hard to create a one world SOCIALIST government by supporting Socialism worldwide for so long? Because in a Socialist system, the government controls all the natural resources and the production of goods and services. The Illuminati can control governments easily, but it is much more difficult to control millions, billions, of people. Now, of course, all the plans that they had formulated over the last 150 years had fallen apart. To regain control of the processes leading to a One World Government, they needed another war. Then, when the world was in the midst of total anarchy, they would come forth and offer the only workable solution: world government. At that point, once the people were introduced to the idea, it would not be a matter of imposing World Government; bone-weary of death and destruction, the people would demand it!”

Philip pondered all that Merlin was saying but it did not make sense. This war was not prearranged. There were too many things that seemed to just happen and no one could have organized it.

But to make matters even worse for them, the American oil shale fields of the mid-west were opened up to private companies. These were the largest oil reserves in the world and soon, nobody would be paying nine dollars a gallon for oil!

America was out of control. The big three oil companies, the major Arab and South American oil producing nations, and even Russia became worried about America becoming oil free. They were looking at the world's lone remaining superpower becoming even more powerful, wealthier, and most importantly, ever more independent of the rest of the world. This could not stand. Special meetings were held and phone calls flew desperately back and forth across oceans to discuss what to do about America.

Eventually, a secret meeting of the most powerful Illuminati was held and it was decided to quickly cut off all oil to America before they could achieve oil independence. Thus, it was decided to deliberately crash the dollar and the American, and therefore the global, economy.

To do this they needed to put a man as President of America, who would stop oil production, stop fighting Islam and increase government spending to the point of bankruptcy.  With heavy financing from non-American sources, they got their man.  But he was so radically socialist, and pro-Muslim, he frightened Americans and they quickly got rid of him. In only two years he awakened Americans to the horrors of any kind of socialism. 

Another big mistake was trying to unit Moslems and socialists world wide! Moslems and left-wing socialists are never united on anything. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq were not going to cut off their friend, America. Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Argentina were not large suppliers of oil to America.

America was not oil independent but it was fast getting there because of oil shale and oil sands, the largest deposits in the world.  

 Israel suddenly attacked Iran and Iran could not defend themselves but they were able to bomb the oil fields in Saudi Arabis, Kuwait and Iraq. 

Suddenly the Straits of Hormuz were blocked by sinking oil tankers one on top of another.More ships were sunk in the straits of Oman and Djibouti; the docks of the Panama Canal were bombed and the Suez Canal closed. Suddenly, oil transportation routes were stopped almost all over the world, even to Europe, China, and the rest of Asia.

As a consequence, riots erupted in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, and England. Home made bombs hit power plants in Spain. Oil fires dotted the landscape of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. This did not please the oil cartels; not at all. All of this destruction did not really harm the United States as much as it hurt the rest of the world. Within weeks, every country in the world, including Iran, was out of oil, except, ironically, the United States.

Within days the United States called in the army to help increase the production of gas and oil from the oil sands of the west and build the pipe lines and roads to bring this to the people and the military.   Overnight the military build tent cities and put 4,000,000 people to work in the oil and gas business.  Within four months America was oil independent and within a year they were exporting oil.   The military even went out to the farms and helped them increase food production and quick distribution.  The Federal government and the most of the State governments went bankrupt overnight and this caused riots everywhere, but unlike the rest of the world the American people took charge quickly.  Even though the police and firemen were not being paid, many kept on keeping the peace.  Because Americans owned 400,000,000 guns they were able to protect themselves and their neighbors. The Army stayed together and the people formed small community governments.

The real reason America was not hit as bad as the rest of the world happened two years after the economic crash.  Finally the Catholic Church realized it needed Our Lady to save America. A massive push was made to make a statue to Our Lady of America, and within a year it was made.  Over 100 bishops, thousands of priests and nuns, and over 2.000.000 Americans (Catholics and non-Catholics) marched the statue to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC and placed it on the High Altar. All prayed for two days that Our Lady keep Her promise to save America and to lead the world to peace.  

Riots everywhere else quickly morphed into civil wars all over the world, with few exceptions. Oddly, out of all that chaos, there seemed to be an organized attack on the entire world. Even the Illuminati could not figure out who organized it. Merlin himself had suspicions, but no proof.  This part of the history of the war Philip knew.

Philip and Merlin went back to the cabin to get out of the cold.  A Knight brought them some coffee and cakes.  Philip sipped on his coffee and listened intently to Merlin. He wondered who he was, but didn't ask. He knew he was a Priest, but how was he connected to The Holy Father? Why did he come for him? Who was that giant black man with the Red Cross? Philip picked up his pipe, and Merlin went on about the war.

"As you know war has gripped every country in the world. In Japan, there is fighting in the streets everywhere. South Africa is almost totally destroyed, as is the rest of the continent! In South America, almost every government has fallen! India and Pakistan are fighting again. China and Formosa are face to face preparing for war but both are out of fuel to keep their armies going.  All of northern Italy is on fire! Most of Rome has been destroyed, including St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican. That is why The Holy Father has chosen to leave Rome for West Germany; the most lost and dejected man I have ever seen."

"You were there? You saw him?" Philip interrupted, almost standing up.

"Yes! I was there! He has few friends now. A handful of Cardinals stay with him. Most deserted him. Some think we have no pope, but he lives indeed."

"What is the Pope like?"

"He is strong. He never gives up. He makes plans and then executes them."

Philip was more puzzled than ever. This Priest brings him a letter from The Holy Father, a man he seems to know a lot about, but why? He dresses like a poor beggar, and yet he was with The Pope! He is old, crippled, and poor, but that well-dressed giant obeys and protects him like a king. It was well beyond strange, but Philip asked no more questions. He again lifted his countenance and surveyed the spotted sky. The ship moved slowly through the Mediterranean towards Rome, and a now anxious Philip continued to ponder so many unanswered questions.