The Ark of Apocalypse

CHAPTER TWENTY                   

March to Israel

President Thomas informed Philip of the plans and actions of Mahdi before his invasion of Saudi Arabia.  American had decided to let him go and for Moslems to fight with each other.  They made a huge mistake in thinking that the governments of Moslem countries would put up a fight. Moslems had fought each other since the time of Mohamed but this time it would be different.  Philip was worried about Israel: and of course, the future invasion of Europe.

Philip’s twelve knights gave him what information they had on the situation. Almost everyone knew Israel had at least 8 nuclear bombs and 4 of them were buried in the ground of Israel as a last resort if they were overrun by Moslems.  Even Moslems knew this but Mahdi and his followers now believed that Allah would protect him and the people and would probably go in after Israel anyway.  Even if they expected the bombs to go off and even if they knew they would loose millions of people to eliminate Israel they now would do it anyway, since Allah via his prophet commanded it.

But now it appeared that a half billion Moslems were united and thanks to the arms of Iran and Saudi Arabia had the means to wage a great war, maybe even nuclear bombs. 

As Philip and his generals debated the Moslem problem it was agreed that America would help with Trident Subs and some air power from Carriers but little in ground forces since they were overwhelmed with problems from the Comet.  The President, however, promised all the help he could come up with and more as time went on.

Philip spoke sadly to his knights,

“This Comet has made me see that God is very angry with the world.  Our job is to appease the wrath of God and keep doing it until His anger goes away.  Half the world has died in the last three years.  With what I see in the Moslem world and those who will soon die from the corrupted dead bodies and lack of clean water we might be lucky if anyone is left alive in the next year.  We can wait for the Moslem army to come to Europe or go to the aid of Israel.  Give me advice here.”

Some of the knights reminded Philip that the creation of Israel was an Illuminati plot to take over oil.  Others said that you cannot blame the Jewish people for what the Illuminati did.  Israel has been the best of societies and does have real religious freedom even if a Jewish state.   

Finally Father Merlin had enough of the conversation. 

“Enough, enough, we are Catholics and we have obligations as to the Jewish people.  They are the root of our faith.  If for no other reason than the fact that Christ and Mary are Jews, we must go to their aid. But I will give you a better reason.  The Holy writings of God in the Bible and many other places show that the Jews must be planted in the own land in the end of times.  The reason for this might not be very good for the Jews, but it is God’s Will.  As such we have an obligation to protect them in their land until their appointed time.”

Philip pondered for a moment. 

“What do you mean that it is not good for Jews?”

“Later, I will tell you later, but not now.  Right now we must go to their aid.”

“The priest has spoken,” said Philip.  “We go to Jerusalem for war.”

A new went out for a Crusade to save the Holy Land went out and all who could were called from all over the world to meet in Turkey at Constantinople to prepare for war.  Every person who could hold a weapon of any kind was asked to show up in the former capital of the Roman Empire to prepare for the final war with Mohamed. 

Catholics in China and India decided to meet in Afghanistan and march from there at the appointed time.  Russian Catholics and Orthodox agreed to help in the war and met on the back side of Mount Ararat just off of Iran. All would meet in the three places on March 19th. 

Arab Catholics passed on information so that Philip knew when and where the Moslems would attach Israel.  Because of the potential Nuclear Bombs planted on Israel soil, Philip did not want to fight in Israel but around Israel in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. 

Philip informed the President what he was going to do. Thomas moved the Trident Subs into the Mediterranean.  He moved two Carriers off the coast of Malta.  Israel was also preparing for war. America flew in tankers of JP-5 fuel oil for its air force and tanks.  They concentrated on protecting its air power while waiting the first signs of war. 

Three million showed up by car, bus, train and truck in the three locations ready for war. Five million followed them by foot. Behind them followed bands of old people, women and children with food and water and everything else that 5,000,000 people need to go to war.  It would be the last Christian Crusade.  It was estimated that Moslems coming from 6 different countries could reach 25,000,000 armed people.