BOOK TWO Prophesy and References



Why Philip von Habsburg?

So far I have tried to establish the proof of "Philip" and that he would not be the "Anti-Christ" as Pentecostals will try to have you believe. I would like now to explain why I chose Philip von Habsburg to be the star of my fiction story. It is important that I explain this, since he is a real living person, (although the first name is made up) and when he finds out that I picked him, he will be quite surprised and probably angry.

When I researched the many prophesies, everything seemed to march up perfectly except one thing. None of the prophets contradicted each other in anything except one. I could not reconcile the contradiction in my mind of this one thing.

The problem was this: ---- Almost every prophet I read who spoke of the "Great Monarch" (and many gave particular details) gave information regarding his background or his bloodline that matched up with the others. They seemed to contradict each other on this one point. Let me give some examples:

"God will choose a descendant of Constantine.

A descendent of Pepin and St. Louis, who has been tried by a long period of disappointment will come from exile to rule over Europe."

"A scion of the Carolingian race, by all considered extinct will come to Rome to behold and admire the piety and clemency of this pontiff, who will crown him and declare him to be the Legitimate Emperor of the Romans."

"God will intervene. With God's aid a valiant duke will arise from the ancient German house which was humiliated by the French monarch--(Napoleon)."

"A man disliked by France will he placed on the throne; a man of the house of Orleans."

"He will he a Catholic, a descendent of Louis IX, yet a descendant of an ancient imperial German family, horn in exile, he will rule supreme."

The Great Monarch will be of French descent, large forehead, large dark eyes, light brown wavy hair and an eagle nose."

"From your lordship, Simeon de Lemena---"

"A son of royal blood shall be horn from the race of Arois."

"War shall end when an emperor of Spanish origin will he elected, who will, in a wonderful manner, he victorious through the sign of the Cross."

"Come young Prince, leave the Island of Captivity.

Join the lion to the white f1mver. Come - God wills what has been foreseen. The ancient blood of centuries will at last put an end to long divisions."

"Of the blood of the Emperor Charles the Great and of the King of France shall arise an Emperor named Charles."

"There will arise an imperial deliverer, an oriental Frederick."

"Towards the end of time one of the descendants of the kings of France shall reign over all the Roman Empire.

"A Royal Great Monarch of the best blood in the world."

"A prince, who had been exiled in his youth, shall recover the crown of the Lilies."

''The Great Monarch will be in war till he is forty years of age: a king of the House of Lily."

Believe me. I could go on and on, but I think you have an idea of my problem. How could one man be a descendant of all these different people, races, ancient countries, be exiled in his youth, a German imperial house, Pepin, St. Louis, of the Carlovingian race, of the house of Orleans, a descendant of Louis IX, French descent, royal blood, from the race of Arois, Spanish origin, Charles the Great, Crown of Lilies, etc., and on and on.

I began to think all this was impossible. How could one man have all these different bloodlines? At first I just gave up the study, since it seemed impossible. But it kept haunting me and I couldn't sleep. I didn't even know where to look for the answers.

But finally I gave in and began the search library after library, file after tile. I traced the bloodlines of every man in the prophecy from every-country mentioned. I made charts and pinned them on walls. I entered them into a computer. Gradually, little by little, step by step these lines and charts started to come together, and there was a family, still living, who were descendants of all these people, countries, and bloodlines. It is the HABSBURG FAMILY.

There are many Habsburgs in the world today, hundreds of them. Any one of them could he the future King or maybe he has not been born vet. Some even live in America. And I counted seven named Charles. (in French -- Karl).

I chose one to be the star of my story because he is the legitimate heir to the Holy Roman Empire. He is the first born son of Otto von Habsburg, son of Charles, the last of the legal Emperors, and Beatified

Otto von Habsburg and his children were exiled on the island of Madiera, live in Germany, and although they are Austrian, they are of French, Spanish, and Austrian descent. The family is descended from everyone of the peoples mentioned in the prophesies. Some are the right age for it to happen now.

I have studied this for twenty eight years now.

Only God knows for sure who "the Great Monarch" really is. I only speculate. I hope my educated guess will not offend the Habsburgs, nor cause them any undue pain.

They have been through a great deal already. One of my hesitations about this book is that some fanatics, (Illuminati or Moslems), would want to kill all Habsburgs because of what I wrote. If, however, they ever succeeded in doing so, they would have gotten the wrong man, since God is the architect of history, and He will protect the future Monarch. Man will not be able to interfere with God's plans for the future.

In my research, I discovered two other things quite by accident. One is the line from St. Joseph to Habsburg. The other is the Templars. Some of these things came to me when looking through files for other things. Why I came to these conclusions is very hard to explain. It would probably take a hundred pages to do it properly. The Templars may not now exist, but if prophecy is to be fulfilled they must come back into existence.

So, as far as this story is concerned, you can consider it fiction. But I will have to say, that until proven otherwise. I will believe it with all my heart.