The following articles have been compiled from a variety of independent sources. If you are genuinely interested in discerning the truth about this issue, please take the time to scan as many of the links as possible.  All faithful Catholic are trying to be obedient to the Holy Father, to adore the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, to embrace true devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and to practice the devotion to the Divine Mercy. The only issue that seriously divides many of these good Catholic people is Medjugorje.

All of the humble testimonies below reflect the most honest and heartfelt convictions. We respectfully present them for your consideration. Truth enters the mind quietly, by the strength of it's own truth. If you have a testimony of your own that you would like to submit  - please send it!

Medjugorje Investigation by Richard Salbato

Official Facts on Medjugorje (complete outline)

Medjugorje, The Actual Situation Today 3-2010

Benedict's 2009 Crackdown on Apparitions

The "Saint" Jozo Zovko and his Sex-Affairs

Purification Has Started

The True Queen of Peace Shrine

Pope to crack down on Alleged Apparitions

Time to Tell the Truth about Medjugorje

Vatican on Father Tomislav Vlasic

Medjugorje and the Vatican 2008

Crackdown on Medjugorje

Medjugorje Evaluated In New Study  James Likoudis

True Devotion or Idol Worship

Pope Benedict on Medjugorje 2-28-2006

The Vatican's Voice on Apparitions in 2006

In Defense of Medjugorje and My Response

Reliable Medjugorje Websites

Bishop on Medjugorje May 2004

The Great Apostasy  by Dave Hughes

Meet the Deceivers - The Fallen Angels 

To Believe in Medjugorje is like ... Being In Love   By Mark Waterinckx

History of Medjugorje   by John Loughman

http://members.lycos.co.uk/jloughnan Great Web Site


My Years in Medjugorje  Testimony of a Local Medjugorje Resident

The Truth About Medjugorje  By Bishop Zanic; Bishop of Medjugorje 1977 - 1993

Final Decision from ROME  by Bishop Peric; Bishop of Medjugorje 1993 - Present  (Decree Removing Franciscans)

"Throne of Wisdom"  By Bishop Peric, 1995: Criteria for Discerning Medjugorje

Medjugorje: An Experienced Perspective  by Rick Salbato

Medjugorje & Logic by Brian Hughes 1

Medjugorje & Logic by Brian Hughes 2

Medjugorje & Logic by Brian Hughes 3

Medjugorje & Logic by Brian Hughes 4

Medjugorje & Logic by Brian Hughes 5

Medjugorje & Logic by Brian Hughes 6

Questions about Medjugorje by Mr. Craig Heimbichner

Medjugorje - Old Lies - New Admissions  by Mr. Craig Heimbichner

Medjugorje and The Light Bearer  by Mr. Craig Heimbichner

The "Fruits" of Medjugorje

Composing Heaven's Messages: Fr. Vlasic caught authoring "messages" on film

After the War, Miracles and Mutiny by James Drake

Franciscans Plan To Separate From Rome

Medjugorje To Create Separate State

Fake Bishop performs bogus "Confirmation"

Communiqué from Chancellor Don Ante Laburic of Mostar

Falsehood on Film: The Chancery of Mostar speaks out against the film "Gospa"

Laurentin Visits Bishop Peric: Catholic information agency

Medjugorje "Messages" at the Service of the "Affair of Herzegovina"

Official Bulletin of the Province of Herzegovinian

The Medjugorje Miracle: Written by:  Don Luka Pavlovic, General Vicar, Mostar

Private Visits to Inauthentic Apparitions

Medjugorje Bank Raided by Daytona Peace Keeping Army

Caritas of Birmingham, Alabama

Deadly Apparition

Medjugorje and the Light Bearer

Medjugorje and Pedophiles

Better to Believe Than Not to Believe ?

Medjugorje Outline

A Dance on the Volcano by Mark Waterinckx

Medjugorje Franciscans Disobey Church

Porno Web Site For Priests & Medjugorje

Over 1000 Deaths In Uganda: The Africa - Medjugorje Connection

Bishop Zanic's Official Pronouncement on Medjugorje: 1987

'The Truth about Medjugorje' by Bishop Pavao Zanic, 1990

Bishop Peric's Pronouncement Concerning Discerning Medjugorje: 1995

Synopsis of Links on Medjugorje: History, Scandal and Logic

Strange but True: Authentic Mystical Discernment