The Ark of Apocalypse


The Continual Sacrifice  

Julian marched into the Temple.  Television Cameras followed him. Behind him went thousands of Jewish Rabbis and Moslem Ulemas in two lines all carrying incense burners and candles.  Large TV monitors were set up outside for all the people who could not get inside the temple.  The great Curtain was open in the center and you could see inside the Holy of Holies, where a perfect copy of the Ark of the Covenant sat on a raised altar.  Two large candles were on both sides.  Julian walked up the raised altar in front of the Ark of the Covenant.  He turned towards the Rabbis and Ulemas and then looked into the Television Cameras:

“Children of Jerusalem and the world, I have come to correct errors of faith and bring you into the kingdom of God now and forever.  I have come to give you eternal youth, daily happiness, and the pleasures of heaven on earth.”

Julian pointed to the outside altar through the doors where sacrifices were prepared.  Lightning shot out of his finger and hit the outside altar lighting up the sacrifices into a great roaring fire.  He then placed his hands over the oracle of the Ark of the Covenant and black smoke shot out of the hole filling the Holy of Holies with black smoke. Turning back to the cameras:

“You have now entered heaven on earth and the laws of the past are over. The prophet Jesus of Nazareth was not and is not the son of God. His followers made him to be a God and his Church is only superstitious heresy. 

“The true Christ has come into the world.  I am he. Your true God stands before you.  I am Christ and God.  There is only one God, and not three and that one God is me.  Your kingdom with God is here.”

He paused and the people gasped and became silent.  He had never said this before.  This was a hard saying.  He gave them time to grasp what he was saying and then went on:  

“In my kingdom you are allowed to do all that you please, renounce fasts and sacrifices.  All that is needed is that you love me.  You who believe in me will be pardoned of all sins even before you commit them and live with me eternally on earth. 

“Only two laws of Moses must be kept, the Circumcision and the Sabbath, or Saturday.  But the other restraints of the passions are no longer laws but gifts from me.  Freely love whomsoever you want so long as you believe and love me first. 

“The sacrifices known as the Liturgy or the Mass of the Catholics shall be outlawed throughout the world.  The Continual Sacrifice was symbolic of me, but I am now here.

I am the Continual Sacrifice and therefore the Mass is over and shall be no more.  It is outlawed throughout the world and whosoever offers or attends this Mass will be punished.

I am God and only images of me will be kept in the world.  All other images will be destroyed.”

He raised his hands up in a V shape and lightening came out from all parts of his body and fire from his eyes.  He sat on the Ark of the Covenant between the two angles so that they seemed to be pointing their wings at him and ordered the feast to begin.  At his command and as he had prepared, women stripped to the waste and poured wine on their bodies dancing in and out of the temple.  Hundreds of naked women and men danced erotically all over the streets to excite the lust of men and women.  Thousands of women went through the crowds giving out free wine and spirits. So is the real abomination of desolation as prophesied.