The Ark of Apocalypse



Both Philip’s army and Mahdi’s army met in three different places.  Mahdi stayed in Mecca and Moslems from Iran, Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and parts of Jordan met in Mecca with him.  The Kings of Saudi and Jordan were killed.  The Government of Egypt made no attempt to stop Mahdi but almost all left for refuge in Europe.  Moslems in Lebanon secured the South but Christians held the North.  Syrian and South Lebanon Moslems met on the North Coast of Israel and smuggled weapons into Palestine Moslems.

Israel had everything, airpower, tanks, missals, anti-missal systems, and even nuclear bombs.  But what they did not have was man-power.  Mahdi, had the same airpower, tanks, missals, and maybe even nuclear bombs from Iran or North Korea but he did not have a well trained army or air-force.  What he did have was a lot of people, and all willing to die for him without thought. 

As predicted by Merlin, the radical Moslems of Turkey left to join in with Mahdi and Turkey was a peaceful place for Philip to assemble his army.

Philip estimated that he had five million people ready for war, three million in Turkey, and two million between the two other meeting places.  Both Mahdi and Philip were able to talk with their armies through TV and Radio. 

Through advisors Mahdi determined to attack Israel even before Philip could reach him and therefore have only Philip to deal with after the defeat of Israel’s army.  Mahdi planned to set himself up in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and then wait for Philip’s armies to attack him.  Taking over Jerusalem and killing the Jews would be a sign to his forces that he was the great prophet.

The American F-16s, Stealth and Trident Subs were prepared with buster bombs on the aircrafts and on the Trident missals.  There were two types to be used, the type that rips up airports and at the same time creates sticky fire over a two hundred yard area and the other type that divides into 50 different bombs seeking out and destroying tanks or any other vehicle that produces heat and energy.

To move two million people hundreds of miles on foot would take a great deal of time, so Philip asked President Thomas to hold off the Moslem army from invading Israel until he could reach them.  A pre-empted attach had to be done by both America and Israel to do that.

Mahdi and his advisors knew that Israel, Philip and the Americans would try to attack him outside of Israel.  As quick as he could get out the orders he commanded his entire army from three sides to move unto Israel soil and move without stopping all the way to Jerusalem. 

From F-16s, Stealth Bombers, and Trident Subs missals hit the entire coast of Israel on the North, the East, the West and the South.  Israel air forces waited until the first attach and went in to clean up the remaining armies in the two hundred yard hit zone around Israel.  When they returned to base Americans hit the same area again but expanded it to four hundred yards.  Rotating back and forth between American forces and Israel forces they managed to hold off an invasion of the Moslems for 60 hours. 

Israel had planed weeks before to hit at least one side of the Moslem invasion with a Nuclear Bomb but only one because of the radiation and fallout. Hoping they did not have to do this, they waited until the last moment. Philip‘s armies were getting close to the battle and then they would not be able to use a Nuclear Bomb. America could not attach from the air once the Last Crusaders reached the battle.

Everything else would become a ground war, leaving Israel’s air-power and army inside its own borders protecting citizens and Jerusalem.  Finally as a show of force and to harm the least amount of innocent people, Israel hit the Sinai Desert with an atomic bomb where 1,500,000 Moslems were marching towards Israel. No life was left in the Sinai for a generation.

Philip’s Southern army were crossing Egypt but had not reached the Moslems.  The Moslems crossed over the Nile and moved through the Gaza Strip to directly West of Jerusalem.  Philip would leave them to the Southern Army and to Israel.  Philip’s Russian Orthodox armies would have to move on Mecca and from Mecca to Israel from the East.

Philip would move on the Moslem army from the North and push to Jerusalem.  Philip moved to the front of his army.  He removed his Knights robe and replaced it with a Templar Robe.  He placed St. Steven’s crown on his head and the Sword of Joseph in his hand.  He lifted up his sword and ordered the attack.  Guns and bombs went off from both sides and continued on and on as both sides moved closer and closer together until he reached the ruins of Meggito, and there it was nothing more than hand to hand fighting.  A hundred million people slaughtered each other in the valley of what once was Canaan and the great battle of Judges 6:19.

The Moslem army in Mecca waited until Philip was fighting and left Mecca with its Prophet and moved west towards Jerusalem.  The Russian and Orthodox army passed through Mecca without a fight and rushed to catch up with the Prophet and his army.  From the South the army had not yet caught up with the Moslems in Palestine.  Philip was the only one actually fighting.  Two million people died in the valley of Meggito and then the Moslems retreated towards Jerusalem. 

From the East, West and North Moslems were moving fast against Jerusalem with the Russian army following behind on all sides.  Israel’s army was waiting with tanks, soldiers and even civilians dug in to defend the city.

Three million Moslems were approaching Jerusalem.  One and one half million Christians were chasing them.  A half million Jews were waiting for them. 

Now was the signal for Moslems throughout the world to kill, bomb and destroy anything that was not Moslem.  In almost every city of America buildings, shopping centers, railroads, airports, utilities and even police stations were attacked.  This also happened in every other country where Moslems were living.   

Moslems on three sides were moments away from confronting the Jewish army.  Philip was moments away from reaching the back of the Moslems army just south of Meggito.  The Russian Orthodox was moments away from confronting the Mecca army.  From Palestine the army was closing in from behind the southern Moslems.  Then something happened that stopped everyone.

Suddenly the ground started shaking, at first slowly and then with greater and greater intensity.  What would have been old west wall of Jerusalem spit open 15 feet wide blocking the Moslem march to the city.  Then another quake hit opening up a gap in the East side of Jerusalem.  Three times quakes hit toppling many buildings in the greater Jerusalem and Israel. Smoke and fire came up the gaps of the earth making it impossible to see.

What was not known in the valley of Jerusalem was that the same quakes were taking place all over the world.  Volcanoes were exploding everywhere, and the sky was getting darker and darker.  Soon no one could see anything.  All over the world was complete darkness.  You could not even see your own hand.  Philip ordered his people to just stand still or sit down. 

“No fear.  No matter what you feel or hear do not fight or strike out.  This is from God, and it is all in God’s hands now.  We must only wait and pray.”

Philip backed away from the battle lines and when he could feel that it was safe, he ordered his men to back up.  They continued to do this for hours.  In the distance they could hear screams of pain and death as though the world was dying of pain.  Gun shots were going off everywhere but nothing towards Philip’s people. 

Behind him in the far distance Philip could make out a flickering light. He shuffled towards it still not able to see his own feet.  It was Merlin.  He had made a tent and lit candles inside of it.  Merlin looked up at Philip: “Tell the people to gather around this tent and pray.  This is going to last a long time but there is nothing to fear.”

A million Crusaders gathered around the candle which did not go out for three days.  No one ate or drank but only prayed.   The war was over, God had ended it.