The Ark of Apocalypse



The Monarch Retires, Peter the II Elected


 Philip was sad.  His job was finished and now he wanted to retire and prepare for death.  He said goodbye to the Holy Father and Merlin and went to talk with his wife and children. 

Philip:  Sofia, maybe I was doing God’s will but I was the instrument of the death of many people.  I feel great guilt and sadness about this.  I need to do something to ease my conscience about these deaths.”

Empress Sofia:  “We are antiques now, with nothing left to do.  But we have accepted the work that we did not want to do, and became clay in God’s hands and you should feel good about that.  What are you trying to say to me?”

Philip:  “It is time for us to give up our titles of Emperor and Empress.  It is time to give up all power and live in prayer.”

Sofia:  “This is not anything that I ever wanted.  I just wanted to be a wife and mother.  I have been a mother but seldom a wife.  Yes! I too want to spend more time in prayer and less with people.  We have good children and they also need more family time and less public time.”

Philip:  “There is no person that I know of that can take over without me worrying about too much power in the hands of one person.”

Sofia:  “Your authority is people’s faith in you and not in laws.  People look to you to solve problems but you have no real legal authority, just trust.”

Philip:  “That is true! If I disappear, where do people go to solve problems in their different countries?  We cannot have another United Nations.”

Sofia:  “Divide the world into ten or twelve districts.  Each having a outside judge to solve national disputes.  Not someone with legal power but people that the majority trusts because they have no power and (like you) have no reason to judge falsely.”

Philip:  “I want to leave all this luxury in Austria and go to Jerusalem and live in poverty.  Would you go with me to the foot of Calvary and live the simple life, a life of ---- maybe a farmer or Shepard?”

Sofia:  “I could not think of anything more perfect, good for me, for our children, for you, and for our souls.  Let us do it.”

Philip and Sofia took their children and moved to Nazareth in a small stone house.  Before leaving he gave his authority as Emperor of the World to ten Kings, Kings without countries.  These ten men became judges of ten sections of the world and to them he gave the wealth of Solomon’s treasure to help all their countries in whatsoever they needed.  The Knights were divided into these ten regions to enforce the democratic laws of the nations. 

Philip went to Calvary.  With Sofia and his children behind him, he placed his crown (the crown of St. Steven) at the spot of Calvary.  The family went to their home in Nazareth, bought sheep and lived a life of prayer and sacrifice.  They had five more children. After ten years of prayer in the Holy Land Philip laid his head down and went to the Lord.

Benedict went back to Rome and organized the completion of the repairs on St. Peter’s Basilica.  It was now the twelfth year of peace and the eighteenth year of his pontificate. He was now almost 90 years of age. 

St. Peter’s was back to its former beauty and the Holy Father called all the Cardinals of the world to come to Rome.  He knew he would never see them but he wanted them in Rome for a quick election.  Pope Benedict laid his head against the glass in front of St. Peter’s tomb and died.

All the Cardinals arrived in Rome within a few days of Pope Benedict’s death not even knowing why they were called to Rome.  Under the great frescos of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel they elected a very young priest as Pope.  He was not even a bishop.  They ordained him Bishop and Pope on the same day.  He was asked what name he would select as pope.

The New Holy Father answered:  “Peter, the Second!”

At 107 years of age, Merlin died.  At the moment of his death a baby was born.

On the tenth year of peace lived a prostitute in a tent at the mouth of the two great rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates. Her name was Diana.  She was steeped in the practice of witchcraft and black arts.  She attracted many with her beauty, seductive clothes and magical arts. She was Jewish from the tribe of Dan and to conceal her background took the name, Eva. Often she held parties that included drugs, alcohol and great feasts of many types of foods.  These always ended in ritualistic orgies of sex with many women and men at the same time.  The sacrificial killing and burning of children in Black Masses was common.  She often picked up and moved to keep away from being too known and kept with her 12 girls for the orgies.

Then suddenly she quit all activity and went farther into the desert to be alone.  After months living by herself in the tent, she gave birth to a baby boy without the help of a mid-woman or anyone else. The baby did not cry but simply looked at her with open large black eyes.  He already had teeth and a full head of hair.

After only a few moments from birth the new baby smiled and spoke in a deep voice:  “I am.  I am here! I live!”