Following is a sampling of the many questions asked of Unity Publishing. Please return regularly for updates.

1. Why are there so many apparitions today?

2. What does Satan gain by making people holier? Don't the fruits of an apparition prove it's from God?

3. Publishers claim that they can publish without an Imprimatur since the index was done away with. Is that true?

4. Please comment on the statement of Pope Urban VIII (17th Century) "It's better to believe than not to believe."

5. Why should we listen to bad bishops?

6. If it's better to listen to God than man, why should we obey a bishop?

7. Why is obedience the main criteria for discerning if an apparition is true or false?

8. I have seen miracles with my own eyes. Doesn't that prove it's from God?

9. Are there any miracles that devils cannot perform?

10. With so many people claiming to witness miracles in Medjugorje, how can you say it's a fraud?

11. Even when an apparition is declared false, don't people receive graces from their prayers and fasts?

12. What is the first sign to look for in any apparition?

13. My parish priest has said that Medjugorje has far too many messages for it to be from God. Why should that matter?

14. Because many other bishops believe in Medjugorje, why should we listen to the bishop of Mostar?

15. Why shouldn't I just wait until Rome speaks?

16. Medjugorje teaches that all religions are God's religions; even Mohammedism. Muslims and Protestants don't have to obey bishops or popes. Is pluralism Catholic?

17. Do you believe in the "prophetic signs" mentioned at Medjugorje and Garabandal?

18. Why did Cardinal Ratzinger condemn Vassula Ryden?

19. Does Mary only appear to holy people?

20. How can these seers be false when they appear so holy?

21. Bishop Zanic said he knew Medjugorje was false because the seers did not obey him? That seems arrogant.

22. Bishop Zanic's report makes a big deal out of the children changing their stories. Why is this so important?

23. Should seers always suffer after an apparition?

24. What harm is there in taking a pilgrimage to Medjugorje?

25. Are SACRAMENTALS good weapons to use against demons?

26. Your film makes much of the houses on"Millionaire's Row", home to the Medjugorje seers. They have to put up with a lot from other people. Why shouldn't they have some comfort?

27. You take issue with the way Theresa Lopez dresses. What's wrong with wanting nice things?

28. You people lack charity. Why are you attacking these good people?

29. Can Satan perform miracles? What can't he do?

30. Since God can do whatever He wants, why couldn't He use anyone to receive a heavenly message?

31. Some priests advise against trusting true and approved apparitions.

32. How can you state that Betania is true, but Maria Esperanza is not? Isn't that a contradiction in logic?

33. Why would Satan fake an apparition that leads people closer to God?

34. What you should ask is "What is SATAN'S MASTER PLAN?"

35. Can you make discernment simple?

36. Who are the true mystics, and what are the true apparitions?

37. What about today? What apparitions and mystics are false today?

38. Do you have any personal sign that you look for in discerning apparitions?

39. Do you believe in the Chastisement and Christ's second coming?

40. How do you know all this?

41. So what if Satan knows about the chastisement?

42. What is the danger of a false apparition?



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