What is

The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart?

A massive Study

The "Social Agenda" of the teachings of the Catholic Church contains 75 documents of the magisterium, beginning with St. Clement and St. Augustine, and including recent popes such as Leo XIII and others from the 20th century. It addresses all dimensions of the Church's social teaching and is now available and downloadable at www.thesocialagenda.com and www.thesocialagenda.org.

What is the Triumph of Immaculate Heart?

         How Goes America,  So Goes the World

Common Sense & The Rule of Law

Is Obama Having a Mental Breakdown? (10, 15, 2010)

Last Great Hope - America

The meaning of "Freedom"

Most Important Day of my Life - 11-2-2010

Most Important Idea to Reduce Debt and Government

Ideas to Save America: 1. Line Item Veto

Ideas to Save America: 2. Social Security

Ideas to Save America: 3. Medicare

Ideas to Save America: 4. Double GDP

Ideas to Save America: 5. Get Congress out of Washington

Ideas to Save America: 6. Repeal the 17th Amendment

Ideas to Save America 7. Education

Ideas to Save America 8. Legal Systems

9. National ID Card - Get Over It

10. Fair Tax, Flat Tax or Sales Tax?

11. Do Not Pass Obama's Financial Reform Bill

Poll Watchers Needed

Did Hilary Really Win the Election?

DOJ Facilitating Massive Voter Fraud

Did Soros Cause the 2008 Crash? 

December's Economic Crash - 2010

Science Predictions Related to Politics

Predictions and Solutions for America

 Millions Dying From American Seeds (GMOs)

 GMO Foods Making Men Sterile



America's Debt Clock

A Compete Dollar Crash

Getting away with Unconstitutional Laws

A New Contract with America

Maurice Strong - Father of American Destruction

Stop Federal Growth Now - Not Later

American Revolution in One to Three Years

Union of Socialist America - USA

Galveston Social Security Plan 

The Truth about Global Warming

Copenhagen's Climate Treaty

The Proof -  Global Warming - World Government

Finding Truth - The Birth Certificate - Global Warming

Is Obama's Mother Still Alive?

World Government - The Actual Plan

Pros and Cons of a Third Party


  HAPSBURG and God's Revenge? Aug 24 

Habsburg and the Fatima Connection
It Is Time For War - The Catholic Church vs. All Governments

World Wide Economic Collapse

Icon of Kazan and the Conversion of Russia

What Is The Triumph of Immaculate Heart?-1

What Is The Triumph of Immaculate Heart?-2

What Is The Triumph of Immaculate Heart?-3

What Is The Triumph of Immaculate Heart?-4

The Man who wrote this does not know God

Don't Write Catholic Government

Pope Leo XIII on Governments

Government by the Popes

IMF/World Bank Destroying Governments

European Constitution a Danger to Catholic Church

Government by Saint Thomas

Government by Jefferson

Government by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle  

Government of Machiavelli

Government of the Bible

Would Catholics accept a Catholic Government?

New Government Saint

Catholic Nation's Constitution  

Culture Wars 

Time For The Great Monarch

Portugal's Algarve Is Still A Kingdom




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