The Ark of Apocalypse



The End of the World

The rain fell throughout the world and on Malta.  Seeing the rain come down Pope Peter II realized that his shield of protection was gone and that the Antichrist was dead.  The famine was over.  Rome was destroyed by the Antichrist so he could not return there.  All attention was on Jerusalem so he thought he might go there, but an inner voice told him to stay where he was in Malta and wait. 

Throughout the world, people were rejoicing, dancing and feasting.  Those who could not marry during the time of the Antichrist called priests to come and marry them.  The Holy Mass came back into the open and many went daily to the Sacrifice of Calvary.  Those who had the mark of the beast on their right hands and forehead did not come back to the sacraments but despaired of forgiveness and seemed to lack in grace.  Sorrow engulfed them and they could not rejoice.  Everyone believed that peace had returned to the earth.  They went back to a normal life but with almost daily merrymaking. 

On the 45th day after the death of the Antichrist the sky was blue with scattered white clouds drifting slowly around.  It was calm and beautiful.  But slowly the sky parted like a zipper and a pure white light came forth from a line in the sky from the Eastern horizon to directly above everyone’s head. 

Everyone on earth turned their eyes to the sky and calmly looked at the strange sight.  As the opening spread their appeared a large cross of pure white light and on the cross was Christ Crucified also in pure white light.  For over an hour everyone on the face of the earth could see him but no one said a word.  They just looked at Him with wonder at what they were seeing.  After the hour Christ came off the cross and changed into a robed and glorified Christ. 

He lifted up His hand towards the earth.  Suddenly in the twinkling of an eye half the people on the earth disappeared.  People who were standing together suddenly were standing alone.  One disappeared and the other remained standing.  All over the world over a hundred million people disappeared and a hundred million remained.  All who had the mark of the beast disappeared.

Fear and wonder attacked those remained on earth and they looked up to the sky again.  Christ again raised his right hand with His palm up and motioned to come.  Suddenly the people on earth could see hundreds of millions of bodies come up out of the ground ascending to the sky.  In the sky they could see the bodies and souls meet and fuse together continuing past Christ into the heavens. 

Again Christ pointed towards the earth and bodies and souls came up out from the centre of the earth and past Christ into the heavens.  The people on earth wondered at this site but were not afraid.

Christ looked down at all the people left on earth.  He held out both arms towards them and they started lifting off the ground.  Slowly everyone left on earth rose towards Christ body and soul.  Peter II was the first to reach Christ and gathered the rest with him and they all floated past Christ into the upper heavens.  As they lifted up they gradually changed into transparent many colored bright and beautiful light.

When all were gone into the Heavens Christ waved His hand and arm in a sweeping motion and the earth burst into a ball of fire just like the sun.  He waved His hand again across the sky and every star in the heavens disappeared including the earth, moon and sun. 

This is His Second Coming. 

He then ascended to the upper heaven.  Trillions of people and angels awaited Him.  Again He waved His hand and the entire Heavenly Jerusalem changed from a pure spiritual sphere to a physical and spiritual Kingdom with both physical and spiritual beings and things. 

There Christ rained with His people in the New Heaven and New Earth forever and ever, amen.