The Ark of Apocalypse  


CHAPTER NINETEEN                          

Mahdi Unites Islam

Mahdi, although just a boy, interpreted the coming of the Comet as a sign from Allah that it was time to take over the world. The American army was neutralized and employed in taking care of the homeless people and expanding the food and fuel supplies. Khomeini and Mahdi prepared a talk to be addressed to the entire Moslem world.  It was announced in advance that Allah had sent his final prophet to unify and take over the entire world for Islam and eliminate all heretics.

Mahdi sat in a gold high backed chair dressed in a purple robe trimmed with a two inch gold band from around his neck to his feet.  He was just a boy but he had large piercing black eyes and a deep manly voice.  In order to build his image Khomeini and others knelt on the floor in front of him so that the people could see that they all worshiped and honored him before zooming in to his face and his talk.  Periodically the cameras would pull back to show the elders and the crowds behind them knelling before him. Khomeini wrote his speech.

“My children, my fellow Moslems, my true worshippers of Allah, I am Mahdi, the final prophet of Allah.  I have come to bring Islam to the entire world so that there is only one god, Allah, and so that all heretics are eliminated from the world either by death or conversion.

“What slowed Allah’s plans for the past 1,200 years since the death of Mohamed is your divisions.  There is only one Allah and only one Islam.  These divisions must end.

“What I am commanding right now is that all Moslems become one people and one nation without borders.  I already know what Islamic governments refuse to give up their power. I will take care of this.  It is not government leaders that I am addressing now but the people.  Because of greedy governments that live in luxury, we Moslems have lived as second class citizens in the world.  Come with me and that will be over.  Moslems will be the blessed of the world.  Allah wants your loyalty here and now. 

“In the next two days you will see the start of my plans to first unify Islam, then to rid our land of Israel, and then to invade Europe.  Watch and see.  May Allah be with you and protect you.”

Mahdi bowed his head and the cameras pulled back showing thousands of bowed heads in the great open air center.

Two days later Iran invaded Saudi Arabia without resistance and marched right into the king’s palace.  At the same time Libya and Sudan Moslems invaded Egypt and many Egyptians joined in with Mahdi. Syria invaded Lebanon but was up against strong resistance.  After taking over Saudi Arabia the Iranians marched into Jordan.  They bypassed Iraq and Kuwait as not being needed since they would be surrounded anyway.

Like Philip, Mahdi’s army received little resistance since most of the Moslems from all these countries thought him the last prophet and joined in with his plans.  In a short time Mahdi was standing in Mecca with millions of Moslems with him announcing his plan to invade Israel and then Europe.

He gave orders that at the first sign of the invasion of Israel, all Moslems throughout the world, in America, in Europe, in South America, anywhere where Moslems could be found, should attack and bomb anything not Moslem and kill anyone not Moslem.  All this was when they saw that the invasion of Israel had started. The now Persian Empire unified its many armies in Iran.  They would first march through Iraqi and unify in Damascus, and against the Golan Heights in Jordan.

President Thomas moved Trident Submarines into the Mediterranean, Army and Marine troops to Diego Garcia, and Aircraft Carriers off Israel.