BOOK TWO Prophesy and References



Wars and Rumors of Wars

Many have asked me about a nuclear war, but I have said it could not be. The ways the wars take place in my story are not fiction. The wars, themselves, are fiction, but the sequence of events is not. They came from the prophets. The computer laid out what battle would come first, second, third, etc. The prophets even give the exact locations.

John of Vatiguerro ( 1250 AD)

"Spoliation, devastation and pillage of that most famous city, which is the capitol and mistress of the whole kingdom of France, will take place when the Church and world will be grievously troubled; "The Pope will change his residence; the Church will not be defended for the duration of twenty-five months, and more, because during all this time there will be no Pope, no Emperor of Rome, and no ruler in France."

Father Nectou. SJ. (1772 AD)

"When those things come to pass which will bring on the triumph of the Church, then will such confusion reign on earth that people will think God has permitted them to have their own contrary will and that the providence of God is not concerned about the world. The confusion will be so general that mankind will not he able to think aright, as if God had entirely withheld his providence from mankind, and that, during the worst crisis, the best that can be done would be to remain where God has placed us, and persevere in fervent prayer.

"Two parties will be formed in France which shall fight unto death. The party of evil will at first be stronger; the good side shall he weaker. At that time there shall he such a terrible crisis that people, frightened by events, shall . believe that the end of the world is come. Blood shall flow in several large cities. The very elements shall be convulsed. It will he like a little general judgment. A great multitude of persons shall perish in these calamitous times. But the wicked shall never prevail. They indeed shall conspire for the destruction of the Church: but time shall not be allowed them, because this frightful crisis shall be of a short duration. When all will he considered lost, all shall be found safe.

"During the revolution, which shall very likely be general, and not confined to France, Paris shall be destroyed so completely that twenty years afterwards fathers walking over the ruins with their children will inquire what place that was."

Bernhardt Remhordt ( 17X3 AD)

"Cologne will he the scene of a terrible battle. Many foreigners will be slaughtered there: both men and women will fight for their faith. It will be impossible to prevent this terrible devastation. People will wade up to their ankles in blood. At last a foreign king will appear and win a victory for the cause of the righteous. The remaining enemy will retreat to the birch tree (Westphalia). There the last battles will he fought for the just cause." (Westphalia is mentioned seven times.)

Merlin (600 AD)

"In the meanwhile a powerful Prince out of the East shall provoke him to battle. Against whom the Lion (Philip) shall march with all his forces and. pitching his camp on this side of the Euphrates shall await him. If the Prince shall come over the river, the Lion shall he overcome: but he shall cross the river with his army and give his enemy a bloody defeat and be master of the East.

"Whilst these things are happening, petty kings from India shall break into Syria with mighty armies. Provided for battle, they shall wait for the Lion (Philip) about the Valley of Jehosaphat, where they shall, by him, be all wholly cut off. Not long afterwards the Lion (Philip) himself will die in eminent piety, after having established the kingdom of the Fugitives."

Blessed Maria Taigi (1637 AD)

"God will ordain two punishments: One, in the form of wars, revolutions and other evils, will originate on earth: the other will be sent from Heaven. There shall come over all the earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights."

Bro. Louis Rocco ( l040 AD)

"Allover Europe there will rage terrible CIVIL WARS. God has long been patient with the corruption of morals. He will destroy half of mankind. The poor will be rich and the rich poor.

"Russia will witness many outrages: great cities as well as smaller towns will be destroyed, and a bloody revolution will destroy half of the population."

Cure de Ares (l859 AD)

"The Communists of Paris, after their defeat, (election?) shall spread themselves through all France, and will be greatly multiplied. They shall seize arms: they-shall oppress people of order. Lastly, a CIVIL WAR shall break out everywhere. These wicked people shall become masters in the north, east, and southwest. They will imprison very many persons, and will be guilty of more massacres. They will attempt to kill all the priests and all the religious. But this shall not last long."