The Ark of Apocalypse


Paris Burning

When Philip’s army reached the outskirts of Paris, the sun was setting over the mountains and caused a beautiful red glow. Before he arrived at the bridge that would allow him to see Paris a man came running towards him from the city.

“Where are you going?  Don’t come any closer. Go back.”

“Calm down, my friend. What’s the problem?”

“Stranger, have you not heard? Paris is gone. There is no more Paris. Disease and death are everywhere.”

Philip looked around at his twelve captains. “Camp here.”

Then he summoned Father Merlin. “Let’s see this city.”

Merlin, Simon and Philip climbed the last hill before the bridge. The stranger followed. On top Philip saw Paris or what was left of it. The Eiffel Tower lay fractured across the Seine River towards the Muses du Louvre. Notre Dame was totally destroyed, with only parts of its back walls still standing. Behind the Palais de Chaillot, which was gone, was a hole in the ground a mile across, and the Seine River was diverted into the hole so that it looked like a perfectly round lake. Out from the hole, in every direction, the once shapely earth was completely flattened as far as Philip could see. The city was totally gone, annihilated. Small fires were still burning here and there, but Philip could see no other movement.

“What happened?” Philip addressed the man but didn’t take his eyes off the remnants of the city.

“I don’t know.” Electric power had been out for weeks. No one had fuel to run their cars. Mobs ran the streets killing and looting. One day, bishops, priests, and nuns went around warning all good people to leave Paris quickly. I went with them. Most of us went into the mountains towards Lourdes.  On the way I could hear the blast, and the sky turned red.  It happened only two days ago. Some say the bomb was planted in a truck with a timer. I don’t know, but it was atomic. I saw the mushroom.”

“I expected this.” Merlin interrupted without looking around at anyone.

“What do you mean? You expected this? If you knew about this, why did we come here?” Philip was confused.

“No! I didn’t know. I expected. I knew Paris would be destroyed someday.” Merlin turned around. “You see, this is the modern Babylon, just as Jerusalem was the Babylon of Apocalypse (The woman on the Scarlet Beast). The woman was Jerusalem, who used (rode the back) the Romans to persecute the New Christians. There have been many Babylons throughout history. Pompey was a type of Babylon, since it was the playground of the Romans and was filled with corruption, especially homosexuality. God destroyed Pompey at the same time He was letting Rome destroy Jerusalem, the True Babylon.”

Merlin turned around to see Philip’s reaction. But Philip had heard so many strange things in the past few days that he was no longer surprised at anything that Merlin said.

Babylon produced the seven Religions of Satan, Satanism, Astrology, Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Divination, and spiritualism. After Babylon was destroyed, the seven oriental religions sprang up in only seventy years. Think about that.”

Paris is a type of Babylon since it has been the mother of the modern Satanic religions, Evolution, Social Evolution, Communism, Racism, the theory of a supreme race, which in turn produced Hitler. Out of the womb of Paris came Rationalism, Liberalism, Atheism and finally Marxism. Paris bred Modernism, from all the way back to the reign of Louis XV, when philosophers where entertained in the fashionable drawing rooms of the rich in the Latin Section, called that because everyone communicated with each other in Latin.

“Simone de Beauvoir, also from Paris, whose writings were accepted throughout the world, is a good example of how one city could contaminate the whole world. The Psychological seduction of the western world came from Paris. Its destruction, like Pompay, was inevitable.

“The two wars and the split of Germany were caused (as many prophets have said) because of Martin Luther. Paris (many prophets have also said) would be totally destroyed because of the corruption she has spread, and the blood of martyrs, including the Templars, and later the French Revolution.”

Philip continued to stare at the rubble that was once Paris as he got to his feet. If he hadn’t known that Paris was a city, he would never have been able to tell that a thriving city was there a few days before. “Well, we must go on.” He called the stranger over and gave him a copy of the letter from the Holy Father. “Go to the people in the mountains and tell them I have been sent to stop this war and to bring peace. I am heading towards Lorraine. Those who will join me, have them meet me there.”

Philip was hoping to use Paris to create a government in France and re-establish a national police force and rules for peace. Because of the radiation it would be many years before anyone could enter Paris for any reason. It was easy to figure that Iran had planted this bomb in Paris because they were the only country that could do it and had any reason for it. Iran was out to take over the world for their new and last prophet. Only insanity would explain this and the entire Radical Islam was only insanity.

He left in haste. Philip addressed Merlin again. “I need to talk to all the French people at once. Where can we find a radio or television station that has not been destroyed?”

“I don’t know, but we can find a radio or television and listen in. We’ll find out if anyone is broadcasting from anywhere.”

The station they found and took over was just east of Paris. The station director had been forced to keep it operating by street gangs and was glad to see the Knights and priest. He beamed into a French satellite so that they could reach all of France. However, without Philip realizing it, countries throughout the world would be monitoring off the same satellite, and then re-broadcasting the same message. When all was ready, Philip, still in his Templar robe, stood before the camera. The station director announced for thirty minutes over and over for the people of France to listen to a very important announcement. When he felt that enough people would be listening, he motioned to Philip that he was on.

Philip looked at the camera for a while not knowing how to start. He decided he had better open him mouth or all would be lost.