The Ark of Apocalypse


Enoch and Elisa

When the Abomination of Desolation occurred in the Temple with Julian declaring himself the Christ and the one and only God, something else happened at the same moment.  Lightening came from the heavens to the earth on the top of a mount near Ephesus, in what was Turkey. A cloud of white smoke rose up where the lightening hit.  A group of Moslem and Christian tourists were there to honor the home and final resting place of the Virgin Mary.

When the smoke cleared the tourists were looking at two men dressed in century old clothes.  It was a sight so strange that they stood staring at them.  The tourists were frozen and could not move.

One of the men was over seven foot tall with at least a three foot black beard and long black hair. He had no gray hair.  He had no cover over his head, and his clothes were made of brown un-bleached lamb’s wool.  His robe came down just below his knees and his sleeves to just below his elbows. He had no belt. He looked even taller because of the man with him.

The other man was only about five feet tall.  He also had a long beard and long hair but it was pure white.  He had a hair rope belt around a long brown robe that went to the ground. 

It was a strange sight, a very tall man who looked young but with a beard of an old man, and the other very short with the looks of a very old and wrinkled man.  Finally the two men looked at the tourists and then at each other.  They talked with each other for a few moments and then walked towards the crowd of tourists.

The short man was Elias, the Thesbite, and he spoke first:  “You have come here to honor the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.  We are pleased.”

 Enoch, the tall man,  looked down at Elias: “We have made them quite frightened. Perhaps we should introduce ourselves.”  Looking gently at the group:

“I am Enoch and my little friend is Elias.  We have been sent by God to save people from their sins and bring people back to God.  We are the two lamp stands before God.”

One of the pilgrim tourists was well versed in Scripture:

“You – you are the prophet from before Noah and the flood, the one that did, did not die?”  She whispered the words and then almost choked on the last two.

“Yes!  And my little friend has not died either.”

“He was taken up to Heaven in a chariot.” She was getting braver. 

“Well! He was taken up to Paradise but not to Heaven.” Enoch placed his large hand on Elias’ small shoulder. 

“We have been watching and recording the works of man from Paradise for these many years preparing for these last days.” Enoch spoke with great kindness in his voice. 

Paradise?  If Paradise is not Heaven, what is it?”  She looked up at the sky in the direction they came from.  The rest of the people stood without saying anything and wanting to run away but unable to move. Even though they spoke many languages they all understood everything that was being said.

“Well! My sweet lady, it is not Heaven.  We must die in Christ before we can enter Heaven and we have not died yet.  Paradise was once on Earth, but after the man’s first sin it was taken off Earth and placed in a secret place. Had man not sinned you would still be in Paradise and never die but just be brought up body and soul to Heaven. Now all must die first including us.  From Paradise we have waited and worked on recording the works of man on earth for all these years.”

Elias, although small in stature, spoke with a strong, masculine and authoritative voice that demanded respect and attention:

“How ungrateful the world continues to be.  God has continually said from the time of Enoch to the time of Christ that if you keep the Commandments of God, He will give you peace and prosperity.  God also told you that if you did not He would bring war and strife to you in order to bring you back to His laws.

“Over and over throughout history when there was great peace and prosperity the people forgot God.  This era is no different.  Did not you parents and some of your older people go through the great Chastisement and into the greatest peace and prosperity since the Garden of Eden?

“But what happened, you forgot God and His Commandments.  You abandoned His Sacraments. You have accepted the demon, Julian, as your God.  Julian, who mocks Christ and His Continual Sacrifice of the Mass, called himself god, but he is possessed with no other than Satan, himself.”

The group of tourists were shocked at Elias’ statements.  They came to honour Mary but not as the Mother of God, but only as the mother of the prophet, Christ.  Julian had convinced them with his miracles and gentle talk that he was God and that Jesus was only a prophet.  They could not answer Elias but remained confused and silent.  Elias became angrier about the stupidity of the people:

“In spite of the fact that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, proved His Divinity by countless miracles by Himself and by his disciples and apostles you have rejected Him for a demon who gives illusions instead of miracles.  You did this to yourself even before the coming of the demon, Julian, by abandoning the very source of grace and wisdom, the Sacrifice of Our Lord in the Mass, and therefore lost the grace to see or hear the truth.

“This accursed one is sent by the devil in order to lead men into error.  We have been preserved by God at a secret place, where we did not experience the suffering of men.  We are now sent by God in order to oppose the heresy of this destroyer.  Look, if we resemble you in stature and age.”

 Enoch put his large hand on Elias’ head and spoke kindly to the people:

“Julian is possessed by Satan, himself, and is the Antichrist and the enemy of God.  We have come to fight his heresy and convert you people back to the true God.  We have come with the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit is not illusions but real. 

“After God punished the world for its sins, He tilted the earth in order to bring the perfect weather that produced all the prosperity that you now have.  But you have abused this peace and prosperity and so it will end.”

Enoch raised his arms to the heavens and commanded the sun to darken.  Suddenly a black ball appeared in the sky and moved in front of the sun, and darkness fell over Ephesus.  The people became frightened and huddled together in silent fear.  But Enoch had compassion for them and smiled at them.  He raised his arms to the heavens again and the black ball disappeared to bring back the sun. 

Elias was not so compassionate with them and pointed down the side of the mountain.  Suddenly the entire valley flamed up on fire with black smoke engulfing the valley.  Enoch smiled at his enthusiasm and waved his hand so that Elias would put out the fire and he did.  Enoch addressed the people again with kindness:

“Repent of your sins and return to Jesus.  Tell everyone that you can that we will go to Tiberius in Israel to speak to the people there.  We will travel from there to Jerusalem to confront Satan and his prophet, Julian.”

Right before their eyes Enoch and Elias disappeared. The people ran down the hill to the city and told everyone what they had seen.  The Television Station broadcast their ranting and raving as if it were nothing but illusions but much of the world reflected on it and many went to Tiberius to see if they would show up. Julian sent ten of his demon possessed men to investigate and/or even kill the two witnesses.

But Enoch and Elias did not go directly to Tiberius. Instead they appeared at the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  Pope Peter II was just finishing Mass at the main altar.  He turned to give his final blessing and spotted the two out of place prophets standing there.  The Holy Father knew immediately who they were.  Few were in the Basilica but those there could not help but be astounded at the sight of these two unusual men. 

Peter walked down the stepped of the altar and bowed before the prophets:

“You are Enoch and Elias.  I have expected you.  Have you brought instructions for me from Our Lord?”

Elias spoke but this time with some kindness:

“Yes! Our Lord wants you to leave Rome and bring with you all those who have not followed the Antichrist.  You will have to contact all the bishops throughout the world to meet you in Malta as soon as possible.”

Peter lowered his head:

“The great persecution of Christians is about to start?”

Enoch placed his two large hands gently on Peter’s shoulders:

“Yes!  We are about to close up the skies and end the prosperity on earth.  Julian will then order the mark of the beast and start martyring those who refuse the mark. God will send his angels to protect you and those with you.”

At that moment Peter was able to see with human eyes a large crowd of angles dressed in white with gold breast plates and helmets on them and carrying large gold swords.  Around Peter and the angels appeared a bubble of light encompassing them all. 

“Wherever you go this shield of light and the warrior angels will go with you so that the demons that help the Antichrist will not be able to find you. Malta will be a safe heaven for all Christians until the end of the world.  Whoever goes to Malta will be protected even in their trip to Malta.  There you will be able to offer Mass openly but everywhere else it will have to be underground. The demons, who report to the Antichrist, will not even be able to see you there.  The angels will take care of your needs.”

Peter bowed his head in obedience to God’s message but was sad because he knew that soon would be the biggest persecution of Christians in the history of the world.  As prophesied more Christians would be martyred in the next three years than in all the rest of the history of the Church.  Enoch and Elias bowed in respect to Peter II and disappeared. 

Peter II started calling all bishops throughout the world, and those bishops who believed and obeyed him passed this on to priests and their people.  Only about 25% of the bishops were left who had not abandoned the Church.  Demons tried to listen in to these conversations in order to report back to Julian their plans, but all the conversations by phone or person to person were protected as if in a bubble and the demons could not hear or understand. 

Enoch and Elias then appeared in the main square of Tiberius in Israel. Thousands of people were already in the square waiting for them.  Included with the people were the spies sent by Julian.  The people saw a sudden burst of lightening hit the centre of the square and then a puff of white smoke.  When the smoke breezed away the two prophets were seen standing there.

Elias spoke to the Jews standing there quoting the Old Testament prophets showing them that they were wrong in expecting an earthly king, when, in fact, Jesus fulfilled all OT prophesies as a suffering and redeeming Christ. He talked for over an hour and everyone listened quietly because of the way they appeared.

Enoch spoke to the Christians and Moslems explaining how he was taken up to Paradise and why the world was destroyed by the flood.  He explained that Adam lived to see his day and died in Enoch’s arms.  He explained that Adam was a giant of a man and that had Enoch lived longer he would have been much bigger than his seven feet because in those days people never stopped growing as long as they lived.  He addressed the commandments written on their hearts before God had to put it down in stone because of the hardness of hearts.

He explained the power of demons and why Julian was a demon leading them to Hell. He explained that God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth was the Catholic Church and that only through God’s Earthly Kingdom could they make it to God’s Heavenly Kingdom after death. 

Julian’s spies then tried to kill the two prophets and came at them in mass but ran into an invisible wall almost knocking them all out.  Getting up they again tried to penetrate the shield that they could not even see. Touching an invisible wall but could not pass through, they backed off. 

Again Elias spoke:

“Because of the sins of the people of the world, God has authorised us to end the great prosperity that he has given the world decades ago.  Because of your sins you no longer deserve this prosperity.  We will shut up the rains throughout the world.  Those who believe us should start right now to stock up food because in a few months food will be hard to find.  We are going now to shut up the heavens, but we will return to Israel city by city until we arrive in Jerusalem to fight the Antichrist, Julian.”

Again lightening hit the centre of the square and the two prophets disappeared.

Enoch reappeared in the centre of the South Pole and Elias appeared in the centre of the North Pole.  Both at the same time held out their hands to the heavens and the Earth began to shift.  The already shift of the magnetic North and South Poles creating the improved world wide weather began to shift again so that the Poles were moved towards the intense heat of the sun.  The great ice caps immediately began to melt and the rotation of the earth slowed down so that a day increased from 24 hours to 30 hours.  At the same time Gravitation increased by 20% causing work and movement to be harder. A 150 lb man or woman suddenly became 180 lbs.

The melting of the ice caps started the raising of the oceans floors again and swamping the coast lines even more.  As the ice caps disappeared, the winds disappeared.  This prevented the movement of rain from the oceans to the land.  Suddenly rain throughout the world ended. 

Immediately it was noticed world wide that the days were longer and that because of the increased gravitation people were heavier and more sluggish.  The longer day without water dried up the vegetation and in some areas the animals died from the heat very quickly.  People who listened to the two prophets started quickly to pick and store whatsoever they could find before it dried up from the heat.

The two prophets again returned to Israel at the Sea of Galilee and continued preaching against the Antichrist:

“Because of the sins of the world, mostly for accepting and worshipping a false god, Julian, we have shut off the rains and it will not rain again until we have completed our mission of bringing back the children to their fathers, the priests of the Catholic Church.”

Fear of the Lord spread throughout the world and cameras followed the two prophets as they preached and quoted the Scriptures.  They performed miracles everywhere they went convincing many that they were the true prophets of God.  Constant attempts on their lives were made by Julian’s hit-men but lightening always stuck their enemies dead before any harm could come to them. This also was televised.  The killing of Julian’s men by lightening was impressive to the people.

Julian was informed of all that Enoch and Elias were doing including the change to the world and the shutting up of rain.  He ordered his armies to go quickly throughout the world to gather all the food he could and bring it to Jerusalem.  In Jerusalem he ordered large food storage building constructed.  Hundreds of thousands of people worked on both projects and food poured into Jerusalem. 

During these months of world wide famine the two prophets continued to preach in the cities of Israel and the surrounding countries all the way south to Jericho and inland to Baghdad.  Moving quickly, performing miracles and often televised, soon everyone in the world knew their message and fight against the Antichrist.  The two voices had the same message, one with power and the other with gentle persuasion.  

Julian ordered world wide television coverage of a speech he was about to make:  He sat on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies with cameras all around him.  He now wore a golden crown and held a golden staff.  He dressed in a gold trimmed white silk robe.  He put on his most gentle voice and best smiling eyes:

“My children of the world,

“As you know two demons have come to shut off the rain of the world and to bring misery to its people.  I would defeat these two now, but it worries me that some of you believe their lies.  I cannot, I will not help those of you who have believed them and rejected me.  To help and feed my people I ask everyone to come to Jerusalem and here I will give you food and take care of you like my little children.

“In order to know who among you still recognise me as God and those who have believed these two demons, I ask only one small thing of my loyal children.

“Come here and show your faith in me and your rejection of these two demons.  I, in turn, will give you a permanent mark that will allow you to have free food if you need it and to buy and sell throughout the world.  In time, those without my seal of faith will be characterized as united with these two demons.  They will not be able to buy food. Free transportation will be given to all who come here to my Temple.”

For the next months people from all over the world marched into the temple making a pledge of faith in Julian as god, and being tattooed on the right hand and the forehead.  The sign of the cross was outlawed.  The sacraments, especially the Mass was outlawed, even marriage.  The promise was heaven on earth without anything being called sin except not accepting Julian as god.  After being marked they were brought into a great hall where they could feast on great tables of food and wine.  Hundreds of cooks and waiters continued to bring food to the tables for months until all were marked that came.

The Holy Father, Peter II, went to Malta.  All of Malta was protected by an invisible shield so that demons could not even see the Island.  Bishops, priests, nuns and faithful came to the Island. They occupied themselves in prayer and sacrifice praying for the end of the Antichrist and the coming of the Lord.  They prayed as Enoch and Elias fought the war for the souls of Jews, Moslems and fallen Catholics.  They also prayed for all those who refused to be marked by the beast because they knew they would suffer and die at the hands of the Antichrist.

After all who wanted to come to the Temple and be marked by Julian on the right hand and the forehead had come, Julian ordered that everyone in the world should come to the Temple before the year was out.  Anyone not found with the mark on them would be arrested and brought by force to the Temple.

With the help of demons, Julian’s henchmen went through the world seeking out anyone who was not marked and seizing them.  People tried to hide in the mountains but the demons helped Julian’s henchmen and informed them of where these people were hiding.  Only those with Peter II were spared this search and capture.

Enoch and Elias now had a very hard job convincing people to come to the true faith.  Everyone who denounced Julian and accepted the faith in God knew that they would be tormented and killed for their faith.

Julian offered lust, pleasure and gluttony in exchange for worship. Enoch and Elias offered sacrifice and death in exchange for faith in the true God.  In spite of this, by sound logical preaching backed by powerful miracles the two prophets were converting many day by day.  This was angering Julian more and more until he became a raving beast.  Every attempt by Julian to have them killed failed. 

Conversion to the faith in Jesus Christ was especially successful with the Jews because Enoch explained plainly what occurred before the flood and how he introduced into the world the science of writing. He explained the reasons for creation that the relationship between the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and the symbolic sacrifices of the lambs.  He then showed that Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, was the fulfilment of this symbolism. He showed how the Liturgy of the Mass was the continuation of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary and the Continual Sacrifice as prophesied in Daniel. He explained how the Tree of Life made us united with God and gives us the right to Heaven.

Elias showed by quoting Scripture that the Catholic Church and the Tabernacles throughout the world is the Kingdom of God prophesied and that Christ’s physical presence in these Tabernacles is what makes it a Kingdom without walls and make it the fulfilment of “God amongst us”. 

He explained how Christ’s blood was the new covenant with his people and how Baptism was the continuation and replacement of the law of circumcision.  He went on to explain prophesies of Daniel and how they prophesied Julian as the Antichrist and how he was possessed by Satan, himself.

Julian continued to torture and kill all who refused to worship him and receive the mark of this worship.  He no longer put on the face of a kind and holy man but now took on the face of a violent and angry beast. Even the Jews who were the first to accept him as the Christ began to doubt him but continued to fear him.

Finally Enoch and Elias arrived in Jerusalem preaching to the Jews and everyone else who came to the city.  Their logical arguments regarding the fulfilment of Scripture converted many if not most of the Jews.  Julian’s anger increased and he sent his army against them.  Fire and lightening came out of heaven destroying every soldier that came against them.  They continued to preach all through the city moving closer and closer to the Temple. 

Finally they marched up the long steps of the Temple and through the doors towards the Holy of Holies and no one could stop them.  Fear fell on Julian’s inner circle of ministers and guards.  Julian stood on the altar with fire in his eyes.  Enoch and Elias confronted him face to face.

“Son of Satan, your standing there is the Abomination of Desolation prophesied by Daniel and John.  You do not fool us by your lies and promises.  All you have to offer to these people and yourself is eternity in Hell where you will burn in the fires forever and ever.

“All the evil of the world culminates in you who are totally possessed by Satan and his demons.  You can pretend to be god, but your reign is almost over and you will soon be rewarded for your evil with the pits of Hell.  Your god, Satan, will join you in the fires of Hell.”

Julian became furious. Lightening and fire came forth from him lighting up the entire Temple.  He tried to personally attach the prophets but all his attempts with bolts of lightening from his hands were blocked by their shield.  He ran around them personally trying to penetrate the shield but could not.  His anger increased to obsession. 

Enoch and Elias walked calmly out of the inner temple with Julian ranting and raving after them but unable to do anything to them.  The people saw this and all realised that Julian was not god and that the two prophets had more power then he did.  They came out before the altar of sacrifice and looked up to Heaven giving thanks and praise to God for protecting them and letting them confront the beast without harm. 

A great light came out of the sky over them and they seemed to be listening to a voice from Heaven.  All observed that they were talking to God.  They bowed their heads in obedience to what God was telling them. The shield protecting them disappeared. 

Julian sensed that the shield was gone.  He ran back into the Temple and grabbed a sword.  Running out like a mad man he attacked and stabbed the seven foot tall Enoch, who stood facing him.  Enoch smiled and lay down on the Altar of Sacrifice and died.  Julian ran the sword into the small Elias right through the heart.  Elias looked at him with pity and fell against the Altar and died. 

Julian jumped up and down like a mad man waving his arms around like he was swiping at invisible flies.

“See, see, these demons have no power over me.”

But Julian could see that the people were not responding to him.  He could see that he lost them. They were no longer looking at him as god.  He left the open square and went alone into the Temple.

Television cameras came in from all over the world to televise and report on the death of Enoch and Elias as they zoomed in on the two strange looking men stretched out on the Altar of Sacrifice like two lambs. 

The actual moment of their death by Julian and his ranting and raving was played world wide over and over.  Julian was loosing his fallowing day by day as people reflected on his demonic look as he killed the two prophets.

This was not the actions of a confident and calm god.  Julian did not come out of the Temple for three days and did not allow anyone inside.  Everyone world wide just silently watched and wondered about the death of the two people who seemed to have so much power and yet seemed to even allow Julian to kill them.  Everyone wondered about these strange events but came up with no answers except that Julian did not seem to be the same as when they believed in him.  Some looked at the mark on their right hand and regretted it. 

Television cameras were glued to the two prophets but reporters avoided saying anything against Julian.  They asked where these two came from and why they seemed to welcome death.  They had claimed to shut off the rains and as a matter of fact, it had not rained for over two years world wide. 

On Sunday many in the world were watching television around the world.  Some were expecting Julian to come out of the Temple after three days and to say something.  Others were watching for some explanation of the strange events where Julian at first seemed to have no power over them but then in the end he was able to kill them.  Jerusalem was calm as a grave.

Suddenly right before the cameras the seven foot tall Enoch opened his eyes.  He raised his large hands and crossed them over his chest.  Elias then opened his eyes and sat up on the Altar of Sacrifice.  Enoch said something to Elias and they got up and stood on top of the Altar looking up to Heaven. 

The world was watching as the two men came back to life after three days and stood on the Altar saying nothing.  They looked to the sky and then a star appeared over them.  Rays of light came from the star towards them.  Engulfed in these rays they slowly rose up off the Altar and little by little their bodies and robes turned into shinning white light.  They continued to rise slowly up into the sky. 

Suddenly Julian came running out of the Temple for the first time in three days.  He had been watching television.  He was furious and looking up at the two prophets ascending to the heavens, he began to curse.  Silence engulfed the crowds of people as the two prophets disappeared in the heavens. The star and its light faded away.  The cameras stayed on the empty sky for a long time.  Julian began to scream and blaspheme and the cameras turned to him.  His face was demonic and he was shaking all over like someone about to have an epileptic attack.

“These two impostures cannot get away from me.”  He was shaking a fist towards the sky.  “I will rise to the heavens and take them down and kill them again.  Come back here tomorrow and see me rise to the heavens and bring them back to earth where I will burn them on this altar.”

Julian stomped back into the Temple. 

The next day he gathered together a large group of people to show his power and bring back his glory with the people.  In the sight of crowds standing around and listening he ordered the high strata of the sky to lift him up during his ascension into heaven.  World wide television followed him.

With arms raised up he ascended up to the heavens and disappeared in the distance.  Cameras kept glued to the empty sky but nothing more.  Silence engulfed the world waiting for something to happen.  Ten minutes passed by but still nothing. 

Suddenly a spot was seen where Julian had disappeared.  The spot took on the looks of a comet as fire started coming out from it.  It was coming right at the Temple.  As it got bigger and bigger you could see that it was Julian burning and screaming as he crashed towards the earth. 

Julian was burning and falling.  He crashed right dead centre of the Altar of Sacrifice cracking in two the iron frame of the Altar but it stood in place without caving in.  The sound of the crash was like thunder and then there was a great silence.  The cameras were glued on the Altar.  Then moving closer to look into the Altar, the cameras saw the flames of the fire slowly become smaller and smaller until they went out.  Left was a face down burnt and nude body completely black and burnt.  The total body looked like a large black worm so distorted that it hardly resembled a human person.   Silence all over the world lasted a long time.   

Then someone said:  “It is over.  The persecution is over.  We are free of him and the persecution.”  He was right and soon everyone started to rejoice and hug each other.  Some went down on their knees and gave thanks to God and others danced in the streets.  

At that moment a small cloud came over Jerusalem and grew and grew until it became a white covering of the sky.  Then for the first time in two years, the sky opened up and rain started pouring down.  People stood in the rain with arms up in the sky crying and laughing for the drought was over.  Smiles and laughter filling Jerusalem as people kept their faces turned up into the rain.