The Ark of Apocalypse


The Antichrist

The election of Peter II did not make everyone happy. Mostly because of his age (44 years), but also because he was not even a bishop at the time.  Although at one time a great preacher and retreat master, he had spent the last 10 years of his life in prayer secluded in the mountains praying for peace. 

One Cardinal particularly was upset because he was not a Cardinal or even a bishop and was not even at the conclave to vote.   Gathering some Cardinals with him, he declared himself pope, becoming the last anti-pope.  He attracted liberal and Charismatic Catholics to himself and another split in the Church began.  He moved to Jerusalem and claimed to be Pope and that the Vatican had become too corrupt for him.

As predicted by Merlin’s interpretation of little book of Apocalypse, the long duration of peace and splendid fertility of the earth, produced people who became very ungrateful.  They led sinful lives, in pride, vanity, unchastely, frivolity, hatred, avarice, gluttony, and many other vices.

Many began to doubt whether the Catholic faith was the true and only saving faith and whether maybe the Jews were correct still expecting the Messiah.

Because of the great ingratitude over the great peace, God give Lucifer and all his devils power to come on earth and tempt his godless creatures.

Eva took her son to a city on the mouth of the River Jordan on the coast of the Sea of Galilee.  She named him “Julian”.  She remembered the Roman Emperor, Justine because he tried to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. Eva longed and prayed for the re-construction of the temple.

The two of them remained quite and unknown.  She gave birth to three more children there, but claimed that Julian was born in Bethlehem.   From an early age, Julian was humble and gentle, honoured piety, loved the poor.  He was fair, well disposed, and pleasant towards all. Before he was 10 years of age he plotted craftily so that he would be loved by the peoples.  He did not accept gifts or speak in anger at any time.  He was always cheerful.  In all these well-planned schemes he beguiled people from the time he was a child. 

When people began to ask about his great virtues, Eva claimed that he had no father but was a result of a virgin birth in Bethlehem.  Jewish people in the city began to wonder if he was not in fact the Messiah.  Moslems began to talk about the possibility that he was the twelfth and final prophet of Allah.

Julian was completely possessed by Demons but held his power in check selling himself as a kind little lamb but with a wolf inside.  At the age of 16 years he began to cure the sick and perform miracles in the sky – making rainbows suddenly appear in a clear sky, or bringing rain when badly needed.  These were not real miracles but demonic illusions but the people applauded him for them.  Wherever he went people would see a rainbow around the sun or rainbow rays coming towards him from the sky.

By the time he was twenty years of age he was feeding reptiles and wolves from his hands and walking on the surface of the Sea of Galilee.  The nations of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iraqi and Iran were talking of nothing else but Julian, the miracle worker.

Julian more and more looked exactly like Christ.  He had long red hair parted in the centre of his forehead. He had a short red beard divided and peaked twice from his chin.  He had a high forehead and long strait Jewish nose.  His eyes were always smiling and gentle.  The rich and powerful came to him for advise and prophesy about their lives and families.  Never did they get bad news from him and never did he charge them anything. 

 “Eva!” said Julian.

“Son?” she answered.

“It is time to go to take my kingdom. It is time to go to Jerusalem.”

Eva called her other three sons:  “Do what ever he tells you.  He will make you kings and rulers of nations.”

“I will go alone to Jerusalem.  I have many friends there already.  I want you three to go to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran to gather our followers there.  We will need the wealth of these three countries to do what I want in Jerusalem.  We must take over these three countries.”  Julian laid his hand on the head of each of his brothers and sent them off with the power to perform miracles of their own. 

The three brothers went one each to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran meeting with the Moslem Religious leaders of each country.  They explained that Julian was the long awaited twelfth prophet of Islam and that he wished to unify all Moslems for the take over of the world.  They also explained that he would unify Israel and Moslems, Judaism and Islam.  In each country they asked the religious leaders to prepare for Julian’s take over of their country and to prove their words they performed signs and wonders in their sight.

At the same time Julian went into Jerusalem.  There he met with Rabbi Ullman, already an old man but with much influence in Israel.  Rabbi Ullman was a great expert on the Kabala but confused the prophesies of Daniel and Ezekiel as waiting for an earthly king to give Israel and earthly kingdom.

When Julian explained to him that he was the long awaited Christ that was to re-build the Temple of Jerusalem and make the city of Jerusalem the envy and the glory of the world, the Rabbi was very receptive to his claim.  Then Julian showed him his power.  He raised his hand to the sky and caused the Sun to spin and create a rainbow of rings around it.  He then promised to unify Moslems and Jews to bring about peace to the Middle East. 

“Rabbi, I came to you because you have held firm to the faith of the Torah and interpreted properly the coming of ‘The Christ’.  You have fought well against the claims of Christians that Jesus was the Christ.  Now, let me prove that I am he.”

“How do you plan to prove to the entire Jewish nation and the world that you are the Christ?”

“Power and success!”


“Put me before the people and I will show you the power of God.”


“With or without your help, I am going to take over the entire Middle East and then the world.”

Rabbi Ullman arranged for all the Rabbis and leaders of Israel to meet together and he arranged that all the TV stations were there with TV cameras.  Word was out throughout the world of the meeting.  World wide it was the number one news on television. 

Rabbi Ullman introduced Julian to all the other Rabbis in Jerusalem and Israel.  He explained that he, himself, believed that Julian was the Christ, but would let Julian prove it to the Rabbis and the nation.  The Rabbis asked for the proof.  Julian asked that he bring together all the Rabbis and that in front of them he would prove his claim to be the Christ.

In front of 123 Rabbis and religious leaders of Israel and all the TV cameras, Julian presented himself with a young blond haired companion.  To prove his divine commission as the Christ, he offered to have himself killed by his companion.  He offered to have all doctors test him for three days to see if he was dead.  Then he prophesied that on the third day he would come back to life and lead Israel and Jerusalem to victory over all their enemies and the capital of the world.  No one believed that he would even attempt it.  But in front of everyone including world wide Television coverage Julian’s companion lunged a long dagger into his belly.  Julian fell into a chair prepared for him. Doctors examined him and he appeared dead.  For three days doctors checked him for any sign of life but found none.  The three days of doctor’s examinations were constantly televised throughout the world.

On the appointed time the same 123 religious Jews met before the dead body of Julian.  His companion stood over the body.  Doctors verified that he was dead and that he remained dead for three days.  Julian’s companion was dressed in a tan robe with a gold metal band around his waist and still holding the dagger. He was young, about 17 years of age, with long blond hair, blue eyes and very white skin.  He was picked by Julian to look like an Angel. 

In front of world wide Television coverage, he placed his hands on Julian’s chest and then raised them to Heaven. Julian opened his eyes and rose up from his waist without hands.  The imitation blond Angel bowed to him.  He stood and looked at the crowd of Jewish Rabbis.  Rabbis stood in silence with their mouths open.  After a long silence, one Rabbi shouted, “The Messiah has come!”  Then all repeated the shout and bowed in reverence to Julian.  Julian raised his hands ordering silence.  He looked first into the television cameras with his soft black eyes.  Then he turned to the Rabbis:

“My children, my nation,

“You were scattered throughout the nations for 2000 years and I have brought you here to the land that I promised to Abraham.  I have brought you here and protected you from all your enemies.  I have brought you here to prepare for my coming.  Now I will make you a great nation, not just a great nation but the greatest nation on earth and the greatest nation in the history of the world.  I will rebuild Jerusalem to even greater glory than under my son, Solomon.  I will rebuild the great Temple of Jerusalem to its former glory.  But first you must recognise your own errors and sins.

“I am the Christ, but you persecuted my prophet, Jesus, because you believed the Jews who were calling him the Christ.  He was not the Christ, I am, but he was a great prophet preparing the way for me.  The Jews who made him a Christ, which we now call Christians, were mistaken and heretics.  Jesus never claimed to be God or the Christ but his followers wanting to make him the Christ faked his words, words that he never said.

I am the Christ, and I sent Mohamed, my prophet, to prepare the way for me.  But some of his followers added things to his prophesies that I did not say.  I will correct this so that peace between Jews and Moslems will began and then peace of the entire world.

I am the Christ, and starting here in Israel I will build a nation that will contain the entire world.  We will begin with Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iran as one nation.”

Silence went throughout the Rabbis as each looked around to see if anyone would speak.  Rabbi Ullman walked to the front of the crowd:

“My Lord,

“How do you plan to bring our enemies together as our friends and into one nation?  We have fought against them for many years and the hatred is great between us.”


“Why are the Moslems your enemies?  Why are you their enemies?  Moslems believe in one God and not in a trinity of gods.  You believe in one God and not in a trinity of gods.  Moslems believe in the Torah.  You believe in the Torah. Moslems believe that Abraham is their father.  You believe that Abraham is your father.  Moslems call God, Allah.  You call God Yahweh. It is the same thing and the same meaning.  Moslems believe in bringing the faith to the world by force.  Solomon made Israel a great nation first by force and then by wisdom.  Moslems believe that faith and worship of Allah is all that is needed to get to Heaven and not morals.  Solomon had faith and worship but he had no morals.  He had thousands of wives and great personal wealth.  He violated all so-called moral laws but he kept his wisdom and his faith and worship of Yahweh.  Is there any difference between Jewish faith and Moslem faith?  Not really!  I will convince you there is not and I will convince Moslems that there is not.

“Give me all the Rabbis of Israel and let us go to Egypt without arms.  There let us meet with the governing body of Egypt and I will unify the two nations.  Yes!  We will have to fight some of them but the large majority of Egypt will join in with us as one nation.  Keep your army and air force on the border until I call for them.”

World wide, Christians, for the most part, were outraged.  But leaders of the nations saw this as a way to end the hatred between Jews and Moslems.  Oil was no longer a Middle East weapon and their power was diminished.  Philip had defeated and disarmed the Moslem nations.  But hatred for Jews had not ended.  The Ten leaders that Philip had set up to judge and help nations were not wise enough to see the dangers of this man.  Only Peter II saw Julian for who he really was. 

Julian quickly won over the parliament of Egypt and most of the people.  Many Christians and some Jews left Egypt and went to France and Spain. Moslems and Jews joined together to kill all those who did not agree to join together as one nation and one religion.  Many died, but Egypt, Palestine and Israel became one nation. 

Julian and Rabbi Ullman went alone to Iran and with signs and wonders convinced the government and people of Iran that he was the twelfth prophet of Mohamed and the Christ.  Again many Christians, but not all, left Iran for Europe. 

Julian and the Iranian army marched into Saudi Arabia backed by the Israeli Air Force.  Without a fight he took over. Julian and the entire Iranian and Arabian Armies met in Mecca to pray and thank Allah.  While they were praying the Christians of Syria and Jordan left for Europe.

Julian then marched across the border to Jordan and took the country by force.  Even though they could not win, the Jordanians fought almost to the last man against Julian and his Iranian – Arabian Army.  

The President of Syria met in Jerusalem with Julian and Ullman.  He offered is support and joined in with Julian to become one nation with Jerusalem as the new capital of what was fast becoming a Middle East Empire.  Together they invaded Iraqi and defeated the only truly Democratic Country in the region.  

America, Europe and the rest of the world began to worry that a new Hitler was expanding in the Middle East but just as worry started to be the talk of the world, Julian stopped all aggression and began to re-build Jerusalem. 

Taking all the wealth of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran, Syria and Egypt, Julian’s plans were to make it the most beautiful city in the world.  This included re-building the Temple of Solomon to its former beauty.  There was no objection from the Moslems regarding the Dome of the Rock, for they saw it as a sign from Allah when the earthquake brought it down.  Now the Rock would be the High Altar of the Holy of Holies.

The world turned a blind eye to the new Middle Eastern Empire.  Julian continued to perform many signs and wonders including moving mountains in the city of Jerusalem and commanding rain for the farmers.  Even many Christians began to doubt their faith because of his miracles and the peace he brought to the Middle East. 

Julian was handsome with beautiful soft eyes.  He spoke in a gentle voice.  He did not advocate penance and sacrifice or even a humble and moral life.  Like the Moslem and Protestant faiths, he preached that if you believe in God nothing else matters.  To give example to others he took on many wives.

Julian moved hundreds of thousands of workers and equipment into Jerusalem. Gold and silver came in from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt.  Stones came across from Jordan.  Julian designed fountains like Rome and a river from the Temple through the streets of Jerusalem.  Fruit trees were brought in to decorate the centre of all the streets. A half mile around the Temple was outlawed to all cars and made for walking only with piped in music to the entire area. 

The outside walls of the great temple complex were built first covering an area hundreds of feet long and hundreds of feet wide with all the former buildings with it, but not the temple.  Moslem consultants were called in as advisers on what was to be kept and what to be removed so that the Temple would be both Jewish and Moslem.

Before starting the actual Temple, Julian decided it was time to expand his empire.  There remained seven Judges set up by Philip throughout the world and although they had no real power or countries of their own, they had great influence on the world.  Twice a year they met together to share problems and successes with each other.  Julian planned to attend one of these meetings.  He arranged to give a talk to these seven Judges.  They met in Cypress but the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem were secretly there to report back to Pope Peter II.

Julian came before the seven judges dressed in Rabbi Robes.  He had around his neck a gold chain with a five point Jewish star.  When he stepped forward to talk a rainbow of light appeared around him as though it was coming from his body.  He had the appearance of Jesus Christ as we see him in pictures and Icons.  He spoke with a deep but gentle voice:

“Judges of the world, God is pleased with what you have done to bring peace and government structure to the world. God has rewarded you with great prosperity in food and mild climate world wide.  All this is good and something to be proud of.  The one area of division that was never solved by you is the three great religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism and Muslimism. 

“Another area of concern that you have observed and worried about is the constant degeneration of faith and morals in the world over the last twenty years.  I know that you have been in dispute as to what to do about this problem.

“As you know I have solved the problem of Jews and Moslems in the Middle East and to some degree have won over a great many Christians to a single faith in God.  Peace and prosperity has come to the Middle East for the first time in 1500 years.  

“I am here to help bring this harmony and prosperity to the rest of the world.  I am here to help you and the entire world.”

Judge Giovanni of the European Zone stood to speak:

“Mr. Julian, what do we call you?  What title do you have in this newly created Middle East Nation?”


“I have no title. I am a religious leader and prophet but not a priest.” said Julian. “I am not a ruler, King or President.”


“How can you help us?  We are at peace throughout the world but we have a problem of a degeneration of morals because there is too much leisure time and life is too easy for people.”

Julian left the podium and walked back and forth with a smile on his face. Radiance increased over him until it glowed throughout the room changing from white to green to blue to red.  He was showing his power and impressing the judges or at least producing fear in them.   He went on:

“Why do you worry about the morals of the world?  The commandments in the Torah and Bible were given so that people would get along in peace.  You have peace.  No one is harming anyone else.  All these unreasonable rules that the Catholic Church or should I say, Pope Peter II, buts on people creates strife and disharmony.  It is the laws that create problems and not the actions of the people.  Did not God create sex and the pleasure of it?  Why do we have laws against it?  Did not God create food and the pleasure it gives?  Why do we have some laws against its use?  Yes! The laws were needed when we had no peace but we do not need these laws now.”

The judges took time out to talk with one another and began to argue back and forth.  Julian sat down waiting for them to come up with any argument against him, and he knew they would. 

Giovanni spoke for the seven judges:

“You are asking us to go against or disobey the Holy Father, Peter II.  It was the Pope and his Emperor, the late Philip, who brought peace to the world and stopped the wrath of God.  Are we to bring back God’s wrath for disobeying His Commandments?”

Julian stood up and went before the podium.  He put out his right hand, palm up and rays came out from it lighting on fire a group of small flags in a tall vase in the back of the room.  He then smiled at them:

“As I told you, I am God’s prophet and if you do not believe that I speak for God, then believe my power.  If Peter II can show you this power, believe him, but if not, believe me.  Get rid of these unreasonable laws and join in with me.  If you do not, the conflict between those having fun and those keeping these unreasonable laws will escalate into conflicts throughout the world.  Get rid of your obedience to Peter and have faith in God’s mercy.  God does not want people to suffer.  He wants them to be happy.”

Julian left the seven judges without waiting for an answer.  The world was mostly disarmed and except for America it had no armies.  But Julian had amassed a great and strong army with the resources of Saudi Arabia, one of the best armed countries in the world, and with Iran and Israel, two very well equipped armies.  While waiting a response from the seven judges, Julian brought Lebanon, Turkey and Afghanistan into his Empire.  Little by little he talked most of the former Soviet Union countries to join him, especially those countries that had large Moslem populations, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Krygyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

The seven judges met with Pope Peter II, and tried to talk him into changing the moral law as he had done to the marriage law for one generation.  They wanted marriage laws eliminated and the laws against fornication done away with.  They told him of the power that Julian showed and advised that Julian had put together a very large army.  The rest of the world was no longer equipped with armies.  The world’s population was under one billion and no one suffered want of anything.  The judges were afraid of Julian and told Peter the same.  But Peter II refused to change the moral laws of God:

“You are being blackmailed by power and signs and wonders.  Do you not know that the demons do these fake miracles?  You want me to deal with a demon.  I cannot change the laws of God even if I wanted to. I am the protector of these laws, not the maker of these laws.  I allowed a slight change in the marriage law because no law ever existed in the Old or New Testament on one wife. It was a Church law and not a theological bible law.  When it comes to Bible laws, Divine Laws, they cannot be changed.”

The judges were both afraid and impressed with Julian.  They, in fact, began to make excuses for his ideas and little by little believed in him.  They knew that if they sided with Julian they would be condemning Pope Peter II.  Signs and wonders carried the day, and all the seven judges asked to become part of Julian’s Empire.  Over the next year, Julian convinced most of the countries in the world.  Peter and the remnant Catholics left were isolated.

Julian continued at an enormously fast pace to build the Temple of Jerusalem.  The walls, pillars, and roof went up quickly.  Inside and outside all were covered in eighth inch gold plates two foot square with locking edges. At the same time the hundred foot tall curtain was being made by a large group of men and women.  The two giant angels were made in the city in three sections so that they could fit through the door.  The Holy of Holies was completed first and then the outer altar of incense.  Outside the Temple was built the large altar to burn and sacrifice the lambs.  Four gold elephants held up the outside altar of sacrifice serving as the four legs.  It was 30 feet long, 15 feet wide and 6 feet tall.  The total flat area around the Temple would fit six football fields.  Mega machines and thousands of workers finished the entire works in only 18 months. 

It was time to dedicate the Temple.  Thousands of Jewish Rabbis and Moslem Ulemas came dressed in all their best robes.  Gold and silver were brought as offerings to the treasury of the Temple.  Animals were killed by the thousands and brought to be offered in the outside altar of sacrifice. 

Black smoke went up from the huge fire of offerings until it almost covered the Temple.  The Gold of the Temple reflected the sun to the point it was hard to look directly at it. 

After prayers and offerings from the Rabbis and Ulemas, Julian got up to speak. Television cameras from all over the world covered the event.  From 70 AD there had been no temple.  Even Justin, the Apostate Emperor of Rome could not re-build it even though he tried.  This was a big event.  The Temple was not even completed at the time of Christ or at the time of its destruction by the Romans.  Now for the first time in thousands of years it was completed and ready for sacrifice.