The Ark of Apocalypse

The future history of the world from now to the end of the world

Based on 40 years of study by Richard Salbato

Easy to read, story form, future of the world based on prophesy. This story is an education on hidden mysteries of the bible. It tries to correct the errors in interpretation of bible prophesies in a fun to read style.


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Introduction and Table of Contents

Chapter One:

Simon of Ethiopia

Chapter Two:

Merlin the Hermit

Chapter Three:

The Ark

Chapter Four:

The Cause of the War

Chapter Five:

The Holy Father

Chapter Six:

The Blood Line

Chapter Seven:

The Power of the Ark

Chapter Eight:

The Angel of Apocalypse

Chapter Nine:

March to Paris

Chapter Ten:

    Paris Burning

Chapter Eleven:

   International Broadcast

Chapter Twelve:

Response of the World

Chapter Thirteen:

The March to Germany

Chapter Fourteen:

The Hot Line

Chapter Fifteen:


Chapter Sixteen:

Europe United

Chapter Seventeen:

Trouble from Asia

Chapter Eighteen:


Chapter Nineteen:

Mahdi Unites Islam

Chapter Twenty:

March to Israel

Chapter Twenty One:


Chapter Twenty Two:

Burying the Dead

Chapter Twenty Three

The Ark of the Covenant

Chapter Twenty-Four

World Peace

Chapter Twenty-Five

Monarch Retires,Peter II Elected

Chapter Twenty-Six


Chapter Twenty-Seven

The Continual Sacrifice

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Enoch and Elisa

Chapter Twenty-Nine

End of the World


The Story Explained

Chapter Thirty

The Story Explained

Chapter Thirty-One

Great Monarch

Chapter Thirty-Two

Monarch in Bible

Chapter Thirty-Three

Bible on Continual Sacrifice

Chapter Thirty-Four

Satan Prepares for War

Chapter Thirty-Five

Why Philip von Habsburg

Chapter Thirty-Six

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Chapter Thirty-Seven


Chapter Thirty-Eight

Great Monarch - Pope

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Period of Peace

Chapter Forty


Chapter Forty- One

Antichrist by Hippolytus

Chapter Forty-Two

Malachi Last 10 Popes

Chapter Forty-Three

Bible Prophesy