The Ark of Apocalypse


Richard P. Salbato


THE ARK OF APOCALYPSE is a fiction story about the very near future.  The author believes that secret societies will support simultaneous civil wars throughout the world.  These wars will evolve into a world wide religious war in which 75% of the world's population will die over a period of four to seven years!

He bases these beliefs on twenty years of study in prophesy.  He placed 104 Church approved prophesies about the future into a computer for systematic comparisons.  The total of all these prophesies painted a perfect picture of history, past and future.

Since everything predicted by these prophets up to 2007 AD has already come to pass exactly as predicted, the author properly assumes that the next few years will follow the same pattern.  What follows is just an outline of what these approved prophets have said about the future.

Outline of future:

Taking off from 2007 AD … first there must be a "Chastisement of the Earth" in order to bring about Christian unity and one Christian Church on Earth although Jewish and Moslem religions will remain. We believe that this chastisement will last from four to seven years. This chastisement will start with a world wide economic crash and will end with three days of darkness. Let me repeat that "It will end (not start) with three days of darkness). We believe that during the chastisement there will be two very important people, a very holy king, called "Charles the Monarch" and a very holy Pope, a Pope who will be elected in a very fast way.

We believe that after the chastisement there will be only twenty-five percent of the world left, and it will take seven years to bury the dead. We believe that the good and the bad will survive. But we also believe that much of the bad will be converted by the Monarch and the Holy Pope.

We believe that those who survive the chastisement will have a period of peace that will be without much work or needs. (As promised by Our Lady of Fatima)  We also believe that in the first part of this peace most everyone will be holy. We also believe that in the second half of this peace faith will fade and become lax.

After this period of peace on earth (We believe it will not last more than forty or fifty years.), the Antichrist will come. Enoch and Elias will come (maybe even Saint John, the Apostle). The Antichrist will be born in the ruins of Babylon between the two great rivers. He will be born of a Jewish prostitute and a Catholic Bishop. She will pretend to be a virgin. The child will be able to talk the moment he comes out of the womb. He will appear to be holy, gentle, kind, mild, and charismatic. He will look like Christ, act like Christ, and talk like Christ. He will perform many miracles (or at least what appear to be miracles), and many will follow him. He will convert the Jews first, especially the Zionists in Jerusalem, then the Moslems, and then many Catholics. There will be no other Christian religions on earth at that time except Catholics.  He will be a Pluralist.

After converting the Jews and Moslems into one religion, he will rebuild the Temple of Solomon. There he will place himself on a seat in the Holy of Holies and proclaim himself to be God. There will be a great famine over the whole earth, so that no one will have the food he needs. But he will promise that whosoever comes to the Temple and has his or her hand and forehead marked with his mark will receive all the food he needs for the rest of his life. He will have to go to war against Egypt, Libya, and Africa, but after that all the secular world will come to his side, and he will rule the world. He will outlaw the Continual Sacrifice, the Mass. (Daniel 8:11)

The last Pope (whose name will be Peter the Second) and those who refuse to be marked with his mark will go into hiding. Those who cannot hide will be martyred. More Catholics will be martyred during this time than all the two-thousand-year history of the Kingdom put together.

In the last year of his three-and-one-half-year control of the world, the Antichrist will kill Enoch and Elias and place their bodies in public display in front of the Temple. After the third day, Enoch and Elias will come to life and ascend into heaven body and soul by the Power of God.

This will so anger the Antichrist that he will promise the whole world that he too will ascend into heaven and bring them back to earth. On the prescribed day he will ascend up into the sky. However, Christ will strike him dead (as He did to Simon Magus), and he will fall to his death.

All the people will be very happy because the Antichrist is dead. They will be so happy that they will have parties and celebrations. They will have marriages and will give their children in marriages. And then forty-five days after the death of the Antichrist, there will be a great sign in the sky -- The Cross with Christ crucified. All the Jews, who have survived, will see and know that he is the Christ, but it will be too late.

Christ will appear in all his glory with all His Heavenly Hosts, and in the twinkling of an eye, half the people of the world will disappear into Hell.

(This is the so-called rapture preached by Protestants, but exactly the opposite of what they think, since those disappearing go to Hell.)

Those remaining will be lifted up body and soul towards Christ, who will remain in the sky. All those in Purgatory will ascend first. All the bodies of those who died, from Adam to the time of the Antichrist, will come up out of the earth and join their souls in the heavens. All this will take place as those remaining at the end ascend body and soul towards Christ.

Then Christ will wipe away the earth, purgatory, the heavens, and the stars with the movement of his hand. Amen!

Why This Book?

Considering that both the prophets of the bible and the saintly prophets since the bible paint the above outline of the future, why write this book at all? After all, even the author admits that the book is fiction because no one knows for sure how the above outline will play out or even when it will happen.  In the second half of this book, called Book Two, some prophesies supporting this book are offered, but the truth is that no one knows exactly how this will happen. 

When you think of the great popularity of fiction books, like Holy Blood, Holy Grail” or “The Da Vinci Code” or the many books by Father Malachi Martin, you see that people would rather read a story than the raw facts of things.  When readers read these stupid books they think they are true even when the author says they are fiction.  If then, people are going to trust an easy to read fiction story over the raw facts, then perhaps the best way to teach the facts is by a fiction story.

Foreword by Author

Isaac Asimov has written hundreds of books with one basic idea.  He rewrites scientific theories or facts in a way that the average reader can understand.  That is my justification for writing this book.  It is time that some very difficult theological arguments were presented in a way that even those readers who only read for fun would read. 

God has been pouring warnings and messages over the earth but few are listening!  Satan disguised as The Holy Spirit, Jesus, or Mary has been appearing all over the world for the past sixty years, (false apparitions) and it seems that everyone is listening to him.  I hope this book helps to get more interest in God's warnings.  I hope that it will also help the reader to understand what Satan might have to gain by making people follow him into what seems to be a holier, less sinful, and more religious life.

THIS IS A FICTION STORY in that it has fictional personalities and fictional situations.  This is the best fictional description of the NEAR FUTURE that my research could come up with.  It is based on true facts and prophesies.  I believe what will happen (in the VERY NEAR FUTURE) will be so much like this story you will think you are watching a movie that you have seen before.

For over thirty years, I have been obsessed with the study of prophesy.  Most of that time, I ran up the wrong trees. However, over a period of time, a pattern began to develop.  This pattern seemed so certain and yet, in some ways, so very confusing.  The answers only came to me when I realized that my brain was too small to assimilate, delete, sort, analyze, and compare thousands of prophesies.  However, modern technology had just the thing to do all of these things:  THE COMPUTER!  And so, I purchased the best one I could find and added the proper file and search programs to a very good word processor. 

After first learning how to use this monster, I began by gathering all the prophets and prophesies.  I entered them all into the computer, eliminated those that might not be authentic.  To do this, I used the following formula: 

1) The prophet had to have made short-term prophesies that have already come to pass. 

2)  The prophet had to be without error whatsoever. 

3)  The prophet had to have a strong saintly life. 

4)  The prophet had to have some other prophesies that had not come to pass as of yet. 

5)  And last, but not least, it could not be about the second coming of Christ and the end of the world, since I had already proved that this could not happen in the next 50 to 100 years. 

I finally was left with only 104 prophecies about the future that I could use in my computer.  For an example of those which I did not use and my reasons, I will offer two examples out of hundreds eliminated. 

One example is Nostradamus.  Michael de Nostradame made many prophecies that came to pass, but he also made many that did not.  Two other factors played a part in my leaving him out of my formula.  He was NOT a holy man (FAR FROM IT)!  There is reason to believe that he had access to a computation of legitimate prophecies which he then rewrote in his own hidden style and passed them off as his own.

Another example is Melanie Clavat, who was a legitimate seer of the Apparitions of La Salette.  However, in her later life, she became obsessed with her own importance and thought that people should regard her as a saint.  She finally became involved with a possessed man and began to make many false prophecies that had the effect of drowning her original legitimate ones.

Garabandal, Bayside, and Medjugorje were all found to be tricks of Satan, as were the non-canonical gospels of the early Church, such as "The Essene Gospel of John" or some of the so-called "Gospels of Peter".

Nevertheless, I was finally left with 104 prophecies about the future that seemed to be flawless.  Then, using key words to compare one prophecy with another, and filling in the blanks left out by one prophet but used by another, the computer began to tell a story.  As it unfolded before my eyes on the screen, I became amazed.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!  Some of the information was so difficult to believe that I spent hours, then days, then weeks and then months in one library after another, checking and rechecking the validity of the information.  It was perfect to the letter.

I began to see how God used the prophets and how we should have used them for thousands of years.  No prophet gave one hundred percent of the information needed for a perfect understanding of the future.   But, as the prophesied events grew closer and closer, more and more information was revealed to other prophets in other generations.

Some prophets were used by God to interpret and explain the hidden meanings in older prophecies.  Like Venerable Mary of Agreda, who in the seventeenth century wrote the perfect explanation of the "City of God" as presented in John's "Revelation".  God had, in His Own Infinite Wisdom and for His Own Reasons (beyond man's), picked that woman and that time to reveal the interpretation.  Another example is in the case of Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich.  In the eighteenth century, she was given by God the proper explanation of Chapter Twelve of "Revelation".  I could go on and on!  Remember, I use these prophets only if there is absolute proof that the prophecies are authentic and come from God.

The story you are about to read is written in fiction, third person form, so that the reader can easily understand what many thousands and thousands of pages of prophecy reveals.  I have found that the vast majority of readers don't understand prophecy directly as written.  And so, I offer you an easy way to see what may happen in the future without having to spend twenty years of gathering information.

Read this book strictly for fun; if, however, things start to happen as outlined in this book, read it again.  Read it again for life saving information.


Copyright by Richard Salbato 1987 - edited in 2006

ISBN:  0-941427-02-1

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Table of Contents                                                                        


Chapter One:                      Simon of Ethiopia        

Chapter Two:                      Merlin the Hermit        

Chapter Three:                   The Ark              

Chapter Four:                     The Start of the War

Chapter Five:                      The Holy Father          

Chapter Six:                        The Blood Line            

Chapter Seven:                   The Power of the Ark  

Chapter Eight:                    The Angel of Apocalypse

Chapter Nine:                     March to Paris                      

    Chapter Ten:                      Paris Burning                          

    Chapter Eleven:                  International Broadcast        

Chapter Twelve:                 The American Response       

Chapter Thirteen:               The March to Germany        

Chapter Fourteen:              The Hot Line                         

Chapter Fifteen:                  Westphalia                            

Chapter Sixteen:                 Europe United                       

Chapter Seventeen:             Trouble from Asia                 

Chapter Eighteen:               Wormwood                            

Chapter Nineteen:               Mahdi Unites Islam               

Chapter Twenty:                 March to Israel                        

Chapter Twenty One:         Armageddon                          

Chapter Twenty Two:        Burying the Dead

Chapter Twenty Three       The Ark of the Covenant                

Chapter Twenty-Four         World Peace

Chapter Twenty-Five          Monarch Retires – Peter II Elected                            

Chapter Twenty-Six            Antichrist                               

Chapter Twenty-Seven       The Continual Sacrifice        

Chapter Twenty-Eight        Enoch and Elisa                    

Chapter Twenty-Nine         End of the World                   


The Story Explained

Chapter Thirty                    The Story Explained                       

Chapter Thirty-One            Great Monarch                               

Chapter Thirty-Two           Monarch in Bible                            

Chapter Thirty-Three         Bible on Continual Sacrifice           

Chapter Thirty-Four          Satan Prepares for War              

Chapter Thirty-Five            Why Philip von Habsburg               

Chapter Thirty-Six             Wars and Rumors of Wars            

Chapter Thirty-Seven         Before Antichrist                             

Chapter Thirty-Eight          Chastisement                                   

Chapter Thirty-Nine           Great Monarch - Pope                    

Chapter Forty                     Period of Peace                               

Chapter Forty-One             Antichrist                                         

Chapter Forty-Two            Antichrist by Hippolytus                 

Chapter Forty-Three          Malachi – Last 10 Popes                

Chapter Forty-Four            Bible Prophesy                                






Simon of Ethiopia

The colossal ship inched its way slowly up to the mooring. The hull was black with "Lykes Lines" written in bold white lettering on the side. A dozen white cranes reached up into the thick, wet fog from its deck. Crowds of dirty, virulent looking Frenchmen came running up to the edge of the dock carrying guns, clubs, picks, and whatever else they could find for a weapon. The captain peered over the side at the forming mob, but appeared to be unconcerned. He was a very short Japanese man with a long, ragged beard, heavy black overcoat, and black sea cap. The dock was up the Loire River near Angers, France. Through the fog could be seen the stone remnants of a thirteenth century castle. The captain signaled his loyal and devoted deck hands to lower the ramp. Then he slowly made his way up the stairs to the captain's deck.

The moment the ramp touched down on the dock, the mob charged up the ramp and onto the ship, pushing and shoving each other to board first. Frantically, they rushed around the deck, then down the various stairways that led into the holds of the ship. Through every room and on every deck they scoured and searched, not even knowing or caring what they were looking for. The ship was completely empty. No cargo. No food. No fuel. No loot. The hostile mob cursed and swore at one other, indignant that there was nothing to take. Some beat on the walls and equipment of the ship with their weapons in outrage.

One surly group decided to raid the captain's deck and turned as a unit towards the white stairs to begin the climb. Suddenly they stopped in their tracks, frightened by the site above them. Standing on the top of the landing was a 7 foot 4 inch powerful black man.  He was holding a two barrel 50 caliber machine gun in one hand while the other was stuffed into the pocket of a heavy, full-length, black overcoat. He stared down at the mob without fear or even anger. There was no expression on his face whatsoever. They slowly backed down the stairs without taking their eyes off the giant. Then turning away, they continued their search until they were satisfied that the ship was empty. They would have killed the captain if it hadn't been for the tall man who stood in front of him known as Simon of Ethiopia.

Simon turned and looked down at the captain. "Thank you, Hank. I hope that we meet again." He paused, looking down at the ship's deck and rubbed the tip of the two barrel gun across his feet. "Thank you. The time for sacrifice is here." Simon reached out and held Hank's hand gently. "Goodbye, Hank. May God protect you!"

"Good hunting, Simon!" Tears were rolling down the Captain’s weathered face. "May this truly be the beginning! If so … you are a very special man." The captain hugged Simon tightly, but his hands could only reach halfway around his enormous waist.

Simon walked slowly down the stairs through the mob that quickly separated to let him pass. He walked down the ship's ramp and across the dock without looking back. Two armed men met him at the end of the dock where they exchanged greetings and led him to an old American army Jeep. As they sped away, the captain watched from the deck where he remained. After they were out of sight, he turned to look down at the mob. They stared up at him without moving.

The dilapidated looking Jeep moved swiftly down a cobblestone street next to the river. They drove quickly around the tired, battered walls of one of Angers' chateaux, designed to withstand the protracted sieges of the time and to protect the western gateway to the chateau region.

They sped up a ramp and into the court of the large fort. The two men led Simon inside through an enormous gallery lavishly decorated with beautiful antique tapestries which caught his eye, but then swiftly hustled him out the back door. Outside again, Simon followed them down a path lined with rose bushes and into a small clearing in the trees. There, in the center of the opening, sat a modified Apache AHH-64 helicopter with two Hellfire missiles attached to her belly, front and aft machine guns, and extra gas tanks, all painted black. There were signs on both sides, but layers of black tape hid the lettering.

Simon walked over to the chopper without saying a word. He scurried around to the other side and examined everything. He looked up through the opening in the trees at the still-foggy sky. He still carried his 50 caliber in his right hand with deceptive ease. He was so large that his gun appeared to be  average sized but was not. He walked purposefully back to the two men and asked "You have The Letter?"

The Frenchman silently reached into his overcoat and handed a leather covered folder to Simon. It was sealed with a wax seal. Simon checked the seal against the one on his ring, and then looked back at the men. With affection but without a smile, he placed his left hand first on one man's shoulder and then on the other's. With that, he turned away from them and climbed into the black chopper. He looked at his odd companions as they backed away, and then he started the engine.

Slowly, he lifted up through the trees and into the fog. He pulled off to the right and over the Loire River. Here and there he noticed small fires below him, but he did not allow anything to divert his attention. He followed the river, past the great and beautiful chateaux until he reached Tours.

Tours was totally in ruins. The streets looked quiet, and few buildings remained standing. Lights shone sporadically throughout the city and brought up old memories for Simon. He let his mind wander back to that night many years ago. That wonderful night when he walked into a candle lit church and looked at his bride in all her wedding finery, Simon felt his heart contract in agony at the memory and quickly shook his head as if to shake it from his mind. He turned south at Tours and the bird thundered over the lovely Chenonceau with its white stone towers jutting up from the river Cher. It seemed untouched from the air, but he knew that was probably an illusion. He reached into his breast pocket and extracted a map, spread it out on the seat beside him and studied it again for the hundredth time. He knew it by heart, but he was taking no chances!

After being aloft for several hours, Simon spotted a large corn field with an elaborate eight-pointed cross cut into the rows of corn. He checked his map again, circled the area looking for anything out of place; then began to descend into the center of the cross. At the head of the cross was an old truck filled with corn. A dark-haired, middle-aged man sat motionless in the driver's seat and stared at Simon through the dirty window. When the blades stopped and all was quiet, the man started his truck and crept very slowly toward the chopper, his eyes fixed on Simon. He stepped out of the truck and pulled a long gas hose from inside the corn and drew it toward the chopper. He refueled both tanks, continuing to stare at the large and silent man who just watched from his seat. When the man finished, he replaced the hose, glanced furtively at Simon one last time, and backed his truck all the way to the head of the cross.

Simon restarted the engine and was quickly airborne. He headed south. He would spot two more crosses before reaching his destination but did not land. As the sun was setting, Simon thought about why he was in this chopper and why he was doing what he was doing.

The sun was rising again. Though he had not slept, Simon was alert and easily spotted the landmarks. He was close. He scrutinized the ground below him. There it was. To his left was the obscure stone castle, the Tour Magdale. There was the village of Rennes-le-Chateau, the lake, the church, and there….there was Bezu, the small mountain. Simon turned towards Bezu and hovered over its south side. He finally found what he was looking for and began searching for a landing site. There was none close, so he picked one a mile away and laid the chopper down very softly.



Merlin, the Hermit

Simon quickly stepped down from the Apache, checked his overcoat for the letter, and began walking up the hill. About halfway to the top, he saw the entrance to the cave.  He laid his gun on the ground, took off his overcoat, and then retrieved his weapon. Under his coat he wore a long, white, sleeveless robe with a large eight-pointed white and gold cross on the right side of his chest. Between the arms of the cross were two lions and two horses in gold, trimmed with a gold circle on a black background. He walked over to the entrance of the cave.

Inside the cave, an old priest turned and saw the silhouette of the huge man with the cannon in his hand. The old priest was sitting, facing the cave entrance, when Simon entered. Simon could not see the priest, but he could see the eight candles surrounding the simple altar of homemade statues. They illuminated the cave, but cast shadows around the old man. Finally, Simon spotted the outline of the seated priest, but his face remained obscure in the shadowy darkness.

"Are you the priest they call Merlin, The Hermit?" asked Simon.

After a short silence, Merlin replied simply, “Yes.”

"I have the letter," Simon informed the stoic figure.

"Are you Simon?" Merlin inquired.

"I am," he replied.

Merlin stared at Simon for a long time. Through the dim light, Merlin could tell that he was a Herculean man. His height was obvious, but the priest could also see that Simon was also very unafraid. He said, "Come in."

Simon entered slowly and stepped into the candlelight. His white robe with the bright eight-pointed white and gold cross sparkled in the flickering lights. His double barreled machine gun seemed to magnify the light and reflect it brightly in every direction. His immense arms strained against the sleeves of his black shirt. Despite his imposing presence, Merlin was not at all disturbed and remained seated.

Simon could now see The Hermit he had heard so much about. Although Merlin remained seated, Simon guessed him to be above average height. He could tell that the old man was extremely thin and Simon estimated his age at round ninety years. The old priest had a commanding air about him that filled the room. His eyes twinkled as he looked at the letter as though he was looking forward to the events that were going to unfold. Eventually, Merlin rose up authoritatively and approached Simon. He was about six feet tall and walked with a slight limp. His hair and beard were very long and white as snow. His face and hands were very rough, Simon observed, probably from living this way. “It can’t be an easy life for such an old guy”, he thought.  He was dressed in a simple brown wool robe that had an attached hood. Around his waist was a rope tied in a knot at one side. Strung through the rope was a three foot long cord Rosary. Merlin extended his hand, "You have The Letter?"

"Yes sir" replied Simon, handing the leather folder to Merlin. “Oh damn, he thought, he is a priest, not a Colonel, I should have said, yes Father.”

Merlin checked the seal against his ring. "Ah! The time has finally come!" Merlin paced back and forth in the cave, looking at the folder and the Seal, shaking his head and letting out long sighs of near disbelief, "So long! So long!" Finally he looked at Simon. "Where is The Ark?"

There was a long silence. Simon had guarded The Ark for the last two years and had never followed any other orders except to keep silent about what he knew, silent except for the man standing before him. It felt strange now to be free to share the secrets he knew. The words would be hard to say; they had remained secret for so long. He also did not even know why he was to reveal the information to the old Hermit, but Merlin seemed to understand much more than Simon did. Actually, Merlin seemed to know a great deal without having Simon say anything at all. He knew Simon's name and he knew that the letter was for The Ark, even without Simon telling him. But now, the words had to come out. It was an order.

"He's………He's on the Island of Madeira."

"Madeira?” … “Madeira?” … Merlin paced back and forth in the cave.

"Why Madeira?"

"He was in Southwest Germany...Sternberg.  But the civil war was getting too close to him. It was getting harder and harder to protect him from the mobs. We moved him and his family to Madeira."

"Does he know who you are?" Merlin queried, as he ran his hand down his long pure white beard and stared with one eye at the tall black man.

"No sir, I mean Father, He has no idea. We took him, his wife, and his children during a stormy night. They fought us and did not want to go.  His father had just died the week before and The Ark wanted to stay near his grave. It was very hard to move them.  On Madeira at least they are safe."

"OK! OK! How do we get there, way out in the Atlantic? This is an unfortunate surprise to me; I did not expect this! What do we do now? How will I get to him?"

Even though Merlin stopped pacing, it was quite obvious that he was provoked by the news. Merlin understood the need for security as his own Monastery had been bombed years before, forcing him to move into this cave for protection. His real name was Abbott Chardone, but he had taken the new name, Merlin, matching the secret task he had been assigned. He w   as the “keeper of the secrets.” Only the “Order” called him Merlin.

"We must go now,” said Simon, “but the journey will not be quick. We will take our time as we must be very cautious. Everything is arranged just as it has been for many years."

"Yes! Many, many years, more years than you think!" Merlin picked up a small, round bag and gestured to Simon to the door. "Let's go! The world is waiting."

Simon stepped out of the cave and was taken aback when Merlin limped right behind him, so close as to seem to be pushing him to move faster. They walked down the small mountain towards the black chopper. In the distance, Simon could see two men with AK-47s, one on each hill, on both sides of the chopper. He knew they would be there, even if he did not know who they were. They had one job and only one job: to protect The Hermit. At last, their task was coming to an end as Simon took charge of the old man.

Merlin looked ahead to the chopper. "I suppose I'm going to have to get into that metal contraption, aren't I?” Merlin murmured in an irritated tone. “I've never been in one before and I don't think I'm going to like it. No! I'm definitely not going to like this. Will this thing get us to Madeira? Are you sure you can fly?” Even as he ranted, Merlin never stopped hurrying towards the chopper. His chatter seemed to simply calm his fears.

"No, this chopper could never go that far,” Simon replied when Merlin stopped to take a breath. “We will be going by ship. But this will get us to that ship where we will continue our journey. It's not far from here, in that direction."

Merlin turned to see where Simon was pointing. "In the Mediterranean!"

"By ship?” Merlin protested again. “That is going to be slow. We must get there as quickly as possible. Even though time has waited for this moment for thousands of years, and waited patiently, from now on time is our enemy. Let's go!"

Simon looked at him incredulously. “This old coot was full of piss and vinegar,” he laughed to himself.  Simon had a lot of questions, but kept silent. He helped The Hermit into the chopper respectfully. Simon knew only one thing; the Hermit had all the answers. All the rest of The Order had bits and pieces, but The Hermit, and only The Hermit knew everything. No one else on the face of the earth could put it all together except Merlin. Merlin was the guardian of the principal secrets. Simon knew some things, other members knew more, but Merlin knew it all. This was the reason he was called “keeper of the secrets – Merlin.”

Simon stared at the man he had wanted to meet for so many years, but still didn't ask any questions. He knew that within a few days he would know all he needed to know, since he was the guardian. From now on, everywhere Merlin or The Ark went, Simon would be there also protecting them. Simon would soon know more than any other member of The Order.

Simon started the engine and Merlin stared up at the blades as they began spinning, faster and faster and faster. Simon pulled back on the stick and the helicopter began rising off of the ground rapidly. Merlin grabbed the sides of his seat, closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, but said nothing. Simon looked at him and smiled with admiration and pride. Admiration, because he could tell that Merlin was terrified from never having been off the ground before, but he was determined! Proud, because Simon was now in control of the situation! This was his expertise and The Hermit had to trust him and Simon knew that he was right to do so.

They rose up to above two thousand feet and then headed out to sea. Merlin shut his eyes as they sped toward the open water. Within what seemed like only a few minutes, Simon saw the Mediterranean. He looked for the old castle along the shore and when he saw it, he turned out toward the sea. After exactly twenty minutes, he saw an old rundown oil tanker drifting in the water. He hovered over it for a few seconds. An eight-pointed white and gold cross flag was spread out on the deck between four men. Simon lowered the chopper down until he set right on top of the cloth. He turned off the engine.  ……. Merlin started to climb out of the cab, looking sick.

“Wait!, said Simon. "Not yet! Just a few more seconds!'

Suddenly, the deck of the oil tanker began to shudder and the entire section of the deck that the chopper had landed on began to sink. It descended very slowly until the chopper was below the upper deck. A crew of men pushed the chopper off the lowering platform onto the lower deck and then Simon turned around to watch the platform rise back to its original place at the top deck.

"OK! Now we can get out." He reached across and opened the door for Merlin. Two men helped Merlin from the chopper.

Simon and Merlin found themselves in what used to be the oil compartment of the ship. They followed the men over to an iron ladder leaning firmly on the side of the tank and gestured for Merlin to climb up. Merlin never hesitated. Even though he was quite old, he grabbed the ladder and began what Simon thought would be a difficult climb for the old man. Without help, Merlin made it to the top and was led to his small, simply furnished room. He immediately began to set up a table for Mass.  Simon and the six others were privileged to attend The Holy Mass. Then very reverently and quietly they departed to leave Merlin alone to pray and rest.

Simon went out on the upper deck to look out to the open sea and think about all of the things that had happened so far. The Mediterranean was not a safe place to sail. American ships moved up and down trying to keep order on the open seas, but getting through the Straits of Gibraltar would be the toughest part. An American F-116 shot across the sky, probably from a carrier.  Simon wondered how this ship could protect The Hermit if attacked by pirates or even good people looking for food or oil. He offered up a prayer for the safety of all of them.

Two hours went by and Simon remained on the deck looking out at the open sea. He made no attempt now to hide his robe. The white robe was just a cotton cloth ten feet long and four feet wide with a hole in the center for his head. It had an eight-pointed white and gold cross on the front.

Simon had received his robe two years before, but this was the first time that he could wear it openly. An alarm sounded. Suddenly men started running all over the tanker. One section of the deck, about ten by ten, opened up, and a strange-looking gun popped up from below with no gunner at the seat. Judging by the looks of the thing, no gunner was needed.  It had over 100 50-calaber barrels banked in 10 rows of 10 and a radar disc on top.

Simon looked out to sea.  A dark, ominous looking vessel was rapidly approaching. Simon grabbed some binoculars from a table nearby and scanned the other ship for people. He could see no one. Everyone on board Simons’ ship looked prepared for battle. Several Knights pointed hand-held rocket launchers at the ship.  After a few minutes of tension, another ship appeared as if out of nowhere. Simon let out a sigh of relief as an American aircraft carrier charged and almost ran over the other ship. The unfriendly ship turned and ran off into the darkness.

The carrier turned and slowly moved along side of the oil tanker. They stayed side by side until they reached the mouth of the sea, the Straits of Gibraltar. The straits were mined, but passage through was possible if you knew how. The ship captain knew exactly what to do.

The American carrier turned back into the Mediterranean, never even knowing who it was protecting. The oil tanker maneuvered itself through the mines and out into the open ocean of the Atlantic. Three hundred more miles to go! The tanker turned south and headed out to sea.

Simon finally went below deck to his room next to Merlin’s. The room consisted of a small bed, a chest of drawers and a lamp. There was also a small writing desk with a lamp. He lay on the bed with his knees bent so that he could fit his enormous length on it. He knew he would not be able to sleep even though he had not slept for the past two days. He knew he would not sleep, because this was what he was waiting for all these years. He knew he wouldn't sleep, and suddenly he lost consciousness and fell asleep.



The Ark

Simon never woke until he found himself shaken by a man he didn't know.

”Wake up!, wake up! My friend! We are here. We are here. You must hurry."

It took a minute for the giant to remember what and where he was. Then Simon jumped up and out of bed. He was still in his clothes and he still wore his white robe. He ran to the small sink and rinsed the sleep from his eyes. There was a tray of food placed on the bed and as Simon had not eaten for a long time, he gulped down some of the food. The man who still remained a stranger to him tried to hand him his 50 caliber gun but he could not lift it. Simon smiled and picked it up with one hand and left the room. The stranger just stared after him as he marveled at the gentle spirited giant.

Merlin's door was open, but he was not inside. At the foot of the stairs, a man signaled to Simon to climb up to the upper deck. Merlin was leaning on the rail looking out to the island of Madeira. The mountains rose up out of the sea way above the tanker. They were not moving, but had anchored the ship a little way from the harbor. There were no beaches but only the shear cliffs jetting up from the sea. On the top were fields of colorful flowers spreading out over the landscape. Colorful trees splattered around the top of the cliffs. It was a beautiful sight.

Merlin turned around and faced the seven foot, four inch giant. He looked up at him, but with a look that told Simon who was the boss and said "Are you ready? Let's go!"

Simon looked around and saw that the chopper had already been raised to the upper deck. Twelve men stood around it looking like pillars in a circle, all staring at Simon. "Let's go!" responded Simon, motioning the hermit towards the black machine with the four arms waiting to spin.

Within four minutes, Simon was lowering the helicopter down on an open deck next to a two-story building on the top of one of the many mountains of Madeira. The building was old and decaying. It looked like an old apartment house or overnight house, but definitely not like a home.

Simon turned off the engine and the two men waited as the blades slowly came to a stop. Merlin just sat there, not moving a muscle as Simon looked at him. No one came up to the chopper to greet them. The entire area was strangely quiet, almost frighteningly so. Simon waited for The Hermit to speak. Finally Merlin turned towards the tall black man. "What are we waiting for? Let’s go!"

They stepped down from the chopper, and walked slowly towards the building. It looked even more dingy close up. When they looked back, the view of the sea from where they stood was breathtaking. Two big glass doors that had obviously been recently scrubbed separated the interior from the deck. Merlin waited, and Simon reached out and opened the door.

Standing a few feet inside, like a beautiful goddess, was the most gorgeous woman Simon had ever seen. She was not afraid of the sight of the big black man. She stood with dignity and authority even though she wore a pink night robe and had obviously just risen from sleep. Her hair was pulled back and tied with a single ribbon and then hung down her back almost three feet. Her face was olive brown and without any makeup.  Prominent was her eyes, brilliant green and not afraid to look directly into your eyes with confidence.

Simon stepped aside to allow Merlin room to get by him.

"My Lady, Good Morning! I'm Father Merlin. I'm looking for Philip, who I believe is your husband. I assume you are Sofia?" Merlin bowed graciously to the beautiful lady.

Without the slightest embarrassment for being in her bathrobe, she made no expression of irritation, but greeted Father Merlin and Simon politely. She made no reply but with queenly dignity, she walked out onto the deck past Merlin and past the giant. She glided to the edge of the patio and looked down. She appeared very heavyhearted as she pointed down the mountain replying, "Down there."

Merlin limped over to the edge as fast as he could, and Simon beat him to the rail. The woman was pointing to a small stone shed about two hundred feet below. It was next to a small chapel. A trail twisted down to the stone building with red tile roof. It was about ten feet wide, twenty feet long, and had no walls.

"Thank you, my lady. We are his friends."

"Certainly! Of course! All of you say the same thing. That is why we are here, on this island, in this jail, because you are all our friends." Sophia walked away and exited through the glass doors, throwing the words over her shoulder at them but not looking back.

"If only she knew!" thought Merlin, as he watched her leaving the patio, "If only she knew!" Merlin waved a finger at Simon and the two men started down the trail. They passed the small pilgrimage church of Our Lady of the Mountain, and in the side chapel Merlin could see the outline of a man sitting next to a metal coffin. Four pillars of stone held up the red roof. The Atlantic was in the background. Merlin walked under the roof until he was three feet away from The Ark. Simon remained outside as this moment belonged to Merlin.

The Ark was standing next to a metal coffin. The top if the coffin had a crown of thorns and was inscribed with the words, "FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA".

"Are you Philip?" Merlin said into the silence.

Philip, startled, looked up at Merlin. Philip had light brown hair that was long and very curly. His nose was long and hooked at the end. He had not shaved as it was before 7:00 AM in the morning. He was dressed in tennis shoes, blue jeans and a tee shirt. His eyes and face showed no fear, only anger and determination, "I'm Philip Von Habsburg!"

"My name is Father Merlin. I'm a hermit priest from France."

Philip stood up and then knelt down in front of the hermit and kissed his hand. Then he sat down heavily and looked at the coffin. He turned towards the giant black man and stared at his mammoth size for a few minutes. He wondered to himself about the white robe with the White and Gold Cross. He turned back to look at Merlin. "What do you want of me?" he asked.

"I have a letter for you from The Holy Father." Merlin handed the sealed leather folder to Philip.

"The Holy Father? The Holy Father? I knew Pope John Paul II but Benedict? What does he want with me?”

"He sent this letter to you! It has the seal! Open it!"

Philip looked down at the seal and recognized its authenticity. It was real, "Why me?" He pulled on the ribbon and opened the leather folder, reading the letter:

"Peter, Bishop, servant of the servants of God, extends greetings and the Apostolic Benediction to my beloved son in Christ, and faithful Christian, Philip Von Habsburg.

"Even though it is not allowed, and even though my fellow servants in Christ and I will be in great danger, I shall return to Rome, the seat of my namesake. Even as you read this letter, we shall be on our way to Saint Peter's tomb and altar.

"It is imperative that you come to Rome so that I may speak with you face to face! I ask this of you as a friend in Christ, and order it as is my duty and right as your father in Christ our Lord.

Your Servant in Christ, Benedict, Bishop of Rome"

Philip looked up at Merlin. "What is this? What does he want of me?  The Holy Father! Me? What's going on here?"

He looked back at the letter, and then up at the black man, as if to ask for help, but said nothing. Then he asked Merlin, "How shall this be accomplished? How do we go?”

"It has been arranged. We will take you safely."


"Now! As soon as you can leave! We cannot take your family with us. The danger is too great in Rome. Only you must go. We will protect your family."

Philip thought for a few moments, bowed his head in sorrow and then softly, almost in a whisper said, "Let's go!"

He looked over at the coffin. It contained the remains of his grandfather, Charles Von Habsburg. Charles was the last Emperor of Europe. He had died in exile on this island on the 1st of April 1922 ….. April fool’s Day!!! His father, Otto, was just a small boy at the time. Otto became a writer and columnist in order to support the family. Philip was born in Germany, although he was not German.

"My grandfather was a great man. He only wanted to help his people! He tried to unify Europe, to save it from the communists. This was his reward. He literally died of starvation!"

Philip leaned over and kissed the iron crown of thorns on the coffin.
"Let’s go and see what the Holy Father wants!"

Charles von Habsburg was now Saint Charles, since Pope John Paul II beatified him and Benedict canonized him. Countess miracles after his death and his uncorrupt body made canonization easy.

Beyond that, Zita, the wife of Charles, and the grandmother of Philip, was also beatified. Zita went into a convent after the death of her husband and the raising of her 8 children. In the convent in Switzerland, she had visions and revelations, and lived a life of heroic virtue.



The Cause of the War  

Simon lifted Philip and Merlin off the patio deck, flew down the mountain, and set the chopper down gently on the oil tanker. As the chopper again descended, the ship was already moving. Simon climbed out. Philip helped Father Merlin and the threesome entered Merlin's cabin for Mass. After Mass, food was served. Merlin and Philip sat down to eat while Simon stood watch.

"What happened to this world, Father? How did this all start? Has the whole world gone mad?" Philip seemed sad and confused, looking for answers, but not expecting any. Philip was about forty years old. In Germany, he had worked as a teacher until the schools were closed. Later, he worked in the Polish government until the civil war. For his safety, he and his family were kidnapped and taken to Madeira.

Just as it was before World War I, there was no easy answer to this question. There were many reasons. Merlin believed that the war was planned by a secret group of men, but that it backfired on them and now was out of control.

"Petrogold!" the good father said.

"Petrogold?" questioned Philip. "What is Petrogold, oil?"

"Yes, but it is more than that!  It is power, a greater power than armies or even money. At one time the world's wealth depended upon the slave trade. The slave traders of yesterday were in fact the Illuminati and the KKK. But, when the slave trade ended, they moved quickly to gain control of the new thing that would produce the industrial wealth of the world: fuel. The three major oil companies of the world were all owned by members of the Illuminati."

Philip objected, "It was not the oil companies that started this war, but the Moslems. Why would the Oil Companies, the Illuminati, want a world-wide economic crash and civil wars? Islam wants to take over the world." 

The entire world was in a massive economic crash except the United States of America.  Other than America, most governments had failed completely and anarchy ruled most of the world. It was known by everyone that Islam started the war and caused the economic crash.

"They didn't!" snapped Merlin. "They owned and printed the American Dollar and the Euro. They profited from every note they printed by lending it out at interest, mostly to governments. But they lost control of the very governments they set up and controlled, and those governments turned against them. The Illuminati created their own enemy and ours."

"You mean the Moslem countries," offered Philip.

"Yes, but Big Oil should have known better. They set up Hitler to stop the oil pipeline to Europe and he turned against them. They set up Communism in Russia to get Russia's oil and Russia turned against them. They set up the Shah in Iran and he turned against them. They did not care if it took wars to get rid of these people because they controlled those governments that had the power to fight successfully on their behalf."

"Why couldn't they just get rid of the Radical Moslems as well? What happened?"

"Miscalculation!" Merlin pondered all he knew about the Illuminati and drifted off into deep thought. Should he give Philip a complete history of the Illuminati and their recent meetings that caused World War III, in spite of their carefully contrived plan?  “Let us go for a walk on the upper deck.  The night is warm and the stars should be bright out here in the Atlantic.” 

Philip and Father Merlin got up and went out to walk along the upper deck of the tanker ship.  It was the size of a football field not counting the captain’s deck and crew cabins. Neither Philip nor Merlin knew that below their feet in the huge oil compartment were thousands of specially developed weapons from hand held 9 mm to 50 caliber riffles to rocket and missal launchers.

They walked down one side of the tanker and back the other side. Simon followed closely behind so that he could hear and learn what was being said. They were far off the coast of Africa heading north and too early to sleep.  Merlin was not in any hurry to explain all he knew about the present situation of the world.  From a religious point of view it was God’s anger, but how could that be explained and what would be gained.  More important for the Ark would be to know who the real enemy was. Like the Jews riding the back of Rome to persecute the new Christians in the first two centuries (Apocalypse 17)  The Jews were the harlot that road the back of Rome.  Now we have the Moslem harlots who road the back of Big Oil, and the oil companies.  Rome turned on the Jews in 70 AD (Apocalypse 17:16) but this time the harlot turned on the beast, the Moslems turned on those who made them rich.

The good Father knew about the Illuminati meetings early in 1984 and the later meetings at the Russian Politburo in March that same year. Merlin thought about explaining this to Philip but concluded it would be too hard to understand at this time so he just made it simple.

"It started in France." Merlin began. Philip lit a pipe and listened carefully. "French Moslems started the riots but then for some reason communists and unions joined in. I don't know why. Anyway, it started as a simple riot in the streets one day about three years ago. But the riot never stopped! It spread out from Paris to all of France. Eventually the police and the army could not stop it. No one was sure who the enemy was! There were many factions. I'm sure Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Syria had a lot of influence in all the destruction after it got started, but I don't think they started it. It seemed to have been a simple union strike against one of the garment industries in Paris. A riot broke out. Other factions took the opportunity to create their own destruction. They included Moslems, Socialists, and Communists, and it spread out into all of France.”

Philip interrupted, “I thought the bombing of the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Iraqi, and Kuwait started the war?  Maybe the fighting in the Straights of Hormuz was the first thing?  I do not remember what came first.” 

“Yes! But all these things all happened at the same time: riots, bombings of utility plants and in almost every country in the world at the same time.  The fall of the French government and the nation's inability to form a new one is typical of what happened everywhere else.  The French and Italians suffered massive unemployment as a result, and, as you well know, the Moslems are very strong in Italy. It has been estimated that there are a million throughout Italy and 14% of the French population."

Merlin went on and on, trying as well as he could to explain why people throughout the world were engaged in civil wars while at the same time many other countries were fighting international wars. War infected every corner of the earth. Philip leaned against the railing looking down at the water. They were turning into the Mediterranean now and moving away from the African continent towards the European continent. Within an hour they would see the Rock of Gibraltar.

What everyone knew was that the Moslem world stopped the flow of gas to the world and sparked bombings and riots everywhere in the world where Moslems lived.  But what Merlin wanted Philip to know was the history.  Philip needed to know how the Western Democracies deliberately let Radical Islam come back into power after breaking them up in World War I.

Merlin carefully considered what Philip needed to know versus what was just too much information. Merlin himself had been informed of the first meetings through the Order's spy system. He had read the minutes of meetings held over the past 30 years and he pondered over them.

The first meeting was in early 1984 in London City, a fictitious section of London. In this meeting it was decided to end Communist Russia. Rothschild, himself, spoke:

"Gentlemen, because of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul, Russia is no longer an effective counter-balance to America. It is a paper tiger. We cannot let America become too strong and that is what is happening. We need a new direction, a new strategy.

"In counties where we control the government, communism or socialism works best because we simultaneously control the natural resources. When we eventually control the basic source of production, we will control the world. In the past, all the way back to the Egyptian Empire, slavery was this source of production. Today, in the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, energy is the source of production.

"With governments currently in control of oil, gas, water and electrical power, we only have to deal with a few people who we can control. This works best in socialism and its child, communism. If you remember back to 1914, there was a split between those who believed that the communist method of power was necessary and those who believed that the democratic method of socialism would work better because people could be easily bribed. So, we established Commuism in the East, and Socialism in the West. Then we watched to see what worked best for us.

"Today, for us and our purposes, Democratic Socialism is working best. However, we need a broader, more centralized government. We have relied until now upon the United Nations, but that institution has grown into a mutated octopus with too many tentacles to control! It is not serving our needs as it should."

At the end of that meeting, it was decided to end the Cold War and support the European Union instead of Russia. So, in March 1984, a member of the Illuminati attended the Politburo Meeting in the old Senate building in the Kremlin. The meeting had ostensibly been called by the General Secretary of
the Central Committee of the Communist Party, and the Supreme Ideologists! However, the real power behind the Politburo was the Illuminati, the meeting was in fact instigated by them.

No one noticed anything out of the ordinary, because these meetings were held every Tuesday.  In Russia, the Politburo was the real ruling body. The Minister of Defense, the Chairman of the KGB, the Internal Ministries, and everyone who had any leadership role in running the country was at these Politburo Meetings. The so-called Parliament and Presidency had no real power, and they automatically ratified every decision that came from the Politburo Meetings! In the August 1985 meeting the General Secretary set the agenda:

"Gentlemen, we can no longer sustain a Cold War with the West. Our economy has suffered substantial deterioration over the last seventy years. In fact, the pace of our economic decline has quickened over the most recent few years and our situation is critical. At the same time, the capitalist
economy of the West has enjoyed spectacular growth since 1914, despite its setbacks in the 1930's and periodic recessions thereafter. Except for our own nuclear deterrent, we have no conventional defense against the West.

"Although we split from the European Socialists in 1914, it seems that we should now consider rejoining them. I believe it is only in this way that we will be able to gain the international influence and power that we have been seeking. To accomplish this, we must be perceived by the West, and in
particular the United States, to be giving up communism in favor of both democratic socialism and some form of capitalism."

The General Secretary paused for a minute, looked at his notes, and then continued: 

"We must support and help the European Union and, in time, join with it. It has become self-evident that we cannot defeat America and Europe by force. However, what we can do is appear to reject communism, offer the West the olive branch of peace (which they will unduly hasten to grasp!), and by joining Europe eventually take over their governments by slowly indoctrinating them into the ways of central planning and control.

"I would like the Politburo to consider that we have not taken over a country in the last six years by infiltration. The U.S. is now using the same tactics, and, in fact, since Ronald Reagan we have been losing the battle. Our food supplies are growing scarce. It is becoming more difficult to restrain our own countrymen. Our control over our allies is now in question. We can no longer wait or our nation will collapse and we will fade into history as just another system that did not work!"

Finally, a perplexed Major General Borg spoke, "How do we manage to bring to an end a seventy year-old system of government?"

Molotish, the hard-nosed head of the KGB, slowly rose out of his chair to get everyone's attention. When at last silence descended over the table, he sat down imperially, leaned forward with an authoritative air, and spoke slowly and decisively into his microphone, "Will we not look like we just lost the war?"

Kolomonish, the head of GRU responded, "Not if we plan it very carefully."

Molotish persisted: "Though appearances are important, and our global standing cannot be ignored, I really do not care if we call it communism, socialism, or democracy so long as we continue to hold absolute power."

With that, the meeting ended surprisingly early. It had been easier than anticipated to generate the consensus the Illuminati needed to carry off this daring scheme.  Later in London, at the Illuminati meeting, a report of the Politburo meeting was presented to 18 of the 20 leading members.

"We have the communist leaders believing that ending communism is in their best interest. They have 20% of the world's oil reserves. We can take control of that, modernize their technology, pump it into Europe and once Europe becomes dependant on Russian oil, use that to control European
countries. Our goal is to put an end to the United Nations. In its place, we will construct three geopolitical entities. We will build a United Europe, United America, and United Asia. Each region will have its own currency: the Euro, the Amero, and the Asian. The Dollar will continue to be the international currency, but it will not be controlled by America or even used by the Americans.

“Nationalism will prevent us from calling these entities governments, so we will have to call them Economic or Defense Treaties, Congresses, or Co-operatives. Any name will do, but we must not favor any one nation or existing name. At length, there will be only three world-wide governments
and only four currencies.  In the meantime, we must solve the escalating Moslem problem, especially as it has a profound impact on our oil supply."

Philip looked at Father Merlin, who started walking again.  Merlin was quiet for a long time and Philip wondered what he was thinking about.  There was still no land in sight, only stars and ocean.  Everything was calm.  What Merlin wanted the Ark to know (and never forget) is who the real enemy was.  The connection between communism and the Illuminati was important but somewhat past history.  The European Union was important history but maybe for another time, after all the war now was different and Communism and even the European Union were over and finished.   

"Philip, as you know, in the last 100 years we have fought two world wars, given birth to the first atheistic governments in the history of the world, warped individual morality by popularizing and spreading all manner of birth control, legalized abortion and homosexuality, and then even went so far as
to try to force homosexuality and abortion on the rest of the world. In some countries, we have even outlawed religion! Have you considered whether or not all of this was random, or carefully planned?

“Notice that all of these events have one common denominator that distinguishes them: they all attack humanity by first attacking the living principles that God has laid down for us. This commonality suggests not randomness, but active planning. In our world, who hates God, and therefore his children, with such intensity while at the same time possessing both the global reach and the financial wherewithal to execute such a plan? Yes! The Illuminati!

"These elites (those invisible, fabulously wealthy people lurking behind and controlling national leaders) consider the earth's natural resources their private possessions and they do not want to share them with any emerging, developing Third World Countries. They also consider anything but "Aryans' their slaves and just another natural resource that they can exploit for their own gain, as they did with the North and South American slave trade.

"The Real Power (the Illuminati) wanted to keep developing countries as backward countries so that they could take their natural resources - oil, gold, food, minerals, and gems and use them for themselves. They especially wanted this cheap labor to be used to steal these things and ship them to the leading nations of the world. The Illuminati controlled these nations, so they would naturally assume control of these plundered resources. As you know, whoever controls natural resources has immense power. The pursuit of this power via control of the world's most valuable resources (especially human resources) is the reason for all the wars throughout the history of the world.” 

Merlin was on a role now and did not want to stop but Philip interrupted. 

“Father, are you trying to tell me that a small group of people in London and Europe caused the Moslem’s to declare a Jihad against the world? Masons believe in two gods but they are not bad people. The Illuminati is just a small part of the Masons.” 

Philip could not accept any Western peoples supporting Jihad. Philip knew that Jihad was prophesied by Mohammed followers since the eighth century and the 12 caliphs.  Philip knew that traditional Moslems would never accept a world of many faiths, not even the Mason’s two gods.

But Merlin would not let Philip change the flow of thought. 

“Philip, understand first how we came to this point.  Then you will see that Our Lady used a satanic force to destroy another satanic force.  But to end this war we must know the cause and the enemy.  Follow my thinking!

“After the industrial revolution, money and power derives from oil. John David Rockefeller was one of the first to see this and although not in the oil business himself, founded Shell oil, now Standard Oil. What he did was develop oil tankers for the railroad and lease them cheaply to wildcat oil riggers and oil refineries, causing a great expansion of oil exploration, production, and refining. At the moment of greatest advantage, he withdrew his leases from them. No longer having the means to get their oil to market, they were forced to choose between bankruptcy or selling out to Rockefeller. That was really no decision at all. In this way, he captured all the oil in America.

"On the other side of the world, another member of the Illuminati, Rothschild, developed the British-Persian Petroleum Company to seize Persian (Iranian) oil. It was then left to Royal Dutch Shell, also controlled by the Illuminati, to develop the oil of the East Indies, Indonesia, and Asia. These three companies controlled the oil resources of the world. This gave these few elite individuals immense power over the world. They controlled the development and growth of industry, and most importantly, the growing and distribution of food. In fact, they created the first oil cartel to control the price of oil. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before they could do that, they needed to get rid of the colonial ownership of all oil fields. That meant "liberating" the colonies developed by France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal.

"Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the Germans enjoyed an astonishing economic explosion. In 1889, they signed an agreement to build a railway to ship oil from Constantinople into Berlin. The British made sure that this rail link was never completed. World War I was fomented by the British to stop that railway, so that they could control oil, which by then had become the world's most important resource. During World War I, the British negotiated an agreement with France, Italy, and Russia that was known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement. This agreement was designed for a post-war world wherein the soon-to-be former Ottoman Empire would be divided into Western-controlled colonies.

"It was this secret agreement that created Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Kuwait. Britain would control the oil-rich Persian Gulf: Iran, Iraq and Kuwait. She would also dominate Palestine and Jordan. France would exploit Syria and Lebanon while Italy was promised parts of Anatolia and some Mediterranean islands. Russia was to get parts of Armenia and Kurdistan. At this time, Lawrence of Arabia was directing the Arab revolt against the Ottomans on behalf of the British. He assured his Arab allies that Britain would honor their desires for independence. However, predictably, after the war these promises were ignored.

"During this deliberately instigated war, the famous Balfour Declaration was also delivered. It was a letter sent by Lord Balfour to Lord Rothschild that promised official British endorsement of a Jewish state in Palestine. The plain fact is that the Arabs were cheated, betrayed, and used in a British drive to gain control of the region that possessed the world's largest known oil reserves. The British created Saudi Arabia and its puppet kings have ruled ever since. However, the British did not believe that there was oil there, and Standard Oil of California purchased the rights to oil for $250,000 in 1933.

"Prince Faisal, who had worked with Lawrence of Arabia, was given Iraq to govern as king. Prince Abdallah was given the land of Trans-Jordan. The Arab leaders had been cheated and betrayed, but they were still dependant upon British military power to allow them any type of rule over the Arab masses. The religion of Islam became a tool of the British to legitimize the rule, tyranny, and corruption of Arab leaders. To the Illuminati, Islam was an acceptable tool since it could be and was used just like communism.”

It was getting cold on the deck of the ship so Simon got three wool robes for them to rape up in.  Simon did not want the good Father to stop talking but he knew that soon they would have to get some sleep.  Philip did not react to what Merlin was saying.  He either knew it already or just did not care.  He probably knew everything that was being said since his father, Otto, was a very well educated and political figure in Europe.  One of the Knights brought them some hot soup and recommended that they get sleep soon, but Merlin preferred to educate a little more before ending the evening.  They could now see some land on the coast of Portugal in the Algarve.  Stars were bright and the Moon full.  While looking up at the Moon, Merlin went on talking:

"The reason for the Second World War was to get the last of the huge oil fields, the large (maybe largest) oil field of Russia. As I hinted at earlier, both Communism and Nazism were created to get these oil fields for the big three. They used Fascism to attack Russia and eliminate her control over that oil. Both Hitler and Mussolini were funded and brought into power in the 1920's and '30s by international bankers, including the twelve Rockefeller banks which now make up the American Federal Reserve System, which is perhaps the most important Illuminati controlled System in the world.

"But the Germans did not attack Russia as the Big Three had expected. Instead, Rommel went rushing across North Africa to grab the Suez Canal and gain control of all oil shipping through the canal. Then, he planned to continue on to Persia and toss out the British from the British-Persian oil fields. Meanwhile Germany's ally, the Japanese, swept through Southeast Asia and gobbled up all the oil holdings of Royal Dutch Shell. Things were not going very well for the Allies. Then, there was Pearl Harbor. With America's entry into the war, the Alliance, Germany, Italy and Japan was doomed.

"Following World War II, the British-Persian Oil Company still controlled the vast oil fields in Iran. The Persians had aligned themselves with Adolf Hitler's "Aryan Race" and they changed their name to "Aryan," or in Farsi, "Iran". But the Germans failed to free them from the British.

"After the war, an American CIA coup placed in power Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and thus America stole the oil from England. Standard Oil now had control of the British-Persian petroleum fields. They took over British Petroleum and modified the name to British Petroleum America. All that was left were the Russian oil fields. They were still free of the big three. During the war, the Communists had managed to turn the tables on the American industrialists, frustrating the Illuminati’s plan.

"This remained the status quo for the duration of the Cold War. Then came the two wars in Iraq. The entire Iraq fiasco began as an attempt to secure the transportation of Russian oil. The plan was to create a secure pipeline from the Russian oil fields that would cross the length of Iraq and empty into terminals on the Persian Gulf. This oil could then be loaded year round onto tankers and shipped to England and America. The wars in Kosovo and Afghanistan were also contrived to provide pipeline routes for oil.”

Philip did not say a word but he could not believe that all these wars were planed to control oil and planed by the very people he knew well.  Merlin, however, did not stop talking and Philip was not yet sleepy.  A chill came over him but he just watched the sea and the long line of light the Moon made against the water. Merlin made sure that Philip was listening and then went on.  He was obsessed with Philip knowing these truths before they reached Rome and the Holy Father.

"Even the attacks on nuclear power plants by environmentalists were financed and orchestrated by the Big Three Oil Companies. These attacks stimulated widespread public opposition to nuclear power, driving developed nations to become even more intractably dependant on oil. In turn, this further entrenched the power of Big Oil. The most famous of these was Chernobyl. This disaster was used to discredit nuclear power. But, it was built in a very big hurry by the Russians to process nuclear fuel for bombs, not to generate electricity as most people think. Nuclear Power, done correctly, is safer than oil." Merlin looked at Philip to see if this was too much all at once, and for signs of skepticism. Instead, Philip was fully engaged.

"What did the Illuminati want?" Philip seemed to understand the history but not the motivation.

"Financial security at first! They became powerful in the early 17th century by buying cheap goods from India, diamonds from Africa, gold from South America, spice and silk from Asia, drugs from China, and rugs from the Middle East. All of this they sold throughout Europe and England. They had found the true motherlode: cheap labor plus inexpensive natural resources from Third World countries sold in First World countries at enormous profits. They created greatest concentration of wealth in the hands of a few people in the history of the world.”

Philip interrupted,

“There is nothing wrong with this. That is just good business. You are implying that they are the real enemy and created this war and the problems we are having in the world today.  I see it as strictly a Moslem or religious war.  I see it as Radical Islam trying to take over the world.  I do not see what the Illuminati has to do with all this.”

“You have to understand why they became organized into a group of the world’s most wealthy people and then how they created the hatred that breaded the Radical Islamic branch of what was becoming a moderate religion.  But you must go back to why they organized in the first place.

"They soon began to fear the loss of their wealth to governments, either through taxation or outright confiscation. They had the money alright, but governments had armies. At the whim of a despot or two, all could be lost. So, to protect their wealth, they met and decided to devise and execute the most sophisticated plans in human history for one objective only - to protect themselves against all governments.”

“That seems logical,” interrupted Philip, “I would have done the same thing.  This is still not a condemnation of these people.”

“That is true,” Merlin offered, “but to do this they had to find ways to control governments. At first, they bribed government officials, kings, prime ministers, and presidents. Soon, they realized that this was futile. They would never exhaust the number of extended hands, and as those hands grew stronger as they fed off their growing wealth, they could be turned against the Illuminati. These captains of capitalism understood that there was indeed no honor among thieves. They had to find a different way. So, they advanced their thinking and realized that they had to become more powerful than governments. The bribes that they would pay in the future would be the very titles of king, prime minister, and president.

“They would place their own hand-picked favorites in the state houses of their choice, but retained the power to remove any independent rebel. The Illuminati knew that they had to become so powerful, and so wealthy, that they would either control a nation's armed forces themselves, or maintain their own secret, hidden army. As profitable as their current businesses were, they needed additional, large sources of revenue. The answer was the African slave trade. They were the first to get into the slave trade and in fact instigated the Civil War in America to keep this trade going.

"Eventually, the slave trade was outlawed almost world wide. Fortunately for the Illuminati, this happened virtually at the same time as the next, greatest source of wealth in the modern economy surfaced: OIL. America had its own oil and therefore became the greatest industrial power in the history of the world in just 40 years, from 1914 to 1954. England and Europe had to solve the problem of getting this black gold from Third World nations. This was entirely manageable, but time was critical. If these Third World countries started using this oil for themselves, they all could become great industrial powers like America and shut off the supply of Black Gold that Europe and England needed. This was the greatest threat to the wealth and power of the Illuminati, so they had to keep these nations backward and poor.”

Philip was getting impatient with Merlin but said nothing.  This was not getting to the point of what was obviously a war of religion, Moslems against the rest of the world.  He knew Mason’s believe in two gods, Lucifer and God, and he knew the Illuminati’s satanic rituals were sinful but he did not consider their wealth sinful.  In fact, Philip thought their business practices were rather smart.

But Merlin was about to show how a few rich people and their greed caused all the wars then and even now. 

"Suddenly across the globe in Third World countries we find civil wars, rebellions, the emergence of dictators out of nowhere, easily manipulated democracies, drug cartels, and Moslems making jihad against everyone. The result in many of these places was mass starvation, famine, and the destruction of what little infrastructure they had. Even the former colonies of Europe regressed to a primitive state. All of this was planned, and all of it was designed to destabilize entire regions so the Big Oil could either gain control of oil, or guarantee existing control of oil. Tragically, the tracks for this rampaging locomotive were greased with the blood of millions, but that mattered not all to these evil men.

"Funny thing about all this was that none of these countries made weapons and yet these rebels, dictators, drug lords, and Islamic radicals had all the most modern weapons at their disposal without limits. Toward the end of the twentieth century, the industrialized countries suddenly began to support China. No other regime in history killed more of its own people, killed more people per se than all other countries combined. This regime suppressed religion, woman's rights, the press, and mercilessly put down all dissent and dissenters. Why did the West suddenly support this regime? Once again the answer is cheap labor and low cost products. However, like Germany, Russia, and the Middle East, China turned on its hidden benefactors, but you know that so let's continue.

"Cheap labor was the one constant in the plans of the Illuminati. As the 1970's dawned, many third world nations were eagerly anticipating the benefits of their emerging modern economies. This could not be tolerated because it would free them from the iron grip of the Illuminati. So, a simple plan was devised. Israel would be drawn into what came to be known as the Yom Kippur war in 1973. America would support the Israelis and in retaliation, OPEC would raise oil prices 1500%. Economies cannot develop without an abundance of affordable energy, and the massive increase in the price of oil was a major setback to emerging nations like India, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia and Mexico.

"Unable to continue the development they had started, poor counties were forced to borrow massive amounts of money from the World Bank just to keep their economies functioning. In an unholy homage to J.D. Rockefeller, the World Bank was controlled by the same big three oil companies. In time, they foreclosed on these loans and exchanged them for control of the natural resources of these countries. The people had no idea their patrimony had been auctioned off to the lowest bidder, or that soon they would become enslaved in an altogether new way: buying the water, power, and fuels they needed to survive would consume their modest incomes. In short, they were working just to pay for what had been stolen from them."

Merlin and Philip walked back and forth on the deck of the oil tanker and both men were struck by the stark contrast of what they saw: toward God's heaven was a night sky punctuated with an endless array of luminous stars while here on Man's Earth guards stood watch on all four sides of the ship.

Merlin wondered how Man had managed to stray so far from the majesty of the Almighty. Meanwhile, Philip was struggling with a natural skepticism, but Merlin's knowledge of history, and his telling of it, was strangely persuasive. Nevertheless, Philip was unnerved. Some of the very people Merlin was calling enemies of God were his friends. He decided to remain silent for now. Later, he would demand answers.

"With the rise in energy prices, the development of the Third World was checked. But that created a new problem. The Arab Middle East had accumulated great riches. That wealth had to be dissipated. So, the Globalists again turned to their secret allies from the manufactured oil crisis: the Radical Islamists.

"Radical Islam did not believe in modernization, education, or materialism. This theology gave the Illuminati the cover they needed to keep the Arab Middle East backward. They used Radical Islam to attack industrialization and modernization with the lie that human progress was un-Islamic and a Western plot against the servants of Allah.

"The real goal was actually aimed at the brown-skinned masses of the Middle East who were briefly experiencing a positive change in their quality of life in terms of education, employment, shelter, sanitation, and nutrition. They had to be kept poor and disenfranchised. So, the religious and Intellectual advocates of ignorance, filth, and violence joined forces to throw the prosperous Middle East back into the dark ages.

"In England, the Islamic Foundation was established by Professor Kurshid Ahmad in Leicester in 1973 as a branch of the Jamaat-e Islami.  When General Zia came to power in Pakistan, he appointed Ahmad to serve as his Minister of Economics. Also in 1973, the Islamic Council of Europe was created with headquarters in London. The Council's long-time Secretary-General was a prominent Muslim Brother, Salem Azzam.

"Another project was "Islam and the West," begun at Cambridge in 1977 with Muslim Brother and former Syrian prime minister Maarouf Dawalibi, in collaboration with the Club of Rome's Peccei and Britain's Lord Caradon, along with Dr. Alexander King's International Federation of Advanced Study.

"What exactly is the Club of Rome, anyway?" Philip interrupted. "I've heard of them, but I'm not altogether sure what they are or what they do."

"Well, officially, it was a non-governmental organization made up of scientists, economists, businessmen, and former heads of state who publicly espoused the belief that humanity was in control of its future and that all that was required to create a prosperous and peaceful world was careful planning by men of good will from all over the world. However, in truth, it was a subversive organization dedicated to giving birth to the New World Order via the birth pangs of global conflict. These wars would strip humanity of the civil rights and freedoms that they inherited from Christianity and indeed, place the blame on religion itself. At last, the people themselves would cry out in desperation for autocracy and an end to religious differentiation. The result, to be given to them upon request, was to be a one-world government and a one-world religion, fashioned in the image and likeness of the Club of Rome and those who controlled it. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

"Islam and the West assembled a policy outline effectively defining Islam as a backwards religion in a struggle with science and technology. The Globalists of the Club of Rome were determined to promote only the repressive anti-Western minority elements of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood was the key to selling this view to the world.

"The Muslim Brotherhood was founded by Hasan al-Banna as a religious secret society. British Intelligence cultivated ties with the Brotherhood through agent Freya Stark. These covert connections were used to keep track of the growing German presence in North Africa. The Muslim Brotherhood spread throughout the Muslim world and evolved into something like a Muslim equivalent of the West's Masonic brotherhood. It bred the first Islamic Fundamentalist terror organizations."

Philip had had enough. This was too incredible. "Are you trying to convince me that the West created its own worst enemy, Radical Islam? No way! That's just too hard to believe. It is way beyond belief!"

Merlin thought for a moment, rubbing his chin and hanging his head down to his chest. "OK!" Merlin eyes lit up as he thought of something that would convince anyone. 

"Remember when Egypt's Gamal Nasser banned both the Wafd Party and the Muslim Brotherhood to create a secular government, like the west? The western democracies should have seized the opportunity to support Nasser in the hope that his actions would be imitated throughout the Middle East."

Merlin paused to reflect on this sad moment in history because Nasser was a great man who could have been the father of peace throughout the Middle East. He was determined to keep Islam and its radical adherents out of government while at the same time bringing the Middle East into line with the modern notions of justice and peaceful co-existence.

"However, in the eyes of the oil-besotted magnates of the West, Nasser had the gall to presume to own the Suez Canal, totally within Egypt and totally under his jurisdiction according to every applicable international treaty extant. They refused to deal with him, so on July 26, 1956 he evicted from the Suez Canal Zone the British who had controlled it since 1882. This was very serious because there was no way the oil cartel could give up control of the oil gateway to the west.

"Three months later, the Suez Canal War began. Israel took over Gaza in five days and British and French troops took over the Canal Zone. The United Nations condemned the action and a ceasefire was agreed to on November 6. With safe passage guaranteed, the Canal was then returned to Egypt. After this bitter experience, Nasser sought to free the Middle East from Western domination while simultaneously being cynical of the type of Islam that had been used so successfully in the past to prop up and justify elitist rule.

"This required a response. Egypt was one of the largest, most strategically important nations in the Middle East, and now it was alienated from the West. An even greater danger was that Nasser's success in overcoming the powerful West would become contagious. So, the West decided to turn to a hidden dragon, Islamic Fundamentalism, to destabilize or topple the regimes that refused to be dominated by them, the Illuminati.

"Their first chance was not long in coming. In 1951, Mohammed Mossadegh was elected as Iran's Prime Minister. One of his first acts was to nationalize the Iranian oil industry on May 1, taking it over from the British. To recover their interests in Iran, the British gave a group led by Radical Islamist Ayatollah Qanatabadi $100,000 to stir up unrest. Two years later, Mossadegh was forced from power. This single act may be the very root or start of World War III.   This is what I am trying to explain to you, that a group of people in London created Radical Islam for their own benefit.  But you will see that it backfired on them and was their downfall."

Merlin thought how sad this moment in history was. Philip still found all this hard to believe. He knew that the Ayatollah had hid out in England, but he did not know he was supported by the British. Merlin continued his 20th Century history lesson so that Philip would truly understand who the real enemy was. Radical Islam started World War III but the London bankers created Radical Islam.  Merlin went on.

"The Pro-West Shah was now in total control of the country and for a long time, all went well. But 25 years later, the Shah began to alienate the three oil giants by starting to modernize Iran, and his nationalist policies worried the Anglo-American Establishment. First, he signed petroleum agreements with ENI, the Italian oil company. Then, in 1963, he implemented a series of popular reforms that became known as the White Revolution: he bought land from the upper classes and, along with the crown's own land, sold it back cheaply to tenant farmers, allowing over one and a half million people to become land owners. This ended the old feudal system. Then, he allowed women the right to vote, and ended the mandatory wearing of the veil. These attempts to "Westernize" Iran earned him the enmity of the religious leaders. He didn't seem to realize he was isolating himself with no strong allies in sight. He then began a $90 billion nuclear power program at the same time he acted aggressively to shut down the lucrative opium industry which had been created by the British over a hundred years earlier. These initiatives succeeded in growing Iran's economy by 7-8% each year from 1965-1973 and it seemed the Shah was setting the example for the developing nations of the world to follow. 

"Meanwhile, the West should have loved what Iran was doing. But as far as the selfish Anglo-American Establishment was concerned, this could not be allowed to continue. The Establishment goals were focused on world de-population and de-industrialization, ideas formulated by policy makers like Lord Bertrand Russell and advocated by Establishment "stalwarts" such as Henry Kissinger, Zibigniew Brzezinski, and Robert McNamara (the head of the World Bank). They were also supported by the British elites who controlled the World Wildlife Fund and other environmental front groups.

“Iranian policies, especially if imitated in the Third World, would advance prosperity. In turn, that would entail the rapid growth of a vibrant health care industry servicing billions of people. That would mean billions of people would live longer, and that was no way to depopulate the world. Worse still to the Establishment deep thinkers, greater wealth, healthier lives, and enhanced longevity would make it virtually impossible to foment the necessary wars, civil and international, that were absolutely necessary to achieve their goals. The Iranian regime had to be destroyed.

"The attack on the Shah's government came through the Muslim Brotherhood and the mullahs and ayatollahs of Iran, supported and manipulated by British Intelligence. Radical Islam was the tool used by the British to get rid of both the Shah and Nasser for their crimes of wanting to modernize their countries and control their own natural resources.

"It was England's own Prime Minister who decreed that the "Muslim Mussolini" was not to be allowed to have his hand on England's windpipe and therefore must be destroyed, and damned be the consequences. Nasser's murder was thereby commissioned. The great irony in all this is that Nasser's secular (non religious) Egyptian government had traditionally been one of the toughest enemies of Islamic terrorism, whereas the single most important backer of Egyptian terror groups had been Britain, Herself!"

Philip interrupted, "By Britain, you mean the Illuminati?"


Merlin was glad to see that Philip was beginning to understand who the enemy was. 

"Britain used Islam to help legitimize the puppet dictators that they had installed in their Arab colonies after World War I. Later, Britain (and America) used militant Islam as a force to help topple governments such as Mossadegh's and Nasser's that were trying to fight Western domination.

"This explosion of violence throughout the Middle East in the late '70s and early '80s was referred to by Zbigniew Brzezinski as the "Arc of Crisis." It was not something that occurred by chance, but was in fact the result of the deliberate plan developed by the Globalist strategists. The Middle Eastern "Arc of Crisis" was not a spontaneous internal conflagration; it was something that came about as a result of Western policy in league with the Muslim Brotherhood. Without help from the west in the form of financing, strategy, and tactics, Radical Islam would have remained illegitimate in the eyes of Arab Moslems and utterly impotent."

Philip was getting a good part of this, but there was so much detail. It would have helped had he enjoyed a better knowledge of 20th century history. Also, he didn't like appearing to be so dense! He had a lot of questions, but he feared the answers would only provoke more uncertainty so he chose to be silent.

Merlin continued,

"At first, Western support for Islam was provided openly and accepted by the leadership of the Islamic movements without reservation. Islam had a good image in the West up to this time. The Islamic movement was noted most for its anti-communist stance and there was little to suggest that, soon, conservative Islam would turn against the West.

"After the Six Day War in 1967, the power of the Islamic movements greatly increased. Islamic theology overtook secularism, and a more virulent form of Arab nationalism emerged. The Arab community saw the West stand idle as Israel attacked without reason her Arab neighbors, capturing the Sinai, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. It suddenly dawned on the Muslims that the West favored Israel over the Arabs and resentment towards the West increased dramatically.

"Eventually, this led to the events of October 6, 1973 when Egypt and Syria launched a supposed surprise attack on Israel. Ten days later, OPEC raised the price of oil by a whopping 70%, and then the following day announced that they would enforce a progressive embargo against Europe and the United States until Israel was forced to withdraw to their pre-1967 borders.

"Britain remained neutral throughout the entire episode and was one of the few Western countries not placed under the Arab oil embargo because it had backed Radical Islamic Fundamentalists. What came to be known as the Yom Kippur War ended on October 26, but the effects were geopolitically
profound. Arab nations suddenly became the benefactors of a huge increase in oil revenues, from $3.01 a barrel in early 1973, to $11.65 a barrel in early 1974. Globally, they were now a powerful force.

"But while this seemed like a dramatic anti-West posture, the rise in oil prices was actually something that had been planned previously by the Anglo-American Establishment and mentioned at the Bilderberg conference in May, 1973 in Saltsjoebaden, Sweden.

"The what?" Philip couldn't stop himself. The question popped out too quickly.

"The Bilderberg group was very small, about 130 of the most powerful people in the world, and it was very secretive. Their meetings were closed, but most of the Bilderbergers were also members of the Club of Rome, and both groups shared the same Globalists ambitions.

"Anyhow, Kissinger was the point man in engineering the Arab-Israeli conflict that created the excuse for the oil price hike. This in turn helped to rescue Britain's North Sea oil projects that had previously been seen as risky investments. The most catastrophic effect, however, was that the rise in energy prices put a quick halt to Third World industrialization, forcing many countries to borrow a great deal of money over the next several years to pay for energy, thus setting the stage for the long-term indebtedness of
the Third World to Anglo-American banks. Eventually, this led to the takeover of their natural resources as a trade in-kind for some of the debt."

Merlin could see that Philip was having trouble following all of this, so he decided to offer a grand generalization.

"Look Philip, consider that all the wars of the last hundred years have been for oil and to keep Third World Countries backward. Also consider that often these plans came back to bite the people who planned them. All you have to do is follow the money. Iran wanted to keep control of its own oil. Russia needed the cooperation of Iran to pump their oil over Iranian territory and to the open market via the Persian Gulf.  Saudi Arabia was forced to embrace Radical Islam. China was making oil deals outside the Big Three Cartel.

“Africa was attempting to break loose from World Bank control at the same time South America was electing people who wanted to break ties with the World Bank as well.

"While all this was happening the Big Three wanted to keep oil prices high and stop the development of all alternative energy sources. But high oil prices were weakening global currencies and pushing the world very close to a worldwide economic crash. The United Nations failed. The European Union was not working. World Government seemed far off, since only America could do it and she was too conservative to take the lead.

"As in the 1700s when the Illuminati first got together to protect themselves from governments, the global situation had come back to the place where it had started. America was becoming impossible to control and at the same time less and less Internationalist. The collaboration with Islam had backfired on the West and put it into massive debt. Although oil prices were making the Big Three richer, the future did not look good for them as events began to spiral out of their control.

"But the goal of this Satanic secret society had not changed over the centuries: they wanted control of the world. To do that they needed to have a One World Government controlled by themselves and, despite all their planning and all their secret meetings, it was getting out of reach. They needed a new and drastic strategy to regain control of the process and then ultimately, the world.

"The proper thing to do, the moral thing, would have been to let the Middle East industrialize with the revenue from its own natural resources. If Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon were brought into the 20th Century through modernization, Radical Islam would die. The front lines of revolutions are not populated by the overweight middle class!

"If Brazil and other Latin American Countries would have gained control of their economies and used their resources to improve the lives of the masses like Costa Rica and Panama did, they would have avoided repetitive, destructive civil conflicts and instead contributed significantly to global wealth and prosperity. If Western Governments would have helped nascent democracies in Africa instead of turning a blind eye to them, Africa, with some of the world's greatest natural resources, would have developed into a powerful economic engine, spreading prosperity among all her peoples, and also contributing to a rapidly advancing world economy.

"But these things would not make the richest people in the world richer; they would take away their source of power: cheap labor and cheap natural resources. And besides, they did not want the world better off; they wanted to control it!

"Think! Why did they try so hard to create a one world SOCIALIST government by supporting Socialism worldwide for so long? Because in a Socialist system, the government controls all the natural resources and the production of goods and services. The Illuminati can control governments easily, but it is much more difficult to control millions, billions, of people. Now, of course, all the plans that they had formulated over the last 150 years had fallen apart. To regain control of the processes leading to a One World Government, they needed another war. Then, when the world was in the midst of total anarchy, they would come forth and offer the only workable solution: world government. At that point, once the people were introduced to the idea, it would not be a matter of imposing World Government; bone-weary of death and destruction, the people would demand it!”

Philip pondered all that Merlin was saying but it did not make sense. This war was not prearranged. There were too many things that seemed to just happen and no one could have organized it.

But to make matters even worse for them, the American oil shale fields of the mid-west were opened up to private companies. These were the largest oil reserves in the world and soon, nobody would be paying nine dollars a gallon for oil!

America was out of control. The big three oil companies, the major Arab and South American oil producing nations, and even Russia became worried about America becoming oil free. They were looking at the world's lone remaining superpower becoming even more powerful, wealthier, and most importantly, ever more independent of the rest of the world. This could not stand. Special meetings were held and phone calls flew desperately back and forth across oceans to discuss what to do about America.

Eventually, a secret meeting of the most powerful Illuminati was held and it was decided to quickly cut off all oil to America before they could achieve oil independence. Thus, it was decided to deliberately crash the dollar and the American, and therefore the global, economy.

To do this they needed to put a man as President of America, who would stop oil production, stop fighting Islam and increase government spending to the point of bankruptcy.  With heavy financing from non-American sources, they got their man.  But he was so radically socialist, and pro-Muslim, he frightened Americans and they quickly got rid of him. In only two years he awakened Americans to the horrors of any kind of socialism. 

Another big mistake was trying to unit Moslems and socialists world wide! Moslems and left-wing socialists are never united on anything. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq were not going to cut off their friend, America. Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Argentina were not large suppliers of oil to America.

America was not oil independent but it was fast getting there because of oil shale and oil sands, the largest deposits in the world.  

 Israel suddenly attacked Iran and Iran could not defend themselves but they were able to bomb the oil fields in Saudi Arabis, Kuwait and Iraq. 

Suddenly the Straits of Hormuz were blocked by sinking oil tankers one on top of another.More ships were sunk in the straits of Oman and Djibouti; the docks of the Panama Canal were bombed and the Suez Canal closed. Suddenly, oil transportation routes were stopped almost all over the world, even to Europe, China, and the rest of Asia.

As a consequence, riots erupted in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, and England. Home made bombs hit power plants in Spain. Oil fires dotted the landscape of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. This did not please the oil cartels; not at all. All of this destruction did not really harm the United States as much as it hurt the rest of the world. Within weeks, every country in the world, including Iran, was out of oil, except, ironically, the United States.

Within days the United States called in the army to help increase the production of gas and oil from the oil sands of the west and build the pipe lines and roads to bring this to the people and the military.   Overnight the military build tent cities and put 4,000,000 people to work in the oil and gas business.  Within four months America was oil independent and within a year they were exporting oil.   The military even went out to the farms and helped them increase food production and quick distribution.  The Federal government and the most of the State governments went bankrupt overnight and this caused riots everywhere, but unlike the rest of the world the American people took charge quickly.  Even though the police and firemen were not being paid, many kept on keeping the peace.  Because Americans owned 400,000,000 guns they were able to protect themselves and their neighbors. The Army stayed together and the people formed small community governments.

The real reason America was not hit as bad as the rest of the world happened two years after the economic crash.  Finally the Catholic Church realized it needed Our Lady to save America. A massive push was made to make a statue to Our Lady of America, and within a year it was made.  Over 100 bishops, thousands of priests and nuns, and over 2.000.000 Americans (Catholics and non-Catholics) marched the statue to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC and placed it on the High Altar. All prayed for two days that Our Lady keep Her promise to save America and to lead the world to peace.  

Riots everywhere else quickly morphed into civil wars all over the world, with few exceptions. Oddly, out of all that chaos, there seemed to be an organized attack on the entire world. Even the Illuminati could not figure out who organized it. Merlin himself had suspicions, but no proof.  This part of the history of the war Philip knew.

Philip and Merlin went back to the cabin to get out of the cold.  A Knight brought them some coffee and cakes.  Philip sipped on his coffee and listened intently to Merlin. He wondered who he was, but didn't ask. He knew he was a Priest, but how was he connected to The Holy Father? Why did he come for him? Who was that giant black man with the Red Cross? Philip picked up his pipe, and Merlin went on about the war.

"As you know war has gripped every country in the world. In Japan, there is fighting in the streets everywhere. South Africa is almost totally destroyed, as is the rest of the continent! In South America, almost every government has fallen! India and Pakistan are fighting again. China and Formosa are face to face preparing for war but both are out of fuel to keep their armies going.  All of northern Italy is on fire! Most of Rome has been destroyed, including St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican. That is why The Holy Father has chosen to leave Rome for West Germany; the most lost and dejected man I have ever seen."

"You were there? You saw him?" Philip interrupted, almost standing up.

"Yes! I was there! He has few friends now. A handful of Cardinals stay with him. Most deserted him. Some think we have no pope, but he lives indeed."

"What is the Pope like?"

"He is strong. He never gives up. He makes plans and then executes them."

Philip was more puzzled than ever. This Priest brings him a letter from The Holy Father, a man he seems to know a lot about, but why? He dresses like a poor beggar, and yet he was with The Pope! He is old, crippled, and poor, but that well-dressed giant obeys and protects him like a king. It was well beyond strange, but Philip asked no more questions. He again lifted his countenance and surveyed the spotted sky. The ship moved slowly through the Mediterranean towards Rome, and a now anxious Philip continued to ponder so many unanswered questions.



The Holy Father 

The oil tanker moved slowly to within site of Rome. Philip and Merlin went up to the deck to look out. The sun was just breaking over the seven hills. It was a time when everything should be quiet, but gunshots rang out intermittently from a distance. The dawning light discovered usurping fires still burning in several places. As the ship approached ever closer, Philip could see that very little of Rome remained. Nevertheless, he could still make out the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. He turned to look down at the old Priest. Merlin was sad, but he was also very angry.

Philip stared at the ancient city and wondered aloud, "How could it come to this?" Not only lay people have died, but thousands of Priests, Nuns, Bishops, and Cardinals. Merlin seemed to know a lot about what had happened to Rome over the past two years.

All Philip knew was that Pope Benedict XVI was shot and killed by an Italian born Moslem in a response to a call for his death.  He was killed during a meeting of his Cardinals. The Moslem road into the Sistine Chapel between two hundred Cardinals; shot Pope Benedict with a machine gun, and then 47 Cardinals before blowing himself up with a hand grenade strapped to his motorbike. Even before the Pope was buried, a new pope was elected by the remaining Cardinals.  The new pope was only a priest and not a bishop, but he was a Cardinal.  He was a theological advisor to the conference from a Brazilian University.  He would be the first black Pope since the third Century.  He spoke seven languages and although young (41 years of age), he was one of the greatest minds in the world.  He chose the same name, Benedict XVII, but had to leave Rome for Germany immediately after his election.  The shooting of the pope caused an uprising of Christians against Italian Moslems and riots broke out everywhere destroying the city. Moslems started bombing cars and buildings everywhere, and Christians hunted down Moslems without mercy.  No one was thinking of Christian charity or forgiveness. 

Why, though, would this new Pope return to Rome when nothing had changed? Worse now, there was no government at all. The army was without leadership and amounted to not much more than a mob itself. The new Pope would not be safe in Rome, but he insisted on coming here anyway. Why?

Simon suddenly appeared on the deck. He was wearing his white robe and with his right hand he gripped that frightening cannon. Respectfully, he asked, "Are you ready?"

Merlin looked at Philip and suggested, "I think you should change clothes."

Philip almost laughed. He was wearing blue denims, a blue hooded sweatshirt, and blue tennis shoes. In contrast, Merlin looked like a bum. He guessed that his attire was a little too casual for a visit to the Pope, but the dark brown, hooded robe that Merlin wore wasn’t any better. The ends of his long sleeves were frayed and the hem was all but gone. He had a rope for a belt, with a long black Rosary that was also made of rope and tucked under the belt. What a sight!

After Philip regained his composure, he replied teasingly, "I think I'll go as I am or I'll make you look bad. Besides, with all I see from here, I think it would be healthier to be dressed for speed than for image."

"As you wish," Merlin replied, shaking his head.

"Then let's go!" Simon insisted as he motioned to one of the hands standing by an electric panel. The hand pulled a lever and the chopper soon appeared. Simon opened the glass door. Philip helped Merlin up and climbed in behind him. Simon went around and mounted on his side. He started the blades swirling and then sat for a minute looking at the morning sky.

Soon, two solid black Apache AHH-64 helicopters, just like Simon's, appeared along both sides of the oil tanker. Merlin did not even blink, but they scared Philip almost to death. He jumped with a start and hit his head on the roof of the cockpit. Simon smiled at the Ark, raised his arm in salute to each pilot in turn, and then he lifted the chopper off the deck and banked to the right. The two other choppers stayed with him, flanking him on either side. The three blackbirds skimmed across the sea and sped over the charred ruins of Rome. Simon altered the formation by pulling up above the other two choppers and they responded by moving closer together under him. The three of them cut through the air like a pyramid.

The sun sat atop the mountains now and shone directly into their eyes. Philip could not see straight ahead, so he looked down. The city looked like it had been nuked repeatedly, but Philip knew that most of the damage had been done by Rome's own citizens. There were crowds in the streets and not one car was moving. Many had just stopped in the middle of the street.

Before Philip knew it, they were hovering over the great square of Saint Peter's Basilica. Philip looked down in sad disbelief. The Bernini colonnade sat in ruins. All the surrounding buildings were damaged to different degrees. The 140 proud statues of the apostles and saints that stood guard over the square as well as the entrance to the Basilica itself had been smashed to pieces and were strewn all over the ruins of the once circular embrace of St. Peter’s promenade. Bernini’s perfectly aligned pillars were scattered on the ground like so many pick-up sticks. The 135-foot ancient Egyptian obelisk that Caligula once set where the sacristy was later built now rested on the steps of the Basilica, having been felled by a raving, raucous mob. This once-pagan sculpture sat piercing the entrance of St. Peter’s in symbolic harmony with the evil chaos enveloping Rome and the world, as if Caligula himself had extended his charred claw out of the everlasting fires of hell to make one final pathetic thrust against God’s own Church.

The papal apartments were just gone, the first casualty of war. The museum had been looted, and whatever could not be carried out was laid waste. The chapel named after Pope Sixtus IV had been sacked. The work of Roselli, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Signorelli, and of course Michelangelo was mostly lost forever. The once spectacular, imposing ceiling had collapsed. Ominously, though, the figure of Christ on the back wall, sitting in Final Judgment of the world, seemed to radiate out of the confusion. The demons reaching up for the damned must have turned and smiled hideously as the sons of man devastated the artistry of their forefathers on their way to their well-deserved eternal reward. Significantly, the tombs of the popes had not been opened, and their sacred bones rested still in the sanctuary of St. Peter’s lower level. But everywhere else there was destruction, as if Satan himself could no longer be restrained by the hand of God. But Philip knew better than that. God had merely released the leash a little; the ancient serpent was merely in the process of strangling himself with the surplus line.

The two support choppers dropped to within a few feet of the ground and spun around very slowly. The few people in the square ran away as quickly as they could. The right chopper stopped moving for a moment and sat suspended in the air, pointing at the ruins to the entrance to the square. Suddenly, both machine guns spat fiery rounds through the entrance and down the long street as a warning, making sure they hit nobody. Finally, it settled down and stopped its blades, but kept its guns trained on the entrance. The second chopper landed near the steps of the Basilica.

Simon spun his bird around very slowly, looking very carefully all around. Finally, he lowered it to the ground between the other two, waited a minute while performing a final scan, and then shut off the engine.

"Wait here a minute," Simon said as he grabbed his M-60 and stepped down slowly from his seat. He walked around the chopper with a firm grip on the machine gun. Everything was quiet. He lowered his weapon and raised his right hand. One by one, over forty men stepped into the open square, Each had strange looking automatic weapons. They were specially made with movable spring loaded barrels and electronically shot.  They could be changed from 9mm to 50 caliber and because of the spring barrels still hand held.  Each stepped forward to within 40 feet of the chopper. They then stopped and formed a circle, saying nothing.

From the top steps of the great Basilica of St. Peter a man appeared dressed just like the rest of them, except that he had no gun. He walked quickly down the steps towards Simon. They hugged each other like old friends and talked for a few seconds. Simon looked at Philip and with an upward turned palm, pointed his hand at Philip.

Philip watched in wonder. Simon and the other man started towards the chopper door. It was obvious that, whoever these men were, they went through a lot of trouble to get Philip here, and get him here safely. But who were they? They had kidnapped him and his family from Germany. They guarded and served them at Madeira, escorted him to Rome, and were now going through great pains to see to his safety in this war torn city. But why?

Simon opened the door, and Philip stepped down. The other man said nothing but kept staring at him. They went around and helped Merlin down. "Je m’appelle Pierre de Saint Clair, Abbe de l’Ordre," he informed Philip as he bowed before him.

"That's a fancy name." Philip thought, "What does it mean and what is the Order?" But he only replied, "Oh! You speak French?"

"Yes!" He bowed his head again and pointed towards St. Peter's dome. "Shall we go?"

Philip followed him up the long steps, carefully stepping around the fallen columns and pieces of statue. When they reached the top of the steps, Philip realized for the first time that the roof of The Greatest Roman Catholic Church on Earth was partially gone, except for the dome and the Altar. The Church was in the shape of a cross, with the dome and the Altar at the center. They were walking down the long marble floor of the nave where thousands of Cardinals once gathered for the councils, where hundreds of Popes and kings had walked, where thousands of saints had stood in awe of the majesty and the beauty. But now the roof was damaged, the walls were bare and scarred, the internal statues were damaged, and the Pieta was splattered with paint.

At last they reached the Altar. The four twisted gold pillars still supported Bernini’s canopy, and together with the Altar they sat beneath the great dome, barely held up by the remaining pillars and walls! St. Peter's tomb was still there, beneath the canopy, untouched. Steps led directly down to it, and Philip descended without asking permission. He knelt down on one knee and bowed his head in front of the tomb. After a moment of prayer, he rose and climbed back up the stairs, went around the three men to the main Altar, and climbed the steps to the top. He then knelt down on both knees before the Tabernacle and bowed down to the marble floor. He remained in that position praying for a few minutes, pleading for an end to this global madness and suffering, for an end to the persecution of the Church, an end to the millions and millions of deaths.

He made the sign of the cross and lifted his head from the floor, but remained on his knees. The sun shot rays of light all through the Altar and it bounced off the golden pillars like lasers. Philip's eyes had been closed, so it was difficult to focus at first, but as he strained them through the brightness, he became aware of a long white robe directly in front of him. He squinted and looked up. It was The Holy Father.

Pope Benedict stood right in front of Philip, only a few feet away. He wore a white robe with a wide white belt, a white Rosary, and a white cap on top of black curly hair. His skin was black and his eyes were sparkling and soft. In his left hand was a gold staff curved at the top like a shepherd's stick, and in his right hand was a large sword, golden from top to bottom with red and blue stones in the cross-shaped handle. The tip sat on the floor, and Benedict held the top forward and to one side.

Philip did not attempt to get up nor did he want to speak! He had never been in the presence of the Holy Father before, even though he had been to St. Peter's many times.

"You are Philip Von Habsburg?" Benedict questioned very softly.

"Yes," Philip answered softly, quickly realizing that he had addressed the Holy Father rather badly and then adding, "Your …. Your Holiness."

"I have longed to see you face to face. Yes, at last we meet as I knew we would one day. For many years the popes before me have waited for you."

"Your Holiness, I do not even know you, let alone know that you were looking for me." Philip was still kneeling, but now only on one knee.

"Bow your head for my blessing." With the help of Simon, the black shinned Pope raised the large sword and laid it on Philip's right shoulder.

"By the power vested in me from God through Peter and all his successors throughout the centuries, I proclaim you King of France, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and King of Jerusalem. Henceforth, for so long as you shall live, all who obey you, obey me; and all who disobey you, disobey me and therefore disobey God, and they shall be considered cast out from the Kingdom of God and His Church forever."

Philip had started to rise to protest, but the sword was heavy. When the blessing was concluded, Simon helped remove the sword from his shoulder, and Philip stood. It was then he realized how tall the Holy Father was in stature, tall and thin.

"Most Holy and Sweet Father, I don't know what all this means, but I am just a husband and father. I want nothing more of this world than to be left with my family in peace. My grandfather was king, but I do not have his qualities, nor his ambitions. He was a saint of a man, as was my father, but I…my Lord, I have been…a great sinner."

"My poor sweet friend, I have not picked you. God selected you from the beginning of time, just as He selected Moses, and not because Moses deserved it! Quite the contrary, Moses was a coward and wanted no part in God's plans. But he obeyed, as will you."

Philip ran his hand through his hair and shook his head from side to side. "No! No! No! How can I be king of France? There is no more France. Who would believe me? Who would I be king of, the dead? They would laugh me out of France! An Emperor! My grandfather was Emperor and he died a broken man, to whom no one paid attention. I'm sorry, Your Holiness, but you have the wrong man for whatever you have in mind."

"Philip, Philip, Philip! Oh man of little faith! We are taught by the words of the Gospel that in this Church and in its power there are two swords, a spiritual and a temporal one. For when the Apostles said, 'Behold, here are two swords, the Lord did not reply that it was too many, but enough! He who denies that the temporal sword is in the power of Peter, has wrongly understood the Word of the Lord when He says: 'Put up again thy sword into its place.' Therefore, both are in the power of the Church: the one, indeed, to be wielded BY the Church, and the other FOR the Church. The former rests in the hand of the priest, the latter is wielded by the hand of kings and knights at the behest of the priest. For it is necessary that one sword should be under another, and that the temporal authority should be subjected to the spiritual, for the Apostle says, 'There is no power but from God and those powers that are, are ordained of God."

Philip dropped to his knees again and looked up at the Holy Father with bewilderment in his eyes, "Be it done unto me according to your will, Your Holiness, but I have no idea what to do."

"Go with Father Merlin and he will show you," replied Benedict, turning towards Pierre de Saint Clair and taking a leather folder from him.

"This is my official de fide declaration that you are now King of France, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and King of Jerusalem. This is your authority and this is why people will obey you. Copies of this are now being sent to all the Cardinals and Bishops of the Church. They in turn will pass this word on to all the priests and Catholics throughout the world."

Philip took the binder in both hands and looked down at it with glassy eyes. He turned towards Simon. The Giant handed him a beautiful emerald studded, golden crown. Benedict placed it on Philip's head.

"This is the crown of St. Steven. It has been preserved these many years for this moment. May the blessings of St. Steven go with you. And this is the sword of Joseph of Arimethea. May it help you defeat all the enemies of Holy Mother Church. Go now with Merlin and he will teach you what you should do. He will strengthen you. You must leave here quickly. Danger is all around us!"

"But what about you, Holy Father?"

"I will be safe here in Rome. I will go back to the catacombs as my predecessors did until you make it safe for me to return again. Peter belongs in Rome."

Philip walked down the steps of the altar and out the violated side wall of the dome without turning back. Twelve men in white robes with red crosses followed behind him, their strange looking guns at the ready.

Outside, Philip stood in disbelief. Blue denim slacks, blue sweatshirt, tennis shoes, a golden crown, a golden sword, and real tears made of him a silly spectacle.  What now for this reluctant 40 year-old king?



The Blood Line

Simon set down on the southern shores of France while his support choppers alighted on the two hills above him, flanking him on the east and on the west.  Once the loud whir of the blades subsided, the gentle waves of the Mediterranean could be heard in the background splashing the shore.

Merlin, with assistance, and Philip disembarked.  The Giant reached into the back seats and removed the crown and sword.  With a new sense of caution, imbued by the somber Papal coronation, Philip looked around.  On the east hill next to one of the choppers was an octagon shaped castle, very old but reasonably well preserved.  In the valley between the two hills was a small Church and rectory, also very old but still functional.  Behind the Church sat a large lake.  A quantity of men (Philip could not tell how many from that distance) were working on a large water pump and seemed to be trying to drain the entire lake with a 12 inch hose.  Philip disregarded the workers and followed Merlin towards the rectory.

Merlin opened the door and entered, followed by Philip and Simon.  No one was inside, but food and wine had been provided and arranged on the table. Philip sat down and leaned back in the chair.  He was wary, totally confused and exhausted.  Simon gazed out the window and then stood by the door, sword at his side.  He had set the crown on the table.

"You are very quiet," Merlin offered to the newly crowned King Philip, as he sat at the table.

Philip just looked at him with puzzled eyes and said nothing.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but you haven’t spoken a word since we left Rome."  Merlin paused and looked deep into Philip's eyes.  "Do you know what has happened so far?  Are you all right?"

Philip stared at the monk for a long time.  Calmly and quietly he said, "I've been thinking and I think you are all crazy, or at least you take me for being crazy.  Strange men wearing insipid red crosses kidnap me and my family; a crazy old monk describes a centuries-old conspiracy that nobody else in power seems to have figured out before him and then he escorts me into the presence of the “Holy Father”, who is likely some nice fellow impersonating the pope; finally, this ersatz pope tells me that I’m the new Holy Roman Emperor.  I have behaved quite foolishly, and quite naively.  For a while, I actually believed all this nonsense!  Until now, I have been quite submissive, but still I have not determined what you are really up to.  I have no money, so it's not that.  My family is quite poor and could never pay a ransom.  I am not politically valuable to anyone, so it cannot be that.  I know nobody of significance, so I cannot have information you might want. So, Mr. Merlin, or Father Merlin, or whatever your real name is, what is this elaborate farce all about and what do you really want of me and my family?”  Philip subconsciously rubbed three fingers up and down his large nose as he glared at the old man.   

"Oh, man of little faith."  Father Merlin said as he shook his head back and forth while pacing the floor. Then standing tall and trying hard to be slightly angry he said, "You have no idea who you are, do you?  You see the world is falling apart around you, but all you want is a nice quiet family life! You pray that God will end the madness, while you indolently sun yourself on the shores of Madeira, sitting comfortably aside the distant, tragic opera playing itself out atop a colossal global stage built of human corpses oozing fresh blood! "

Eyes flashing in anger at last, Philip shouted despairingly, "What can I do? The world has gone crazy. I'm only one person. I can write, but there are no newspapers, no publishers. I am not a fighter. I couldn't defeat a small boy in battle!"

Catching himself, Philip lowered his voice and looked down at the floor. "I've believed in peace my whole life. Peace? What a stupid word nowadays. There is no peace anywhere in the world." Philip looked up at Simon. "Now, that big monster over there, he could fight. Why are you not looking to him for whatever you need?" Philip waved an accusing hand at Simon, who smiled at the suggestion.

"Finally!" Merlin silently exulted. Ignoring Philip's words but encouraged by his passion, Merlin slowly rose from his chair. He placed both hands over his mouth and peered through his straining eyes with loving affection at Philip. With his hands still on his mouth, he drifted over to the window. He fixed his gaze skyward in several moments of obvious prayer, then raised his hands over his head.

"Now! Now is the time, my Lord!" The tone of his voice, and its sudden rendering of the silence, gave Philip a start. With still rising voice, Merlin continued his eager supplication. "Oh Lord, I have held these mysteries of yours for so long, so long. But now is the time! Thousands before me have died to keep these secrets, so that this moment could be. Now I am entrusted to deliver. Lord, make me worthy. Spirit of Truth, guide my words."

Merlin tugged at his long beard, made the sign of the cross, and turned around to look squarely at Philip. The crown sat in front of him on the table. The red rubies sparkled from the light coming through the window. The gold cross on top obscured Philip's nose, separating his eyes. Simon was drawn to Merlin's side, for he too was waiting to hear the mysteries that he had guarded in ignorance all these years. He would be the first of his Order to hear the mystery that had been protected for two thousand years.

Merlin anxiously paced the room, still hunched over, but suddenly energized. "Philip, what you are about to hear has been one of the best kept secrets in the history of The Church. The first Apostles told each other, but never wrote it down in a way that the average Christian could understand, because it had to remain a mystery. No! It had to remain THE mystery."

"This mystery has three parts: the first part I will explain to you now, the second part you will discover for yourself very soon, and the third part you must receive from the Holy Spirit Himself"

"In the Bible, long genealogical lists continually appear, especially in Genesis, Numbers, 1st Book of Chronicles, Nehemiah, and Ezra, and, of course, in the New Testament in Matthew 1:17 and Luke 2:23. The importance attached to blood relationships has been argued back and forth by experts for years, especially the differences between Matthew and Luke.

"Now, Matthew begins his Gospel with the book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the son of Abraham. Even though he calls this the genealogy of Jesus Christ, he ends the chapter with proof that Joseph's blood was not in Christ in Matthew 1:18. 'Now the generation of Christ was in THIS WISE. When as His mother Mary was espoused to Joseph before they came together she was found with child, of the Holy Ghost.' So you see, Matthew called it the genealogy of Jesus and then proved that it was not. However, one thing is not commonly known. Joseph's grandfather, Mathan, and Mary's great grandfather, Levi, both had the same wife. Mathan had two sons, Jacob and Joses. Jacob was the father of Joseph. When Mathan died, his widow married as her second husband Levi, (descended from David through Nathan) and by him had Matthat, the father of Heli, (also known as Joachim) the father of Mary, the Mother of God. So you see, Mary was of the same blood as Joseph because of the common wife of Levi and Mathan. And so, Matthew was not giving an untrue genealogy about the origin of Christ.

"However, in Luke 3:23 we see a different genealogy. In fact, Luke is very careful to let the reader know that the genealogy of Matthew was not the genealogy of Christ. He himself was not giving the genealogy of Joseph but that of Mary, since Heli, also called Joachim, was the father of Mary. So you can see that Luke and Matthew both deliberately confused the reader, without saying an untruth, since Joseph was considered the father of Christ, even if not by blood. And, in fact, the blood of his line, if not himself, was in Christ through Mathan.

"Now comes the question that needs to be asked, for too often readers of the Bible do not ask the right questions. Why are both genealogies important?


With that question, Merlin stopped, looked first at Philip and then at Simon. They were in rapt attention. Simon was clutching the cross of the sword with both hands and Philip was leaning forward with his arms folded on the table.

"Does all this have something to do with what's happening now?" Philip asked. "How can it possibly have anything to do with the billion deaths over the past two years?"

"Bear with me. I have rehearsed telling you this for fifty years, even before you were born." Merlin walked over to the window and watched the men working on the pump. An twelve-inch column of water belched out of the hose and ran down towards the sea, but the lake seemed hardly dented. It would be a long time yet. Without turning around, Merlin continued.

"For thousands of years before Christ, it was commonly known that the Savior, the Christ, would come from the first-born sons of Abraham. And so it was. Sometimes being first born was not a genetic thing, but rather something earned, as in the case of Adam, who replaced Cain and Abel with Seth, and so only Seth appears as important to genealogy. This is also true in the case of David, whose first born turned against him. But in general what is called first born produced David and then Christ. However, from David on, another genealogy appears --- that of SOLOMON. Why Solomon?

"Solomon was not a first born, Natham was. In fact, Solomon was the second son of David's adultery with Bathsheba. Why then did David make him king instead of Natham? Why is Solomon's genealogy suddenly important, if it does not produce Christ? The answer comes at the death of both David and Solomon. When David was dying, he said to Solomon in 3 Kings 2:4, 'There shall not be taken away from thee a man on the throne of Israel.' Then 3 Kings 11:36 says, 'And to his son (Solomon's son, Rehoboam), I will give one tribe, that there may remain a lamp for my servant David BEFORE ME ALWAYS IN JERUSALEM the city which I have chosen, so that my name might always be there.

"From that day on, every son of Solomon was King of Jerusalem, and every first-born son of Natham was to eventually produce Christ, who produced The Church.

"These two are the two swords mentioned by The Holy Father. Natham, who was also called a prophet, helped Solomon become king, so that Solomon and all his successors could protect the blood line of Natham to Christ and never let it die out. That is why God said, 'So that My Name might always be there. And so it was. Though not always in the eyes of men, nevertheless always in the eyes of God, Solomon and his children will always be KING OF JERUSALEM. Although Solomon, himself, was not a good man at the end of his life, he continued to protect the people of the Church (though not its faith).

"They still are charged with protecting His Church and His Blood. At first it was the blood line, now it is the blood of Christ in the Mass. First it was Natham, now it is his successors, the popes of the Church. But as David was the servant of Samuel, and, in fact, received his Kingship from Samuel; and as Solomon was servant of Natham, so too have all the kings of Jerusalem been servants of the Popes throughout the centuries.

"Joseph, because he was of Solomon's blood, was charged with protecting the FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, THE HOLY FAMILY. But Joseph had an older brother named Zodac. Zodac was converted at mount Calvary. He was a soldier in the Roman army, although a Jew, just like Joseph of Armethia, whose sword Simon is holding. When Christ was stripped of His clothes at Calvary and was standing stark naked, His Mother made a prayer: 'Where, Oh, Lord, is the protector now?' Where is our Joseph? Where is the King of Jerusalem?'

"At that moment, the Holy Spirit came upon Zodac. He dropped his sword, ran through the crowds towards Christ. As he ran, he grabbed a veil off the head of one of the holy women, and when he reached Christ, he wrapped it around Christ's waist. Christ spoke to Zodac's mind. 'You shall now take over where Joseph left off. You shall protect My Church.'

"After Christ's death and burial, Joseph of Armethia, Mary Magdalene, John the Less, some of Mary's relations, and Zodac left Jerusalem and went to the south of France. They took with them the holiest of Christ's relics and the body of Joseph. They placed Joseph in a stone tomb and marked it 'LES BERGERS D'ARCADIE'. The relics and the tomb they guarded from that day to this.

"Zodac formed a small army of knights to protect the relics of Christ and the holy women. After his death, his son became the King of Jerusalem, and the knights followed his every command. As the Church spread throughout Europe, the Kings appointed other kings over other knights, to protect the Church in all the different regions.

"King Arthur and his knights of the round table was one of these appointed kings, though that was not his real name. They had no country, no real kingship over people, no land other than the castles they built themselves. They had only one job, to protect the Church. The real king of the blood of Solomon and Joseph became known as the 'FISHER KING', because he was the protector of the fisherman, Peter, and the protector of the Church.

"Percival, Gawain, Lancelot, and Robin Hood: these were all coded stories of the knights who served the King of Jerusalem, the Fisher King, the Protector of the Church, the spirit of Joseph, and that is the sanctity of Joseph.  Even their names are coded so that they remain secrets except to those who know the codes. This is therefore a true history, but in code! Have you ever heard of a book called 'THE TRUE STORY OF THE HOLY GRAIL?'

Philip thought for a moment. "Yes! I have heard of it but never read it."

"Well!" said Merlin, "Although it calls itself a true story, it is obvious in the first chapter that it is not a true story. Instead of numbered chapters, it says 'BLOOD LINE ONE, TWO, ETC.' It is in this book that you hear about Merlin, the Mystic. But in truth there never was any person called Merlin. His name and mine are secret codes used to teach the Order the mysteries without allowing others to know them. All those who have been called 'Merlin' are just the keepers of the secrets, and the Fisher King is just a code for the protector of the Fisherman, the Pope.

"One of these Fisher Kings was Godfroi de Bouillon, who captured the city of Jerusalem during the Christian Crusades. He was from the blood of Solomon and the rightful King of Jerusalem,. He openly claimed this title and stopped using the secret name, 'Fisher'. But he also had the blood of the Emperor of Rome, since one of the children of Zodac was the Empress, St. Helena. As you know, she was the mother of Constantine the Great, who discovered and retrieved the True Cross of Christ. So you see, Godfroi de Bouillon was not only of the blood and therefore the true heir of Solomon, but also of the blood and heir to Rome. Down through history, great men such as Pepin, Constantine, and Charlemagne all came from the same bloodline as Joseph, the earthly spouse of Mary, through his brother, Zodac.

"There lives to this day a Fisher King, a King of Jerusalem, a man who is of the blood of Joseph. There exists to this day an army of knights who are charged with protecting this Fisher King and protecting the proof of his blood line. These knights were once called 'The Knights Templar" but are now called the Sovereign Order of Military Nights of St. John of Jerusalem, a branch of the Order of Hospitallers."

Merlin pointed at Simon and his robe with the Eight Pointed Cross. Philip swung around in his chair and looked up at Simon. "So that is why you wear that white stole and the Cross?"

"It's a scapular, not a stole; the Scapular of Joseph." Simon corrected.

Philip turned back to Merlin with a big question, the answer to which he already knew. "What does that have to do with me?" He closed his eyes as he waited for the answer, hoping he was wrong.

"Yes! You know. You are the Fisher King. You are the King of Jerusalem. You are Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. You are of the bloodline of Joseph and Solomon."

Philip sat down silently with his eyes shut. He thought about his father. He realized that his father knew. Otto von Habsburg had signed his name many times with the title, 'King of Jerusalem'. Philip had thought he was just being pert because of his grandfather. But Philip's grandfather knew also. Charles von Habsburg was the earthly King of Austria, but also claimed the title of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and King of Jerusalem. He must have known that he was the Fisher King.

"What about these Templars? I thought they were dismantled and condemned by the Pope back in the Fourteenth Century for being Masons or something like that?"

"Yes and no! It is a popular misconception. King Philip had read prophesies about the GREAT MONARCH OF THE FUTURE, who would be of the blood of Joseph. It was given to him by the false mystic, Ramon Lull. King Philip knew that he was of that same bloodline, and because of his sinful pride, decided that it must be he about whom the prophesy spoke. He went to the Templar Knights and offered to give up his crown and kingdom to become one of the knights. They turned him down. This made him so angry that he devised false charges against them, and ordered them all arrested on the night of October 13, 1303.

"You must understand that the Knights were the strongest army in the world at that time. No king could have defeated them in battle; however, the knights took an oath to protect the Church, the Pope, and the bloodline. They could not fight against a man who had the blood of Joseph.

"When Philip came to arrest them, they went without fighting because they could not fight against him, and they thought that the Church would come to their aid. So on October 13, 1303, they were all put into irons. Do you recognize that date? It is the same date as the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima in 1917, 614 years later. But the Pope at that time was a weak man, and he did not come to their aid.

"Jacques de Moley, the Grand Master of the Knights, and many of his Templars were tied to stakes on an island in the Seine River in Paris. Coals were piled around them so that they would burn to death without dying from lack of oxygen as is usually that case when someone is burned at the stake. Philip watched all night from a small boat, waiting for Jacques de Moley or one of his knights to cry out in pain. But none did, and Moley just stared at King Philip without even blinking. Finally just before his death, Moley shouted out to Philip his prediction that Philip and the Pope would soon die and that none of his children would sit on the throne of France. Thirty-three days later, Philip, the Pope, and all his children were dead.

"Before the death of Jacques de Moley, Philip pressured the Pope into investigating his charges against the Knights. Clement V ordered the investigation that we now call "The Council of Vienna".

"So much pressure was put on the poor Cardinals of the Council by Philip that at the last moment, the Pope rode all night by horseback from Rome to Vienna and arrived without notice at the Council. He took away from the Cardinals the power of judicial sentence and ordered the suppression of the
Order by an administrative act of the Pope.

"The property (very important) of the Templars was turned over to their sister order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem (the Hospitallers). This frustrated King Philip who had wanted an order of his making, allowing him to take over these possessions.

"In reality, the action of the Pope was arranged by the Templars as a way of compromising with Philip and saving the Pope and the property of the Templars. The Templars went underground under the name of the Military Knights of St. John of Jerusalem.

"Without their open support, though, the Popes immediately lost possession of Rome for the next ninety years, and security has never come back since. The Templars did not cease to exist, only the name and habit ended. They simply went into hiding and changed their name.

"King Philip had insisted that candidates to the knighthood were denouncing Christ and spiting on the cross in initiation ceremonies. This was not true but it was the prime charge against them.  Then, a few years later when the Masons appropriated the title of 'Templars', they adopted that very initiation ritual as a way of snubbing their nose at the Pope. Although it was never proven that the real Templars performed any demonic acts, the Masonic order of the Templars did so, and continued to do so right up to this very day.

Philip was confused: “I thought the Templars were condemned by the Church?”

“No! In fact the Church wrote a document absolving them of all accusations. Soon after the death of Jacques de Moley, the Shroud of Turin, as it is now known, was found in his home. Having lost the Shroud, the Templars decided to become secret to protect the remaining holy relics in their possession.

"What other relics?" Sitting up quickly, Philip's interest was suddenly intensified.

Merlin looked out at the lake that was being drained by the large pump. "Many! You will see in time, for you are now the head of the Templar Knights, just as the Fisher King was. You will see the true cross upon which hung our dear Savior, as well as many other things. You will see how we have watched over your bloodline by creating a chain of gold coins with the name of every child of Solomon inscribed on them. You will see how you are related to St. Joseph and why that is important, especially now, since all
this careful work for these thousands of years comes down to you and it stops here.

"You are the MONARCH that has been prophesied for five thousand years by numerous prophets throughout the Bible and their mystical 'descendants' since the Bible. You are the reason why the Jews did not believe in Christ. The prophecy of your coming and the prophecy of Christ's coming were confused into one person by the Jews.

"Christ was not the earthly king for whom they waited for so long and so they did not accept him as the savior. They thought that the God-Savior and the earthly king was one and the same person. They were wrong. Christ is God, and you are only a man, an instrument of Christ, an earthly king sent
by God to save the Church.

"When Natham said. 'I will preserve the offspring of your body and make his sovereignty secure.' (2 Kings 7:12), Natham was speaking of Philip von Habsburg. In Psalm 90 (91) God is speaking of you, Philip. You shall read it often."

Philip thought for a moment. "People have told me that there is a heresy about the bloodline of Christ, related to this very place in France, but I am not sure what it is."

"Yes! Many stupid people take some of our codes for the truth. We do what the American CIA does, we spread falsehoods and sprinkle deceptive hints to keep people from knowing the truth. The CIA used this strategy when they spread the rumors of Flying Saucers to hide the building of secret aircraft. The strategy works well, so we do the same." That was as far as Merlin was willing to go with this.

"Why me? I don't want to be a king? I am not a leader. When I was young, people made fun of me because of my grandfather, but I was never brave enough to defend him. A king should be holy, and brave. I am neither."

"Yes, I know. We have been watching you all these years. We, too, thought that it could not be you. But God is the architect of history, and He chooses whomsoever He wants. This is not something that can be earned or bought by deeds. This was ordained by God before the earth was created, and neither you nor I can change that." Merlin looked up at the giant.

"And now, Simon, if you will help me, we can prepare this table for Mass, and then get some sleep. We will need it for tomorrow," he calmly said as he looked over at Philip, "and tomorrow, we will learn the second mystery."


The Power of the Ark

Merlin awoke at five a.m., dressed quickly, and went downstairs to prepare Mass for Philip and Simon. When he arrived, he found Philip staring through the window at the lake, deep in thought. One night of pumping furiously, and the lake was almost empty.

"What are you doing up so early? You will need all the sleep you can get to preserve your strength. Today is going to be the biggest day of your life."

"How do you expect me to sleep after what I heard last night? I tossed and turned for a couple of hours and then just gave up. I've been watching those men out there. They’ve been pumping that lake all night long. I've also noticed that these hills are filled with armed people. I suspect they’re not just company for those who came in the two Choppers."

Merlin prepared the table for Mass as he spoke. "Yes! I know! They are always here. They pretend to be farmers or fishermen in the area, but they are always here. They have been protecting that lake for seven hundred years." Merlin left the room to fetch Simon.

To Philip, that sounded odd. Why would anyone have to protect a lake? But he remembered now. The world he awoke to today was forever different from the one he had become accustomed to. Yesterday had changed everything. His awareness of his God-given mission in life was beginning to take shape. Merlin had said such staggering things to him. And the pope? His doubts about the authenticity of that ceremony had evaporated. Still his eyes were fixed on the lake. He reasoned, obviously, that there had to be something IN the lake that was being protected, not the lake itself. But what could be of such compelling import that generations of men, in the guise of farmers and townsfolk, would devote their entire lives protecting it? He had a powerful sense that he was soon to find out!

After Mass, they all enjoyed a hearty breakfast, which Merlin prepared himself. There were four men in the front of the building wearing Knight robes, OSV machine guns at the ready. These four never came inside. Philip was still in casual clothes, this time tennis shoes and a heavy pull-over sweater. During breakfast, Simon asked Merlin many questions about the conversation the night before. Merlin answered them all very patiently. Philip just listened. After eating, Philip silently left the table to sit in a wooden rocking chair. In a moment, he was fast asleep.

Simon laughed loudly with admiration. "So! This is the Great Monarch!" He looked down at the little man sleeping in the chair. "So this is what I was born to protect and to follow unto death! God has either strange ways or a good sense of humor."

The rest of the morning passed quietly. Simon resumed his post, watching over Philip, while Merlin sat pensively. At 12:00 noon, Philip was still sleeping when a quiet but firm knock was heard on the front door. Simon peered out the window, retrieved his modified M-60, and opened the door. A serious looking Knight stepped briskly inside, walked over to the rocking chair, and looked down at the sleeping King. Without averting his gaze, he said to Merlin, simply, "It's ready."

"You wait here. I'll check," Merlin ordered Simon. As Philip slept on, Simon brewed him some coffee.

Within fifteen minutes, Merlin was back. "It's ready."

"Have the hills been checked?"

"Yes! And as soon as we are seen leaving the rectory, the escort choppers will lift off and do a quick reconnaissance of the surroundings. We will need tight security for the rest of the day, no matter the cost." Merlin looked at Philip and shook his head. "I will never understand the mind of God." He shook Philip. "Get up, my King, the world awaits."

Simon brought him the coffee as Philip rubbed his eyes. "Well, it couldn’t have been a bad dream if you two are still here!" Philip was only teasing. He knew that today was to be the most important day of his life, even greater than yesterday. He gratefully drank the coffee without rising from the rocking chair. "I had a strange dream. There was an angel standing on the Earth and making an oath to God. It was very odd."

"When you are ready, we must go." Clearly, Merlin was getting nervous again. He had resumed his pacing back and forth, going nowhere in a very great hurry!

At last, Philip announced, "All right! I'm ready." His hair was disheveled, he hadn't shaven, and his clothes looked like he had slept in them, which of course he had. But he was ready. Merlin shook his head in disbelief at the spectacle before him and led the intrepid trio out the door. Outside were eight Knights wearing robes and clutching modified AK-47s.

When Philip stepped out, all the knights bowed. This caught Philip by surprise, and he almost stumbled back into the rectory. Running his hand along his chin, he felt his whiskers, and then ran the same hand through his hair. The bowing Knights had strengthened his growing awareness that he was somehow, unbelievably, special. He grabbed Merlin by the sleeve of his habit. "I think I should go back in and clean up a bit." Merlin eagerly agreed.

In short order, Philip reappeared decked out in a new set of clothes and looking much better. He even wore a suede coat with a fur collar. The Knights bowed again, but this time, Philip was expecting it. He followed Merlin to the back of the rectory and then they walked towards the lake. Simon and the other Knights followed behind closely. No one spoke a word.

When they arrived at the lake shore, Philip could see that they had built a sort of bridge across the drained lake. It extended to the center of the lake where there sat a pile of large rocks that had been submerged for so many centuries. Two men stood on each side of the bridge at the center of the lake.

"Follow me." Merlin walked quickly out to the center of the lake with Philip close behind. Simon followed the new king, but the other men spread out around the lake.

In the center of the lake, amidst the pile of rocks, there was an opening with a set of solid rock stairs descending about fifteen feet. Merlin made his way over the rocks and slowly stepped down the stairs. Philip and Simon followed. Naturally, everything was wet. At the bottom of the steps was a flat passage about a hundred feet long. At its end was another staircase. Philip followed Merlin down the passage and up the other stairs. At the top of these stairs there was a short landing and then more stairs going down again. Somebody had gone to considerable trouble to hide whatever Philip was about to find! At the bottom of these stairs, everything was dry. Candles had already been placed along the way. Again, there was a long passageway, this one on a slight incline. Philip figured that they were now under the mountain and out of the lake.

Awaiting them at the end of this passage was a large copper door with beautiful inlays of sculpted grapes, angels, pomegranate trees, and Templar Knights. In its center was carved a crown like the one on the Table at the rectory. Merlin reached into his brown robe and pulled out a large key. When Merlin was young he had dived many times into the lake and visited the room he was about to go into.  But it was now 50 years since he had been there and despite his best efforts his enfeebled hands couldn't turn the key. A quick glance from the priest and Simon quickly reached forward, worked the lock, and pushed the door open.

Inside was a flat space about ten feet square with another door on the other side. "Be very careful in here. Brusque movement will cause the ceiling to collapse, and there are five hundred feet of rock above us."

Merlin handed another key to Simon. He turned it very slowly. With this door now unlocked but unopened, he returned and closed the other door, then carefully locked and tested it. He rejoined Merlin and Philip and pulled open the other door very slowly, all the while looking very carefully at the ceiling. Once open, he stepped aside to let Merlin and Philip pass.

Merlin lit three candles and passed them around. They walked up a short flight of stairs and down to another door. This door didn't look like it was made of copper. It looked like gold. Philip reached out and touched the door. It was eight feet tall and six feet wide, beautifully carved with the same images as the first door. "Yes! It's gold." Merlin offered. "It’s solid gold and three inches thick. Even Simon would not be able to push it open if it was not so well balanced on those hinges."

Merlin made the sign of the cross, said a short prayer, and took out a gold triangle from his pocket. He placed the triangle into a slot on the door. It fell through and came back out a slot at the bottom. "OK! Simon, it's time to see how strong you really are."

Simon leaned against the door and pushed it open a couple of feet. He stepped part way through the narrow opening, put his back to the door frame and then pushed it wide open. Merlin picked up the candle and walked in. He proceeded down four steps as the candlelight filled the room. Philip stepped into the room closely behind.

Philip stood in awe. The light from the one candle filled the room with dazzling light. It was the size of a basketball arena. The floor was at least one hundred feet long and seventy feet wide. The ceiling was round and vaulted, about seventy feet high at the center with eight pillars down two sides. There were barred, eight inch holes on the right and left sides of the room for ventilation.

What lit the room up from Merlin's single candle was the gold, piles and piles of gold everywhere. The entire floor was filled with gold coins, gold vessels, gold candlesticks, gold bowls, gold lamps, gold censers, palm trees of gold, basins, pillars, cherubim angels, altars, all of gold and inlaid with costly stones. In some places, the gold was piled twenty feet high. On both sides of the large room were two cherubim angels fifteen feet tall with wings fifteen feet long from tip to tip. Chains and cords of solid gold hung from the walls.

At the end of the room, about 100 feet from Philip, sat a large altar of solid gold, itself inlaid with beautiful stones. On top of the altar was a leather bound box about two feet long and two feet tall with no markings. Jewish candle holders rested on both sides but they held no candles. Instead, on either side of the leather box, there was a single candle holder with a candle that Merlin lit.

Philip stepped down the four steps as Simon went around the room lighting candles in the walls. Merlin stood looking at Philip for his reaction to the unimaginable wealth in the room. Philip kept turning around and around. He had never been impressed with wealth, but this was overwhelming. He had never imagined that so much gold and so many jewels could be in one place. It seemed as if all the gold in the world was in this one room.   

One thing was out of place, a plain leather box on the large gold table.  The mere fact that it stood out caused Philip to come back to it over and over after looking over the entire room.  The two 15 foot angels seemed to be looking at the plain leather box.  Pointing: “What is that?”

Merlin went up the box.  He pulled the top off and then moved the two doors on the sides open which in turn opened the sides and laid them down behind.  In the box was a chalice.  It was a brown glass cup about 6 inches tall held in place by webbing of gold grapes and vines on the bottom third of the cup.  It had a gold base, stand and handles also decorated in grapes and vines. The glass cup was half full of something black and solid.  This is the Holy Grail, the cup of the Last Supper.”

“The Holy Grail!  Then there is a real Holy Grail?”

“Yes!  This is the most famous relic in the history of the world and as you study it let me tell you its history because this will become part of your life from now on.

"The Grail, before Moses set it in gold, was just the brown diamond cup that you see. It was first given to Enoch by Adam in a short wine and bread ceremony. Adam used it in the Garden of Eden to eat and drink from the Tree of Life.” 

Merlin was talking quietly and slowly so that Philip could follow and contemplate what he was saying. 

“When they left the Garden of Eden, they took the cup with them. It passed down to Enoch.  Enoch left it with Methuselah before he ascended to Paradise.   Methuselah gave it to Noah. Melchisedec brought it from the land of Samurais (where it was lying neglected) to the land of Canaan, in a place he called ‘Salem’, later called Jeru-salem. He used it at the Sacrifice of bread and wine offered to Abraham, and he afterwards gave it to Abraham. It passed on down to Moses, who added all the gold handles, base and stem and placed it in the upper part of the Ark with the Ten Commandments. It was the Grail that gave the Ark its Power."

Philip did not take his eyes off the Chalice. Merlin was not sure if he was even listening. He decided to go on anyway.

"When the safety of the Ark was in doubt, at the time of Jeremias and the Machabees (2 Machabees 2:1-8), Jeremias took the Ark and the Tabernacle and hid them in the same cave that Moses entered to spend his last day on earth. The Ark and the body of Moses are still in that cave.

"But the Grail was not in the Ark when Jeremias hid the Ark. The Ark went to the house of Obededom for three months (2 Kings 6:11) and after that the Ark only had the Two Tables of Stone in it. (3 Kings 8:9) The Holy Grail, the staff of Aaron, the bones of Joseph, the Manna, etc. remained in the House of Obededom. This was the house that Christ used for His Last Supper.

"Christ knew the Holy Grail was in the wall of the upper room. He removed it and used it to change wine into His Precious Blood. Later, Joseph of Arimethia used it to remove the Blood that fell down from the cross into the rock crevices. What you see in the Chalice is the real Blood of Christ. That is why it is called grail. Grail means blood, holy blood." Merlin stopped and stepped backwards quietly.

Now it was up to Philip. Everything depended on this moment. All these elaborate preparations depended on this man. All Merlin could do now was wait. He looked over at Simon. Simon did not move, and though his eyes were wet from the tears he had shed, he could not take them off of the Grail.

Philip finally turned away from the Grail, looked over at Merlin, and with tears streaming down his face he asked, "How can I serve the Blood of Christ?"

The weight of centuries seemed to flee Merlin in an instant. As the words left Philip’s mouth, Merlin dropped down next to the kneeling Philip and hugged him from the side with both arms. He placed his head on Philip's shoulder with a mixture of joy and relief.

After a time, Merlin rose and held out a hand to Philip. Philip also rose, but he did not take his eyes off the Chalice. Merlin turned towards the Holy Grail, removed the flat cap, pulled down a veil, placed it over his hands, and picked up the Holy Grail by the two large handles. He turned around and faced Philip and lifted the Chalice up above his head.

"This is the Blood of Christ, the Blood of the New and Eternal Covenant. Through Him, with Him, in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, almighty Father, for ever and ever, Amen."

Merlin lowered the Chalice, looked at Philip, "Take and drink, this is my blood." He handed the Holy Grail to Philip. Philip reached out hesitantly, put his hands under the veil, so as not to actually touch the Grail, and grabbed both handles with great care, so as not to drop it. He looked down into the cup, a cup that had been in the hands of Adam and Christ. The blood that lay inside was coagulated. It was hard and black. But as Philip looked down into the cup, the blood softened and liquefied, turning red. Philip cringed at the thought of drinking blood, but he was determined to do it because it was Christ’s blood and Christ commanded it (John 6).  Slowly Philip raised it to his lips, tipped the Grail and drank a small amount of Christ’s Blood.

To his surprise the blood tasted like fine wine. He lowered the Chalice and stared into the cup. The liquid solidified again and became hard. As he handed the Grail to Merlin, a great change had come over him. His tears were gone. His face had changed too. He no longer showed the doubt or fear that he had before. He face was now chiseled with daring determination.

"My Lord, it is time." Merlin shouted. "Simon, carry the Chalice. It is time to go." Merlin placed the Chalice back into the leather box, restoring the lid.

Simon slung his weapon over his shoulder and picked up the box. Merlin led the way, Simon following and Philip walking behind. They closed the doors carefully as they left this holy sanctuary.




The Angel of Apocalypse

Merlin stepped outside the cave and pivoted to the left of a mound of rocks to make room for Simon. Instantly, Simon emerged and stood on top of the pile of rocks in the center of the lake, holding the leather Box.

The men at the foot of the bridge saw him first and knelt down on one knee. Simon stood tall with his legs spread apart and raised the Box over his head as Philip ascended the stairs. All around the lake on the hills, around the rectory, on the top of the octagon castle, were armed men, and all dropped to one knee at the sight of the Box. They all knew what was inside and they all knew what had just happened.

Philip wasted no time in walking around Simon and crossing the bridge. Simon and Merlin followed. The soldiers swarmed from their perches towards the rectory. They no longer felt a need to guard the hills. They came to meet both their King and their Lord in the Blood of the Holy Grail. But Philip did not stop. With a determined gaze, he walked past them all and strode to the front door of the rectory. He held the door for Simon, who carried the Grail inside and then placed it next to the crown of St. Steven. Beside the table was a middle-aged Knight with his white scapular and a cross. In his hands was another scapular.

"This sign of the Army of God belonged to the first Templar, Godfroi de Bouillon. No one has worn it since he. Now, it is yours. You are now King of Jerusalem and our King."

Philip held the white and red cloth in his hands for a moment, kissed it, and then placed it over his head, letting it fall simultaneously across his chest and back. This was a genuine Templar robe, with a belled red cross superimposed over a white background on both front and back, running the length of the garment. He turned towards the Holy Grail and knelt down on both knees to pray. When he rose, he turned again, this time towards the sword leaning against the wall.

Philip grabbed the sword of Joseph of Arimathea with both hands and left the building. Outside he saw Merlin, still limping towards the rectory as fast as he could. Philip bowed towards him with all the respect of a son to a father. Then he lifted the sword over his shoulder and walked quickly towards the sea.

Philip walked down towards the Mediterranean Sea as quickly as he could, with the heavy sword slung over his shoulder. All followed at a safe distance. When Philip reached the seashore, he drove the sword into the sand, and dropped to one knee. The Knights remained on the cliffs, watching. By now there were over two hundred holy souls on the cliffs over the beach.

Suddenly, an anguished cry erupted from Philip’s soul.

"How long, O Lord (Holy and true), will You refrain from judging? How long will you refrain from avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?"

(Apocalypse 6: 10)

As his voice savagely pierced the soft silence that belied the chaos of the world, Philip desperately thrust both hands towards heaven.

"My voice, Lord, echoes the prayer of the Saints in heaven. My voice, Lord, has incessantly dispatched this prayer to your Kingdom for lo these last three years. Through You, it is the prayer bequeathed to us by St. John in his Apocalypse. O, my Lord, how long must our blood flow before You stop it? Every day, hundreds of your chosen holy ones - bishops, priests, and nuns - are slaughtered. Every day, thousands of your loyal disciples feel death’s cruel sting at the hands of the servants of Man’s enemy. Satan has conquered the entire world. Your Holy Mass, recreating your terrible sacrifice, can be said openly in but a few countries.

"How long, O my Lord, must innocent children die from hunger or be pierced by the sword? How long, O Lord, will you allow infidels to crush our poor Christian brothers? My God, grant that I may be thy servant; permit these to be the hands that arrest the march of Satan. Our Holy Father has said there are two swords, and he ordained that I be that smaller sword, so that with your help, I could come to the aid of the Church. This besotted world, drunk on the blood of innocence, discordantly sings the requiem for Your Roman Catholic Church. But I, and these loyal servants awaiting your command, know that it lives still. When the word goes forth that the pope lives, your reinvigorated followers will emerge from their hideouts by the millions and place their lives in your service.

"Teach me how to serve you, Lord, and I will not shrink from your will. But I pray you, tarry not, and teach me now. Lord, let me be the instrument that fulfills the prayer you offered so long ago: may Thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven."

His eyes fixed on the heavens, Philip perceived a subtle reshaping of the clouds. They seemed to be forming into an image of the Virgin Mary, her hand raised as if blessing him. At that exact moment, a great pain shot through his body from the back of his right knee, as if someone had suddenly placed an iron grip around it.

After his long prayer, Philip began to rise, but he quickly faltered, almost falling to the sand. His right leg seemed to have lost its strength. He tried again, and with considerable effort, made it to his feet. Immediately, he placed his right foot into the sea, leaving his left on the dry ground. Defiantly, his voice thundering, he raised his right fist up to the heavens and cried out:

"I swear by Him who lives for ever and ever, THERE SHALL BE DELAY NO LONGER to avenge the blood of the saints. By the power of God, and the prayers of His Mother, The Heavenly Jerusalem, we shall stop the slaughter and restore peace to the world."

Supernaturally energized, and filled with the exhilaration of a desperate battle at last joined, every Knight, upon hearing Philip’s fearsome oath, shouted in unison, "Hail, King of Jerusalem! Hail, King of Jerusalem! Hail, King of Jerusalem!"

Merlin watched and listened from the top of the hill. Quietly, he said to Simon, "HE IS THE SEVENTH ANGEL OF APOCALYPSE, and the little open scroll is the mystery of his mission in Christ."

"What angel," asked Simon?

In response, Merlin simply recited scripture. "And the angel, whom I saw standing upon the sea and upon the earth, lifted up his hand to heaven, and he swore by Him that liveth for ever and ever… that time shall be no longer. But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound the trumpet, the mystery of God shall be finished, as He hath declared by His servants, the prophets. ----- Apocalypse 10:5-7"

Every man present had heard Philip’s cry, and every man knew he had accepted the challenge to go to war. Philip stepped out of the sea, pulled the sword out of the sand, and with a look of challenge and triumph, surveyed his army. With surprising strength, he lifted his sword over his head with one hand and shouted up at his Knights, "There shall be no more delay." In a joyful, rising crescendo, the Knights repeated the words over and over.

Still supernaturally afflicted, Philip limped up the cliffs with determination, disregarding the pain. His Knights followed in a joyful procession, not like an army reluctantly heading to the front, but more like a citizen's march celebrating a great day; not with precision like an army, but with determination and joy.

Merlin waited at the door as Philip approached.

"Now you know the last secret, for God has revealed it to you. Not from me, for it was not to be so, but from the Holy Spirit of God you have learned it. It is like a baptism or an ordination. It is a transformation from Philip, the man, to Philip, the instrument of God."

They went inside, and Philip stood before the Holy Grail, still covered by the leather box. Even while he was still praying, Merlin found a need to speak. "My King, there is one thing more you must know."

Philip turned around, sword in hand, and encouragingly, softly said, "Go on!"

Merlin sat down and looked up at Philip, "The Holy Scriptures tell of a 'SMALL OPEN BOOK' that Saint John saw in a vision. He was not permitted to reveal what was in the book until the mystery of God achieves its full perfection, as He declared to his servants the prophets."

"Are you speaking of the book in Apocalypse that John was told to eat?"

"Yes! That is the second great mystery of the Bible."

"The second?"

"Yes! The first mystery was the Messianic Secret. Christ commanded silence for a time regarding the fact that He was God. Even the Prophets of the Old Testament did not reveal the secret."

"And the small book that John ate is the second Mystery?"

"Yes!" Merlin sat down at the table and placed the palm of his hand against the leather box.

Philip started to sit in the rocking chair, but remembered that he was in the same room with the Redeeming Blood of Christ and remained standing.

"The book is a book of history. It is open since God knows all of history and has revealed it to his prophets already. It is small since it is only a small portion of history. You have been chosen by God - just as He chose Moses, David, and Solomon - to be the leader of this small portion of history. You have been asked, and you accepted when you said of the Holy Grail, 'How shall I serve?' You shall be the instrument by which God unfolds His plan of Victory, the final Victory of the Church."

"The book, Father, was sweet as honey in his mouth and bitter in his stomach. Why was it bitter?"

"I will tell you why at the proper time. But first it is for you to bring God's people together and to stop the war. That is the part you must play in this book of history, the sweet part. The bitter part is not your problem."

"How shall I, one man, stop a world war?"

"You are not one man. You have an army of Twelve Knights. You have the Holy Grail. You have the power from the blood of Christ. You have the blood of Saint Joseph, who is the protector of the Church. And most of all, it is not you who will win this war, but God Himself. You are only an instrument. He will do the rest. If you are with God, you are the majority. And remember, this Grail is the Power of the Ark."

"This army you speak of; it's only twelve men at the most."

"No! That is not so. It's not very big, but you only see a few men who have been charged with guarding the Holy Grail, and a few others who have been guarding you since your birth. Throughout the world the Holy Father will send millions to your side from America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and in the Middle East."

"All right, how shall we start?" He looked at Simon. "What about you? If you are to be my constant companion, I should know something about you." Philip reached out to shake his hand for the first time. Simon's hand was so big, it completely covered Philip's, and Simon smiled about that.

"They call me Simon because of Simon of Cyrene, who helped Christ carry the cross. Some say that we black people get our strength from a blessing that God gave to us because of Simon. I don't know about that, but I will help you carry every cross God sends you."

"You look like you could carry anything. I'm glad you were picked. However, do not treat me like a king. I am your friend. I don't like this idea of people bowing down wherever I go. That has got to stop. If you are standing when I enter a room, remain standing, and if you are sitting, remain sitting. Understand?"

"As you wish, your Majesty."

"And none of that Majesty crap either, just Philip or Phil."

"Philip." Simon slightly bowed in fun.

"Code names, Merlin, Simon, what next? Let's meet our Army."

"I think you would like to meet the real Knights first," said Simon. "They were specially trained. In fact, one of them was the one who trained me. I will fetch them for you. You should remain with the Grail, for it will protect you more than I can." Simon left the room, ducking through the door. He returned shortly with eleven men close behind. "I have instructed them not to kneel, bow, or call you anything except ‘Philip’."

The men lined up against the wall, and Philip went down the line shaking each man’s hand. "My name is Jonathan. I was a Jew in Israel’s Special Forces. I was converted to the Catholic Church by a Knight and trained again in Africa."

Philip continued. Two more were from Israel’s Special Forces, three from England’s MI5 and MI6 Special Forces, two were Green Berets, and four were ex-Navy Seals. All changed their names to those of David’s special army: Gaddis, Thasi, Abaron, John, Simon, Judas, Eleazar, Ben, Manasse, and Josue.

"My name is Philip, only Philip. I understand we have a job to do. I know nothing about war, so I will have to depend on you for help and guidance. I assume you twelve have been the leaders, and so that is how it shall remain. However, when I first arrived in Rome I met a man named Pierre de Saint Clair…."

"I am here." Pierre de Saint Clair had been standing in the doorway. At the mention of his name, he stepped into the room.

"I have been the teacher of these men. I also have been the keeper of the Knight’s Secrets, just as Merlin has been the keeper of the Secrets of the Church. But that work is finished. I must stand down, for you are now the head. What you command, they and I will do unto death. That is how they were trained. Victory or death is their only way of life. They will not back down from anyone, no matter the odds. That is their way. That is why we picked them. I am very proud of these twelve men. There are no better on the face of the Earth."

After his brief appearance, Pierre de Saint Clair went back to the beach. A black chopper swooped down and retrieved him, then raced across the sea. Philip watched until it was out of sight. By then, the sky was reddened by the setting sun. The color reminded him of the blood that had been shed the past two years. It reminded him of how modernism had slowly advanced until it had captured the souls of the children, and how a world bereft of spirituality and the love of God had descended, slowly at first, then uncontrollably into anarchy. His grandfather and his father had warned the European Nations that without Christian unity, this would be their fate. It had now come to pass. The red clouds over the sea were a symbol of the shed blood that had flooded Eastern and Western Europe, which was once controlled by his family. Their rule was not always perfect, and there was war, but not like this. There had been no war to suppress religious freedom. At least his ancestors, even the bad ones, feared the Church and its power over one’s soul. But the modern rulers, these masons, taught that there were no such things as morals, and they feared neither Hell nor Heaven. But now, they had to face the consequences of their teachings. Now, no one respected authority of any kind, not teacher, not father or mother, not police or army, not government. The ultimate end to this sorry situation was obvious to anyone possessed of even a modicum of logic, and it was happening now.  




March to Paris

In the morning, Father Merlin was up before the sun as he prepared the table for the Mass.  The rays fired through the windows and glistened on the Holy Grail, reflecting back into Father Merlin’s face, as if proclaiming a new dawn indeed, one that would see the true people of God rise up at last to doff the chains of evil with which the modern world had fettered them for so long.  Now, the Chosen One was revealed, and he had taken up his cudgel.  Today, as last, he would begin to employ that cudgel in the defense of God’s own Truth. Today, at last, the battle would be joined.  At last, today, hope would be restored to the hearts of honest men the world round.

. He prepared the table for the Mass, placing the Holy Grail to one side, but without removing it from the box. He woke Simon, who in turn woke all who had been able to sleep. He entered Philip’s room last. Simon and three other Knights carried the table outside, with the Grail still on top. Merlin said Mass as the sun rose gloriously over the mountains. Before it was over, every Knight had received the Body and Blood of Our Lord and they were in prayer when Philip spoke:

“Why don’t we walk to Paris?  With the Holy Grail and the armed Knights we would let people know we are here and that the Holy Father wants us to save France.  We must build an army of followers before we arrive in Paris.  I’m not sure what I am doing but I have to start somewhere.  We need Our Lady’s help. At Fatima, she asked that we say Her Rosary for peace. It is peace we seek, even at the cost of our lives, for peace is not going to be easy now. Maybe peace will be won by force, so let us always begin our days with Her Sword, the Rosary. Let us pray. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit! I believe in God, the Father Almighty…”

When the prayers were finished, the Holy Grail was placed on an old two wheel cart and pulled by two asses. Philip, Simon, Merlin, and Jonathan went ahead of the cart. The rest of the Knights followed behind. The three choppers went out ahead to scan the roads ahead of them. They marched all day, and, as they marched, crowds gathered to marvel at the spectacle, mostly in silence, but some jeered.

“Who are these nuts?” or “What is this, the thirteenth century? Are we going back to the middle ages?” Philip and his small army paid no attention, but kept on marching. No one bothered them physically, since the Knights were well armed. But most must have thought they were a bunch of crazy people.

They passed through Montpellier without a incident. In Nimes many people asked where they were going. When they were told that Philip was declared King of France, some joined in on the march, but not many. By the time they reached Avignon there were over five hundred armed French police, who had no jobs, and over five hundred Frenchmen. Philip asked if they could stop and enter the Palais des Papes, for this had been the home of many Popes. Palais des Papes was an extravagant medieval fortress and cathedral, built of white stone. “This pile of white stones grieves me.” Jonathan said as they stared up at the former home of many Pontiffs. “Ever since the Holy Father stood in silence at the slaughter of the Templers in 1307, the Church has been without an army and at the mercy of many kings. Only three years after the Templers were formally dismantled, the Holy Father was forced to leave Rome. That would not have happened had we still been openly around.

“The popes lived seventy years in this place. The hundred year war between France and England would not have happened. I believe that and the so-called “Golden Bull” written by Charles IV (supposedly eliminating papal rights in the election of emperors), brought on the Black Death.”
Jonathan continued looking up at the cathedral as he spoke. “Saint Joan of Arc would have had our help, and Constantinople would have been protected. Now, after almost seven hundred years, we are back.”

They walked through the castle walls towards the cathedral and up the stairs to the large doors. The doors were closed but not locked. Simon pushed them open, and Philip walked in with all the Knights and Frenchmen following behind him. Philip worried about violence and he wanted to pray that he could bring peace to France without anyone dying.

Philip stopped just inside the doors. All around the church could be heard laughter and screams. When his eyes focused themselves to the change in the light, he could see that all over the beautiful church were men and women having a wild party. Against one of the pillars were two men kissing. In the pews were many couples engaging in all kinds of sexual acts. Philip could see the pulpit and a man chained to it with no clothes on. Another man with a whip was commanding him to preach. On the altar were two young women dancing without clothes on. The Tabernacle was open, and they were dancing obscenely before it.

An anger welled up in Philip that he did not know he had.  He turned to Jonathan and Simon. “Give me your weapon, Jonathan. The time for talk is over.”

Jonathan handed him a strange gun. “Do you know how to use it?”

“No!” He replied as he fumbled with it. It was strange with two large springs on both sides of two barrels and no hammer.

“Pull back this safety latch. Hold here tight with your left hand and pull the trigger with your right. Be careful where you point it. It will blow a hole in a brick wall.” Jonathan stepped way back.

Philip pulled off a short burst of shells, and he almost lost control as he went from the floor to the dome and almost over his head. This was not because of the gun, as it had no kick but just from the sudden noise and power coming from his hands.  He gained his composure and pointed the weapon level again as the laughter stopped and everyone turned to face the crowd of men at the door in white and red.

Philip started walking down the main aisle. He looked at the two necked men at the pillar. At first they looked at him with fear, but then started to giggle. They should not have giggled. Philip, angry, turned his gun towards them without thinking and opened fire. He blew the men off the pillar and clean across the floor, as blood splashed ten feet up the white walls.  What ever was in this gun was very powerful. 

Philip lost control and he turned to the pews and started mowing down naked men and women everywhere. The shells were powerful and because of flat tipped bullets the bodies were thrown over three and four pews. He kept walking towards the altar with his finger hard on the trigger. When he ran out of shells, Gaddis threw him another machine gun, and he kept on shooting.

Eleazar and Josue stood at the side doors and let no one out. When Philip reached the foot of the altar, there were only four left alive. The two naked girls on the altar, hugging each other in fear, the man with a whip, and the man chained to the pulpit. Philip stared at the two girls with fearful hatred in his eyes.

He remembered how during the French Revolution the “Goddess of Reason”, a prostitute, was declared the official icon of the government, and she danced naked on the main altar of Notre Dame. These two girls were mocking the open tabernacle of Our Lord.

Philip could see into the tabernacle and saw that the Chalice of Hosts was there exposed to this mocking.  Quickly, without thinking, he raised his weapon and blew the two girls off the altar. He continued shooting at them until they were blown completely across the slick floor to the back wall. He shot so many holes in them that you could not recognize whether they were women, men or animals. He was out of bullets again, and Jonathan handed him another weapon.  Philip, trembling with anger, looked at the chained man. “Who are you?”

“The Cardinal, I am the Cardinal, Cardinal John St. Mary?” The good priest was afraid that the angry man with the gun would shoot him also.

“And you?” He turned his weapon into the face of the man holding the whip. “I think we need a sermon.” Still trembling, Philip placed the tip of the weapon against the man’s lower lip. He waited for the sermon as he looked at the Demonic Symbols on his robe. The man made the mistake of giving a slight nervous smile.  Philip pulled the trigger or maybe his shaking hand pulled the trigger.  Anyway he blew the man’s head completely off.

Philip handed the gun to Jonathan. Simon unchained the Cardinal. Philip walked up to the altar and bowed before the tabernacle. He looked inside and saw that the Lord was still inside. He looked around for Father Merlin. Merlin hurried up the steps, closed the tabernacle and lit the candle.

Turning away from the tabernacle, Philip looked around the church. Blood and bodies were verywhere. The new army took up the entire center aisle, which was hundreds of feet long and twenty feet wide. Frenchmen lined the back of the church and took on a great fear of this new King.

Philip thought to himself that he had just committed a great sin and needed confession but at the same time he though, “This irreverence has been building up to this for a long time and has to stop somewhere, the inevitable result of a lack of respect for priests, the Mass, and all authority. No Fear of God! We’ll see!”

He shouted at the Knights in the aisle, “No Longer! No longer shall My Lord and My God and My Church be mocked.” Raising both hands above his head he continued, “Are you with me?”

“Where you go, we go to the ends of the earth,” Shouted Jonathan. And all the Knights raised their hands and shouted: “To the ends of the earth.”

“Father Merlin, would you help the Cardinal dress and ask him to offer a mass of thanksgiving for us?” Philip knew that Father Merlin was not happy about his actions and was somewhat frightened so he gently put his hand on Merlin’s shoulder to show that he was calm now and the anger gone.

“Yes! I will take care of the good Cardinal.  Then I will hear your confession.  You cannot go against God’s commandments even as King.”

Maybe Philip sinned and maybe not.  Only God knows, but from that moment on no one disrespected the Body and Blood of Christ or any priest. What Philip did in this church spread throughout the world and in spite of his gentleness a respectful fear of him continued to the end of his days.

After his confession and the Mass, Philip sat in the first pew with the Cardinal. “Your Eminence. I am Emperor Philip von Habsburg. I have a letter here from His Holiness …”

“You! You are the King? You are the one! My God! I didn’t really believe it.” The Cardinal put his face in his hands and said a prayer and then said: “I received a letter from the new Pope. He told us of you and sent us a copy of the Papal Bull declaring you Emperor. I was in Mintz when he left Rome. I never believed he would survive.

“When he said he would return to Rome, I knew he wouldn’t, and then this letter. I did not believe it. I’m so sorry. My faith is very small.” The Cardinal lowered his head in shame.

Philip put his arm around the Cardinal: “Never mind, Your Eminence, I have very little time. How can I best speak to the people of this town?”

“The Television station was bombed, but one of the radio stations is still working. It has been taken over by street gangs. The good people hid in their homes but they listen to find out what is going on.”

“Jonathan, the good Cardinal will show you how to find a radio station. Take it over and start broadcasting that there will be an important address soon. Make a lot of commotion as you go there, so that the whole town will be listening. I will follow soon with the Holy Grail. Simon will stay with me.”

Inside the radio station everything was quiet, except the soft voice of Jonathan over the mike, speaking to the people of Avignon. The rebels put up no fight at all. For although they had weapons and there were a great many of them, they had no ammunition. They had run out a long time ago, but no one knew it.

“I’ll take over from here.” Philip said as he entered the radio station. He took the mike in his hand and looked over at Simon and the Box. 

“My fellow citizens of Avignon, I am Philip von Habsburg. Recently, the Holy Father returned to Rome. He has asked me to become King of France in order to bring back order to this beloved country. I shall do just that. But I need your help. I am marching towards Paris. All you who are able, I am asking you to walk with me. If you have a gun, or a knife, or a pitchfork, or a club, bring it, for we are not walking in peace.

“I carry with me the Holy Grail of Our Lord, the Chalice that Christ used at the last Supper. It is half full of the Real Blood of Our Lord. It is the power that was in the Ark of the Covenant. Its power is with us now. Meet me at the steps of the Palais des Papes and see it and receive its blessing.”

As Philip marched back to the Palis des Papaes with his army, the crowds began to gather and to follow him. They grew so large that it became harder and harder to navigate through them. At the steps of the Palais, two Knights set up the Box on a table. The Cardinal moved a mike out to the edge of the steps. Philip looked down at the crowd. It had grown to a half million men, women, and children. The Cardinal stepped before the mike. Everyone became silent.

“My Children! I received a letter from the Holy Father. It is true what Philip said. He is King of France and the Holy Roman Empire. Long live the King. His Holiness has stated that whoever obeys him, obeys the Church, and whoever disobeys him disobeys the Church. Whoever dies in his service shall not suffer Hell or Purgatory. But whosoever shall go against him shall be anathema, and burn in Hell forever. These are the words of the Holy Father.

“May I present to you, Philip von Habsburg, the King of France.”

The crowd was totally silent. There was no applause, no laughter, no murmuring, nothing. Philip stepped up to the mike.

“Citizens of France, armed with the command of the Holy Father, I shall march to Paris and take command of this chaos and bring peace back to this land. Josue marched into the Promised Land and won every battle because he had the help of God. He had the power of the Ark of the Covenant. But we have more than the Ark. The Ark received its power from the promise that was inside. However, we have the fulfillment of that promise. We have the real thing, the real Blood of the New and Everlasting Covenant. We have the Holy Grail. Not an empty Grail that held the promise as Josue had, but the Holy Grail that contains the real Blood of Christ. Who shall overcome us?”

Merlin opened the box and pulled out the Chalice and held it over his head so that everyone could see. The sun glistened against the golden handles. The brown colored glass sparkled and the sun shot through it spewing rays of light across the crowd. The crowd was awe struck and made sounds almost like pain but more like fear, and then a deafening silence. Merlin placed it back on the table for people to come forward and look closer.

After time for reflection, Philip addressed the people again, “If you are with us, follow me.” Philip leaped down the steps to the cart. Simon carried the Box down the steps and laid it gently on the cart. Philip raised his fist, “Pick up your cross, your gun, your sword, beat your plowshares into swords, and follow the Lord. Follow the Grail.”

Philip and Merlin went first. The cart and Simon followed, then the Knights and all behind them began to walk with thousands and thousands of men with guns, shovels, and clubs right behind them. Even women and children followed with food and drink for the trip. The line of people went down the streets for tens of miles. On they went until they marched under the triumphant arch of the city of Orange, where thousands more joined them.

They marched on towards Lyon. Lyon, the second largest city of France, was largely untouched by the wars. Very few buildings were destroyed. From a distance, all looked peaceful. What surprised Philip, but at first he could not put his finger on why, was how quiet this normally bustling city was. When they reached the outskirts of the city, it became apparent that no cars, buses, trucks, or anything was moving. People were in the streets, but they were all walking or riding bikes. It finally dawned on Philip that there was no gas. Fuel was always imported, but that had all stopped years ago. It was like the Eighteenth Century.

Lyon was the seat of his family, and at the word of his return to power, thousands more joined his march to Paris. They moved on, and deliberately went out of the way to Vezelay. By now they had grown to millions.

Perched high atop a hill overlooking a lush valley was the famous Twelfth Century Basilica de la Madeleine, considered the finest Romanesque structure in all of France. At the gate to Madeleine, Philip was greeted by six monks, who (not knowing better) all bowed down at the sight of their King.  Philip, Merlin, Simon, and the twelve Knights went inside. The army of peasants, police, and children camped out on the grassy terrace behind the Basilica.

Inside, Merlin said Mass for the small group. Outside the Cardinal held Mass on the top of the terrace. The twenty monks of the Basilica helped him with the communion. As the sun set the crowd made small fires and set up camp for the night. Three black choppers moved around the sky checking for trouble in all directions.

Philip and Merlin walked around the Promenade des Ramparts as the sun set over the beautiful meadows below. As they walked, Merlin explained to Philip that the tomb of St. Madeleine was hidden below the altar of the Basilica. Philip would see it later. They climbed the long and ancient stairway to the top of the tower of the Basilica and looked out over the Morvan countryside.

Philip looked down at the millions of Frenchmen who had followed him this far, “Look at all those people who have placed their trust in me. I don’t even know what I’m going to do next. I don’t even know why I’m going to Paris.” He said in consternation.

“Philip! Don’t forget who you are and who you are representing! They are not following you. They are following a dream, a dream that all this war will be over. But they know it won’t end by itself. They know that they have to stop it with action. They also know that God sent you and that this is their last hope.” Merlin looked down at the fires dotting the grassy terrace. “I realize that you probably know this, but this terrace was the starting point of two Crusades.”

Philip looked down at the crowd. “It must have been a lot like this.” He answered. “A few well armed knights with their white robes and red crosses, and a crowd of untrained Catholics, out to do the will of the Holy Father. The reasons are almost the same. If they had not gone out to fight, the Moslems would have eventually run over all of Europe and the Church would have been wiped out.” Then something dawned on him.

“Father, the last battle of the crusades was a sea battle led by Don Juan.”

“Yes! He was one of your relatives.”

“I know! My father talked about him many times, but he always insisted that Mary won that battle. Don Juan had a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe hung in his cabin on his ship. He had all the soldiers of all the ships pray the Rosary, then and only then did he put on his sword. He was outnumbered ten to one, but he was victorious. And according to my father the ‘people power’ of the Philippines, who took back their country from Marcos, was really ‘Rosary Power’, since Cardinal Sin had a Rosary crusade going on for three years prior to the victory.”

Philip looked down at the crowd. They were not trying to sleep. They were talking and singing. “Idle talk, idle time. Father, help me. I need a mike and speakers.” They went down the stairs and solicited the help of the Cardinal. The monks brought out the mike and set it up on the top of the terrace.

Merlin spoke to the army first. “Crusaders of Christ, kneel down for my blessing.” After the crowd moved to their knees, the father blessed them all, using holy water. “We have a job to do for Our Lord, and we need help. And so, we will solicit the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I hereby consecrate this Army of Our Lord to the Immaculate Heart of His Mother. I ask that she place her maternal mantle of protection around us and illuminate our ways. I ask that her merciful eyes light our ways. I ask that the victory she promised at Fatima begins here with us.

“Your King has asked that we pray the Rosary at the end of every day and at the beginning of any battle we have. He has asked that as we walk, we pray the Rosary. If and as we fight we pray the Rosary. If we do this, she will not leave us unaided against the Red Dragon. Philip has asked to lead us in prayer.”

Philip knelt down facing the army. “Let us pray. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit…..”

The next morning as the sun broke over the mountains, the people’s army was already on its way to Paris. There were over a hundred miles to go. Word of their march was spreading rapidly throughout the entire world with mixed feelings.



Paris Burning

When Philip’s army reached the outskirts of Paris, the sun was setting over the mountains and caused a beautiful red glow. Before he arrived at the bridge that would allow him to see Paris a man came running towards him from the city.

“Where are you going?  Don’t come any closer. Go back.”

“Calm down, my friend. What’s the problem?”

“Stranger, have you not heard? Paris is gone. There is no more Paris. Disease and death are everywhere.”

Philip looked around at his twelve captains. “Camp here.”

Then he summoned Father Merlin. “Let’s see this city.”

Merlin, Simon and Philip climbed the last hill before the bridge. The stranger followed. On top Philip saw Paris or what was left of it. The Eiffel Tower lay fractured across the Seine River towards the Muses du Louvre. Notre Dame was totally destroyed, with only parts of its back walls still standing. Behind the Palais de Chaillot, which was gone, was a hole in the ground a mile across, and the Seine River was diverted into the hole so that it looked like a perfectly round lake. Out from the hole, in every direction, the once shapely earth was completely flattened as far as Philip could see. The city was totally gone, annihilated. Small fires were still burning here and there, but Philip could see no other movement.

“What happened?” Philip addressed the man but didn’t take his eyes off the remnants of the city.

“I don’t know.” Electric power had been out for weeks. No one had fuel to run their cars. Mobs ran the streets killing and looting. One day, bishops, priests, and nuns went around warning all good people to leave Paris quickly. I went with them. Most of us went into the mountains towards Lourdes.  On the way I could hear the blast, and the sky turned red.  It happened only two days ago. Some say the bomb was planted in a truck with a timer. I don’t know, but it was atomic. I saw the mushroom.”

“I expected this.” Merlin interrupted without looking around at anyone.

“What do you mean? You expected this? If you knew about this, why did we come here?” Philip was confused.

“No! I didn’t know. I expected. I knew Paris would be destroyed someday.” Merlin turned around. “You see, this is the modern Babylon, just as Jerusalem was the Babylon of Apocalypse (The woman on the Scarlet Beast). The woman was Jerusalem, who used (rode the back) the Romans to persecute the New Christians. There have been many Babylons throughout history. Pompey was a type of Babylon, since it was the playground of the Romans and was filled with corruption, especially homosexuality. God destroyed Pompey at the same time He was letting Rome destroy Jerusalem, the True Babylon.”

Merlin turned around to see Philip’s reaction. But Philip had heard so many strange things in the past few days that he was no longer surprised at anything that Merlin said.

Babylon produced the seven Religions of Satan, Satanism, Astrology, Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Divination, and spiritualism. After Babylon was destroyed, the seven oriental religions sprang up in only seventy years. Think about that.”

Paris is a type of Babylon since it has been the mother of the modern Satanic religions, Evolution, Social Evolution, Communism, Racism, the theory of a supreme race, which in turn produced Hitler. Out of the womb of Paris came Rationalism, Liberalism, Atheism and finally Marxism. Paris bred Modernism, from all the way back to the reign of Louis XV, when philosophers where entertained in the fashionable drawing rooms of the rich in the Latin Section, called that because everyone communicated with each other in Latin.

“Simone de Beauvoir, also from Paris, whose writings were accepted throughout the world, is a good example of how one city could contaminate the whole world. The Psychological seduction of the western world came from Paris. Its destruction, like Pompay, was inevitable.

“The two wars and the split of Germany were caused (as many prophets have said) because of Martin Luther. Paris (many prophets have also said) would be totally destroyed because of the corruption she has spread, and the blood of martyrs, including the Templars, and later the French Revolution.”

Philip continued to stare at the rubble that was once Paris as he got to his feet. If he hadn’t known that Paris was a city, he would never have been able to tell that a thriving city was there a few days before. “Well, we must go on.” He called the stranger over and gave him a copy of the letter from the Holy Father. “Go to the people in the mountains and tell them I have been sent to stop this war and to bring peace. I am heading towards Lorraine. Those who will join me, have them meet me there.”

Philip was hoping to use Paris to create a government in France and re-establish a national police force and rules for peace. Because of the radiation it would be many years before anyone could enter Paris for any reason. It was easy to figure that Iran had planted this bomb in Paris because they were the only country that could do it and had any reason for it. Iran was out to take over the world for their new and last prophet. Only insanity would explain this and the entire Radical Islam was only insanity.

He left in haste. Philip addressed Merlin again. “I need to talk to all the French people at once. Where can we find a radio or television station that has not been destroyed?”

“I don’t know, but we can find a radio or television and listen in. We’ll find out if anyone is broadcasting from anywhere.”

The station they found and took over was just east of Paris. The station director had been forced to keep it operating by street gangs and was glad to see the Knights and priest. He beamed into a French satellite so that they could reach all of France. However, without Philip realizing it, countries throughout the world would be monitoring off the same satellite, and then re-broadcasting the same message. When all was ready, Philip, still in his Templar robe, stood before the camera. The station director announced for thirty minutes over and over for the people of France to listen to a very important announcement. When he felt that enough people would be listening, he motioned to Philip that he was on.

Philip looked at the camera for a while not knowing how to start. He decided he had better open him mouth or all would be lost.




International Broadcast

Finally Philip opened his mouth, and the words were suddenly there.

“Citizens of France, my name is Philip von Habsburg. I am the great grandson of Charles von Hapsburg, the last Holy Roman Emperor. I have come to stop the killing, the looting, and the rapping throughout France. I did not ask for this job. I was commanded to do it by Holy Obedience, something the world has forgotten. I was commanded to do it by the Holy Father, Benedict.

“For the past three years, this country and most other countries of the world have been torn apart by civil wars. Your government no longer exists. The army and police forces are in disarray and can no longer function. Law has become the law of the mob. Many cities are governed by gangs of children who roam the streets killing and looting.

“For this reason, I was called to Rome. At the foot of St. Peter’s tomb, His Holiness ordained me King of France and Holy Roman Emperor. He has sent out instructions to all Cardinals and Bishops throughout the world commanding all Catholics to listen and obey me in order to bring peace and order back to the world.

“He commanded me to restore order to France first, and then to the rest of Europe. In order to accomplish this, he gave me authority from God, his own private army, the Military order of St. John of Jerusalem, who retains their power of invincibility because of their three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Because they take no money for their services and because they have no women and because they are totally obedient to the Church, God has granted them supernatural help in the time of battle.

“He also gave me power from God. He gave me this.”

Philip put his hands in a cloth, picked up the Holy Grail and held it before the television Camera. The gold and precious jewels glistened in the lights. As he held it, the coagulated blood liquefied before the camera and changed from black to bright red.

“This is the Blood of Christ, our salvation. This chalice is the same Chalice Christ used at the Last Supper. This Chalice was in the Ark of the Covenant that Moses built. This Chalice was used by Melchisedec to ordain our father Abraham. This is the Holy Grail.”

He set it down reverently and bowed before it. He paused to let his words sink into the minds and hearts of those listening and then went on:

“When I drank from this Holy Grail, I received the wisdom as to how God wants me to restore order and how I should govern, in fact, how the world should have been governed from the beginning.”

Philip paused and looked into the camera with authority. Not the authority from man but the authority from God.

What he didn’t know was that the satellite was not only beaming his message all across France, but it was sending it to Russia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Audio tapes were being made by monitors and would be re-shown to government leaders, cardinals, bishops, union leaders, underground rebels, and, within a week, everyone on the face of the earth would have heard of “The King”. Everyone would be talking about the man called Philip. He went on:

“In France, as in the rest of the world, God has shown me how to rule. It will be as it was at the time of Josue and the Judges, before the people demanded a King. But now you will have both the Judges to rule you, and the King to make sure that you obey them. 

“From this moment (8:45 P.M. on April 1), all crime in France shall cease. Every crime committed before this time shall be forgotten and forgiven. Every crime committed from this second on shall be avenged by me without delay.

“In each area of France the former elders, priests, and religious will help set up local governments and laws.” 

Reaching down, Philip picked up a folder only a quarter inch think. 

“A long time ago my father wrote a sample constitution as a guide to the emerging countries leaving communism and coming into the European Union. None of these countries accepted this constitution, but I think it was the best form of government ever designed.

“This constitution is based on natural law and God given human rights. Similar to the original American constitution, it will have total religious freedom, the first of all human rights. The elders can govern however they want by the consent of the people without any interference from me, providing they do not violate the basic laws of this constitution. France will be a Constitutional Government, where the written law is the law for everyone, without exception. All laws will be based on this Constitution without exception.

“The elders selected by the people and the religious shall set up small local governments based on this law. They shall decide on the rules of order and implication of this constitution. They shall be judges of every dispute just as it was before King Saul, our first King. Whoever breaks this peace from this hour forth, it shall be reported to me though these Knights. You will be governed by this paper and not by people. Everyone from the rich to the poor will obey the same law.

“I will divide France into fifty districts, and will send a small armed force to protect these districts.  They have orders to enforce the laws made by the elders, who will be elected by the local people. They will enforce without pay because I will pay them. No member of the central government of France will be paid. When you have a police force we will leave. I will take care of paying the police until taxes can be re-instated.

“I will collect no taxes. I will make no laws. I will accept no gifts. God will and has supplied my own needs and those of my army. My only job will be to protect this constitution from any change and the people from any abuse.

“If you have need of taxes for roads, utilities or whatever, you can set up a community chest approved by the elders and judges. All businesses shall set up guilds so that all employees receive fair benefits from their work. Business and guilds will work together without government interference.

“There will be peace because I will protect my people, the little people. If somehow one of my men is killed, I will personally come to avenge his death, and it will be better for those responsible if they were never born. It will be our vow to go to the ends of the world at any cost to avenge the death of one Knight. To harm one Knight will be the same as bringing down the wrath of God.

“His Holiness has ordained that whoever dies in my service to protect any Knight, priest, nun, bishop, cardinal, or child shall receive a plenary indulgence and shall not see any fires of Hell or Purgatory.  But whoever goes against any one of us shall be condemned.

“One hundred armed men have already gone out to take their places. And now, I must go to the aid of my friends. I have a small army with me now. Germany is in the same disarray that France is in. We shall march into Germany and restore peace there also. I ask all Frenchmen to proclaim a war, rouse the warriors to arms. Let all the soldiers report and march. Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak man say, ‘I am a warrior.’ Hasten and come, all you neighboring peoples, assemble there.” Philip paused a minute and then closing his eyes, said a prayer to God out loud, “Bring down, O Lord, Your Warriors.” Then Philip went on again. “In three days, we shall all meet in Lorraine and march into Germany. May Our Sweet Lady guide our ways.”


The Response of the World

In America, Philip’s speech was rebroadcast on all national stations. Fox News did a special on Him, tracing his background through his great grandfather, and concluding that he was the Don Quixote of the Twentieth Century and was probably nuts. On the 700 Club, Pat Robertson dedicated three hours to Philip von Habsburg. He declared that Philip was the Beast of Revelation, and that the New Pope was the Antichrist, and that Christians should prepare for the second coming of Christ. He told all his followers to prepare themselves for the “Rapture”.

“At any moment now we will all be raptured up to Heaven. Christ will then destroy this Antichrist and the Beast, and purify this world. We will then be brought back to this world to rein a thousand years with the living Christ. Prepare to be raptured, and pay no attention to this Antichrist.”

The PTL followed suit, Jerry Falwell declared that God spoke to him and said that “The Antichrist is alive and gathering his army in France.” The Rex Humbard Foundation announced that the Second Coming of Christ would be within three months. Swaggart told all his listeners to sell all they had and to go to the mountains with him to await Christ. James Bobson went to the desert with his followers. Oral Roberts pleaded with all his followers to petition congress to use all American forces to fight against this Antichrist.

The Catholic Spiritualists declared that Pope was the Antichrist because he had re-stated that Catholic Dogma takes precedence over spiritual revelation, therefore they wanted nothing to do with his other sword.

They announced to all their followers not to worry about the civil wars because private revelation had declared that there would be a warning from God before the chastisement. The fact that half the world was already dead did not seem to bother them. They still were waiting for the prophesied warning that all would see and be converted.

The Liberal Catholic Church had hoped for a democratic Pope, and now they were in disarray. The American Bishops had Conferences after Conferences but could not figure out what to do about Philip and his authority from the Pope.

The Traditional Catholic Church, who had refused to accept the changes in the Church after Vatican II, argued amongst themselves, and decided to wait and see if the New Pope would restore the Old Ways before they would be willing to obey him. They had their own price for obedience.

Most of the Bishops of the world had already received letters from the Pope and were quietly informing priests, nuns and brothers of the Pope’s will. They were informing the people and the people were talking to everyone.

The American President called an emergency meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. All Chief Admirals, Generals, Senators and heads of State attended.

President Thomas addressed his audience, “Gentlemen, you have all been watching television and know about this man called Philip von Habsburg, who calls himself King of France.”

Senator Park: “Yes, and most of our clergy call him the Antichrist.

President Thomas: “Please, Senator, we are not here to discuss his merits or flaws. We are here because he plans to invade Germany. Now, the problem is this … We have air bases in Germany, 4000 nuclear warheads, hundreds of missile sites, 25,000 soldiers, and a treaty with Germany to protect them from any outside invasions.”

General Lee: “May I remind you, Mr. President, that Germany hasn’t had a government in a year, and we have been fighting off mobs and protesters ever since. What government do we have a treaty with? There is no government. If we had protected the government in the first place there would be one.”

President Thomas: “Yes! But we have no right to interfere in a civil war of Germans against Germans. There is a German General that has some authority but not much.”

Senator Grimes: “Bull ####! That is exactly why all these wars have happened all over the world, because we have done nothing, and you know that Moslems are behind the mobs and the economic crash. And what do we know about this General?  Is he going to be another Hitler?”

“President Thomas: “We know now that it was the Moslems, but it’s too late. It takes all our efforts to keep peace at home with all the mobs here. But an invasion of one country into another is something we have never tolerated.  The Moslems were German citizens.”

Admiral Williams: “Mr. President, why should we try to stop this King Philip?  With no more than a speech on television and no deaths that we know of, he has totally restored order to France.  In only a few days, he has created probably the only peaceful country in the world. If he does the same to Germany, our bases there will be a lot safer. After Russian Communism fell, we thought the world would be safe, but we never expected a world wide economic crash that would bring governments to total anarchy.

General Lee: “What if he comes after our bases also?”

General Macarthy: “He wouldn’t have a chance. He has no planes, no tanks, just some farmers with almost no weapons.”

President Keys: “That’s beside the point. We don’t know his intentions and we don’t know what other countries will do.”

Senator Pane: “What other countries? All are in anarchy. If we stop him and I’m sure we could easily,” he looked around at the Generals and the Generals nodded, “but we would have the entire Catholic Church against us. Let me remind you that 40% of this country is still Roman Catholic, and 85% of South America. He took over a country that had only 3% Catholics that actually attend services. Maybe you have not been in the streets, but some are talking about him as the new Moses or David. How will we look wiping out a Moses with an army of farmers and priests? I, for one, will not vote to stop him.”

Silence prevailed for several minutes. Senator Mills leaned forward over the table and looked around at everyone with a very serious look. Quietly he said.

“What if he is the Antichrist?”

No one answered, and again there was silence for a time. Finally, President Thomas  broke the silence:

“I don’t know what he is up to, but we had better find out. General, send out a representative from one of our German bases to meet with him and find out his intentions. If he will leave our bases alone, we will not try to stop him.”

Two days later, the Joint Chiefs of Staff met again. President Keys held two letters in his hands.

“Gentlemen, I have a reply from Philip von Habsburg, I have placed a copy on your desk. I would like you to read the letter of the general who met with Habsburg. I will read it out loud and you can follow along.

Mr. President,

I met with Philip von Habsburg after flying from Mainz to Lorraine. I was met by four jet black war choppers that were well armed. They escorted me to the grounds of a castle but did not land with me. Six men in white robes with gold forked crosses met me and escorted me to a small library where I met Philip. I thought I was in the Fifteenth Century. An old, old man in a very ragged monk outfit asked my name and mission. When I told him, he introduced me with these words, ‘This is the King of Jerusalem.’

Habsburg is a very plain-looking man with a large nose and curly hair. He was wearing, if you can believe all this, tennis shoes and blue denims. He was very polite and asked how he could help me. I gave him your message. This is his reply.

“I am going into Germany to restore peace and bring freedom of worship back to the Churches. Whoever points any kind of weapon at us will be our enemy. I will give Germany back to Germans. I want nothing except peace and I have always been in favor of American soldiers being in Germany since it alone has kept Russia out of Europe. Your bases will always be safe from me as long as your weapons point east. If not, do not think that God’s army will so easily be stopped.”

I then asked how he could possibly expect to take over Germany without weapons and with such an untrained army of farmers. I reminded him that most of Germany was not Catholic. He then opened a large leather box that was on a table. In it I saw a beautiful solid gold Chalice with precious stones around a brown pear-shaped glass cup. Inside the cup I could see that it was half full of something. It liquefied right before my eyes. Philip said, “With this!”

Sir, I believe that is the real Holy Grail. I for one will not fire any weapon against him, and if you ask me to, I will resign.

And, Sir, I am not a Catholic.

Respectfully Yours,

General Planck

P.S. Two months ago, over 150 Cardinals met with the Pope right here in Mainz at St. Stephen’s Church, but he has since disappeared, and we don’t know where he is.


President Keys looked coldly at his staff. When all had finished reading, he said, “I think we have a problem.”


March to Germany

After over a week’s stay at the castle, Philip was depressed. His call for help to follow him into Germany had only brought in a few thousand more citizens of France. His army had swollen to about one and a quarter million. Some were from the dismantled French army and had some good weapons.

But Philip expected two million Frenchmen to answer his call. He couldn’t wait any longer. He had to move fast since these people could only last a few more days on the food and water that they had.  He did not expect Germany to welcome him with open arms as France did, since Germany was mostly Protestant. Although Catholics and Protestants in Germany get along better than in any other country, it is not the same as out and out support. Information was that a German General formed an army and was trying to bring some peace. 

He looked at the Holy Grail. “If ever anyone put all his trust in you, this has got to be it.” He called the twelve men in. “Let’s march!”

Merlin went before the cart and the ass that pulled it. Philip followed behind him with the Twelve As they marched, they sang songs and prayed the Rosary. Through Lorraine, citizens came forward bringing food and water for his men. When they crossed from Lorraine into Alsace, even Germans were coming into France and siding with him. Germany and France had fought many times over the Alsace Valley, and it had gone back and forth. But now, since the French had no government, Germany claimed it again. Then Germany lost its government. The people of Alsace, however, are mostly French and the language is French. Philip figured that they would have no problem.

As they went on through the country, crowds cheered them on and gave whatever they had in food, wine, water and fuel. Through Strasburg they went, and again the citizens cheered and helped.

“Your Majesty, we have good news.”

“Please get up. That makes me nervous. My name is Philip, just Philip, and kneeling is for God only. What is it?”

“The German General and his army is waiting for us in the valley of Alsace.

“How many are there?”

“Not many, Your Majesty, since they think you’re crazy, they laugh at you. They don’t consider you a threat, but they are well-armed. There are about three thousand men.  The German mob also sent out spies to see what you are doing. We are those spies.”

Philip laughed. “Go tell them we are coming. We shall go right at them.”

“What about aircraft?”

 “Sir! There hasn’t been any aircraft over Germany in a year except American. The American army has been so afraid of this civil war that they gave orders to shoot down any airplane that flew over German soil no matter who it was. They shot a lot down before all flights stopped. This German General is trying to take over Germany now that there is no government.”

“So we don’t have to worry about air power?”

“No sir!”

“What do you know about this German General?” questioned Philip.

“Nothing yet, he seems to be a good man who just wants what is best for Germany but is forced to use dictatorial methods to bring back order and peace to his country.”

“Is there any way of talking with him and showing him that we want the same thing for Germany as he does?”

“We have tried but he does not trust anyone.  You will have to confront him first. Sorry, but he does not trust you.”

“Philip looked over at the Grail and gained his courage again. “This is probably your doing also.” He gathered his generals around him to discuss strategy. The best thing to do would be to retreat to the mountains and fight Rambo style, but Philip couldn’t bring himself to allowing the Holy Grail to be seen retreating. There wasn’t time to work around the sides of the oncoming army.

“What about the American army? Will they help?”

“No sir! Word has it that they are afraid to stop you because of the American Catholics, but even many of the American Catholics think you might be the Antichrist.”

As they marched towards the German army the silence became deafening.  Philip could hear a bird singing. Merlin and the priests pulled up the cart. He took off the leather cover. The Holy Grail shot out reflections of light. The Cardinal began to sing: “Holy God, we praise your name. …” Everyone followed in a low voice, but the sounds echoed across the valley.

Philip pulled out his sword and stuck it in the ground twenty feet ahead of the Grail. “That’s as far as they are going.” He said.

When the Germans came and when Philip saw them, he knew he couldn’t even slow them down. There were just too many of them. Philip began to worry about the Holy Grail and the priests. He began to consider how he would save them. He walked over to the cart and opened the leather box. The sun caught the gold, the stones, and the brown crystal cup, and put off such rays of light that Philip had to turn his eyes away before he would be blinded. He moved around to the opposite side and looked at the chalice. Merlin stood behind him. The blood had become liquid again, but seemed fuller.

“OK, my Lord! What a poor choice you have made in picking me to do your work. In less than an hour, all will be lost, including this chalice.”

Merlin put his hand on Philip’s shoulder. “Man of little faith. God does not depend on your brains or your power, only your desire to do His Will. He will do the rest. Look!”

Philip turned around to see what Merlin was pointing at. Over the hills from the West was an army of men as far as the eye could see. It seemed to be millions and they were mostly plain clothed civilians, armed with hunting rifles or axes or whatever they had.

Before he had a chance to rejoice over the sight, someone shouted, “Look, look to the south.” And up the valley from the south was another army of civilians. This time they were Austrians. From the north came another army of Germans. The German army dropped their weapons, and the German general walked forward towards Philip:  “It seems my people want you over me. So shall it be.”


The Hot Line

Soon word hit Iran that Philip had defeated the German mobs without firing a shot. The president of Iran, Ahmadinejad, called a meeting of all the high command. Large numbers of radical communists that had been driven out of Russia and Italy now lived in Iran. Because of their hatred for the West, they had gone to the leaders of Iran and Syria in an effort to sell whatever knowledge they could. The Moslems were more than happy to accept any information that would help them to defeat the West.

President Ahmadinejad listened to these traitors, knowing in his mind that he was only using these communists for his own plans to welcome Mahdi into the world.  As mayor of Tehran in 2004, Ahmadinejad spent millions on improvements to make the city more welcoming for the return of a Muslim messiah known as the Mahdi, To the majority of Shiites, the Mahdi will be the last of the prophet Muhammad's true heirs, his 12 righteous descendants chosen by God to lead the faithful to their ultimate reward. President Ahmadinejad hoped to welcome the Mahdi to Tehran by 2006 and now he waits with less patience.

“Gentleman,” Ahmadinejad declared, “What we thought as a minor nuisance has become a considerable problem. This man, who calls himself King, has united the entire German people and is setting up a new German government. He has done it without a real army, only private citizens. Word of his success has reached Poland and Hungary. I’m afraid we will have to stop him before his message of freedom infests too many. The people of these lands are actually welcoming him into their countries. They are proclaiming him a savior who has come to rescue them from the mobs and riots. If we don’t stop him, we will have a Catholic uprising in Poland, Hungary, and all the other countries in the world in a short time.

“We have planned these simultaneous civil wars and attacks among the West for over twenty years. It has worked well all over the world for the past two years. We are on the brink of victory and world domination. We cannot allow this man to give hope to these Catholic countries. If he succeeds in Germany as he did in France, we will lose Italy next, then Spain, maybe even South America. The Italian and Spanish people are already sending him letters of welcome. If South America is re-organized into real governments, we will have no chance of defeating the United States. Even though we have destroyed most of the governments of South America, the people are still Catholic, and if he can unite them around their faith, he could rouse their devotion to their God and an enormous number of martyrs will be born, since half the Catholic population of the world is there.”

Ahmadinejad looked worried for the first time in two years and spoke passionately,

“We must stop this self-appointed king.”

He continued,

“We cannot count on our allies, for as you know, there is no one that can be counted on to do what Allah needs to be done except a devout Muslim.” He paused, “It is time we stopped him ourselves. The Russian government is looking at him as one of their own since much of his army is Orthodox, some even Russian Orthodox. There is even a Patriarch with him, the man we forced out of Turkey. We must get on the phone to President Thomas and find out where he stands. We don’t want America in our way. Nonetheless, we will make it clear, we are going to stop this man, one way or another.”

After a short discussion of the possible ramifications, a vote was taken. The Iranian president went to the hot line. Terrorist headquarters in Europe were notified that direct intervention was being planned.

President Thomas was waiting by the phone and he knew from the system who was calling.

President Thomas:  “What can I do for you, President Ahmadinejad?”

Translation was instantaneous by computer.

 “This will be our first direct conversation, so I am assuming this is very important.”

“Mr. President, we have a problem that we can not let go of. Our Intelligence tells us that this man who calls himself “King”, this Habsburg, is planning to unite all Catholics in the world against us. We
have millions of Moslems in Europe who are afraid that he will kill them or make them leave. We must protect our friends in Europe. We must avoid the loss of so many lives on both sides.”

Thomas: “Since when have you cared about lives? One billion lives have been lost in the past two years, and we know you instigated all of it including the last pope.”


“You have no proof of that. If you did, you would have done something. You have sat back protecting yourself and have done nothing. You are more to blame than anyone else. I only called you to inform you that we are going into Germany with a small force to get this man. After we kill him, we will return to our border. We are not asking your permission. We are only informing you. We are not looking for problems with America, but we will be going after this man.”

President Thomas was silent on the other end of the phone. He thought about the situation. He knew that Philip von Habsburg in only a few weeks had become the Moslem’s number one problem. They would not be stopped from going after him. He also had the problem of thousands of preachers and Catholic priests shouting from pulpits and television shows that this man, Philip, was the antichrist. Even if he wanted to stop Iran and he could, he knew they had nuclear warheads.  Ahmadinejad was crazy enough to use them. They were probably the ones who bombed Paris.

Since the Arabian oil had been cut off two years earlier, the American oil reserves, especially military reserves, were very low. Training flights, ship movements and transfer of troops were kept to a minimum. Transfer to natural gas was underway for all the military but it was a slow process.  Some of the military was even being used to plant corn and grow ethanol fuel. Tax breaks and even government grants were given to companies to get oil shale production going in Colorado and neighboring states but this was also slow going. In short America was not ready for all out war with the Moslem world.

“Are you still there?” questioned Ahmadinejad.

“I am thinking,” said Thomas in a quite voice.

Ahmadinejad: “You do not need to respond. We are going to do what we have to do to protect our fellow Moslems in Europe. You do the same with Americans all over the world. We want nothing more that to protect Moslems and then we will leave.”

Thomas: “You and I both know that it was Moslems that created the riots in Europe and bombed the utilities.”

Ahmadinejad: “I guess we have nothing to talk about.”

Thomas: “We are not sure about this Habsburg yet. He could be an enemy even to the United States. We have no stance on this.”

Ahmadinejad was now the one silent for a long time. “We do not want a war with America or Europe Mr. President, I will be in touch.”

President Thomas hung up and called the President of Israel without letting go of the phone. “Prime Minister, this is President Thomas. We have a problem.”

The President explained his conversation with Ahmadinejad and asked his advice. The Prime Minister was surrounded by Moslems and knew that it was the Moslems that blew up the canals. Israel had been at war for two years but had been able to hold off every attack. No country was in greater danger but they had managed to defeat this madman in every battle so far and still retained a functioning government and army.

The Prime Minister was silent for a long time and then formed ideas out loud: “This Habsburg, many Christians are calling him the antichrist. --- He is bringing peace back to Europe. --- He could be helpful to us. In fact he is being helpful to us already. Yes! This is a great opportunity. Now listen! Iran has taken their attention off us and is focusing on Habsburg for the time being. If they move against him in Europe, well, no matter what happens we are better off. They might kill him but he will put up a good fight and many Iranians will be killed. Then again, he might fight them off and beat them. In either case, Mr. President, you and I will be a little better off. It will give both of us time to prepare for the war we both know is coming.”

Thomas thought about it and did not like it, but the Prime Minister was right, maybe not moral but right. This would bother Thomas, also a Catholic, for the rest of his life but he would stand down and do nothing except warn Philip what was said in the phone call with Ahmadinejad.

President Ahmadinejad sent a message to a 15 year old boy living in Damascus, Syria that his time was close. He was called Mahdi, the Prophet.



Philip, who spoke German fluently, was talking with the elders and former government officials of Germany to help them establish a new government. Even the former German General who fought against him was present and cooperative. He showed them his Constitution and offered all his help if they adopted it as the primary law of the land. Considering that he was offering financial help to get started, permanent protection and no other interference with their country other than the Constitution, they were more than willing to adopt it. To everyone present there seemed no other alternative to peace.

Simon entered the room looking at Philip, “Philip, I need to talk with you privately.” They moved away from the elders to a corner of the large room. Simon sat down so that they could talk face to face as Philip stood.

“We have a call from the President of the United States. He says that Iran is planning to come to Europe and attack us.”

“What do we know about their plans?”

“Nothing yet, but Israel agents in the Middle East and on the coast lines of Europe are watching out for them and will report to us. They will not come by air. They have no fuel.”

“No fuel? They have 20% of the world’s oil reserves.”

“Yes! Lots of oil but no fuel! They have no oil refineries. We are not sure they could make it by ship.”

“We will have to prepare for them no matter what. We must pick the battle ground and not them. Arrange to bring the Twelve to me at once.”

Philip finished his conversations with the elders and set up a central government and smaller governments all over Germany. He arranged for them to give him budgets and promised all the start up money, especially for police forces.  The former General who fought against Philip was one of the elders and very helpful in bringing Germany back to a functioning government.  He was a good man and only wanted to protect his people and his country.

It took a few weeks, but finally the Iranian plans were known. They boated up to Trieste with two thousand very well armed men. They spread out into bands of twenty men and made there way towards Germany. Scouts went out ahead to find the location of Philip. They were after Philip and the Holy Grail and nothing more. Even the Moslems were afraid of the Holy Grail. They hoped to catch him alone and hit and run out of Europe. They planed to destroy or steal the Holy Grail.

“We need to pick the place of battle,” said Philip. “As long as we know they are coming they have no chance, but we want to loose as few lives as possible.”

After a two hour meeting it was decided to hold up in Westphalia and let the Iranians know it. The Cathedral was a perfect trap for them because was filled with many small rooms in which to hide. The city was almost deserted, and the rest could be moved out, so civilian casualties would not be a problem. In order to set the trap, Philip would use very few Knights that Simon would place in strategic hiding areas. Philip would wait in the Cathedral with the Holy Grail as bait.

Philip’s Twelve Commanders knew that the Moslems would come stealthily from all sides of the city. They would not attempt to battle his army in open warfare. Philip kept nothing in the city except Knights and trained-armed fighters. They hid in buildings all over the city and prepared a trap for the Moslems.

“Philip, a Moslem dressed as a priest looked into the Cathedral to see you and the Holy Grail and then left,” said a Knight dressed in priest’s clothing.

“They will come soon. I will pray at the altar and let them see me. Do not let more then five or six get through the doors.” Philip actually seemed unafraid and for the first time, courageous.

The Knights knew that they would come into the city in groups of twenty but would gather together at least in the last few blocks around the Cathedral and on only three streets. It was on both sides of these three streets that the Knights were prepared for war.

The Moslems came dressed as farmers but carried machine guns under their coats and they came in groups of from two to twenty. Just as the Knights predicted they started meeting up in three locations three blocks from the Cathedral on three different streets. In all there were only two thousand of them but they were all prepared to die for Allah.

At the entrance to the Cathedral they stopped spread out down the three streets. They were very silent. The Knights knew that the Moslems had hand held bombs but they had orders not to attack until at least they opened the doors to the Cathedral.

Suddenly the Moslem soldiers threw off their coats and raised their machine guns. Two stood by both doors of the Cathedral waiting for orders to swing them open. At the moment the doors were opened the Knights opened windows and doors on both sides of the three streets all at once up to three stories high and opened fire into the streets. The Moslems were hit on six sides all at once but ten Moslems made it into the Cathedral.

Above the main floor of the Cathedral, on both sides, were four balconies and on them eight Knights with modified semi-automatics holding special shells. The first shots exploded on impact spreading copper strips of wire in every direction. The Moslems lay dead at the door. These special bullets killed even if they missed.

Philip was praying in front of the Holy Grail and the first he knew of the fight was the blast of the doors and less than a second later the sound of eight blasts that sounded like thunder and then a string of explosions. Philip stood there not turning around. He just waited for a bullet or bomb to hit him. He listened to the sound of bullets and bombs outside. Almost a minute went by but he was still afraid to look behind him and stayed praying. Finally all sounds stopped and it was silent.  He realized that he had not been hit and gave thanks but was not in any hurry to look back.

Slowly he turned only his head and the first thing he saw was one of the eight Knights that were guarding him from the inside. The Knight was standing there just looking at him. By the time he turned all the way around all eight Knights had come down from the balconies to the ground floor right behind him and were all looking at him.

Philip was embarrassed at his fear, but said nothing. He looked down the long main isle of the Cathedral. The doors were open and the light was making a 45% angle over the entrance. Philip could see a pile of debris and blood, shining red in the light, covering the floor. Philip swung his eyes away from the sight towards the Holy Grail. He wanted to cry over the dead and he wanted to be angry at God for making him involved in the deaths. He was about to curse God when a voice or a memory came to his head. It was the words of the great Pharisee, Gamaliel: “But if it be from God, you cannot overthrow it, lest perhaps you be found even to fight against God.” (Acts 5:39) He lowered his head, ashamed of his anger.

He turned around facing the eight Knights who were next to him. One of them pointed to a side door. The small group left the Cathedral with the Holy Grail.  Outside was a battle ground with blood and bodies everywhere. There were only two thousand deaths but it was so concentrated that it seemed like millions.

Not one Knight was dead or injured. The Knights called in the citizens to bury the dead and clean up the mess. Germany was at peace and had a government again. American satellites watched the entire thing live. President Thomas was relieved and it appeased his feeling of guilt for not helping. He made up his mind that Philip was on his side and from that moment he would help Philip in anything that he wanted. President Thomas sent a letter to Philip offering his help and backing for everything he did to bring peace, justice, law and order to the world. He even published this letter causing much anger from Protestants, Moslems and Mystics.  If Philip was not who he seemed to be, Thomas would not remain President for long.



Europe United

Philip’s grandfather said on his deathbed that he was still King of Austria - Hungary, and no one could take from him that right.  His father too, called himself King of Austria - Hungary.  Philip knew the story of how his grandfather’s best friends and most trusted allies tricked him and how he was forced into exile on Madeira.  Philip spent many an hour at his tomb.  Now was the time to take back the crown for his grandfather.  Charles von Habsburg died on April First but the fools will be those who think the monarchy of Austria is over. 

Philip did not believe in Monarchies as such but as a protector of the people and their rights, sometimes it was the only way.  What he objected to was the idea of absolute monarchs.  A Monarch at the will of the people was not a problem. Philip always believed that a Constitutional Republic was the best form of government, but Written Law cannot protect itself.  A King, whose only job is to protect the Written Law, can be a blessing providing he has no other power.  Power corrupts so all power should be in the paper and not the person, any person.   Philip thought of Thailand and Japan, where kings watch over democratically elected republics keeping corruption out but making no laws themselves.

Philip looked at his commanders with determination: “We shall march to Austria and I shall reclaim my father’s crown,” he told his Knights.  It was time for the saint, Charles von Habsburg, to go home. His uncorrupt body belonged in Austria and on his own property.

Philip sent the Frenchmen back to France and his German allies remained in Germany.  The Knights went out in pairs to take control of Germany, Poland, and Hungary.  Philip took only a small army of Knights into Austria and marched right up the government steps without a fight. 

He told all the members of the Austrian government to step down.  He ordered all local governments dismantled and reorganized according to the new constitution.  He told the Austrian people the type of government they would have and that there would be no Federal taxes.  Taxes would be on a local level because he would take care of the Federal Government with his own wealth.  

“As King of Austria, I ask nothing from you.  I do not want your money or your honor.  I offer you only one thing, peace - peace between Austrians and peace from any foreign invasion.  The elders of your town will judge disputes and set up government systems until you can have democratic elections.  No one will ask anything from you except that you commit no crime against your neighbor.  If you do, you will answer to me directly.”

The Austrians loved him.  Millions came out to cheer him. Austria had been in fear of the mobs throughout Europe for two years.  Philip’s victories over them were welcome news.  Thousands of Serbs, Croatians, and Bulgarians crossed the border of Austria to pay him honor and to get his help in setting up governments in their countries.

He stayed on in Austria for a year.  Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia joined him.  Cuba was the first South American government to set up behind him.  The President of Russia sent him a letter of support, and asked for help in that Russian farmers were refusing to send food to the cities.  Philip sent representatives to the Russian farmers and opened the food lines.

Philip stayed at his grandfather’s house as he watched all of Western and Eastern Europe come under his control within a year, including Russia.  Two European countries were still fighting with each other.  The Italians were still killing each other in the streets, and in England, Moslems had resorted to terrorism and had blown up the government buildings, the factories, and the ship yards.  Ireland had united into a single country and brought Scotland into submission.  Many Protestants crossed over into England.  Ireland maintained a stable government throughout the civil wars, and moved into England to help bring control back to the streets.   Hong Kong declared independence from China, and Singapore expanded its influence over Asia.

Philip moved the uncorrupt body of his grandfather, St. Charles, to his home in Austria.  A million people came to honor the saint and see his uncorrupt body before it was placed in a small building in the grounds of the vast estates of the Habsburg family, which he reclaimed and paid the government for all the work done on it over the past 70 years.  

But Philip was not happy.  He was concerned about the Holy Father because Italy was still far from peaceful and he had not heard word from him.  He called his twelve leaders together.  “We must go to Rome.”

Philip marched around the Alps through the straits of Trieste with the entire Polish army.  They went into every northern city and one by one stopping the civil fighting and setting up order.  They took away weapons from the gangs and gave them to the farmers and merchants.  The Knights set up temporary systems of government.  After peace was assured, the army moved on to the next city or town disarming every gang. Philip always left at least two behind to organize a useful police force and then moved on.  They kept moving south until they reached Rome.

Rome was even worse than when he saw it last.  What buildings remained were badly damaged. All electric power was out.  Cars were left in the middle of the streets out of gas.  All stores were closed and people wandered the streets looking for food.  Only the water system was working that pumped water to the many fountains of Rome.  The natural gravity of water from the lakes in the seven hills kept water running through Rome and prevented a great deal of deaths from diseases.  Philip sent the army and tanks out to go through every street and cleanup the mess.  Every person and every building was searched for weapons.  Every gang was eliminated.  No one was taken prisoner.  If they gave up and turned over their weapons they were set free.  If not?  It took a month to clean up Rome.  The power was turned back on by finding the workers and getting them back to work at the power plants.  Philip paid them with his own money.

On the first day in Rome, Philip went straight to St. Peter’s tomb.  When Philip reached the large open square in front of St. Peter’s, he asked his men to wait there for him.  Only Simon walked with Philip.  Philip carried the sword of Joseph of Armethia.  Simon held the ass that pulled the cart with the Holy Grail.  Simon wanted to ask about the Holy Father, but he could see that Philip was praying as he walked so he said nothing.  He stopped long enough to change the barrel of his gun to a higher caliber and a power scope.  With the scope he scanned the tops of the square for any threats and then motioned Philip to move forward. 

They zigzagged around the fallen pillars and statues until they reached the steps to the main doors of the Basilica.  Simon picked up the leather box very carefully and carried it up the long steps and past the Pieta.  The main roof was still mostly gone.  The arch over the main altar remained untouched.  Down the long main isle they walked in the open air.  They had to walk around and over fallen pillars, roof structures and statues.  It was sad but the rays of the sun came through the open roof and struck the gold pillars of the main altar creating a feeling of Heaven. Philip looked at the damaged Church with sadness and then looked up at Simon.

“We have the money, money from Solomon, money from the old Temple.  Let us start right now rebuilding St. Peter’s.” said Philip as he looked up and out the open roof.  “This building is the new temple of Jerusalem, just as the Church is the New Jerusalem. It will be a sign to the world as it was before, the pin of truth and unity.”

As they walked down the long isle, Philip felt a feeling of triumphant joy.  He felt that he was called to do a job and it was being accomplished. The closer he got, the better he felt. Birds were flying around inside the main arch and the sun made them a shinny white.  They were singing as they flew.  Philip stood taller and taller as he walked, pulling his shoulders back.  He was no longer ashamed to face God, because God’s command was being accomplished through him.  It was happening and he was part of it.  When he reached the foot of St. Peter’s tomb, he knelt down at the top of the steps and laid his sword on the floor.  He kissed the first step and then walked down beneath the altar to kiss the glass over the tomb of St. Peter and say a prayer.  

Simon carried the leather box around the railing to the main steps up to the high altar.  He walked up and placed the box on the high altar right in the center over the tomb of Peter and removed the leather box over the Holy Grail. He bowed and walked backwards down the steps.  Light streamed through the blown-open back wall and right through the brown diamond cup of the chalice. 

As Simon was backing off the altar and as Philip was coming up from St. Peter’s tomb, the white clad Pope Benedict stepped into the area under the great dome.  As he walked towards the altar, Philip spotted him and stood in silence.  The white robe glowed in the sun and his black skin disappeared so that you could see nothing but his sparkling eyes.

Benedict walked around to the front of the stairs next to Philip and turned to look at the Holy Grail.

 “Some power in the Blood of Christ, wouldn’t you say!”  He knelt on one knee and then got up again.

“That is the true and real physical presence of Christ in that cup. ---- But then, it is the true and real physical presence of Christ in every Mass and every tabernacle.” Benedict then hugged Philip. “There is something missing.”

Merlin answered, “You are looking for this?” He held out a large spear point and screwed it on the tip of the lance.  He then tapped it on the marble floor of the stairs and presented it to the Holy Father. 

“Your Holiness, the lance of Cassius, known as St. Longines, as I promised.”

The Holy Father kissed the tip.  He laid it on the altar and stepped back. “At last, my Lord, the lance that opened the Sacred Heart of Christ to start the Church and the Mass and the Blood that redeemed mankind and opened the gates of Heaven, and the Chalice of the first Mass, all back at their proper resting place.” 

Philip then looked into Benedict’s eyes and said:

“I was worried that you would not be safe.”

“I told you that I would be OK here.” Benedict smiled.

“I was worried.  You are my authority and without you I have none.”

“The next pope will not change my ruling without a just cause.  But since this is not a matter of faith and morals, he could if he had just reason.  You are here to see me because you think your job is almost over – right?”

“It will not be long now that we will have brought peace and unity to Europe.  Some countries in South America have asked us to set up governments there. Oh! Even Russia has accepted our help and our constitution.”

“What about the rest of the world?  What about Jerusalem, China, South America?”

“What?  The entire world?  I cannot do that.”

“That is what you said about France. Our Lady of Fatima promised world wide peace. You are the instrument of that peace.  I promised God unity of all Christians.  You and I are not done yet.”  The Holy Father looked up at the Holy Grail.  “From now on you can count on the United States of America to help you.  I know this from inside information, and from the promise of Our Lady of America.  Now, let us bring peace to the entire world and then you will be done with what God sent you to do.”

Benedict gave Philip a blessing and a smile and then turned and walked away.  Philip stood there for over twenty minutes just stunned at the matter of fact attitude of the Pope and thinking of how impossible it would be to bring peace to the entire world.  He looked at the Holy Grail that he was going to leave there.

Philip stayed in Rome long enough to get order back to the city and went home to Austria. He informed his wife of the Pope’s command.  She looked into his eyes and tears started coming down.  For the past years she had hardly seen the husband that she loved and now it would continue on.




Trouble from Asia

During the year that Philip stayed in Austria uniting Europe and bringing peace there was action in Asia that he was not aware of but expected.  Because of their own instigation of civil wars in Europe most Moslems in Europe were dead or left Europe for Asia. 

President Ahmadinejad of Iran learned late that his attempt on the life of Philip failed and that all his assassins were killed.  Through Moslems living in Europe he learned that Philip’s army was not so small and unequipped as he had thought.  His advisors said that only an all out invasion of Europe could take down this self-proclaimed King.  The only way that was possible was to unite the Arabian countries and all Moslem people.

“I am not the man to unite the Moslem world.” said Ahmadinejad.  “It is time to bring the final prophet forward and introduce him to the Moslem world.  Let us bring him to Tehran and then make plans to unite the Moslem world and then take over the entire world.”

Mahdi was now 16 years of age.  He was living over a rug shop on a street called “Strait” in the city of Damascus, Syria.  He was short and thin with long black hair and a very short never shaved beard and mustache.  In appearance there was nothing unusual about him except piercing large black eyes. He already had received a large following for being able to read minds and to heal the sick.  He, himself, claimed at the age of 10 to be the prophet, Mahdi, even though that was not his real name.  No one knew his mother or father and he would not reveal any of his past before the age of 10.  He just arrived one day at Aleppo proclaiming himself to be the prophet, Mahdi, and healing the sick and reading minds.  No one doubted him. 

President Ahmadinejad learned of him and then began to secretly finance all his living expenses including a place in Damascus and body guards.  Iran was now ready to bring Mahdi to Tehran.  They prepared a great palace for him with a throne of honor to sell him to the Moslem world.  Their plan was to make him publicly known and then to bring him to Mecca on the feast day to preach to the millions of pilgrims and televise the entire thing.

This would not be easy because only the Shiites had the tradition of waiting for the Mahdi, the last prophet chosen by God to take over the world, and Shiites only accounted for 10% of all Moslems.

The majority of the Shiites live in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India, and Pakistan. Others are Zaydis (in Yemen), and the Ismailis in India, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen. The central belief of Twelve-Imam Shiites is the disappearance from view of the 12th Imam. The 12th Imam is considered to be the only legitimate and just ruler, and therefore no political action taken in his absence can be fruitful.

However, the king of Saudi Arabia was not cooperative.  He feared a takeover of his kingdom by the Mahdi and Iran. Saudi Arabia was backed by the United States, and even though the oil revenues were over they still were protected by America and supplied some oil to Europe.  He also feared his own Shiites, who wanted to overthrow him and line up with Iran.

Not until Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran in 1978 did the Shiites believe that they had once again begun to live under the authority of a legitimate religious figure.

The Shiite outlook is far different from the Sunni's, for Sunni Muslims, approximately 90 percent of the Muslim world, the loss of the caliphate after World War I was devastating in light of the hitherto continuous historic presence of the caliph, the guardian of Islamic law and the Islamic state.

Sunni fundamentalist leaders struggled after 1924 to provide a viable alternative to the caliphate. Osama bin Laden was a Sunni Muslim and therefore was never considered as the Mahdi by Sunni or Shiites. 

 Khomeini became the constant companion of Mahdi and his advisor after he returned to Iran.  Khomeini wrote his speeches for him.  The 90 year old man became the servant and secretary of the 16 year old boy.

Khomeini and Ahmadinejad talked about the fact that Saudi Arabia had the most modern army in the Moslem world furnished to them by America, but they had no real Saudi people to operate these great armaments including a great air force. With the help of Mahdi, they had to overthrow the King and monarchy of Saudi Arabia. 

Khomeini advised Mahdi that a plan was made for Iran to invade Saudi Arabia.  At the same time that Libya and Sudan Shiites would invade Egypt.  Syria would invade Lebanon.  This would unify the Moslem world under the Mahdi and after a grand victory in Mecca, they would invade Israel and then march on Europe.    

Mahdi agreed but asked what America would do.  America was still viable country with the strongest army in the history of the world and almost weaned away from oil.  Even the army had converted away from oil. “If you are the true Mahdi,” said Khomeini, “then not even America can stop us.”

What happened next was a sign to the little boy, Mahdi, that it was time to invade and to take over the world for Allah.  This sign was a comet.



CHAPTER EIGHTEEN                          


America had been spared the full impact of the world wide economic crash and the resulting civil wars although for several months after the crash drastic measures had to be taken to keep peace in many cities.  The crash of the Dollar did not affect America for very long.  The world no longer accepted the Dollar for foreign exchange for oil, China goods, coffee, or any other foreign import.  However, American citizens kept using it by faith.  Almost all imports were things that were not necessary for life, but more or less luxuries.  America produced most of its own food and no longer needed foreign oil.  Inflation was out of control but no one was starving. 

Unemployment went to 25% but started dropping a percent a month after the government took all taxes away from business.  Projects started up converting away from foreign trade.  It was looking as though America was going to avoid the worst of the problems.  Tents were set up in the central plains and all who were out of work were given jobs planting and picking corn and oil and water pipe lines. Even the military was used to build oil and water pipe lines and to set up moving cities for the labor.

America, the most perfect government in the history of the world, had twice saved the world from war.  It was the most charitable country in the history of the world.  It was in fact the most religious country in the world.

But, the steady erosion of morals in schools, in the courts, and even in the families, gave America a reputation as immoral.  A combination of Hollywood, the Courts and the Schools were contaminating what once was the most perfect country in history.  Abortions were killing millions of children per year and homosexuals were not only increasing but were being given preferential treatment in schools.  God was angry.

The phone rang in the President’s office.  It was the hot line from the Pentagon. 

“President Thomas” said a voice from the hot line. “We have a huge problem.  Come as quickly as you can to the war room.” 

In the war room he was shown satellite photos of an Asteroid appearing suddenly from behind the sun.  The gravitation of the sun slung in around in a direct path towards earth. One computer set up replayed the path and the sling around the sun, but the big screen showed the live Asteroid.

“Where is it headed?” asked the President.

“The Pacific Ocean just off Northern California, about 250 miles off shore between San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

“What damage is expected?”

There were over 30 people in the room including generals, scientists and most of his cabinet.  Everyone just stood looking at Thomas or bowed there heads.

“I asked a question.  What damage is expected?”

“Sir”, said the scientist, “it is huge, about two miles long and about a mile in diameter.”

“When is it expected to hit earth?”

“We have 14 days and 7 hours.”

“What damage is expected?”

“We have not assessed this yet.  But it will be major.  In fact it will affect the entire world one way or another.”

“What do you mean?  Give me some of your best assessments.”

“The last Asteroid of this size that hit the earth may have flipped the earth over and even changed the magnetic north and south poles.  That would be the worst scenario.  At the least it will cause a title wave from one to two hundred feet high traveling at the speed of sound. … When it reaches the shallow waters of the continental shelf it could clime to 1000 feet.  It will flood California all the way past Los Vegas in Nevada.  We are working on a map that will show the path and projected damage in a circle from the projected impact zone.”

“Can we stop it?”

“No! We could hit it with a hundred Nuclear Bombs but all we would get is a hundred Asteroids and now they would be radio active.”

“What are your suggestions?  What do we do? Where will it flood?”

General Macarthy: “You must start now to evacuate all low lands in California, Oregon and Washington State and even from Nevada to New Mexico.  We can give plans to Mexico and Canada so that they see the danger.  Baja California will be almost gone.  The army must be used as quickly as possible to evacuate Hawaii because the mountains cannot hold them all.  We have to move our navy out of Hawaii and out of all western coast cities.  We will head south and hope we can get far away in time.”

“I have already ordered all Trident Subs out to sea and air bases are preparing to move all assets to mid states.” 

President:  “I cannot wait for all the information and every possible scenario.  If the people have only 14 days they must start moving now.  Give me a map of the areas to be flooded.  I am going on Television a soon as possible.”

All Television and Radio stations were warned to give time to the President for a very important message to the people. 

“Fellow Americans, we face the biggest challenge to our nation in history and we must act now to minimize the damage and loss of lives.”  He turned to show a photo of the Asteroid.  “This Asteroid, which I have named, Wormwood, is headed for earth.  It is two miles long and one mile in diameter. … It will not hit America. … But I cannot lie to you, it will do a great deal of harm to the world and to America.”

Thomas changed photos. 

“This is a map showing the possible areas of the West Coast that may be flooded as a result of the impact of the Asteroid.  It will hit about 250 miles off the North Coast of California and may cause a wave up to two hundred feet high traveling at the speed of sound.  In the deep ocean it will not be high but when it reaches the continental shelf of the coast it will quickly raise to maybe 1000 feet and much higher when it hits land.  It may go as far inland as Nevada and even New Mexico. … We have less than 14 days before impact and there is nothing we can do to stop it.  Fourteen days is plenty of time for people in the path of this map to leave the area and move to higher ground in an orderly and charitable manor.  The Army and Coast Guard will help monitor the movement of people and cars and we will help take care of people in their destinations.  I ask all others to open your doors to these people until they can return to their homes. 

“I ask everyone to be prepared with extra food, water and whatever else you can think of because this could be much worse than what I have shown on this map.  We do not know what impact this could have on the rest of the world. The impact will cause other problems throughout the world other than the tidal wave.  Prayer would help all of us.”

Of course, evacuation did not go well and in spite of the army many people were killed by those trying to gain an extra hour or two ahead of others.  No logic can be made of this.  Fear has no logic. Fear is selfishness.  The opposite of fear is not bravery but love.  The Rocky Mountains packed with cars and bulldozers had to push cars of roads in many cases to keep cars going.  On the way out of California people ravaged stores for food and warm clothes but the police and army did not try to stop them. These stores would be crushed by the wave anyway.

By Tuesday you could see the Asteroid without a telescope.  Its tail did not trail its path but pulled towards the sun.  Hawaii was evacuated by 70% and Pearl Harbor was empty.  Fear hit Japan, Taiwan and China.  All beaches emptied.

Scientists met and argued all over the world as to what might happen when the Asteroid hit.  It was argued that at one time in history the entire world was affected by an impact including flipping the world upside down.  No consensus of scientists came forward but all agreed that it would affect the entire world one way of another.  No time was left to do anything about it.

As the Asteroid hit the upper atmosphere it began to burn up and put off a huge red ball of fire around it and a tail of fire. Fear hit everyone who looked up at it.  Churches all over the world filled up with people on their knees before God.  Some Protestants stood out in the open expecting to be raptured up to Heaven before the Comet hit.

Wormwood came in on a 40 degree angle from North West to South East.  The atmosphere burned up half of it but it was still large when it hit. When it plunged into the Pacific Ocean the fire of the Comet disappeared in a second and at the same time a tunnel of water and smoke vaulted into the sky miles high.  Rings of waves came out from the impact a hundred feet high traveling at hundreds of miles an hour.  At the same time the entire Earth shook.  Most people throughout the world felt it, but few noted that the entire sky shifted including the location of the sun.  The reason for this was because the Earth shifted and the North and South poles moved by 20 degrees.  The inner molten lava shook and moved drastically at huge speeds crushing against the crust in China creating instant breaking open of new mountains and volcanic activity.  Then moving back the other way it crushed open mountains and volcanoes on the other side of the world in South America and all the way to the North. 

On the West Coast from Baja California to Canada the Ocean sucked out to sea leaving the coasts empty of water all the way to the end of the continental shelves.  This was the massive wave’s undercut drawing the water into itself.  All became quiet and calm for several minutes until you would see the giant wave in the distance.  When the wave hit the continental shelf it rose from three hundred feet high to over six hundred feet high.  It moved so fast that when it hit land it took out everything like a blast from an atomic bomb and rose to eight hundred feet. Every building, tree, bridge and even the high rising buildings tumbled to the ground like a blast from a atomic bomb but it was water.  The speed and massiveness of the water took it up the sides of mountains to a height of 4000 feet crushing trees and homes.  Moving around the mountains and through the open plains the massive wave continued across California to Nevada to the foot of the Rocky Mountains and all the way to the Golf of Mexico.  It crossed all of Baja California and nothing remained alive or standing.

In Hawaii everything below 400 feet was flooded and destroyed.  In Alaska, the entire city of Anchorage disappeared.  After a time the wave hit Asia.  Japan was flooded from one side to the other and millions of people died.  The same happened to the coast of China and all its coastal cities flooding and  two hundred and forty million people died.   

Cracks in the Earth’s crusts bringing up molten lava occurred all over the world and in America these   cracks were greatest in the Great Lakes region and in the upper Mississippi River.  The Great Lakes flooded all the way to New York City and the Mississippi disappeared into the earth and dried up. All over the world old and new volcanoes destroyed towns and many more people died, especially in Italy, China and Turkey.

When all calmed down, President Thomas met in the war room with the Generals and cabinet.  “Give me an estimate of the damage.”

General Macarthy:

“It can only be an estimate.  We sent out jets over the areas of damage.  Probably a hundred million Americans died!  California as a state is gone, everything destroyed. In the world there may be one billion dead, mostly in China and Japan. Japan is gone and China had many earthquakes.  New York has probably lost a million people and most of the city destroyed. China suffered the most damage, but Russia had earthquakes and new Volcanoes.  Italy, England, Scotland and Spain had earthquakes and that is just information that we can get.  Most of the world has not communicated with us.”

President: “What is our best plan now?”

It was silent for a long time.  Again General Macarthy spoke:

“The first and most important thing is that we must burn or bury the dead and quickly.  I have talked with doctors and their biggest worry now is an epidemic of many different kinds of diseases because of the rotting bodies of people and animals.  We must also see to the feeding of those who have moved and are without homes.”

President: “Are we going to use the army to do this?”

“The army, the police, fire departments, coast guard, navy, everything we have and as fast as we can.”

President: “What else do I have to know?”

Prior to President Thomas coming into the war room, the Generals and Cabinet were briefed on a bigger problem by two Physicists. After a moment of silence and everyone looking around to see who would speak out.  Macarthy addressed one of the Physicists.

“Doctor Grinstead!”

“President, have you noticed the location of the Sun?”

“No! I have been busy.”

“Well! Sir, the sun is not where it used to be.  It is 28 degrees off the equator.”

“What does that mean?”

“A great deal! It means that the Earth has shifted 20 degrees more off its true North and South Poles.  The Sun and Earth have not changed but the Earth’s angle of rotation has changed.  We don’t know all of what this means but we have figured out one problem.  The North and South Poles will melt a great deal of their ice caps over the next few months.”

“I understand some of what that might mean, but what is your assessment in the near future and in the long run?”

“The first thing that will happen is that the Ocean floors will rise little by little until they are 10 to 25 feet higher than they are now.  You can imagine what that will do to all coast lines throughout the world, and coastal cities.  For example, a great part of California will be under water for a long time.  New York City will be flooded.  Winds will reduce by 50% so that rain will be less throughout the world.  In the long run (about 8 to 10 years) the ice will return to the new poles and the oceans will withdraw somewhat but not all.  For a few years the world’s temperature will rise by up to 8 degrees.”

“Gentlemen, thank you for the briefing and before we leave here today we will map out a plan of action to clean up the mess, feed the people and prepare for future flooding and the lack of rain.  However, before we start making these plans I want to place one more problem on the table.  The Moslems are unifying to go to war against Israel.” 



CHAPTER NINETEEN                          

Mahdi Unites Islam

Mahdi, although just a boy, interpreted the coming of the Comet as a sign from Allah that it was time to take over the world. The American army was neutralized and employed in taking care of the homeless people and expanding the food and fuel supplies. Khomeini and Mahdi prepared a talk to be addressed to the entire Moslem world.  It was announced in advance that Allah had sent his final prophet to unify and take over the entire world for Islam and eliminate all heretics.

Mahdi sat in a gold high backed chair dressed in a purple robe trimmed with a two inch gold band from around his neck to his feet.  He was just a boy but he had large piercing black eyes and a deep manly voice.  In order to build his image Khomeini and others knelt on the floor in front of him so that the people could see that they all worshiped and honored him before zooming in to his face and his talk.  Periodically the cameras would pull back to show the elders and the crowds behind them knelling before him. Khomeini wrote his speech.

“My children, my fellow Moslems, my true worshippers of Allah, I am Mahdi, the final prophet of Allah.  I have come to bring Islam to the entire world so that there is only one god, Allah, and so that all heretics are eliminated from the world either by death or conversion.

“What slowed Allah’s plans for the past 1,200 years since the death of Mohamed is your divisions.  There is only one Allah and only one Islam.  These divisions must end.

“What I am commanding right now is that all Moslems become one people and one nation without borders.  I already know what Islamic governments refuse to give up their power. I will take care of this.  It is not government leaders that I am addressing now but the people.  Because of greedy governments that live in luxury, we Moslems have lived as second class citizens in the world.  Come with me and that will be over.  Moslems will be the blessed of the world.  Allah wants your loyalty here and now. 

“In the next two days you will see the start of my plans to first unify Islam, then to rid our land of Israel, and then to invade Europe.  Watch and see.  May Allah be with you and protect you.”

Mahdi bowed his head and the cameras pulled back showing thousands of bowed heads in the great open air center. 

Two days later Iran invaded Saudi Arabia without resistance and marched right into the king’s palace.  At the same time Libya and Sudan Moslems invaded Egypt and many Egyptians joined in with Mahdi. Syria invaded Lebanon but was up against strong resistance.  After taking over Saudi Arabia the Iranians marched into Jordan.  They bypassed Iraq and Kuwait as not being needed since they would be surrounded anyway.

Like Philip, Mahdi’s army received little resistance since most of the Moslems from all these countries thought him the last prophet and joined in with his plans.  In a short time Mahdi was standing in Mecca with millions of Moslems with him announcing his plan to invade Israel and then Europe. 

He gave orders that at the first sign of the invasion of Israel, all Moslems throughout the world, in America, in Europe, in South America, anywhere where Moslems could be found, should attack and bomb anything not Moslem and kill anyone not Moslem.  All this was when they saw that the invasion of Israel had started. The now Persian Empire unified its many armies in Iran.  They would first march through Iraqi and unify in Damascus, and against the Golan Heights in Jordan.

President Thomas moved Trident Submarines into the Mediterranean, Army and Marine troops to Diego Garcia, and Aircraft Carriers off Israel. 




CHAPTER TWENTY                   

March to Israel

President Thomas informed Philip of the plans and actions of Mahdi before his invasion of Saudi Arabia.  American had decided to let him go and for Moslems to fight with each other.  They made a huge mistake in thinking that the governments of Moslem countries would put up a fight. Moslems had fought each other since the time of Mohamed but this time it would be different.  Philip was worried about Israel: and of course, the future invasion of Europe.

Philip’s twelve knights gave him what information they had on the situation. Almost everyone knew Israel had at least 8 nuclear bombs and 4 of them were buried in the ground of Israel as a last resort if they were overrun by Moslems.  Even Moslems knew this but Mahdi and his followers now believed that Allah would protect him and the people and would probably go in after Israel anyway.  Even if they expected the bombs to go off and even if they knew they would loose millions of people to eliminate Israel they now would do it anyway, since Allah via his prophet commanded it.

But now it appeared that a half billion Moslems were united and thanks to the arms of Iran and Saudi Arabia had the means to wage a great war, maybe even nuclear bombs. 

As Philip and his generals debated the Moslem problem it was agreed that America would help with Trident Subs and some air power from Carriers but little in ground forces since they were overwhelmed with problems from the Comet.  The President, however, promised all the help he could come up with and more as time went on.

Philip spoke sadly to his knights,

“This Comet has made me see that God is very angry with the world.  Our job is to appease the wrath of God and keep doing it until His anger goes away.  Half the world has died in the last three years.  With what I see in the Moslem world and those who will soon die from the corrupted dead bodies and lack of clean water we might be lucky if anyone is left alive in the next year.  We can wait for the Moslem army to come to Europe or go to the aid of Israel.  Give me advice here.”

Some of the knights reminded Philip that the creation of Israel was an Illuminati plot to take over oil.  Others said that you cannot blame the Jewish people for what the Illuminati did.  Israel has been the best of societies and does have real religious freedom even if a Jewish state.  

Finally Father Merlin had enough of the conversation. 

“Enough, enough, we are Catholics and we have obligations as to the Jewish people.  They are the root of our faith.  If for no other reason than the fact that Christ and Mary are Jews, we must go to their aid. But I will give you a better reason.  The Holy writings of God in the Bible and many other places show that the Jews must be planted in the own land in the end of times.  The reason for this might not be very good for the Jews, but it is God’s Will.  As such we have an obligation to protect them in their land until their appointed time.”

Philip pondered for a moment. 

“What do you mean that it is not good for Jews?”

“Later, I will tell you later, but not now.  Right now we must go to their aid.”

“The priest has spoken,” said Philip.  “We go to Jerusalem for war.”

A new went out for a Crusade to save the Holy Land went out and all who could were called from all over the world to meet in Turkey at Constantinople to prepare for war.  Every person who could hold a weapon of any kind was asked to show up in the former capital of the Roman Empire to prepare for the final war with Mohamed. 

Catholics in China and India decided to meet in Afghanistan and march from there at the appointed time.  Russian Catholics and Orthodox agreed to help in the war and met on the back side of Mount Ararat just off of Iran. All would meet in the three places on March 19th. 

Arab Catholics passed on information so that Philip knew when and where the Moslems would attach Israel.  Because of the potential Nuclear Bombs planted on Israel soil, Philip did not want to fight in Israel but around Israel in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. 

Philip informed the President what he was going to do. Thomas moved the Trident Subs into the Mediterranean.  He moved two Carriers off the coast of Malta.  Israel was also preparing for war. America flew in tankers of JP-5 fuel oil for its air force and tanks.  They concentrated on protecting its air power while waiting the first signs of war. 

Three million showed up by car, bus, train and truck in the three locations ready for war. Five million followed them by foot. Behind them followed bands of old people, women and children with food and water and everything else that 5,000,000 people need to go to war.  It would be the last Christian Crusade.  It was estimated that Moslems coming from 6 different countries could reach 25,000,000 armed people.    




Both Philip’s army and Mahdi’s army met in three different places.  Mahdi stayed in Mecca and Moslems from Iran, Iraqi, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and parts of Jordan met in Mecca with him.  The Kings of Saudi and Jordan were killed.  The Government of Egypt made no attempt to stop Mahdi but almost all left for refuge in Europe.  Moslems in Lebanon secured the South but Christians held the North.  Syrian and South Lebanon Moslems met on the North Coast of Israel and smuggled weapons into Palestine Moslems.

Israel had everything, airpower, tanks, missals, anti-missal systems, and even nuclear bombs.  But what they did not have was man-power.  Mahdi, had the same airpower, tanks, missals, and maybe even nuclear bombs from Iran or North Korea but he did not have a well trained army or air-force.  What he did have was a lot of people, and all willing to die for him without thought. 

As predicted by Merlin, the radical Moslems of Turkey left to join in with Mahdi and Turkey was a peaceful place for Philip to assemble his army.

Philip estimated that he had five million people ready for war, three million in Turkey, and two million between the two other meeting places.  Both Mahdi and Philip were able to talk with their armies through TV and Radio. 

Through advisors Mahdi determined to attack Israel even before Philip could reach him and therefore have only Philip to deal with after the defeat of Israel’s army.  Mahdi planned to set himself up in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and then wait for Philip’s armies to attack him.  Taking over Jerusalem and killing the Jews would be a sign to his forces that he was the great prophet.

The American F-16s, Stealth and Trident Subs were prepared with buster bombs on the aircrafts and on the Trident missals.  There were two types to be used, the type that rips up airports and at the same time creates sticky fire over a two hundred yard area and the other type that divides into 50 different bombs seeking out and destroying tanks or any other vehicle that produces heat and energy.

To move two million people hundreds of miles on foot would take a great deal of time, so Philip asked President Thomas to hold off the Moslem army from invading Israel until he could reach them.  A pre-empted attach had to be done by both America and Israel to do that.

Mahdi and his advisors knew that Israel, Philip and the Americans would try to attack him outside of Israel.  As quick as he could get out the orders he commanded his entire army from three sides to move unto Israel soil and move without stopping all the way to Jerusalem. 

From F-16s, Stealth Bombers, and Trident Subs missals hit the entire coast of Israel on the North, the East, the West and the South.  Israel air forces waited until the first attach and went in to clean up the remaining armies in the two hundred yard hit zone around Israel.  When they returned to base Americans hit the same area again but expanded it to four hundred yards.  Rotating back and forth between American forces and Israel forces they managed to hold off an invasion of the Moslems for 60 hours. 

Israel had planed weeks before to hit at least one side of the Moslem invasion with a Nuclear Bomb but only one because of the radiation and fallout. Hoping they did not have to do this, they waited until the last moment. Philip‘s armies were getting close to the battle and then they would not be able to use a Nuclear Bomb. America could not attach from the air once the Last Crusaders reached the battle.

Everything else would become a ground war, leaving Israel’s air-power and army inside its own borders protecting citizens and Jerusalem.  Finally as a show of force and to harm the least amount of innocent people, Israel hit the Sinai Desert with an atomic bomb where 1,500,000 Moslems were marching towards Israel. No life was left in the Sinai for a generation.

Philip’s Southern army were crossing Egypt but had not reached the Moslems.  The Moslems crossed over the Nile and moved through the Gaza Strip to directly West of Jerusalem.  Philip would leave them to the Southern Army and to Israel.  Philip’s Russian Orthodox armies would have to move on Mecca and from Mecca to Israel from the East.

Philip would move on the Moslem army from the North and push to Jerusalem.  Philip moved to the front of his army.  He removed his Knights robe and replaced it with a Templar Robe.  He placed St. Steven’s crown on his head and the Sword of Joseph in his hand.  He lifted up his sword and ordered the attack.  Guns and bombs went off from both sides and continued on and on as both sides moved closer and closer together until he reached the ruins of Meggito, and there it was nothing more than hand to hand fighting.  A hundred million people slaughtered each other in the valley of what once was Canaan and the great battle of Judges 6:19.

The Moslem army in Mecca waited until Philip was fighting and left Mecca with its Prophet and moved west towards Jerusalem.  The Russian and Orthodox army passed through Mecca without a fight and rushed to catch up with the Prophet and his army.  From the South the army had not yet caught up with the Moslems in Palestine.  Philip was the only one actually fighting.  Two million people died in the valley of Meggito and then the Moslems retreated towards Jerusalem. 

From the East, West and North Moslems were moving fast against Jerusalem with the Russian army following behind on all sides.  Israel’s army was waiting with tanks, soldiers and even civilians dug in to defend the city.

Three million Moslems were approaching Jerusalem.  One and one half million Christians were chasing them.  A half million Jews were waiting for them. 

Now was the signal for Moslems throughout the world to kill, bomb and destroy anything that was not Moslem.  In almost every city of America buildings, shopping centers, railroads, airports, utilities and even police stations were attacked.  This also happened in every other country where Moslems were living.   

Moslems on three sides were moments away from confronting the Jewish army.  Philip was moments away from reaching the back of the Moslems army just south of Meggito.  The Russian Orthodox was moments away from confronting the Mecca army.  From Palestine the army was closing in from behind the southern Moslems.  Then something happened that stopped everyone.

Suddenly the ground started shaking, at first slowly and then with greater and greater intensity.  What would have been old west wall of Jerusalem spit open 15 feet wide blocking the Moslem march to the city.  Then another quake hit opening up a gap in the East side of Jerusalem.  Three times quakes hit toppling many buildings in the greater Jerusalem and Israel. Smoke and fire came up the gaps of the earth making it impossible to see.

What was not known in the valley of Jerusalem was that the same quakes were taking place all over the world.  Volcanoes were exploding everywhere, and the sky was getting darker and darker.  Soon no one could see anything.  All over the world was complete darkness.  You could not even see your own hand.  Philip ordered his people to just stand still or sit down. 

“No fear.  No matter what you feel or hear do not fight or strike out.  This is from God, and it is all in God’s hands now.  We must only wait and pray.”

Philip backed away from the battle lines and when he could feel that it was safe, he ordered his men to back up.  They continued to do this for hours.  In the distance they could hear screams of pain and death as though the world was dying of pain.  Gun shots were going off everywhere but nothing towards Philip’s people. 

Behind him in the far distance Philip could make out a flickering light. He shuffled towards it still not able to see his own feet.  It was Merlin.  He had made a tent and lit candles inside of it.  Merlin looked up at Philip: “Tell the people to gather around this tent and pray.  This is going to last a long time but there is nothing to fear.”

A million Crusaders gathered around the candle which did not go out for three days.  No one ate or drank but only prayed.   The war was over, God had ended it.



CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO                   

Burying the Dead

Thirty hours of pitch black darkness ended with a slight red light coming over the Eastern Mountains.  Then rays of white, yellow and red rays streaked across the sky until you could see the start of a red Sun coming over the eastern mountains.  Everything became red and then back to normal light.

Slowly everyone began to stand up and look around.  No one talked and everything was very quiet. Eventually one bird sang out and people began to at first smile and then to shout and laugh. 

Philip got to his feet and left his army and road on horseback to the front line where the first opening in the earth took place in Meggito.  All the Moslem army was dead.  He got off his horse to look at the bodies.  They seemed to have died of fear.  Most had their eyes open and some kind of great fear on their faces.  Others seemed to have been shot full of holes from their own people.  He could see that fear made them shoot at any sound that they heard. 

Philip did not know it but the same thing happened all over the world during the darkness.  People had died of fear.  What fear, no one knew.  But they saw something that scared them to death. 

Jerusalem was safe now but largely destroyed.  Even the Dome of the Rock was destroyed right to the ground by the first and second earthquakes.  Nothing was left but rubble.  The entire city would have to be re-built.

All Radical Islam was dead.  Only the more moderate Moslems, who refused to come to fight, remained in the world.  Mahdi was dead but his eyes were still open. He was shot by his own men in the darkness.

The Jews thanked Philip and made plans to bury the millions of bodies around Jerusalem.  Philip returned to Europe in a Jewish jet.  The European army  stayed to help bury the dead.

Philip called President Thomas to inform and thank him for the war in Jerusalem.  Through satellite-live-filming the President was watching to the war until the earthquakes and darkness.  Philip now knew the darkness was world wide, and that world wide fear caused many more millions to die.  Thomas did not know what frightened people since he was in the bunkered war room, but something frightened them so much that their hearts stopped.  He believed it was just imagination in the darkness, but Philip was not so sure.

The President: 

“I am enlisting all the army, police and coast guard to bury the dead.  I have estimated that over the past 4 to 5 years 75% of the world has died.  We probably have less than 1-1/2 billion people on earth today.  Because of the chance of contamination, I have asked the people not to bury the dead but only mark them because of the chance of contamination.  The army will go around flagging bodies and others with protective suits will follow to burn or bury them.  You should do the same in Europe.”

Philip: “To find and bury 2 to 3 billion people will not be easy.  Has anyone come up with a logistical plan?”

Presiden: “The best our experts can come up with is five to seven years. In order to prevent the worse of epidemics, every inch of the world must be searched and cleared. Even the dead animals and birds must be found and burned.  There is nothing more important than this right now, or a plague will take the rest of the world.”

Philip: “I will take care of this part of the world.  Let me know what areas are not being worked and what countries are not contacted.  We can work together to cover the entire world.  We may need a lot more fuel than we have to move troops into every area of the search.”

President:  “I can get you ethanol by ship loads.  Give me drop off points and we will start delivering.”

Philip:  “In the mean time we will use coal and wood.  I will put one out of every two people burning or burying bodies.  We will burn the weapons also.”

Philip and the President organized the burning and burying of over two billion bodies.  Philip went back to Austria as his Knights took charge of searching every foot of the earth for bodies. 

All over the world people worked in pairs looking and burning bodies.  Where they did not go, plagues wiped out entire populations. Another half billion died in the plagues. 

It was seven years after the three dark days.  Philip sat in silence hardly even talking with his wife and children.  It was a heavy weight on him to see and remember all the dead, many of whom he had killed with his own hands or ordered killed.  This was not how he hoped his life and faith would be.  He now hoped that it was all over.




The Ark of the Covenant

After seven years of peace, Philip received a call from one of his Arab friends.  He and a crew of twenty were searching around the Dead Sea for bodies to bury.  On the mountain range of Moab, near where Moses died, they found something.  He insisted that Philip come and see as soon as possible.

Philip, Simon and Merlin flew into Jordan and on to the Dead Sea.  There they were picked up by the Arab and driven to the top of a mountain overlooking the valley of the Dead Sea.  On the top was a church.  Some believed it to be the spot Moses died and was buried. Icons depicted this on the walls. There was a place to walk down on the left of the altar, to a cave but nothing was ever found there.  From the mountain you could see where Lot escaped to the mountains, where Christ was baptized and where Elias hid in a cave.

“What is it that brings me away from my family all the way to this desert?”  Philip was not agitated but simply very tired of being a King.

“Sir, I have something of great interest to show you.  One of the many earth quakes also split this mountain just below this church and just below where we are standing.  It has exposed a cave with interesting contents.  I think only you should see and decide what to do about it.”

“You are making this very mysterious.”

“Not so much so, Philip,” said Merlin.  “I am sure I know what we are about to see.”

“What,” said Simon?

 “Wait and see!”

They climbed down the mountain in the front of the church only twenty feet down.  There was a long split in the mountain going all the way around the base.  In the split was a large opening into a cave at least 20 feet high and 15 feet wide. Through the entrance it was even larger.  Candles were already set up waiting for Philip and two Knights stood by guarding the contents of the cave.  Between the two Knights Philip saw what was so important to bring him all the way from Austria. 

It was The Ark of the Covenant.  Philip just stared at it with a little fear.  He did not move forward, but Father Merlin did.  “At last, at last, it must be the time prophesied.  I thought it was this. Yes, I thought so.”  He turned towards Philip. “That is why I came with you.  I felt this was what he found.”

The two Knights must have cleaned it because it was shinning bright from the candles and the light coming in the entrance to the cave.

The Ark was about four feet long and two feet square.  It had two gold trimmed doors on the front with gold handles facing each other. A gold post separated the two doors by two inches.  The top and bottom extended out two inches past the walls and all trimmed in gold.  Both the top and bottom were about two inches thick.  In the center of the top was an opening at least 18 inches in diameter. 

On both sides of the hole were two Cherub Angels looking like 15 to 16 year old boys with wings.  Each boy (or Angel) knelt on one Knee facing the opening but with his eyes and head turned away from the opening.  Their hands were folded in prayer.  Their back wings covered the back side of the opening and their front wings angled down pointing to the opening.  Both Angels were bowed down in prayer. 

The entire gold trim of the ark was carved into grape vines, grapes, pomegranates, angels and strange writings.  Four large gold rings were on the top four corners of the ark.  Through these rings were two gold poles 12 feet long with gold knobs on the ends.

Philip spoke almost in a whisper.  “This is the Ark of the Covenant.”

“Yes, yes!” said Merlin.  “I knew it was somewhere in these mountains.”

“How did you know this?”  Philip said.

“Oh! You forgot what I taught you.  You will read in 2 Machabees 2:1-8 that Jeremiahs hit the Ark in this mountain not to be found until God gathered the Jews together until Mercy.  Come let us see what is inside.”

“Do not touch it,” shouted Philip.

 “Come, come, Philip, again you forgot what I taught you.  The power of this Ark is in the Holy Grail, but now that the Holy Grail is out of it, the power is gone.  Not completely but mostly.”  Merlin opened the two front doors. 

Inside were two white stone tablets with writings on them but nothing else.  Merlin bowed before the tablets.  “Those writings were made by the finger of God. The first tablet has the first three commandments and the second tablet has the other seven, first how to love God and second how to love one another.”

Philip backed away.  He was still afraid of the Ark.  Merlin reached in and rubbed the lettering on the tablets.  “Come and touch the writings of God.”

“Not on your life.  The last person to touch this ark died.  You are a priest, but I am not.”  Philip backed away even more.

Simon trusted the Priest and knew the Priest would not harm Philip.  Simon reached over and put his hand on top of the Ark.  With his hand still on the Ark he looked back at Philip.  “I am not a Priest.” 

In spite of this Philip did not touch the Ark.  It was because the ark carried the word and power of God that Philip was code named the “Ark”.  Like the true Ark, Philip was to carry the Holy Grail before him to defeat God’s enemies in battle. This Ark was a symbolic outward sign of the true Ark, the Virgin Mary, who carried the real word of God.

They moved the Ark to St. Peter’s Basilica and gave it to the Holy Father to keep.  Benedict placed it on the high main alter like a tabernacle and placed the Body of Christ and the Holy Grail inside of it.

In the same cave Merlin, now almost 100 years of age, expected to find the body of Moses but did not.  He wondered about that from that moment to his death.


CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR                 

World Peace

While the bodies of the dead were still being buried and while Philip was re-building the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Holy Father was busy.  He sent out a letter to all the bishops of the world. Not too many Bishops were left.  His letter read:

The Peace of Our Lady of Fatima

On the causes of God’s anger and chastisement

March 25, 20--

Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments


 [1.]   Almost 100 years ago an Angel prophesied to three children in Fatima that a day would come when people would abuse the Most Holy Eucharist.  He asked them to pray for the appeasement of God regarding outrages, sacrileges, indifference by which He would be offended.  The outrages started in the 1940s through the 1980s when so-called Catholic writers started denying the true presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist.  Sacrileges were the result of this, when people (doubting the true presence) received the great sacrament in the state of sin and without respect.  Indifference then resulted because of the lack of respect in the Divine Worship of the Sacred Liturgy.  Because the whole spiritual wealth of the Church is contained in the Eucharist, the source and summit of the whole of Christian life, God could no longer accept this abuse. 

 [2.]    In spite of constant attempts by our predecessor of great memory, Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, these abuses continued.  He wrote the Encyclical Letters, Quattuor Annos, Ecclesia de Echaristia, and Redemptionis Sacramentum.

 [3.]    In 1984 Pope John Paul II asked for a report on the acceptance of the New Mass (Novus Ordo) or its rejection. Based on the feedback world wide, the Holy Father sent out the Indult, Quattuor Annos, granting to all dioceses the right to offer the Tridentine Mass with certain conditions based on a fear of possible disrespect for the authority of the Church to introduce the Novus Ordo and that these groups, although preferring the Tridentine, do not deny the True Presence of Christ in the Novus Ordo. Again we offered the Tridentine to all priests worldwide without the approval of the local bishop but the abuse of the Novus Ordo persisted.

[3.]    In spite of constant attempts by our predecessors of great memory, from Supreme Pontiff John XXII till now, we have pleaded with our separated brethren for unity of all Christians.  For this also God the Father’s anger would no longer be abated.  

 [4.]   Because of the clear sign of God the Father’s anger on these things, I have determined to rectify these things. 

Chapter I

[5.]  The regulation of the Sacred Liturgy rests specifically with the Apostolic See..
[6.] The Roman Pontiff, "the Vicar of Christ and the Pastor of the universal Church on earth, by virtue of his supreme office enjoys full, immediate and universal ordinary power, which he may always freely exercise", 35  also by means of communication with the pastors and with the members of the flock.

[7.  It pertains to the Apostolic See to regulate the Sacred Liturgy of the universal Church, to publish the liturgical books and to grant the recognitio for their translation into vernacular languages, as well as to ensure that the liturgical regulations, especially those governing the celebration of the most exalted celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass, are everywhere faithfully observed.

[8.  By the power vested in me by God, and because we have been unable to stop the abuses, we hereby and hereafter declare that the experiment with the Novus Ordo is over in the Latin Rite of the Church and will no longer be the Liturgy of the Latin Rite.  From this time forward (with due allowances for the change) the Tridentine will again be the Liturgy of the Latin Rite.

[9.  The Tridentine Liturgy does not allow for experimentation or change and therefore the altar must be arranged according to the Rite, and the Alter rails must be returned to the Churches.  All regulations including architecture of the Tridentine Liturgy are including in this apostolic order.  The Tridentine Liturgy does not allow Extraordinary Ministers or alter girls.

[10.]   The observance of the norms published by the authority of the Church requires conformity of thought and of word, of external action and of the application of the heart. All that is said in this Instruction is directed toward such conformity of our own understanding with that of Christ, as expressed in the words and the rites of the Liturgy.

[11.] The Sacred Liturgy is intimately connected with the principles of doctrine, so that the use of any unapproved texts and rites leads either to the disappearance or the attenuation of the link between the lex orandi and the lex credendi. 

 [12.] Individual Bishops and their Conferences do not have the faculty to permit experimentation with liturgical texts or the other matters that are prescribed in the liturgical books.

[13.]    Any Catholic, whether Priest or Deacon or lay member of Christ's faithful, has the right to lodge a complaint regarding a liturgical abuse to the  to the Apostolic See on account of the primacy of the Roman Pontiff.
Chapter II

[14.]    The failure of the last fifty years to bring about any unity of our separated Christians is mainly our fault.  In stead of dialoguing on the local level with our separated Christians on doctrinal differences many Catholic bishops and priests have adopted the heresy of “pluralism” and even preached the same.  There can be no unity without a single truth and a single doctrine.

[15.]    The second failure on our part was the poor example we gave to our separated Christians in our Liturgy and sacraments.  Many of our separated Christians have great reverence and respect for the Sacred Liturgy, even to the extreme, and have expressed their horror at our irreverence.  This poor example will end at this moment.    

[16.]    The third failure or our part was the many slanders within the Church with our clergy and the cover up of these great crimes.  We have discovered that this was a deliberate infiltration of both communists and homosexuals into our seminary systems to water down basic doctrine and our moral standards.  We are cleaning up these seminaries of any even slight indication of homosexuality or pedophilia.  Any complaint made against any priest with even reasonable proof of immorality of any kind will result in an immediate call to Rome for trial.  I am now removing all these cases from the hands of bishops to the hands of the Vatican Tribunal.

[17.]     Unity is a doctrinal concept and not an emotional concept.  The only unity that matters is unity of faith, unity of theological truth.  We have many united Unate Churches that do not share the same traditions or Liturgies but they do share the same faith, the same theological truths.

[18.]     As expressed very charitably in Pope John Paul II’s encyclical ET UNEM SINT the key to unity is the chair of Peter, the pin that holds all of Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the Church, together.


[19.]    Armed with the above corrections to our own failures as expressed above, I will now travel throughout the world meeting with our separated Christian leaders and demand an end to this disunity.  The former support given by governments to these non-Catholic faiths is over and bringing them into the fold will be much easier.  Radial Nationalism has ended.  The concept of any World Government is over.  The only World Government is not of this world, but of God’s world, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the Catholic Church under God’s chosen representative on earth, Peter.

From the offices of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Rome, on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, March 25, 20--
 (Pope Benedict ---)

Supreme Pontiff
(Benedict XVII )
(+Domenico Sorrentino)
   Archbishop Secretary  

Holy Father met with the newly elected Russian Orthodox Patriarch in Russia.  He expressed his belief that unity could only happen under the leadership of Peter and agreed to join in with Benedict to travel though the world meeting with Patriarchs of the Greek Orthodox, the Coptic and the Protestant leaders.

Together the leaders of the two largest Christian faiths convinced all other Christian leaders to come together under Peter, the vicar of Rome.  Although some individuals stubbornly held to heresies, all formal religions except the Catholic Faith closed their doors.  Left in the world were Catholics, Jews and a few pockets of Moslems.  In India, China, Pakistan, Korea and all other countries where other faiths existed, the Franciscans, Dominicans, and Jesuits swept the areas preaching the truth of Christ with great success as God backed their preaching with many miracles.  Japan and most of Malaysia had ceased to exist because of the comet.

Philip traveled throughout the world selling his government constitution.  He expressed that the failure of governments to support natural law and moral law of God, resulted in God’s anger and the destruction of 75% of the world’s population.  With only one billion people left on earth and 15% of land mass permanently under water, it was not hard to convince people that the great calamities of the past years was God’s anger.  The comet, the earth quakes, the three days of complete darkness could not be explained any other way. 

Philip stressed that he wanted nothing more than to help people organize good governments and live happy lives.  He wanted no authority for himself.  However, he had the wealth of Solomon’s treasures and was using it to help all nations get quickly on the feet, and this was a great weapon to convince people to adopt his constitution.

God must have been pleased with Benedict and Philip because it began to rain throughout the world in a gentle, soft way and without strong winds.  Rainbows were everywhere.  Because of the shift of the north and south poles the ice caps were mostly melted away but enough was left to create just enough breezes and temperature changes to create and move small clouds from the seas to land and deposit fresh water.  The world wide temperature changed to such a point that almost all the world was tropical.  Some of the melting ice made it into the rivers and lakes of the world. 

World wide vegetation increased at a drastic rate.  Summer lasted ten months a year almost everywhere.  Although some countries and parts of others were buried under the seas, what was left was like a Garden of Eden.  In fact, food for only one billion people was plentiful.  The world wide weather was so consistently gentle that changes in clothes was not even needed.  Clothes were needed for modesty but not for weather.

Ten years after the great chastisement and World War III, Churches were packed; the birth rate was up drastically.  Because there were seven women left to every man, the Holy Father legalized polygamy for just one generation to bring back population to the world.  Within ten years the average age of the world went from 53 to 23 years. 

Philip, himself, had ten children. Very little work was needed and people lived very happy.  Charity was common but little was needed.  Philip returned to his Austrian mansion with his wife and children.  It was time to retire.

Pope Benedict came to Austria to reflect on the first ten years of the peace of Our Lady of Fatima.  She had promised that in the end Her Immaculate Heart would triumph and there would be a period of peace.  The peace was world wide and complete.  There was one Christian faith on earth and everyone was living a moral life. 

Merlin, Philip and the Holy Father sat down enjoying a fine Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Philip von Habsburg:  “God has used us to clean up the world and to bring about His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  I have thought about the prayer Christ taught us, ‘thy kingdom come’.  It has.  Christ has defeated the entire world.  Maybe it was painful, like birth, but the results are great, even wonderful.”

Pope Benedict: “Yes!  What we as Christians could not accomplish, God was forced to do, Himself.  We should not be proud of this.  We should have done it so that He did not have to.  The fact that 75% of the world died is not something to be proud of.  God will not be mocked and when we failed to do His Will, He took over.”

Merlin, the Hermit: “Yes! We have been nothing but tools in His great hands. But do not be so content with what you see now.  Remember, Philip, what I told you years ago.”

Philip von Habsburg:  “What did you tell me? I do not remember.”

Merlin: “I told you about Apocalypse Chapter 10, the little book.”

Philip:  “Yes!  You promised to tell me the mystery behind this little book, which you said was a period of history.  Why was it sweet in his mouth but bitter in his stomach?”

Pope Benedict smiled at Philip, but then his expression turned sad.  He picked up a bible and turned to Chapter Ten.  He read it out loud: 

“And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud, and a rainbow was on his head, and his face was as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire.

“And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea and his left foot upon the earth.

“And he cried with a loud voice as when a lion roareth.  And when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.

“And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices I was about to write; and I heard a voice from heaven saying to me: ‘Seal up the things which the seven thunders have spoken; and write them not.

“And the angel, who I saw standing upon the sea and upon the earth; lifted his hand to heaven,

“And he swore by him the liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven and the things which are therein; and the earth, and the things which are in it; and the sea, and the things which are therein: that time shall be no longer.

“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound the trumpet, the mystery of God shall be finished, as he hath declared by his servants, the prophets.

“And I heard a voice from heaven again speaking to me, and saying: ‘Go, and take the book that is open, from the hand of the angel who standeth upon the sea and upon the earth.

“And I went to the angel, saying unto him, that he should give me the book.  And he said to me: ‘Take the book and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but in thy mouth is shall be sweet as honey.’

“And I took the book from the hand of the angel and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey; and when I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.

“And he said to me: ‘Thou must prophesy again to many nations and peoples and tongues and kings.”

Philip:  “I have no idea what that means.”

Benedict:  “There is a great deal of meaning to this and it has unfolded right before our eyes.”

Merlin: “I promised to explain it to you in time and that time is here.”

Philip leaned back and looked carefully at the bible passage.  He sipped the win and waited for Merlin or Benedict to explain: an angel from heaven, an open book, the voices of the seven thunders, the mystery of God, the voice from heaven, and a book bitter in the belly but sweet in the mouth.”

Merlin:  “Philip, that angel you saw was your guardian angel and he guided you to do what you did.  The book of the seven thunders was a period of history, a very short period of history.  The mystery of God was how God would be forced to bring about his final world wide victory over his enemies using the seven thunders, the great chastisement and a period of peace. 

“Because it is history it also includes this period of peace.  And it seems sweet to us, but the results will be bitter in time.”

Philip:  “That was my question, what does it mean to be bitter?”

Merlin:  “This peace seems so good.  Although many have died, those left are living in peace and plenty.  There are no trials and tribulations, no heresies and other troubles. This all seems so sweet and in fact what most people pray for.  Not saints, of course, because they know better.”

Philip:  “What do saints know that I do not know?”

Merlin:  “Trials and tribulations make us strong in our faith, but good times bring weakness in body and soul. Saints pray for and embrace the cross because without the cross we become weak in faith.”

Philip was a little uneasy because he knew that Merlin was about to take away his joy in the great and total victor he had a great part in. But the Holy Father seems to know exactly what Merlin was about to tell him. Benedict just sat still with a slightly sad look on his face. 

Merlin:  “God has given what 2000 years of Christians have prayed for – peace. But peace and prosperity breeds soft people.  By the time most of the older people who went through the chastisement have died and the young people who were too young at the time or born after the chastisement reach their adult ages, faith will become soft.  People will say that all is well and we do not need God’s commandments and sacraments.  Many will not have the sacrament of Confirmation.  Faith will become lukewarm.  When that happens, the next great tribulation will come into the world.  Because of this the peace will not last long, a little book of history.  And then will come Chapter 11 of Apocalypse.”




The Monarch Retires, Peter the II Elected


 Philip was sad.  His job was finished and now he wanted to retire and prepare for death.  He said goodbye to the Holy Father and Merlin and went to talk with his wife and children. 

Philip:  Sofia, maybe I was doing God’s will but I was the instrument of the death of many people.  I feel great guilt and sadness about this.  I need to do something to ease my conscience about these deaths.”

Empress Sofia:  “We are antiques now, with nothing left to do.  But we have accepted the work that we did not want to do, and became clay in God’s hands and you should feel good about that.  What are you trying to say to me?”

Philip:  “It is time for us to give up our titles of Emperor and Empress.  It is time to give up all power and live in prayer.”

Sofia:  “This is not anything that I ever wanted.  I just wanted to be a wife and mother.  I have been a mother but seldom a wife.  Yes! I too want to spend more time in prayer and less with people.  We have good children and they also need more family time and less public time.”

Philip:  “There is no person that I know of that can take over without me worrying about too much power in the hands of one person.”

Sofia:  “Your authority is people’s faith in you and not in laws.  People look to you to solve problems but you have no real legal authority, just trust.”

Philip:  “That is true! If I disappear, where do people go to solve problems in their different countries?  We cannot have another United Nations.”

Sofia:  “Divide the world into ten or twelve districts.  Each having a outside judge to solve national disputes.  Not someone with legal power but people that the majority trusts because they have no power and (like you) have no reason to judge falsely.”

Philip:  “I want to leave all this luxury in Austria and go to Jerusalem and live in poverty.  Would you go with me to the foot of Calvary and live the simple life, a life of ---- maybe a farmer or Shepard?”

Sofia:  “I could not think of anything more perfect, good for me, for our children, for you, and for our souls.  Let us do it.”

Philip and Sofia took their children and moved to Nazareth in a small stone house.  Before leaving he gave his authority as Emperor of the World to ten Kings, Kings without countries.  These ten men became judges of ten sections of the world and to them he gave the wealth of Solomon’s treasure to help all their countries in whatsoever they needed.  The Knights were divided into these ten regions to enforce the democratic laws of the nations. 

Philip went to Calvary.  With Sofia and his children behind him, he placed his crown (the crown of St. Steven) at the spot of Calvary.  The family went to their home in Nazareth, bought sheep and lived a life of prayer and sacrifice.  They had five more children. After ten years of prayer in the Holy Land Philip laid his head down and went to the Lord.

Benedict went back to Rome and organized the completion of the repairs on St. Peter’s Basilica.  It was now the twelfth year of peace and the eighteenth year of his pontificate. He was now almost 90 years of age. 

St. Peter’s was back to its former beauty and the Holy Father called all the Cardinals of the world to come to Rome.  He knew he would never see them but he wanted them in Rome for a quick election.  Pope Benedict laid his head against the glass in front of St. Peter’s tomb and died.

All the Cardinals arrived in Rome within a few days of Pope Benedict’s death not even knowing why they were called to Rome.  Under the great frescos of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel they elected a very young priest as Pope.  He was not even a bishop.  They ordained him Bishop and Pope on the same day.  He was asked what name he would select as pope.

The New Holy Father answered:  “Peter, the Second!”

At 107 years of age, Merlin died.  At the moment of his death a baby was born.

On the tenth year of peace lived a prostitute in a tent at the mouth of the two great rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates. Her name was Diana.  She was steeped in the practice of witchcraft and black arts.  She attracted many with her beauty, seductive clothes and magical arts. She was Jewish from the tribe of Dan and to conceal her background took the name, Eva. Often she held parties that included drugs, alcohol and great feasts of many types of foods.  These always ended in ritualistic orgies of sex with many women and men at the same time.  The sacrificial killing and burning of children in Black Masses was common.  She often picked up and moved to keep away from being too known and kept with her 12 girls for the orgies.

Then suddenly she quit all activity and went farther into the desert to be alone.  After months living by herself in the tent, she gave birth to a baby boy without the help of a mid-woman or anyone else. The baby did not cry but simply looked at her with open large black eyes.  He already had teeth and a full head of hair.

After only a few moments from birth the new baby smiled and spoke in a deep voice:  “I am.  I am here! I live!”   



The Antichrist

The election of Peter II did not make everyone happy. Mostly because of his age (44 years), but also because he was not even a bishop at the time.  Although at one time a great preacher and retreat master, he had spent the last 10 years of his life in prayer secluded in the mountains praying for peace. 

One Cardinal particularly was upset because he was not a Cardinal or even a bishop and was not even at the conclave to vote.   Gathering some Cardinals with him, he declared himself pope, becoming the last anti-pope.  He attracted liberal and Charismatic Catholics to himself and another split in the Church began.  He moved to Jerusalem and claimed to be Pope and that the Vatican had become too corrupt for him.

As predicted by Merlin’s interpretation of little book of Apocalypse, the long duration of peace and splendid fertility of the earth, produced people who became very ungrateful.  They led sinful lives, in pride, vanity, unchastely, frivolity, hatred, avarice, gluttony, and many other vices.

Many began to doubt whether the Catholic faith was the true and only saving faith and whether maybe the Jews were correct still expecting the Messiah.

Because of the great ingratitude over the great peace, God give Lucifer and all his devils power to come on earth and tempt his godless creatures.

Eva took her son to a city on the mouth of the River Jordan on the coast of the Sea of Galilee.  She named him “Julian”.  She remembered the Roman Emperor, Justine because he tried to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem. Eva longed and prayed for the re-construction of the temple.

The two of them remained quite and unknown.  She gave birth to three more children there, but claimed that Julian was born in Bethlehem.   From an early age, Julian was humble and gentle, honoured piety, loved the poor.  He was fair, well disposed, and pleasant towards all. Before he was 10 years of age he plotted craftily so that he would be loved by the peoples.  He did not accept gifts or speak in anger at any time.  He was always cheerful.  In all these well-planned schemes he beguiled people from the time he was a child. 

When people began to ask about his great virtues, Eva claimed that he had no father but was a result of a virgin birth in Bethlehem.  Jewish people in the city began to wonder if he was not in fact the Messiah.  Moslems began to talk about the possibility that he was the twelfth and final prophet of Allah.

Julian was completely possessed by Demons but held his power in check selling himself as a kind little lamb but with a wolf inside.  At the age of 16 years he began to cure the sick and perform miracles in the sky – making rainbows suddenly appear in a clear sky, or bringing rain when badly needed.  These were not real miracles but demonic illusions but the people applauded him for them.  Wherever he went people would see a rainbow around the sun or rainbow rays coming towards him from the sky.

By the time he was twenty years of age he was feeding reptiles and wolves from his hands and walking on the surface of the Sea of Galilee.  The nations of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iraqi and Iran were talking of nothing else but Julian, the miracle worker.

Julian more and more looked exactly like Christ.  He had long red hair parted in the centre of his forehead. He had a short red beard divided and peaked twice from his chin.  He had a high forehead and long strait Jewish nose.  His eyes were always smiling and gentle.  The rich and powerful came to him for advise and prophesy about their lives and families.  Never did they get bad news from him and never did he charge them anything. 

 “Eva!” said Julian.

“Son?” she answered.

“It is time to go to take my kingdom. It is time to go to Jerusalem.”

Eva called her other three sons:  “Do what ever he tells you.  He will make you kings and rulers of nations.”

“I will go alone to Jerusalem.  I have many friends there already.  I want you three to go to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran to gather our followers there.  We will need the wealth of these three countries to do what I want in Jerusalem.  We must take over these three countries.”  Julian laid his hand on the head of each of his brothers and sent them off with the power to perform miracles of their own. 

The three brothers went one each to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran meeting with the Moslem Religious leaders of each country.  They explained that Julian was the long awaited twelfth prophet of Islam and that he wished to unify all Moslems for the take over of the world.  They also explained that he would unify Israel and Moslems, Judaism and Islam.  In each country they asked the religious leaders to prepare for Julian’s take over of their country and to prove their words they performed signs and wonders in their sight.

At the same time Julian went into Jerusalem.  There he met with Rabbi Ullman, already an old man but with much influence in Israel.  Rabbi Ullman was a great expert on the Kabala but confused the prophesies of Daniel and Ezekiel as waiting for an earthly king to give Israel and earthly kingdom.

When Julian explained to him that he was the long awaited Christ that was to re-build the Temple of Jerusalem and make the city of Jerusalem the envy and the glory of the world, the Rabbi was very receptive to his claim.  Then Julian showed him his power.  He raised his hand to the sky and caused the Sun to spin and create a rainbow of rings around it.  He then promised to unify Moslems and Jews to bring about peace to the Middle East. 

“Rabbi, I came to you because you have held firm to the faith of the Torah and interpreted properly the coming of ‘The Christ’.  You have fought well against the claims of Christians that Jesus was the Christ.  Now, let me prove that I am he.”

“How do you plan to prove to the entire Jewish nation and the world that you are the Christ?”

“Power and success!”


“Put me before the people and I will show you the power of God.”


“With or without your help, I am going to take over the entire Middle East and then the world.”

Rabbi Ullman arranged for all the Rabbis and leaders of Israel to meet together and he arranged that all the TV stations were there with TV cameras.  Word was out throughout the world of the meeting.  World wide it was the number one news on television. 

Rabbi Ullman introduced Julian to all the other Rabbis in Jerusalem and Israel.  He explained that he, himself, believed that Julian was the Christ, but would let Julian prove it to the Rabbis and the nation.  The Rabbis asked for the proof.  Julian asked that he bring together all the Rabbis and that in front of them he would prove his claim to be the Christ.

In front of 123 Rabbis and religious leaders of Israel and all the TV cameras, Julian presented himself with a young blond haired companion.  To prove his divine commission as the Christ, he offered to have himself killed by his companion.  He offered to have all doctors test him for three days to see if he was dead.  Then he prophesied that on the third day he would come back to life and lead Israel and Jerusalem to victory over all their enemies and the capital of the world.  No one believed that he would even attempt it.  But in front of everyone including world wide Television coverage Julian’s companion lunged a long dagger into his belly.  Julian fell into a chair prepared for him. Doctors examined him and he appeared dead.  For three days doctors checked him for any sign of life but found none.  The three days of doctor’s examinations were constantly televised throughout the world.

On the appointed time the same 123 religious Jews met before the dead body of Julian.  His companion stood over the body.  Doctors verified that he was dead and that he remained dead for three days.  Julian’s companion was dressed in a tan robe with a gold metal band around his waist and still holding the dagger. He was young, about 17 years of age, with long blond hair, blue eyes and very white skin.  He was picked by Julian to look like an Angel. 

In front of world wide Television coverage, he placed his hands on Julian’s chest and then raised them to Heaven. Julian opened his eyes and rose up from his waist without hands.  The imitation blond Angel bowed to him.  He stood and looked at the crowd of Jewish Rabbis.  Rabbis stood in silence with their mouths open.  After a long silence, one Rabbi shouted, “The Messiah has come!”  Then all repeated the shout and bowed in reverence to Julian.  Julian raised his hands ordering silence.  He looked first into the television cameras with his soft black eyes.  Then he turned to the Rabbis:

“My children, my nation,

“You were scattered throughout the nations for 2000 years and I have brought you here to the land that I promised to Abraham.  I have brought you here and protected you from all your enemies.  I have brought you here to prepare for my coming.  Now I will make you a great nation, not just a great nation but the greatest nation on earth and the greatest nation in the history of the world.  I will rebuild Jerusalem to even greater glory than under my son, Solomon.  I will rebuild the great Temple of Jerusalem to its former glory.  But first you must recognise your own errors and sins.

“I am the Christ, but you persecuted my prophet, Jesus, because you believed the Jews who were calling him the Christ.  He was not the Christ, I am, but he was a great prophet preparing the way for me.  The Jews who made him a Christ, which we now call Christians, were mistaken and heretics.  Jesus never claimed to be God or the Christ but his followers wanting to make him the Christ faked his words, words that he never said.

I am the Christ, and I sent Mohamed, my prophet, to prepare the way for me.  But some of his followers added things to his prophesies that I did not say.  I will correct this so that peace between Jews and Moslems will began and then peace of the entire world.

I am the Christ, and starting here in Israel I will build a nation that will contain the entire world.  We will begin with Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iran as one nation.”

Silence went throughout the Rabbis as each looked around to see if anyone would speak.  Rabbi Ullman walked to the front of the crowd:

“My Lord,

“How do you plan to bring our enemies together as our friends and into one nation?  We have fought against them for many years and the hatred is great between us.”


“Why are the Moslems your enemies?  Why are you their enemies?  Moslems believe in one God and not in a trinity of gods.  You believe in one God and not in a trinity of gods.  Moslems believe in the Torah.  You believe in the Torah. Moslems believe that Abraham is their father.  You believe that Abraham is your father.  Moslems call God, Allah.  You call God Yahweh. It is the same thing and the same meaning.  Moslems believe in bringing the faith to the world by force.  Solomon made Israel a great nation first by force and then by wisdom.  Moslems believe that faith and worship of Allah is all that is needed to get to Heaven and not morals.  Solomon had faith and worship but he had no morals.  He had thousands of wives and great personal wealth.  He violated all so-called moral laws but he kept his wisdom and his faith and worship of Yahweh.  Is there any difference between Jewish faith and Moslem faith?  Not really!  I will convince you there is not and I will convince Moslems that there is not.

“Give me all the Rabbis of Israel and let us go to Egypt without arms.  There let us meet with the governing body of Egypt and I will unify the two nations.  Yes!  We will have to fight some of them but the large majority of Egypt will join in with us as one nation.  Keep your army and air force on the border until I call for them.”

World wide, Christians, for the most part, were outraged.  But leaders of the nations saw this as a way to end the hatred between Jews and Moslems.  Oil was no longer a Middle East weapon and their power was diminished.  Philip had defeated and disarmed the Moslem nations.  But hatred for Jews had not ended.  The Ten leaders that Philip had set up to judge and help nations were not wise enough to see the dangers of this man.  Only Peter II saw Julian for who he really was. 

Julian quickly won over the parliament of Egypt and most of the people.  Many Christians and some Jews left Egypt and went to France and Spain. Moslems and Jews joined together to kill all those who did not agree to join together as one nation and one religion.  Many died, but Egypt, Palestine and Israel became one nation. 

Julian and Rabbi Ullman went alone to Iran and with signs and wonders convinced the government and people of Iran that he was the twelfth prophet of Mohamed and the Christ.  Again many Christians, but not all, left Iran for Europe. 

Julian and the Iranian army marched into Saudi Arabia backed by the Israeli Air Force.  Without a fight he took over. Julian and the entire Iranian and Arabian Armies met in Mecca to pray and thank Allah.  While they were praying the Christians of Syria and Jordan left for Europe.

Julian then marched across the border to Jordan and took the country by force.  Even though they could not win, the Jordanians fought almost to the last man against Julian and his Iranian – Arabian Army.  

The President of Syria met in Jerusalem with Julian and Ullman.  He offered is support and joined in with Julian to become one nation with Jerusalem as the new capital of what was fast becoming a Middle East Empire.  Together they invaded Iraqi and defeated the only truly Democratic Country in the region.  

America, Europe and the rest of the world began to worry that a new Hitler was expanding in the Middle East but just as worry started to be the talk of the world, Julian stopped all aggression and began to re-build Jerusalem. 

Taking all the wealth of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran, Syria and Egypt, Julian’s plans were to make it the most beautiful city in the world.  This included re-building the Temple of Solomon to its former beauty.  There was no objection from the Moslems regarding the Dome of the Rock, for they saw it as a sign from Allah when the earthquake brought it down.  Now the Rock would be the High Altar of the Holy of Holies.

The world turned a blind eye to the new Middle Eastern Empire.  Julian continued to perform many signs and wonders including moving mountains in the city of Jerusalem and commanding rain for the farmers.  Even many Christians began to doubt their faith because of his miracles and the peace he brought to the Middle East. 

Julian was handsome with beautiful soft eyes.  He spoke in a gentle voice.  He did not advocate penance and sacrifice or even a humble and moral life.  Like the Moslem and Protestant faiths, he preached that if you believe in God nothing else matters.  To give example to others he took on many wives.

Julian moved hundreds of thousands of workers and equipment into Jerusalem. Gold and silver came in from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt.  Stones came across from Jordan.  Julian designed fountains like Rome and a river from the Temple through the streets of Jerusalem.  Fruit trees were brought in to decorate the centre of all the streets. A half mile around the Temple was outlawed to all cars and made for walking only with piped in music to the entire area. 

The outside walls of the great temple complex were built first covering an area hundreds of feet long and hundreds of feet wide with all the former buildings with it, but not the temple.  Moslem consultants were called in as advisers on what was to be kept and what to be removed so that the Temple would be both Jewish and Moslem.

Before starting the actual Temple, Julian decided it was time to expand his empire.  There remained seven Judges set up by Philip throughout the world and although they had no real power or countries of their own, they had great influence on the world.  Twice a year they met together to share problems and successes with each other.  Julian planned to attend one of these meetings.  He arranged to give a talk to these seven Judges.  They met in Cypress but the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem were secretly there to report back to Pope Peter II.

Julian came before the seven judges dressed in Rabbi Robes.  He had around his neck a gold chain with a five point Jewish star.  When he stepped forward to talk a rainbow of light appeared around him as though it was coming from his body.  He had the appearance of Jesus Christ as we see him in pictures and Icons.  He spoke with a deep but gentle voice:

“Judges of the world, God is pleased with what you have done to bring peace and government structure to the world. God has rewarded you with great prosperity in food and mild climate world wide.  All this is good and something to be proud of.  The one area of division that was never solved by you is the three great religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism and Muslimism. 

“Another area of concern that you have observed and worried about is the constant degeneration of faith and morals in the world over the last twenty years.  I know that you have been in dispute as to what to do about this problem.

“As you know I have solved the problem of Jews and Moslems in the Middle East and to some degree have won over a great many Christians to a single faith in God.  Peace and prosperity has come to the Middle East for the first time in 1500 years.  

“I am here to help bring this harmony and prosperity to the rest of the world.  I am here to help you and the entire world.”

Judge Giovanni of the European Zone stood to speak:

“Mr. Julian, what do we call you?  What title do you have in this newly created Middle East Nation?”


“I have no title. I am a religious leader and prophet but not a priest.” said Julian. “I am not a ruler, King or President.”


“How can you help us?  We are at peace throughout the world but we have a problem of a degeneration of morals because there is too much leisure time and life is too easy for people.”

Julian left the podium and walked back and forth with a smile on his face. Radiance increased over him until it glowed throughout the room changing from white to green to blue to red.  He was showing his power and impressing the judges or at least producing fear in them.   He went on:

“Why do you worry about the morals of the world?  The commandments in the Torah and Bible were given so that people would get along in peace.  You have peace.  No one is harming anyone else.  All these unreasonable rules that the Catholic Church or should I say, Pope Peter II, buts on people creates strife and disharmony.  It is the laws that create problems and not the actions of the people.  Did not God create sex and the pleasure of it?  Why do we have laws against it?  Did not God create food and the pleasure it gives?  Why do we have some laws against its use?  Yes! The laws were needed when we had no peace but we do not need these laws now.”

The judges took time out to talk with one another and began to argue back and forth.  Julian sat down waiting for them to come up with any argument against him, and he knew they would. 

Giovanni spoke for the seven judges:

“You are asking us to go against or disobey the Holy Father, Peter II.  It was the Pope and his Emperor, the late Philip, who brought peace to the world and stopped the wrath of God.  Are we to bring back God’s wrath for disobeying His Commandments?”

Julian stood up and went before the podium.  He put out his right hand, palm up and rays came out from it lighting on fire a group of small flags in a tall vase in the back of the room.  He then smiled at them:

“As I told you, I am God’s prophet and if you do not believe that I speak for God, then believe my power.  If Peter II can show you this power, believe him, but if not, believe me.  Get rid of these unreasonable laws and join in with me.  If you do not, the conflict between those having fun and those keeping these unreasonable laws will escalate into conflicts throughout the world.  Get rid of your obedience to Peter and have faith in God’s mercy.  God does not want people to suffer.  He wants them to be happy.”

Julian left the seven judges without waiting for an answer.  The world was mostly disarmed and except for America it had no armies.  But Julian had amassed a great and strong army with the resources of Saudi Arabia, one of the best armed countries in the world, and with Iran and Israel, two very well equipped armies.  While waiting a response from the seven judges, Julian brought Lebanon, Turkey and Afghanistan into his Empire.  Little by little he talked most of the former Soviet Union countries to join him, especially those countries that had large Moslem populations, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Krygyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

The seven judges met with Pope Peter II, and tried to talk him into changing the moral law as he had done to the marriage law for one generation.  They wanted marriage laws eliminated and the laws against fornication done away with.  They told him of the power that Julian showed and advised that Julian had put together a very large army.  The rest of the world was no longer equipped with armies.  The world’s population was under one billion and no one suffered want of anything.  The judges were afraid of Julian and told Peter the same.  But Peter II refused to change the moral laws of God:

“You are being blackmailed by power and signs and wonders.  Do you not know that the demons do these fake miracles?  You want me to deal with a demon.  I cannot change the laws of God even if I wanted to. I am the protector of these laws, not the maker of these laws.  I allowed a slight change in the marriage law because no law ever existed in the Old or New Testament on one wife. It was a Church law and not a theological bible law.  When it comes to Bible laws, Divine Laws, they cannot be changed.”

The judges were both afraid and impressed with Julian.  They, in fact, began to make excuses for his ideas and little by little believed in him.  They knew that if they sided with Julian they would be condemning Pope Peter II.  Signs and wonders carried the day, and all the seven judges asked to become part of Julian’s Empire.  Over the next year, Julian convinced most of the countries in the world.  Peter and the remnant Catholics left were isolated.

Julian continued at an enormously fast pace to build the Temple of Jerusalem.  The walls, pillars, and roof went up quickly.  Inside and outside all were covered in eighth inch gold plates two foot square with locking edges. At the same time the hundred foot tall curtain was being made by a large group of men and women.  The two giant angels were made in the city in three sections so that they could fit through the door.  The Holy of Holies was completed first and then the outer altar of incense.  Outside the Temple was built the large altar to burn and sacrifice the lambs.  Four gold elephants held up the outside altar of sacrifice serving as the four legs.  It was 30 feet long, 15 feet wide and 6 feet tall.  The total flat area around the Temple would fit six football fields.  Mega machines and thousands of workers finished the entire works in only 18 months. 

It was time to dedicate the Temple.  Thousands of Jewish Rabbis and Moslem Ulemas came dressed in all their best robes.  Gold and silver were brought as offerings to the treasury of the Temple.  Animals were killed by the thousands and brought to be offered in the outside altar of sacrifice. 

Black smoke went up from the huge fire of offerings until it almost covered the Temple.  The Gold of the Temple reflected the sun to the point it was hard to look directly at it. 

After prayers and offerings from the Rabbis and Ulemas, Julian got up to speak. Television cameras from all over the world covered the event.  From 70 AD there had been no temple.  Even Justin, the Apostate Emperor of Rome could not re-build it even though he tried.  This was a big event.  The Temple was not even completed at the time of Christ or at the time of its destruction by the Romans.  Now for the first time in thousands of years it was completed and ready for sacrifice.





The Continual Sacrifice  

Julian marched into the Temple.  Television Cameras followed him. Behind him went thousands of Jewish Rabbis and Moslem Ulemas in two lines all carrying incense burners and candles.  Large TV monitors were set up outside for all the people who could not get inside the temple.  The great Curtain was open in the center and you could see inside the Holy of Holies, where a perfect copy of the Ark of the Covenant sat on a raised altar.  Two large candles were on both sides.  Julian walked up the raised altar in front of the Ark of the Covenant.  He turned towards the Rabbis and Ulemas and then looked into the Television Cameras:

“Children of Jerusalem and the world, I have come to correct errors of faith and bring you into the kingdom of God now and forever.  I have come to give you eternal youth, daily happiness, and the pleasures of heaven on earth.”

Julian pointed to the outside altar through the doors where sacrifices were prepared.  Lightning shot out of his finger and hit the outside altar lighting up the sacrifices into a great roaring fire.  He then placed his hands over the oracle of the Ark of the Covenant and black smoke shot out of the hole filling the Holy of Holies with black smoke. Turning back to the cameras:

“You have now entered heaven on earth and the laws of the past are over. The prophet Jesus of Nazareth was not and is not the son of God. His followers made him to be a God and his Church is only superstitious heresy. 

“The true Christ has come into the world.  I am he. Your true God stands before you.  I am Christ and God.  There is only one God, and not three and that one God is me.  Your kingdom with God is here.”

He paused and the people gasped and became silent.  He had never said this before.  This was a hard saying.  He gave them time to grasp what he was saying and then went on:  

“In my kingdom you are allowed to do all that you please, renounce fasts and sacrifices.  All that is needed is that you love me.  You who believe in me will be pardoned of all sins even before you commit them and live with me eternally on earth. 

“Only two laws of Moses must be kept, the Circumcision and the Sabbath, or Saturday.  But the other restraints of the passions are no longer laws but gifts from me.  Freely love whomsoever you want so long as you believe and love me first. 

“The sacrifices known as the Liturgy or the Mass of the Catholics shall be outlawed throughout the world.  The Continual Sacrifice was symbolic of me, but I am now here.

I am the Continual Sacrifice and therefore the Mass is over and shall be no more.  It is outlawed throughout the world and whosoever offers or attends this Mass will be punished.

I am God and only images of me will be kept in the world.  All other images will be destroyed.”

He raised his hands up in a V shape and lightening came out from all parts of his body and fire from his eyes.  He sat on the Ark of the Covenant between the two angles so that they seemed to be pointing their wings at him and ordered the feast to begin.  At his command and as he had prepared, women stripped to the waste and poured wine on their bodies dancing in and out of the temple.  Hundreds of naked women and men danced erotically all over the streets to excite the lust of men and women.  Thousands of women went through the crowds giving out free wine and spirits. So is the real abomination of desolation as prophesied.  




Enoch and Elisa

When the Abomination of Desolation occurred in the Temple with Julian declaring himself the Christ and the one and only God, something else happened at the same moment.  Lightening came from the heavens to the earth on the top of a mount near Ephesus, in what was Turkey. A cloud of white smoke rose up where the lightening hit.  A group of Moslem and Christian tourists were there to honor the home and final resting place of the Virgin Mary.

When the smoke cleared the tourists were looking at two men dressed in century old clothes.  It was a sight so strange that they stood staring at them.  The tourists were frozen and could not move.

One of the men was over seven foot tall with at least a three foot black beard and long black hair. He had no gray hair.  He had no cover over his head, and his clothes were made of brown un-bleached lamb’s wool.  His robe came down just below his knees and his sleeves to just below his elbows. He had no belt. He looked even taller because of the man with him.

The other man was only about five feet tall.  He also had a long beard and long hair but it was pure white.  He had a hair rope belt around a long brown robe that went to the ground. 

It was a strange sight, a very tall man who looked young but with a beard of an old man, and the other very short with the looks of a very old and wrinkled man.  Finally the two men looked at the tourists and then at each other.  They talked with each other for a few moments and then walked towards the crowd of tourists.

The short man was Elias, the Thesbite, and he spoke first:  “You have come here to honor the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.  We are pleased.”

 Enoch, the tall man,  looked down at Elias: “We have made them quite frightened. Perhaps we should introduce ourselves.”  Looking gently at the group:

“I am Enoch and my little friend is Elias.  We have been sent by God to save people from their sins and bring people back to God.  We are the two lamp stands before God.”

One of the pilgrim tourists was well versed in Scripture:

“You – you are the prophet from before Noah and the flood, the one that did, did not die?”  She whispered the words and then almost choked on the last two.

“Yes!  And my little friend has not died either.”

“He was taken up to Heaven in a chariot.” She was getting braver. 

“Well! He was taken up to Paradise but not to Heaven.” Enoch placed his large hand on Elias’ small shoulder. 

“We have been watching and recording the works of man from Paradise for these many years preparing for these last days.” Enoch spoke with great kindness in his voice. 

Paradise?  If Paradise is not Heaven, what is it?”  She looked up at the sky in the direction they came from.  The rest of the people stood without saying anything and wanting to run away but unable to move. Even though they spoke many languages they all understood everything that was being said.

“Well! My sweet lady, it is not Heaven.  We must die in Christ before we can enter Heaven and we have not died yet.  Paradise was once on Earth, but after the man’s first sin it was taken off Earth and placed in a secret place. Had man not sinned you would still be in Paradise and never die but just be brought up body and soul to Heaven. Now all must die first including us.  From Paradise we have waited and worked on recording the works of man on earth for all these years.”

Elias, although small in stature, spoke with a strong, masculine and authoritative voice that demanded respect and attention:

“How ungrateful the world continues to be.  God has continually said from the time of Enoch to the time of Christ that if you keep the Commandments of God, He will give you peace and prosperity.  God also told you that if you did not He would bring war and strife to you in order to bring you back to His laws.

“Over and over throughout history when there was great peace and prosperity the people forgot God.  This era is no different.  Did not you parents and some of your older people go through the great Chastisement and into the greatest peace and prosperity since the Garden of Eden?

“But what happened, you forgot God and His Commandments.  You abandoned His Sacraments. You have accepted the demon, Julian, as your God.  Julian, who mocks Christ and His Continual Sacrifice of the Mass, called himself god, but he is possessed with no other than Satan, himself.”

The group of tourists were shocked at Elias’ statements.  They came to honour Mary but not as the Mother of God, but only as the mother of the prophet, Christ.  Julian had convinced them with his miracles and gentle talk that he was God and that Jesus was only a prophet.  They could not answer Elias but remained confused and silent.  Elias became angrier about the stupidity of the people:

“In spite of the fact that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, proved His Divinity by countless miracles by Himself and by his disciples and apostles you have rejected Him for a demon who gives illusions instead of miracles.  You did this to yourself even before the coming of the demon, Julian, by abandoning the very source of grace and wisdom, the Sacrifice of Our Lord in the Mass, and therefore lost the grace to see or hear the truth.

“This accursed one is sent by the devil in order to lead men into error.  We have been preserved by God at a secret place, where we did not experience the suffering of men.  We are now sent by God in order to oppose the heresy of this destroyer.  Look, if we resemble you in stature and age.”

 Enoch put his large hand on Elias’ head and spoke kindly to the people:

“Julian is possessed by Satan, himself, and is the Antichrist and the enemy of God.  We have come to fight his heresy and convert you people back to the true God.  We have come with the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit is not illusions but real. 

“After God punished the world for its sins, He tilted the earth in order to bring the perfect weather that produced all the prosperity that you now have.  But you have abused this peace and prosperity and so it will end.”

Enoch raised his arms to the heavens and commanded the sun to darken.  Suddenly a black ball appeared in the sky and moved in front of the sun, and darkness fell over Ephesus.  The people became frightened and huddled together in silent fear.  But Enoch had compassion for them and smiled at them.  He raised his arms to the heavens again and the black ball disappeared to bring back the sun. 

Elias was not so compassionate with them and pointed down the side of the mountain.  Suddenly the entire valley flamed up on fire with black smoke engulfing the valley.  Enoch smiled at his enthusiasm and waved his hand so that Elias would put out the fire and he did.  Enoch addressed the people again with kindness:

“Repent of your sins and return to Jesus.  Tell everyone that you can that we will go to Tiberius in Israel to speak to the people there.  We will travel from there to Jerusalem to confront Satan and his prophet, Julian.”

Right before their eyes Enoch and Elias disappeared. The people ran down the hill to the city and told everyone what they had seen.  The Television Station broadcast their ranting and raving as if it were nothing but illusions but much of the world reflected on it and many went to Tiberius to see if they would show up. Julian sent ten of his demon possessed men to investigate and/or even kill the two witnesses.

But Enoch and Elias did not go directly to Tiberius. Instead they appeared at the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  Pope Peter II was just finishing Mass at the main altar.  He turned to give his final blessing and spotted the two out of place prophets standing there.  The Holy Father knew immediately who they were.  Few were in the Basilica but those there could not help but be astounded at the sight of these two unusual men. 

Peter walked down the stepped of the altar and bowed before the prophets:

“You are Enoch and Elias.  I have expected you.  Have you brought instructions for me from Our Lord?”

Elias spoke but this time with some kindness:

“Yes! Our Lord wants you to leave Rome and bring with you all those who have not followed the Antichrist.  You will have to contact all the bishops throughout the world to meet you in Malta as soon as possible.”

Peter lowered his head:

“The great persecution of Christians is about to start?”

Enoch placed his two large hands gently on Peter’s shoulders:

“Yes!  We are about to close up the skies and end the prosperity on earth.  Julian will then order the mark of the beast and start martyring those who refuse the mark. God will send his angels to protect you and those with you.”

At that moment Peter was able to see with human eyes a large crowd of angles dressed in white with gold breast plates and helmets on them and carrying large gold swords.  Around Peter and the angels appeared a bubble of light encompassing them all. 

“Wherever you go this shield of light and the warrior angels will go with you so that the demons that help the Antichrist will not be able to find you. Malta will be a safe heaven for all Christians until the end of the world.  Whoever goes to Malta will be protected even in their trip to Malta.  There you will be able to offer Mass openly but everywhere else it will have to be underground. The demons, who report to the Antichrist, will not even be able to see you there.  The angels will take care of your needs.”

Peter bowed his head in obedience to God’s message but was sad because he knew that soon would be the biggest persecution of Christians in the history of the world.  As prophesied more Christians would be martyred in the next three years than in all the rest of the history of the Church.  Enoch and Elias bowed in respect to Peter II and disappeared.  

Peter II started calling all bishops throughout the world, and those bishops who believed and obeyed him passed this on to priests and their people.  Only about 25% of the bishops were left who had not abandoned the Church.  Demons tried to listen in to these conversations in order to report back to Julian their plans, but all the conversations by phone or person to person were protected as if in a bubble and the demons could not hear or understand. 

Enoch and Elias then appeared in the main square of Tiberius in Israel. Thousands of people were already in the square waiting for them.  Included with the people were the spies sent by Julian.  The people saw a sudden burst of lightening hit the centre of the square and then a puff of white smoke.  When the smoke breezed away the two prophets were seen standing there.

Elias spoke to the Jews standing there quoting the Old Testament prophets showing them that they were wrong in expecting an earthly king, when, in fact, Jesus fulfilled all OT prophesies as a suffering and redeeming Christ. He talked for over an hour and everyone listened quietly because of the way they appeared.

Enoch spoke to the Christians and Moslems explaining how he was taken up to Paradise and why the world was destroyed by the flood.  He explained that Adam lived to see his day and died in Enoch’s arms.  He explained that Adam was a giant of a man and that had Enoch lived longer he would have been much bigger than his seven feet because in those days people never stopped growing as long as they lived.  He addressed the commandments written on their hearts before God had to put it down in stone because of the hardness of hearts.

He explained the power of demons and why Julian was a demon leading them to Hell. He explained that God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth was the Catholic Church and that only through God’s Earthly Kingdom could they make it to God’s Heavenly Kingdom after death. 

Julian’s spies then tried to kill the two prophets and came at them in mass but ran into an invisible wall almost knocking them all out.  Getting up they again tried to penetrate the shield that they could not even see. Touching an invisible wall but could not pass through, they backed off. 

Again Elias spoke:

“Because of the sins of the people of the world, God has authorised us to end the great prosperity that he has given the world decades ago.  Because of your sins you no longer deserve this prosperity.  We will shut up the rains throughout the world.  Those who believe us should start right now to stock up food because in a few months food will be hard to find.  We are going now to shut up the heavens, but we will return to Israel city by city until we arrive in Jerusalem to fight the Antichrist, Julian.”

Again lightening hit the centre of the square and the two prophets disappeared.

Enoch reappeared in the centre of the South Pole and Elias appeared in the centre of the North Pole.  Both at the same time held out their hands to the heavens and the Earth began to shift.  The already shift of the magnetic North and South Poles creating the improved world wide weather began to shift again so that the Poles were moved towards the intense heat of the sun.  The great ice caps immediately began to melt and the rotation of the earth slowed down so that a day increased from 24 hours to 30 hours.  At the same time Gravitation increased by 20% causing work and movement to be harder. A 150 lb man or woman suddenly became 180 lbs.

The melting of the ice caps started the raising of the oceans floors again and swamping the coast lines even more.  As the ice caps disappeared, the winds disappeared.  This prevented the movement of rain from the oceans to the land.  Suddenly rain throughout the world ended. 

Immediately it was noticed world wide that the days were longer and that because of the increased gravitation people were heavier and more sluggish.  The longer day without water dried up the vegetation and in some areas the animals died from the heat very quickly.  People who listened to the two prophets started quickly to pick and store whatsoever they could find before it dried up from the heat.

The two prophets again returned to Israel at the Sea of Galilee and continued preaching against the Antichrist:

“Because of the sins of the world, mostly for accepting and worshipping a false god, Julian, we have shut off the rains and it will not rain again until we have completed our mission of bringing back the children to their fathers, the priests of the Catholic Church.”

Fear of the Lord spread throughout the world and cameras followed the two prophets as they preached and quoted the Scriptures.  They performed miracles everywhere they went convincing many that they were the true prophets of God.  Constant attempts on their lives were made by Julian’s hit-men but lightening always stuck their enemies dead before any harm could come to them. This also was televised.  The killing of Julian’s men by lightening was impressive to the people.

Julian was informed of all that Enoch and Elias were doing including the change to the world and the shutting up of rain.  He ordered his armies to go quickly throughout the world to gather all the food he could and bring it to Jerusalem.  In Jerusalem he ordered large food storage building constructed.  Hundreds of thousands of people worked on both projects and food poured into Jerusalem. 

During these months of world wide famine the two prophets continued to preach in the cities of Israel and the surrounding countries all the way south to Jericho and inland to Baghdad.  Moving quickly, performing miracles and often televised, soon everyone in the world knew their message and fight against the Antichrist.  The two voices had the same message, one with power and the other with gentle persuasion.  

Julian ordered world wide television coverage of a speech he was about to make:  He sat on the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies with cameras all around him.  He now wore a golden crown and held a golden staff.  He dressed in a gold trimmed white silk robe.  He put on his most gentle voice and best smiling eyes:

“My children of the world,

“As you know two demons have come to shut off the rain of the world and to bring misery to its people.  I would defeat these two now, but it worries me that some of you believe their lies.  I cannot, I will not help those of you who have believed them and rejected me.  To help and feed my people I ask everyone to come to Jerusalem and here I will give you food and take care of you like my little children.

“In order to know who among you still recognise me as God and those who have believed these two demons, I ask only one small thing of my loyal children.

“Come here and show your faith in me and your rejection of these two demons.  I, in turn, will give you a permanent mark that will allow you to have free food if you need it and to buy and sell throughout the world.  In time, those without my seal of faith will be characterized as united with these two demons.  They will not be able to buy food. Free transportation will be given to all who come here to my Temple.”

For the next months people from all over the world marched into the temple making a pledge of faith in Julian as god, and being tattooed on the right hand and the forehead.  The sign of the cross was outlawed.  The sacraments, especially the Mass was outlawed, even marriage.  The promise was heaven on earth without anything being called sin except not accepting Julian as god.  After being marked they were brought into a great hall where they could feast on great tables of food and wine.  Hundreds of cooks and waiters continued to bring food to the tables for months until all were marked that came.

The Holy Father, Peter II, went to Malta.  All of Malta was protected by an invisible shield so that demons could not even see the Island.  Bishops, priests, nuns and faithful came to the Island. They occupied themselves in prayer and sacrifice praying for the end of the Antichrist and the coming of the Lord.  They prayed as Enoch and Elias fought the war for the souls of Jews, Moslems and fallen Catholics.  They also prayed for all those who refused to be marked by the beast because they knew they would suffer and die at the hands of the Antichrist.

After all who wanted to come to the Temple and be marked by Julian on the right hand and the forehead had come, Julian ordered that everyone in the world should come to the Temple before the year was out.  Anyone not found with the mark on them would be arrested and brought by force to the Temple.

With the help of demons, Julian’s henchmen went through the world seeking out anyone who was not marked and seizing them.  People tried to hide in the mountains but the demons helped Julian’s henchmen and informed them of where these people were hiding.  Only those with Peter II were spared this search and capture.

Enoch and Elias now had a very hard job convincing people to come to the true faith.  Everyone who denounced Julian and accepted the faith in God knew that they would be tormented and killed for their faith.

Julian offered lust, pleasure and gluttony in exchange for worship. Enoch and Elias offered sacrifice and death in exchange for faith in the true God.  In spite of this, by sound logical preaching backed by powerful miracles the two prophets were converting many day by day.  This was angering Julian more and more until he became a raving beast.  Every attempt by Julian to have them killed failed. 

Conversion to the faith in Jesus Christ was especially successful with the Jews because Enoch explained plainly what occurred before the flood and how he introduced into the world the science of writing. He explained the reasons for creation that the relationship between the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and the symbolic sacrifices of the lambs.  He then showed that Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, was the fulfilment of this symbolism. He showed how the Liturgy of the Mass was the continuation of Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary and the Continual Sacrifice as prophesied in Daniel. He explained how the Tree of Life made us united with God and gives us the right to Heaven.

Elias showed by quoting Scripture that the Catholic Church and the Tabernacles throughout the world is the Kingdom of God prophesied and that Christ’s physical presence in these Tabernacles is what makes it a Kingdom without walls and make it the fulfilment of “God amongst us”. 

He explained how Christ’s blood was the new covenant with his people and how Baptism was the continuation and replacement of the law of circumcision.  He went on to explain prophesies of Daniel and how they prophesied Julian as the Antichrist and how he was possessed by Satan, himself.

Julian continued to torture and kill all who refused to worship him and receive the mark of this worship.  He no longer put on the face of a kind and holy man but now took on the face of a violent and angry beast. Even the Jews who were the first to accept him as the Christ began to doubt him but continued to fear him.

Finally Enoch and Elias arrived in Jerusalem preaching to the Jews and everyone else who came to the city.  Their logical arguments regarding the fulfilment of Scripture converted many if not most of the Jews.  Julian’s anger increased and he sent his army against them.  Fire and lightening came out of heaven destroying every soldier that came against them.  They continued to preach all through the city moving closer and closer to the Temple. 

Finally they marched up the long steps of the Temple and through the doors towards the Holy of Holies and no one could stop them.  Fear fell on Julian’s inner circle of ministers and guards.  Julian stood on the altar with fire in his eyes.  Enoch and Elias confronted him face to face.

“Son of Satan, your standing there is the Abomination of Desolation prophesied by Daniel and John.  You do not fool us by your lies and promises.  All you have to offer to these people and yourself is eternity in Hell where you will burn in the fires forever and ever.

“All the evil of the world culminates in you who are totally possessed by Satan and his demons.  You can pretend to be god, but your reign is almost over and you will soon be rewarded for your evil with the pits of Hell.  Your god, Satan, will join you in the fires of Hell.”

Julian became furious. Lightening and fire came forth from him lighting up the entire Temple.  He tried to personally attach the prophets but all his attempts with bolts of lightening from his hands were blocked by their shield.  He ran around them personally trying to penetrate the shield but could not.  His anger increased to obsession. 

Enoch and Elias walked calmly out of the inner temple with Julian ranting and raving after them but unable to do anything to them.  The people saw this and all realised that Julian was not god and that the two prophets had more power then he did.  They came out before the altar of sacrifice and looked up to Heaven giving thanks and praise to God for protecting them and letting them confront the beast without harm. 

A great light came out of the sky over them and they seemed to be listening to a voice from Heaven.  All observed that they were talking to God.  They bowed their heads in obedience to what God was telling them. The shield protecting them disappeared. 

Julian sensed that the shield was gone.  He ran back into the Temple and grabbed a sword.  Running out like a mad man he attacked and stabbed the seven foot tall Enoch, who stood facing him.  Enoch smiled and lay down on the Altar of Sacrifice and died.  Julian ran the sword into the small Elias right through the heart.  Elias looked at him with pity and fell against the Altar and died. 

Julian jumped up and down like a mad man waving his arms around like he was swiping at invisible flies.

“See, see, these demons have no power over me.”

But Julian could see that the people were not responding to him.  He could see that he lost them. They were no longer looking at him as god.  He left the open square and went alone into the Temple.

Television cameras came in from all over the world to televise and report on the death of Enoch and Elias as they zoomed in on the two strange looking men stretched out on the Altar of Sacrifice like two lambs. 

The actual moment of their death by Julian and his ranting and raving was played world wide over and over.  Julian was loosing his fallowing day by day as people reflected on his demonic look as he killed the two prophets.

This was not the actions of a confident and calm god.  Julian did not come out of the Temple for three days and did not allow anyone inside.  Everyone world wide just silently watched and wondered about the death of the two people who seemed to have so much power and yet seemed to even allow Julian to kill them.  Everyone wondered about these strange events but came up with no answers except that Julian did not seem to be the same as when they believed in him.  Some looked at the mark on their right hand and regretted it. 

Television cameras were glued to the two prophets but reporters avoided saying anything against Julian.  They asked where these two came from and why they seemed to welcome death.  They had claimed to shut off the rains and as a matter of fact, it had not rained for over two years world wide. 

On Sunday many in the world were watching television around the world.  Some were expecting Julian to come out of the Temple after three days and to say something.  Others were watching for some explanation of the strange events where Julian at first seemed to have no power over them but then in the end he was able to kill them.  Jerusalem was calm as a grave.

Suddenly right before the cameras the seven foot tall Enoch opened his eyes.  He raised his large hands and crossed them over his chest.  Elias then opened his eyes and sat up on the Altar of Sacrifice.  Enoch said something to Elias and they got up and stood on top of the Altar looking up to Heaven. 

The world was watching as the two men came back to life after three days and stood on the Altar saying nothing.  They looked to the sky and then a star appeared over them.  Rays of light came from the star towards them.  Engulfed in these rays they slowly rose up off the Altar and little by little their bodies and robes turned into shinning white light.  They continued to rise slowly up into the sky. 

Suddenly Julian came running out of the Temple for the first time in three days.  He had been watching television.  He was furious and looking up at the two prophets ascending to the heavens, he began to curse.  Silence engulfed the crowds of people as the two prophets disappeared in the heavens. The star and its light faded away.  The cameras stayed on the empty sky for a long time.  Julian began to scream and blaspheme and the cameras turned to him.  His face was demonic and he was shaking all over like someone about to have an epileptic attack.

“These two impostures cannot get away from me.”  He was shaking a fist towards the sky.  “I will rise to the heavens and take them down and kill them again.  Come back here tomorrow and see me rise to the heavens and bring them back to earth where I will burn them on this altar.”

Julian stomped back into the Temple. 

The next day he gathered together a large group of people to show his power and bring back his glory with the people.  In the sight of crowds standing around and listening he ordered the high strata of the sky to lift him up during his ascension into heaven.  World wide television followed him.

With arms raised up he ascended up to the heavens and disappeared in the distance.  Cameras kept glued to the empty sky but nothing more.  Silence engulfed the world waiting for something to happen.  Ten minutes passed by but still nothing. 

Suddenly a spot was seen where Julian had disappeared.  The spot took on the looks of a comet as fire started coming out from it.  It was coming right at the Temple.  As it got bigger and bigger you could see that it was Julian burning and screaming as he crashed towards the earth. 

Julian was burning and falling.  He crashed right dead centre of the Altar of Sacrifice cracking in two the iron frame of the Altar but it stood in place without caving in.  The sound of the crash was like thunder and then there was a great silence.  The cameras were glued on the Altar.  Then moving closer to look into the Altar, the cameras saw the flames of the fire slowly become smaller and smaller until they went out.  Left was a face down burnt and nude body completely black and burnt.  The total body looked like a large black worm so distorted that it hardly resembled a human person.   Silence all over the world lasted a long time.  

Then someone said:  “It is over.  The persecution is over.  We are free of him and the persecution.”  He was right and soon everyone started to rejoice and hug each other.  Some went down on their knees and gave thanks to God and others danced in the streets.  

At that moment a small cloud came over Jerusalem and grew and grew until it became a white covering of the sky.  Then for the first time in two years, the sky opened up and rain started pouring down.  People stood in the rain with arms up in the sky crying and laughing for the drought was over.  Smiles and laughter filling Jerusalem as people kept their faces turned up into the rain.




The End of the World

The rain fell throughout the world and on Malta.  Seeing the rain come down Pope Peter II realized that his shield of protection was gone and that the Antichrist was dead.  The famine was over.  Rome was destroyed by the Antichrist so he could not return there.  All attention was on Jerusalem so he thought he might go there, but an inner voice told him to stay where he was in Malta and wait. 

Throughout the world, people were rejoicing, dancing and feasting.  Those who could not marry during the time of the Antichrist called priests to come and marry them.  The Holy Mass came back into the open and many went daily to the Sacrifice of Calvary.  Those who had the mark of the beast on their right hands and forehead did not come back to the sacraments but despaired of forgiveness and seemed to lack in grace.  Sorrow engulfed them and they could not rejoice.  Everyone believed that peace had returned to the earth.  They went back to a normal life but with almost daily merrymaking. 

On the 45th day after the death of the Antichrist the sky was blue with scattered white clouds drifting slowly around.  It was calm and beautiful.  But slowly the sky parted like a zipper and a pure white light came forth from a line in the sky from the Eastern horizon to directly above everyone’s head. 

Everyone on earth turned their eyes to the sky and calmly looked at the strange sight.  As the opening spread their appeared a large cross of pure white light and on the cross was Christ Crucified also in pure white light.  For over an hour everyone on the face of the earth could see him but no one said a word.  They just looked at Him with wonder at what they were seeing.  After the hour Christ came off the cross and changed into a robed and glorified Christ. 

He lifted up His hand towards the earth.  Suddenly in the twinkling of an eye half the people on the earth disappeared.  People who were standing together suddenly were standing alone.  One disappeared and the other remained standing.  All over the world over a hundred million people disappeared and a hundred million remained.  All who had the mark of the beast disappeared.

Fear and wonder attacked those remained on earth and they looked up to the sky again.  Christ again raised his right hand with His palm up and motioned to come.  Suddenly the people on earth could see hundreds of millions of bodies come up out of the ground ascending to the sky.  In the sky they could see the bodies and souls meet and fuse together continuing past Christ into the heavens. 

Again Christ pointed towards the earth and bodies and souls came up out from the centre of the earth and past Christ into the heavens.  The people on earth wondered at this site but were not afraid.

Christ looked down at all the people left on earth.  He held out both arms towards them and they started lifting off the ground.  Slowly everyone left on earth rose towards Christ body and soul.  Peter II was the first to reach Christ and gathered the rest with him and they all floated past Christ into the upper heavens.  As they lifted up they gradually changed into transparent many colored bright and beautiful light.

When all were gone into the Heavens Christ waved His hand and arm in a sweeping motion and the earth burst into a ball of fire just like the sun.  He waved His hand again across the sky and every star in the heavens disappeared including the earth, moon and sun. 

This is His Second Coming. 

He then ascended to the upper heaven.  Trillions of people and angels awaited Him.  Again He waved His hand and the entire Heavenly Jerusalem changed from a pure spiritual sphere to a physical and spiritual Kingdom with both physical and spiritual beings and things. 

There Christ rained with His people in the New Heaven and New Earth forever and ever, amen.